Best Elastic No Tie Shoelaces Reviews 2023

Elastic no-tie shoelaces are a good investment if you love wearing laced shoes—but don’t want to deal with tying and tying them. A good pair will shave off the precious time you spend tying your running or casual shoes in the morning and will eliminate laces from coming loose during the day. Can we say goodbye to double-knots? Instead, you can start your day faster and in style. We have done some digging and picked some of the best elastic no-tie shoelace brands, featuring five quality and easy-to-use laces.
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Our Top Choice
Xpand Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces
Xpand strives to provide a personal touch to its products by giving you an easy way to get dressed with flexible shoelaces.
Designed with zero memory to give you a comfortable snug fit. Lacing system locks your laces in place. Available with reflective design for great night visibility.
Some users have reported that the clips are not very strong and might break apart if not installed properly.
52 inches
Available in 44 colors
Adults and kids
Best Value
AKTIVX SPORTS No-Tie Shoelaces
AKTIVX SPORTS was established in 2016, to design and sell innovative fitness gear for any individual looking to start an active lifestyle.
Suitable for all, from men to women to kids. The company uses the best material on laces to ensure it reduces pressure points at the tops of your feet.
The laces might seem a bit short, especially for adults with larger shoe sizes.
42 inches
Available in 13 colors
Adults, kids, seniors, running
Lock Laces No Tie Shoe Laces
Lock Laces has been around since 1997, providing the best quality in lacing solutions that you can find in the market.
Conform to your foot for a stretch fit and comfort. One size will fit all; you can use the same laces with your little ones’ shoes and on adult shoes. Water-resistant.
If the ends of the laces are not properly tucked into your shoe, they might stick up.
48 inches
Available in 7 colors
Adults, kids, running
RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces
RJ-Sport is a brand committed to the production and distribution of top-quality sporting gears and accessories.
High-quality material. 12 designs. Many color options. Reflective. Versatile. Comfortable. Strong. Look nice. Easy to use. Convenient. Affordable.
Instructions may be a bit unclear for some.
48 inches
High-grade elasticated rubber
Available in 18 colors
Adults, kids, running
Qi Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces
Qi Laces has established a positive reputation in making quality elastic no-tie shoelaces.
Will fit all your popular running and casual shoe brands. The lock system offers a firm fit. Secure grip.
The silicone material used could interfere with proper installation, especially if you’re a senior with shaky hands.
48 inches
Available in 8 colors
Adults, kids, disabilities

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What is the Best Elastic No Tie Shoelaces?

The best elastic no-tie shoelaces should easily and perfectly match your style and character. When shopping for these laces, do not be quick to choose the first product that you see. With our review, we have narrowed the list down for you to five great elastic no-tie shoelaces from the best brands in the industry. We think you’ll be pleased with our selection.
Our Top Choice
The Xpand Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces are available in dozens of colors, including many that have a reflective design, offering you a fresh look and safety during your nighttime training. Want to look even more stunning with these no-tie shoe laces? We suggest that you pair them with a pair of XPAND X105-RF-X1 Rechargeable 3D RF\/Bluetooth Glasses.

Xpand Elastic No-Tie Laces One Size Fits All - Available in 44 Colors

Xpand is a company that strives to provide unique, quality designs that satisfy each of its customers—not only giving you slip-on running shoes, but providing safety solutions as well. It offers its elastic laces in over 40 different color options and has made many of them with a reflective design for great nighttime visibility.

Other than having a fresh look on your laces, you require more in terms of safety at night, and this is what the Xpand Reflective No-Tie Shoelaces promise to offer. These shoelaces ensure you will be seen during your nighttime training on the trail or road, allowing you to have a safer exercise experience.

Don’t need the reflective design? Simply pick one of the single-colored options, including lemon-lime, yellow, red, and baby blue. But choosing a shoe lace isn’t just about fashion, right? Below are a few more reasons you should be excited about Xpand elastic laces:
  • They have a flat design with zero memory, giving you a comfortable snug fit.
  • The lacing system locks your laces in place, which will not require further adjustments after you have installed them in your preferred shoes.
  • The laces work perfectly for everyone; this is from bikers, walkers, kids, and people with feet that tend to swell.
Best Value
The AKTIVX Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces are designed to give your shoes a comfortable fit, shaving off the valuable time you spend tying your laces every now and then. Want to look even more stunning with these no tie shoe laces? We suggest that you pair them with a pair of Xpand Rechargeable Bluetooth Glasses.

AKTIVX SPORTS No-Tie Shoelaces that Lock – Good for Shoes, Cleats and Boots, USA Design, Available in 13 Colors

AKTIVX SPORTS was established to manufacture, design, and sell innovative fitness, running, and golf gear for any individual looking to start an active lifestyle. The company understands life is an adventure no matter where you are located, so it’s time you stopped worrying about tying your shoelaces and start enjoying your adventure.

Whether you’re an athlete training for your marathon, have children who don’t want to tie their shoes, or you’re simply dashing to pick the kids up from school, the AKTIVX SPORTS Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces are the latest advancement for your running footwear. You will love what these shoelaces have to offer.

Below are some more reasons you should be excited about the AKTIVX SPORTS Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces:
  • The laces are perfect for all: cross fitters, runners, football players, fitness enthusiasts, kids, and senior citizens.
  • The laces have been designed with a lock, which keeps your laces in place.
  • They are made with the highest-quality material to give you a comfortable fit. They reduce the pressure points at the tops of your feet, making you more comfortable and productive.
White laces can be limiting to some individuals. If this applies to you, don’t worry as the AKTIVX SPORTS Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces come in thirteen different colors ranging from neon orange to navy blue.
The Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces come in different colors to add some style and character to your footwear. We chose to feature the 2-pack for value, but they are also sold individually. If you’re looking for a single pack, you will want to check out the Lock Laces Reflective Elastic No Tie Shoelaces.

Lock Laces Elastic No-Tie Shoe Laces - Pack of 2, Available in 7 Colors

Lock Laces has been around for the past two decades, providing original and patented no-tie shoelaces. It offers solutions for triathletes who are looking to shave a few seconds off transition times as well as those who are always on the go. The company designs some of the highest-quality lacing solutions that you can find in the market.

The Lock Laces Elastic Shoelaces are bestsellers with over 3 million sold worldwide. As a matter of fact, they are the original elastic shoelaces with a patented design that eliminates the need for tying, turning any shoe into a “slip-on” shoe. They have been designed with tiny white tracer lines, which add character, style, and dimension.

There are a couple more reasons you should be excited about the laces. Here is what we’re talking about:
  • Each pair of laces has been designed with two 48-inch elastic laces, two cord clips, and two lock devices to help you lace up any pair of shoes.
  • The laces are water-resistant and able to fit all adults’ and kids’ shoes.
  • The laces come with an installation video and instructions, making them quick and easy to use.
If black isn’t your preferred color, don’t worry as the Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces come in seven different colors, ranging from white to blue to green, so you can pair them with any outfit combination or shoe.
The RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces offer the best of convenience to all users, from the most active athlete to the inactive senior or child. Its great designs and colors offer options to the most fashion-conscious. Need more than just one pair? Check out the RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces, No Tie Elastic Lace System with Lock.

RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces with Lock – Available in 18 Colors

RJ-Sport understands how important it is to have the right kind of gear. It understands that performance is seriously affected by the gear you use, so it produces the best in quality and design for both sports persons and others.

The RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces utilize the Elastic Lace System (ELS) to ensure you never have to stop and re-lace your shoes again. It is also designed to stretch so that it can fit your feet perfectly, while the extra compression makes for increased comfort as the usual pressure points are reduced. With these, you are able to fully focus on your activity without worries, because your footwear is comfortably secured on your feet.

This lace combines a great design with top-quality rubber that has been elasticated. It is perfect for all users, from top athletes to seniors and children. Everyone can comfortably use these laces. They also come in 12 great designs and about 22 stunning colors so the most fashion-conscious user can find what they need.

With its easy installation, anyone can get it on quickly. It is, however, recommended that you use it for only one pair of shoes as changing it from shoe to shoe will reduce its lifespan. Best get one pair for each of your shoes so you can enjoy them for the long run.
The Qi Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces are easy to use. A simple squeeze and gentle pull is all that’s needed to get them up and running. If you’re looking to have more than one pair of the quality elastic no-tie shoelaces, we recommend you check out the Qi Laces – Elastic No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults - 2 Pack.

Qi Laces No-Tie Shoelaces for Running Shoes – Elastic Laces Fit Both Kids and Adults, Available in 8 Colors & 3 Pack Sizes

Qi Laces designs high-quality silicone shoelaces for style, easy use, and convenience. It offers outstanding stretchy rubber lacing and locking systems.

The Qi Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces have been designed to ensure ease of use. All you need to do is slip on your running or casual laced shoes, squeeze the lock, and gently pull to have a perfect fit. The locking system will keep your shoelaces properly locked and secure; whether you’re doing your morning workout, running in a race, or just simply hanging out at the mall.

Here are more features that the Qi Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces have in store for you:
  • The shoelaces are perfect for all: athletes, runners, kids, men, women, and seniors with special needs. They are a quick and easy solution to keeping your laces tied.
  • The locks offer a tight grip, giving you a comfortable fit, but not constricting to your foot.
  • One pair of the no-tie shoelaces will fit all popular shoe brands.
If neon yellow is not your preferred color, don’t worry as the Qi Laces No-Tie Laces are available in eight colors, ranging from neon pink to hot red to black.

How Do I Choose the Best Elastic No Tie Shoelaces?

It is time you forget about tying your laces before you step out of the house for your morning jog or putting the laces back after cleaning your shoes. The elastic no-tie shoelaces are the answer to your problems—yes, we said no-tie shoelaces!

These options are much easier to use as they turn your laced shoes into slip-ons, not forgetting they come in different styles and colors. They also allow you to add some style and fashion not only to your running shoes, but also to your golf shoes and casual laced shoes. Spare yourself the struggle of keeping your laces tied and step out with confidence!

The elastic no-tie shoelaces come in two main types, which should help you identify which works best for you.
  • Round No-tie Laces - This type of lace usually has a fancier look to it, important especially for the fashion-conscious individuals. For men, the laces are perfect if you’re looking to dress your shoes with a unique pair of socks. The round elastic no-tie laces offer an essentially comfortable snug fit, although they might cause a ridge-like pressure at the top of your foot.
  • Flat No-tie Laces - These laces are the most common style around. They might not come in as many fancy designs as the round no-tie laces feature, but they provide a more comfortable fit at the top of your foot.
A good pair of elastic no-tie shoelaces is worth a little investment for a runner, and just as crucial as owning a good running watch is. Don’t own one yet? Go ahead and check out our review on some of the best running watches, to help you work out in style!

While bringing you this review and guide, we had a tough time choosing our top five products. A particular brand came very close to making the list, so you may want to take a look at some of the products from Shoelaces. Another product that nearly made our list is the Sport2People NO TIE Elastic Shoelaces. Now join us as we take you into the world of the best elastic no-tie shoelaces.

Before diving into our five picks, let us check out several consideration factors you should keep in mind to ensure you make an informed decision.
Elastic no-tie shoelaces are somewhat inexpensive, as you can expect to spend no more than $7.49 for a budget-friendly pair. However, the price can be a bit higher for higher-quality brands. You can expect to spend anywhere from $7.50 to $10 for laces of moderate quality, while the high-end ones can cost up to $15 or more.

If you want to go for budget-friendly laces, this shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a comfortable fit with the cheap elastic no-tie shoelaces, no. There are plenty of pocket-friendly options that offer similar benefits that their expensive counterparts offer.
When it comes to purchasing elastic no-tie shoelaces, you should look for a few things to make sure you get a good deal. Here are several aspects you need to consider:
  • Use - Elastic no-tie shoelaces have been designed with various people in mind. Some laces are specially designed for athletes as they offer a tighter fit, while others are meant for kids and seniors.
  • Size - The size of the laces is an important feature as well, as most of them are designed to be longer. However, most brands have a size that fits all, making the laces even more versatile and convenient.
  • Material - If you are looking for a lace that is easy to clean, then silicone would be a good option. But if you’re looking for a lace that will offer you longevity, consider fabric laces.
  • Shape - The laces come in two distinct shapes, that is flat or round. If you’re looking for a lace that offers zero memory and rests comfortably at the top of your foot, then flat laces would be a good choice. However, if you are looking for a fancy look that will complement your style, the round laces will give you a wide variety to choose from.
  • Color - Elastic no-tie shoelaces come in an assortment of colors, to ensure they complement your style and character. If you prefer matching your workout gear, why not pair your blue outfit with unique red or white laces?
Construction and Design
If you’re looking to get the ultimate experience out of the no-tie shoelace solution, keep an eye on the material they are made of. Some of the available materials are silicone (for ease in cleaning, especially for those in dusty environments) or fabric (for longevity if cleaning laces frequently is not an issue). Additionally, pick a shoelace shape that will fit your needs and ensure the size will be a perfect fit for all your laced shoes.

Finally, the color of the laces will need to be appealing to you; there is no need to get shoe accessories that don’t add character and style to your outfit.
Performance and Ease of Use
When choosing the perfect elastic no-tie shoelaces out there, look for good quality and ease of cleaning. Who wants to start worrying about their colorful laces being ruined in the rain? You should spend more time enjoying the no-tie experience than keeping your laces clean. On the other hand, if you don’t mind cleaning your laces regularly, you could choose the fabric material for longevity.

To ensure your elastic no-tie laces are in place, consider laces with locking systems, as they will just need a simple pull and squeeze, and no further adjustments.

Get the Best Elastic No Tie Shoelaces of 2023!

We hope this review has helped you move closer in choosing the best elastic no-tie shoelaces for your needs. We have highlighted some of the best options, but keep in mind that if the products we have featured don’t fit what you want, these reputable brands have more to offer—simply click the links and look around.

Our Top Choice
Xpand Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces
Best Value
AKTIVX SPORTS No-Tie Shoelaces
Lock Laces No Tie Shoe Laces
RJ-Sport Elastic No Tie Shoelaces
Qi Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces