Best Electric Blanket Reviews 2022

Electric blankets are increasingly popular these days and for good reasons: they keep you warm overnight, they help you cut down on your energy bill and they make you feel so comfortable and warm when you are in your bed! Best of all, electric heated blankets include a plethora of features such as automatic temperature controls, improved wiring to avoid cold spots and more, making them much safer and more energy efficient than they used to be. We have chosen a few exquisite heated blankets from the top 5 brands on the market and we analyzed them closely, to help you make the best decision possible about which is the best heated blanket for your needs.
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Our Top Choice
SoftHeat Luxurious Macromink Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
Great bang for your buck. Comfortable, soft and well-priced electric blanket.
Consistent warmth. Easy-to-use controller. Dual controls for king and queen sizes.
Some isolated complaints about controller behavior. Check instructions carefully.
Available in several colors
Ultra-plush fleece fabric
King, Queen, Twin and Full
Over-temperature protection
Giant backlit display/auto dim
Best Value
Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket – Analog, 10 Temp Settings
Great value for your money. Offers multiple features for an affordable price.
Dual controls. Machine washable and dryable. Multiple heating settings. Soft and comfortable.
Not as many color options as some other brands.
Available in several colors
100% Polyester Knit
King, Queen, Twin and Full
Reusable zipper bag with handle
BioSmart Electric Infrared Blanket - Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
Great quality high-end electric blanket. Multiple features. Sophisticated heating system.
Unique and efficient infrared heating technology. Ultra-thin wires. Soft and comfortable outer layer made from fleece.
Few color options. More expensive but that is because of the advanced infrared heat
Available in 2 colors
Fleece - Breathable Layers
King, Queen, Twin and Full
Pulsed, low-voltage DC current
Wireless remote control
Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Electric Blanket – 10 Settings, Auto Off
Excellent electric blanket for most homeowners. It provides tremendous energy-saving potential.
Affordable. Quality materials. Top manufacturer. Multiple heating levels.
Some reports that cold spots developed over time.
Available in several colors
King, Queen, Twin and Full
10-hour auto shut-off
ThermoFine technology
Serta Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Triple-Rib Heated Throw
Reasonably-priced electric throw full of features and safety systems.
Ultra-soft materials. Ultra-thin wires. Luxurious and elegant style.
Complaints about size. This is a throw blanket so make sure the size works for you.
Available in several colors
Soft micro-plush fabric
Ultra-thin wiring technology

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What is the Best Electric Blanket?

Now that you have a better understanding when it comes to electric blankets, choosing one will be much easier for you. Let's explore the offerings of some of the top brands out there and find out which heated blanket is most suitable for your needs!
Our Top Choice
The SoftHeat Luxurious Macromink Fleece is a comfortable, warm and safe electric blanket, suitable for everyone. It is machine-washable and features ultra-thin wiring. SoftHeat’s Luxury Micro-Fleece is another great contender which comes at a lower price.

SoftHeat® Macromink Fleece Low-Voltage Heated Blanket by PerfectFit® - Worry-Free Auto-Off

Soft Heat is a line of quality electric blankets from Perfect Fit. This brand has many attractive heated blankets, but we choose SoftHeat luxurious macromink fleece because it is reasonably priced and it offers multiple features and benefits, not to mention that the materials from which the blanket is made are very soft and comfy. It comes with a plethora of features and you might be pleased to find out that it is one of the safest heated blankets on the market today, including dual controls and ultra-thin wiring, keeping you warm, comfortable and safe when sleeping or just resting. To recap, here is what you should expect with this great heated bedding product:
  • With any electric blanket from Perfect Fit, you get great energy-saving potential! When you have an electric blanket, you can turn the thermostat down or turn it off completely overnight. For the average person, this means 8 hours of saved energy every day – which depends upon your heating costs could add up to hundreds of dollars a year, if not more. Basically, this blanket will pay for itself over time, not to mention that you will be warm and cozy no matter what.
  • The macromink fleece heated blanket will also turn itself off after 10 hours, to save energy, prevent overheating and give you more peace of mind
  • You are free to machine wash and tumble dry your SoftHeat product from time to time as this electric blanket won't get damaged by water
We do want to note, if you are a little bit tight on the budget, but you want to same great qualities in a blanket, you might want to go for another product from Perfect Fit – the SoftHeat micro-fleece electric blanket. This one is less expensive, it preserves the same qualities as its big brother (macromink fleece) and the only difference lies in the material from which they are made.
Construction and Design
Here are a couple of strong points of this electric blanket.
  • Soft Heat luxurious macromink fleece heated blanket features ultra-thin wires. This means that you will not actually feel or touch the wires when you are snuggled in bed. Also, this eliminates the likelihood of isolated cold or hot spots, so warmth is spread evenly
  • This electric blanket is very soft, almost 30% softer than the other contenders in the same line. This amount of comfort is given by the soft yarns which make up the entire heated blanket. Therefore, it would be your secret pleasure to stretch all over this blanket, cover up or snuggle in bed all day long!
  • The SoftHeat luxurious macromink fleece model from Perfect Fit comes in a wide variety of colors. You can choose from blue, linen, natural or natural vanilla, depending on your preferences. Click on the link to go to Amazon and see these delightful colors with your own eyes. As for sizes, you can choose from twin, full size, queen and king.
  • Another big strong point of this heated blanket is that it features a non-hazardous low-voltage setting. Basically, the electric current that goes through this blanket is always kept at a low voltage, for safety reasons. This gives customers peace of mind and prevents overheating
Performance and Ease of Use
Customers report that the Soft Heat macromink fleece heated blanket performs very well on a day-to-day basis. It features several heating settings and warms up quickly once turned on. Here are more details about this heated blanket when it comes to the performance department.
  • It features multiple heating settings. For example, the "LO" setting provides the least heat. 1 to 9 are in-between heating levels. If you feel really cold, you can set this electric blanket to the "HI" setting, meaning that you get the most heat
  • The macromink fleece electric blanket from Perfect Fit also features a pre-heating option. Basically it will warm up the blanket at your preferred setting in 15 minutes or less and then it will keep the same temperature and warmth level for the entire night
  • One of the biggest advantages of this heated blanket is that it comes with dual controls. So, next time when you are with your spouse in bed, you can set your own heating level and he or she can set his/her own heating level as well. The warmth will be distributed differently and both of you will get the desired amount of heat. It is important to add here that both of you get separate controllers and a backlit display will allow you to control the settings of your Soft Heat blanket without turning on the lights
  • One customer complained that the cord was broken when the blanket arrived, but he contacted the manufacturer and received a brand new one. Therefore, if you experience a similar issue, the manufacturer of the SoftHeat electric blankets is trustworthy and cooperative, so don't hesitate to contact them

One thing we know for sure, whether you choose macromink, micro-fleece, or even one of the other heated blankets in the SoftHeat line, you can be sure that it will be safe, comfortable and durable because this is one of the most highly recommended brands when it comes to electric blankets.
Best Value
The Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket is great for every anyone who is in need of some extra warmth in bed! It has 10 heating settings, is machine-washable and it comes in several visually pleasing colors. Its sister, the Biddeford Poly Knit MicroPlush Heated Blanket, is less expensive but has the same features.

Biddeford Electric Blanket with Auto Shut Off -Twin/Full Single Control, Queen /King Dual Control

The Biddeford Comfort Knit Electric Blanket offers great value for money. It comes with dual controls and an auto-off system. Despite the fact that this product has a small price tag, it is still quite sophisticated and it provides a lot of features and benefits. Here are just a few of them:
  • You can cut down on your energy bill by using a Biddeford electric blanket. During cold seasons, this product is capable of saving you approximately 20 dollars per month. Obviously, the actual savings differ from household to household, but isn't it great that you can pay less for energy and stay warm in bed every night?
  • The Biddeford Comfort Knit heated blanket comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for longer.
  • Remember that today's electric blankets are much more sophisticated. Therefore, you can safely put this blanket into the washing and drying machine once in a while, without worrying that you will actually ruin it.
Construction and Design
Biddeford has multiple heated blankets, and they come in various materials and with different features. We have chosen the Comfort Knit blanket model because it is reasonably priced and offers the best bang for your buck. Here are some of the best features of this electric blanket when it comes to construction and design.
  • This heated blanket is made 100% from polyester and has s a soft and cozy finish. It provides therapeutic warmth, distributed evenly across the entire surface of the blanket.
  • The Comfort Knit model from Biddeford features delicate wiring that is barely noticeable when you are snuggled in bed. The heating coils allow safe, even distribution of warmth and they don't cause discomfort whatsoever.
  • You might be pleased to know that you can have this blanket in twin, full, quenn or king size, depending on your preferences. Also, the color range includes cloud blue, fawn, natural and sage. All colors are exquisite, so good luck when making your decision!
Performance and Ease of Use
All products from Biddeford are of high quality and the Comfort Knit electric blanket is no different. Take a look at the performance features of this amazing product:
  • You can enjoy 10 levels of heating. Choose the heating level you prefer, depending on your mood or room temperature.
  • Good news for both you and your partner! If you choose this electric blanket, you get to control the heating settings individually. The king and queen versions of the Biddeford Comfort Knit heated blanket feature dual controls, making this product very comfortable and practical. Smaller sizes like the twin and full only have single controls, because, well, they are smaller and are typically used on beds for just one person.
  • Another excellent feature is the auto-off system which basically turns the blanket off after 10 hours to prevent overheating and saving energy. Therefore, you can leave for work without worrying that you turned off the switch.
  • When we did our research, we saw that some people complained that the blanket stopped working after a while, but in most cases there turned out to be a reason other than product defect. You have to remember that this is an electric blanket. Therefore, make sure that you don't deposit heavy items on it and if you are relocating, transport it in a special box or case to prevent damages such as a pinched cord.
The BioSmart Electric Infrared Blanket is everything you need to stay warm in those cold winter nights. This blanket uses infrared technology to provide warmth and coziness. If you like this idea, BioSmart also makes excellent infrared portable heaters as well!

BioSmart Safe Infrared Electric Heated Blanket with Auto-Off, Digital Remote & 5 yr Warranty

BioSmart is one of the biggest manufacturers of heating products in the world, and what sets them apart is the technology that they use in many of them – infrared heat – and in our research they are the only one we found to apply this to electric blankets. The infrared electric blanket from BioSmart has been carefully refined and improved to be as practical and useful as possible. Therefore, it offers a multitude of features and the following ones are just a few.
  • You get a longer power supply cable when you buy this product and this can be very useful if you have a power outlet that is far away from your bed
  • The infrared heated blanket from BioSmart is easily washable. All you have to do is to throw it in the washing machine and that's it!
  • This blanket features unique infrared patterns which are capable of sending the heat in waves and to be easily absorbed by your body, whether you are sleeping or resting. Obviously, this is a safe and sound technology used in a variety of other products
Construction and Design
If you are someone who owns a hair care product that uses infrared, such as a blow dryer or a curling iron, you may be familiar with the fact that unlike “dry heat” infrared can actually help to lock in moisture, causing less damage to your hair. In the same way, an electric blanket is actually safer for your skin than a traditional one – which may be well worth the extra cost, especially if you are someone with sensitive skin.

The BioSmart Electric Infrared Blanket features multiple thermal layers and infrared technology to help you stay warm. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer:
  • The thermal layers of BioSmart’s heated blanket are well arranged and they breathe, allowing air to flow throw. Another benefit is that when in storage, they are much less likely to develop mold and mildew. Also, the outer layer is made from fleece for enhanced coziness and comfort.
  • The main advantage of this blanket is that it uses infrared technology to distribute heat. Additionally, it is capable of measuring your body's temperature in order to regulate the amount of heat offered. This is great because it prevents overheating and reduces sweating at night. Also, it ensures that you enjoy a comfortable, restful sleep.
  • Another great advantage of this product is that it offers ultra-thin wiring which is almost impossible to feel when you are in bed. It also features approved insulators for safety reasons, giving you more peace of mind in the future.
  • As you would probably imagine, the BioSmart infrared heated blanket comes in a variety of sizes such as full, queen, king and even throw. Also, you get to choose from colors such as crème and mocha, depending on your tastes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Thanks to the fact that this is a high-end heated blanket, it packs a plethora of features and safety systems. Let's explore them together.
  • Get ready to control your electric blanket remotely! This product comes with a wireless controller that features a generous display. Setting the correct heating level will be a breeze.
  • The BioSmart infrared electric blanket features 10 levels of heating, so you have great control when it comes to the amount of warmth you want to be surrounded by.
  • The automatic shut-off feature will give you peace of mind and save energy. You can actually program the blanket to turn itself off after a certain period of time such as 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours – unlike others that only have a set option, typically after 10 hours.
  • Enjoy the freedom of dual controls! The king and queen versions of the infrared electric blanket from BioSmart offer individual controls, so you can turn the heat up as much as you like without worrying about what your parnter has to say.
  • From our research, the customers who have tried this blanket before have nothing bad to say about it, expect maybe the lack of color options. Still, as long as you are warm and cozy, it won't matter what color your blanket is, right?
The Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket is currently the best selling electric blanket on Amazon! It features multiple heating settings and comes at an affordable price. Sunbeam also makes exquisite digital heated blankets too which are worthy of your attention.

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket with ThermoFine® Technology & Dual Controllers

Sunbeam is the largest manufacturer of heating blankets in the U.S., and they also produce high-quality electric mattress pads and heated throws. We have chosen the Sunbeam Quilted Fleece electric blanket because it offers multiple features, doesn't cost much as the others on our list (which is great for people on a tight budget) yet still delivers a comfortable overall experience. It can be machine-washed and dried and the king and queen size blankets feature dual controls to adjust the 10 different heat settings, plus all sizes have the automatic shut off safety feature.

We chose this model blanket from Sunbeam because it was so budget friendly, but we can tell you that this manufacturer makes many other heated blankets that could have easily been our top choice. This is a company known for high quality and safe electric blankets, so if you do want to check out some of their blankets that include higher quality (read as – even softer) materials, we recommend checking out any of these.
  • Sunbeam® Microplush Heated Blanket
  • Sunbeam® Channeled Microplush Heated Blanket
  • Sunbeam® Velvet Plush Heated Blanket
  • Sunbeam® Royal Mink Heated Blanket
  • Sunbeam® LoftTec Heated Blanket
By the way, the experts at Sunbeam also make heated throws and there is a great one in the LoftTec line
Construction and Design
The Sunbeam quilted fleece electric blanket offers you a couple of features you will definitely need in the long run and which will bring you more peace of mind – including 5-year warranty so you will be covered for any defective components (not due to owner misuse). Let's go more in depth with the design features of this heated blanket from Sunbeam.
  • This blanket is made from quilted fleece and is very soft and comfortable to the touch. It is a popular product on Amazon because it lives up to the expectations and it doesn't have a high price tag.
  • The Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blanket also comes in many colors and sizes. For example, you can order it in twin, full, queen and king sizes; and you can enjoy the marvelous acorn, garnet, ivy, mushroom and seashell nuances.
  • The professionals at Sunbeam have designed this electric blanket with safety and quality in mind. For example, this product features an improved wiring technology which ensures optimal performance all the times.
Performance and Ease of Use
Thousands of customers all over the world have tried this blanket before and from their feedback, we know that they love it very much. The Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blanket packs a multitude of features such as:
  • Enjoy up to 10 heat settings for a comfortable and warm winter night. Set your preferred heating setting and the blanket will warm up to the correct temperature in no time.
  • Have more peace of mind with the auto-off feature. After 10 hours, this electric blanket from Sunbeam will turn itself off automatically.
  • The king and queen versions of this blanket come with dual controls. Therefore, individuals on each side of the bed can control the settings separately and enjoy different levels of warmth, depending on needs and preference.
  • Although most of the customers praise the quality of the Sunbeam quilted fleece electric blanket, a couple of users have reported that they have received a defective blanket in the package. They notified the manufacturer and their blanket was replaced immediately, so make sure that you contact the manufacturing company for any issue as they will address your concerns in a timely fashion.
The Serta Micro-Plush Heated Throw features a pre-heating option and ultra-thin wires. You will feel warm and cozy in a matter of minutes! This trustworthy brand also makes magnificent heated blankets if you need extra warmth for your bed too.

Serta Luxurious Micro-Plush Triple-Rib Heated Throw - Safe and Warm Low-Voltage Technology

Up until now we have explored 4 exquisite heated blankets, but now it's time for a little variation: we offer you our recommendation for a heated throw. This micro-plush electric throw is not the only product from Serta. The manufacturer creates a plethora of heated bedding products and after a lengthy research; we have chosen this item because it offers good value for money and multiple heating level – and we wanted to make sure that we had a heated blanket on our list for people who didn’t need one for their bed!

Let’s start by pointing out a few key features of this heated throw.
  • This blanket comes with an auto-off feature which automatically turns the throw off after 10 hours, for safety reasons.
  • Enjoy a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer for this micro-plush electric throw. This will cover for defective components and similar issues
  • The controller of the throw is very easy to use, it features large buttons and best of all, it also has a non-slip bottom surface to prevent it from sliding off the couch or bed.
  • You can throw your electric throw (pun intended) into the washing machine and clean it thoroughly as water and detergent won't damage the components.
If you enjoy the idea of having a heated throw on you when you relax on the couch watching TV, but you don't quite fancy the micro-plush fabric then we have you covered! This reliable manufacturer also sells heated throws made from faux fur which are incredibly soft and comfortable. On the same note, cape style throws (think Snuggly here) are increasingly popular these days and Serta has an electric one that will keep you warm when you are sitting at your desk working on your laptop (or when have to get up from your snuggly spot on the couch because it easily comes with you)!
Construction and Design
The Serta micro-plush heated throw is incredibly soft and attractive thanks to the ribbed-style material. It is reasonably priced and available in many colors. The professionals from Serta have implemented many interesting and useful features in this product to make sure their customers are happy and satisfied for years to come. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting design specs of this heated throw.
  • It features a very soft and comfortable micro-plush fabric that will keep you warm when you are relaxing around your home on those cold winter days! This heated throw is also pleasant to the eye thanks to its innovative triple-rib design.
  • You might be happy to find out that this electric throw from Serta features a low-voltage system, making it very safe for use in any household. This system prevents overheating and drastically reduces the likelihood of fire hazards.
  • Another great construction feature are the ultra-thin wires. This basically means that you can enjoy a comfortable blanket without even feeling or touching the thin wires that are generating warmth. The wires also feature approved insulators, so there is no risk of fire or injury.
  • When it comes to colors, you can choose from eye-catching nuances such as beige, ivory, midnight blue, royal red or soft sage.
Performance and Ease of Use
This heated throw model from Serta comes with a multitude of gadgets and gizmos that will be useful in the long run. Also, considering its price tag, we can say that the micro-plush electric throw from Serta is good value for money.
  • The heated throw is equipped with a pre-heat feature. All you have to do is to choose your preferred heating setting and let it do its job. By the time you go to bed or sit on the couch, this throw will be already warm and welcoming.
  • The micro-plush electric throw from Serta gives you more peace of mind: it comes with a system that automatically prevents overheating, so you don't have to worry about getting too hot overnight.
  • Most electric throws come with a 10-level heating option and this model from Serta is not an exception from the rule. Be as warm and comfy as you want because controlling the heating level is actually a piece of cake!
  • Some customers complained that after several months, the throw stopped working. Make sure that you try to unplug and re-plug the cord into the power socket. Also, you can check to see if the wires are tangled as this might prevent proper operation.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Blanket?

Staying warm and cozy is very important when you spend time indoors during those cold winter months. Nothing can be more comfortable than reading a good book while you are all snuggled in your bed. If you need extra warmth and you don't really fancy the idea of having 3 or 4 blankets covering you, or don’t want the extra costs of turning up the heat for the entire house, then investing in a quality electric blanket may be the right thing to do.

Speaking of staying warm, another option, depending upon your personal preference, might be to get a quality down comforter to ensure that every inch of your skin is warm and protected. If you are tight on your budget, we have a great review of some great and inexpensive comforters which can easily do the job. Depending upon how cold it gets, some homeowners choose to get a portable heater, just to make sure that warmth surrounds them from all sides.

However, if you prefer electric blankets then you are on the right side of the internet! We have reviewed a dozens of heated blankets from multiple manufacturers and after a long (and warm) research, we have chosen 5 ones that are worthy of your money. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading about electric blankets, what features they have, prices, materials and of course, colors!
When buying electric blankets, it is wise to know your budget right from the start and look at products within your price range. Obviously, electric heated blankets come in various sizes, they can be made from different materials and they can also have different features. As you probably would imagine, the more features, gadgets and gizmos a blanket has, the higher the price it will be, but you will also be more satisfied with your product. Let's take a closer look to a couple of factors which will influence the price of a heated blanket.
  • Adjustment options. This is an important factor. The price range for the electric blankets we have chosen starts from around $50 and ends up near the $330 mark. High-end products which have more safety features and give the user more control will probably cost more. For example, models with dual control options are more appealing for those who want to control their own heating setting, separately from their partner's.
  • Materials.The heated blankets we have chosen are made from various materials such as polyester, microplush, quilt, fleece or ribbed blankets. These materials affect the price of a product in a different way and sometimes you can even get a ribbed fleece electric blanket. If you are interested in softness, microplush and fleece are some of the softest and most comfortable ones out there.
  • Size. For this review we will show the prices of blankets in king size so that you can easily compare (with the exception of the last one on our list – because that one is an electric heated throw). Obviously, manufacturers feature electric blankets in queen, full and twin sizes too. King size heated blankets feature the highest price tag, so if you're interested in a full size blanket, you should expect to pay less.
In the features department, things are going great! Modern electric heated blankets are equipped with so many features and safety systems that will give you peace of mind and a restful, rejuvenating sleep every night. Here are a few amazing features you should expect to find in modern electric blankets.
  • Heat settings. Most electric blankets feature 10 heat settings, others feature more, some less. This allows you to control the amount of warmth you want at any given moment.
  • Display. Yes, some heated blankets also feature a backlit display to allow you to control the heat settings without having to get out of bed and turn on the lights.
  • Remote controlling option. High-end blankets allow you to quickly adjust the heating options from a distance – great for preheating the bed ahead of time or when you are a parent who wants to adjust the temperature without waking your child (or getting out of your own warm bed). With this type, the blanket itself can be controlled wirelessly using a remote that comes in the package.
  • Over-temperature protection. It wouldn't be nice to get too hot overnight, so manufacturers of electric blankets have implemented built-in over-temperature protection. Once the temperature reaches a specific threshold, the blanket won't get any hotter.
  • Warranty. Most products on the market come with warranty, so why shouldn't electric blankets ? Some of them have a 5-year warranty; others might have more or less. Check the description of the blanket carefully, to know how many years you get.
Construction and Design
It is important to get a closer look to the design and construction features of the electric blanket you want to buy. A heated blanket that features a sturdy design will last longer, it won't tear or come apart along the seams, and won't cause safety hazards. Here are a few important aspects to consider.
  • Wiring type. Electric blankets produce heat and spread it evenly using a sophisticated array of wires. The thinner the wires, the more comfortable the blanket – but you need to make sure that it’s high quality wiring, not wires that are thin because they are cheaply made. High-end ones out there feature ultra-thin wires, meaning that you won't feel them when you are snuggled in bed and the warmth is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the blanket
  • Materials. We "meet" with the materials section again. Apart from the list of materials described earlier on such as microplush or fleece, some great electric blankets also feature insulated or thermal layers. This is basically an extra safety feature and helps with spreading the warmth better. Other heated blankets feature a triple-rib design, an innovation which makes the product more comfortable and visually pleasing at the same time. Remember to check the material features thoroughly, to ensure that you are buying a quality product
  • Size. As mentioned before, blankets come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of every customer, but did you know that you can also get electric throws? Although they are smaller in size, they are equally comfortable and they will help you stay warm when sitting on the couch or in your recliner, while out in your camper or mobile home, or anywhere else for that matter where you want to stay warm without cranking up the heat.
  • Colors. Because design is a matter of preference, you will be pleased to know that electric blankets come in a multitude of colors and nuances. Each brand features a specific range of color, but we will name a few here for you just to get the general idea: blue, natural vanilla, sage, crème, mocha, beige, and more.
Performance and Ease of Use
When choosing an electric blanket, there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to performance as well. This section will direct your attention towards some of the most important performance features and we will take a closer look at what other people say about electric blankets and how they behave in real life.
  • Back in the day, the idea of throwing an electric blanket in the washer was completely out of the question, but luckily we don't live in the “nineties” anymore (as if it were so long ago) and the design of heated electric blankets has drastically improved. Therefore, you might be happy to know that as long as you get a good quality one, you can machine wash an electric blanket and make it look as brand new without deteriorating it. The wires of modern electric blankets are very flexible and they won't get damaged by water and detergent.
  • Many heated blankets come with automatic temperature controls so basically you don't have to do anything but surround yourself with a sea of softness and warmth when you get in bed. The blanket will automatically set itself to the correct temperature, not too cold, but not too hot either.
  • High-end blankets are also equipped with auto-off devices and this is a great safety feature! After 10 hours, the heated blanket will turn itself off automatically to prevent overheating or potential fire hazards. This will be very useful for you if you leave the house in a rush and forget to turn it off.
  • Electric blankets are easily foldable and they can be stored just about anywhere you would a traditional blanket. They are very practical and you should treat them as if they were regular blankets because they don’t need any special attention (other than making sure you don’t get the cord stuck in the closet door and damaging the wires – but that’s no different than any electric appliance). You also want to make sure that you don’t store anything really have on them that could potentially damage the wires.
There is almost nothing nicer than getting into a nice, comfy, cozy and warm bed on cold winter night. Turning on your electric blanket a bit prior going to bed, so that it can embrace you in warmth when you finally want to call it a night is a great trick– some even have a feature that will do this for you.

Get the Best Electric Blanket of 2022!

You just learned about 5 of the best electric blankets on the market today. We hope you can use this information to help you pick one for your family and enjoy countless cozy, warm nights in the future!

Our Top Choice
SoftHeat Luxurious Macromink Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
Best Value
Biddeford Comfort Knit Heated Blanket – Analog, 10 Temp Settings
BioSmart Electric Infrared Blanket - Low-Voltage Electric Blanket
Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Electric Blanket – 10 Settings, Auto Off
Serta Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Triple-Rib Heated Throw