Best Electric Can Opener Reviews - Countertop, Handheld & Under Cabinet Can Openers

Opening cans is one of those tasks that doesn’t take a really long time, but it’s an inconvenience. With the number of cans used in daily cooking nowadays, from tinned tomatoes to tinned veggies, it can really save on time if you get yourself an automatic can opener.

To help you look for the right one for you, in the right price range, we’ve scoured the web for five of the best electric can opener brands around and decided to feature one from each. By the way, we have a separate review for the best manual can openers too!

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Our Top Choice
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener
Hamilton Beach is a renowned name in the household products market. They have multiple trusted brands under their name and they sell over 35 million products a year.
Modern and sleek looking black and chrome. Side cutting operation means no sharp edges on lids. Opens most standard size cans.
Some people have reported tiny metal shavings – rare.
Side-cutting system
5 x 4.7 x 10.2” / 3.07lbs
Black and chrome
Best Value
BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Can Opener
BLACK+DECKER is a renowned name in the power tools and DIY products industry. They also manufacture various high-quality kitchen and home products.
Space-saving under cabinet design. Compact. Sleek appearance. Swing-open door. Power pierce cutter. 4-in-1 uses. Automatic shut-off. No power button.
Some people had issues getting the can to clamp into the product correctly.
Under cabinet
Power pierce cutter
6.5 x 7.5 x 5” / 1.12lbs
Black or white
Sokos Restaurant Electric Can Opener
Sokos is a successful distributor of a wide range of products. Their products include electronics, kitchen & dining, garden products, toys & games and health products.
Small, compact size. Lightweight. Portable. One-touch use. Ideal for anyone with arthritis or the elderly. Leaves no sharp edges. Lifts lid off with magnet. Free bottle wrench.
Can be quite loud.
2 x AA batteries
One-touch opening
7 x 2.7 x 2.3” / 9.6oz
Black, red or white
Proctor Silex Extra Tall Can Opener
Proctor Silex is a trusted brand under the renowned Hamilton Beach umbrella. They manufacture functional and durable products such as fryers, grills, knives and can openers.
Extra tall height, good for larger cans. One-touch operation. Magnet holds onto lid. Mess free. No sharp edges. Cutting lever easy to remove. Separate knife sharpener.
Some disappointment with its lifespan.
Side-cutting system
4.4 x 5.3 x 9” / 2.25lbs
White or black
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener
Cuisinart is a renowned name in the kitchen products industry with decades of experience. Their cookware and small appliance products are functional and affordable.
Wide, stable base for added safety. Easy cleaning.
Plastic cutting blade may not be as durable as metal ones.
Precision power cut blade
5.9 x 6 x 10.9” / 2.5lbs
Black, white or silver

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What is the Best Electric Can Opener?

Believe it or not, the electric can openers you can find on the market today are quite sophisticated and they come with various features and options. We have analyzed dozens of electric can openers and narrowed down the list to 5 great contenders from trustworthy brands!

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Our Top Choice
The SmoothTouch™ Can Opener by Hamilton Beach has side cutter that separates the lid from the can along the seam for a smooth, touchable lid. If you’d prefer a black electric can opener to match your current décor, check out the Hamilton Beach Classic Heavyweight Can Opener.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch™ Can Opener - with Free Kitchen Scissors

Hamilton Beach is a world-renowned brand that’s loved my millions. Over the decades they’ve expanded to include multiple respected brands including Eclectrics, Proctor Silex and TrueAir. Selling over 35 million appliances a year, Hamilton Beach are experts when it comes to kitchen appliances, cookware, toasters, mixers, blenders, kitchen knives and grills, to name a few.

The Hamilton Beach Smooth-Touch can opener is a helpful little tool that cuts along the side of the can to prevent sharp edges. Many cans today come with pull tabs that are supposed to make for easy opening without a can opener. But let’s face it, we all know that these don’t open easily – taking a bit of muscle and sometimes the little tab actually breaks off. And for people with physical limitations, these lids can be of no help at all. The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener is versatile enough to open most standard can sizes, including those with the “pop up” lids.

The sleek black and chrome look of the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener will fit perfectly with any modern kitchen design. Users have to hold down the ergonomically designed lever until the can turns all the way around. The final result is a lid that is removed with a smooth edge and that doesn’t come in contact with the food inside the can.

While this opener does a great job opening cans safely, and giving you removed lids with no sharp edges – it doesn’t do as well when it comes to making routine clean up as efficient. The blade assembly is not removable and can only be wiped down with a damp rag. On the positive side though, because the blades open the cans from the side, they don’t come in direct contact with food as frequently as traditional cutting blades – meaning they stay cleaner and don’t have that “crud build up.” Aging, dull blades can be replaced, but it’s not a job for people who aren’t mechanically inclined.
Best Value
The BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Can Opener is a great can opener for those looking to save countertop space as it mounts on the underside of cabinets. If you want a traditional countertop can opener though, check out the Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener.

BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Under Cabinet Electric Can Opener – Choice of Black or White

BLACK+DECKER was founded over 100 years ago, in 1910. They began as a DIY products company, manufacturing power tools like cordless drills, screwdrivers, saws and sanders. Since then, they’ve expanded to produce products in various categories like garden tools, car care, home & cleaning, accessories & batteries and painting & decorating.

The BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Can Opener features an innovative, space-saving design that can be fixed under your cabinet, saving precious countertop space. It’s only 5 x 7.5-inches, so it won’t take up much under-cabinet space either. This is a versatile kitchen product that not only opens cans, but can be used as a bottle opener, bag cutter and knife sharpener too. Fitted with a Power Pierce Cutter, you can quickly and easily open any can. With automatic shut-off and no power button, this product couldn’t be easier to use. And it looks great too; with a swing open door and all the parts concealed behind it, this has a sleek, modern design.
The Sokos Restaurant Electric Can Opener is a lightweight and compact can opener with one-touch use, ideal for the elderly and anyone with arthritis. If you would prefer a larger, countertop opener, check out the Sokos Smooth Edge Electric Can Opener with Bottle Opener Pop Top.

Sokos Smooth Edge Automatic Handheld Electric Can Opener – Available in White, Red or Black

Sokos is a distributor of a wide range of high-quality and highly rated products. Their range includes kid’s toys, sports products, electronics and kitchen products, such as water bottles, milk frothers and can openers. They’ve got some manual and some electric can openers, both in a range of colors to choose from.

Their Automatic Electric Can Opener is a small, compact device, measuring just 7 x 2.7 x 2.3-inches. It’s designed to fit easily into the palm of your hand and it weighs just 9.6-ounces, so it’s highly portable. This can opener simply and effortlessly opens cans with one touch, making it ideal for anyone with arthritis, the elderly, or anyone who wants to multitask and not have to stand manually opening cans.

Within seconds, this device opens the can and, using the magnet, lifts the lid off in one easy movement, without the need for twisting or using your fingers to lift the lid. It also leaves smooth edges, so you don’t need to worry anymore about the possibility of cutting yourself when opening cans. All you need is 2 x AA batteries and you’ll have yourself an opener that’s twice as fast as using a manual counterpart. As if that wasn’t enough, Sokos is throwing in a free bottle wrench that gives you unmatched grip on bottles and jars without having to use much strength.
The Proctor Silex Extra Tall Can Opener stands at 9-inches tall, so it’s able to open cans easily up to 7.5-inches. If you would prefer a can opener that doesn’t take up any counter space, you should opt for the Proctor Silex PowerOpener Under-the-Cabinet Can Opener.

Proctor Silex Extra Tall Electric Can Opener – Variety of Color Options Available

Proctor Silex is a brand under the famous and renowned Hamilton Beach umbrella, so you can rest assured that they’re a trustworthy brand. Proctor Silex manufactures many home and kitchen products including blenders, hot pots, knives, juicers, crepe makers, sandwich makers and skillets. All their products are made using high-quality materials and are built with functionality, durability and innovation in mind.

The Proctor Silex Extra Tall Can Opener was manufactured to make the boring part of cooking, easy and hassle free. Usually, countertop can openers fit your standard-sized can, however, Proctor Silex has taken this one step further and made it large enough to open cans up to 7.5-inches. That’s with the device placed on the counter; if you prop it up on something you could fit even larger cans than that. With quiet, one-touch operation, this opener is ideal for anyone with arthritis or the elderly who perhaps don’t want to struggle with a manual opener.

For convenience, the magnet in the opener holds onto the lid once it’s cut away from the can, stopping it from dropping down and splashing food everywhere. Also, the cutting level is easily removed for cleaning. Even though this is quite a large can opener, it will save you space. How, you ask? Well, it doubles up as a knife sharpener, so although it’s bigger than some, you won’t need a separate knife sharpener on the counter too. If you’re not sure about the color white, you can also get this opener in black if that suits your kitchen better!
Cuisinart’s Deluxe Electric Can Opener is not only easy to use, but the stylish chrome accents – on either the black or white model – give it a touch of modern elegance.

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener - Available White, Silver and Black

Cuisinart made it big back in 1973 when the famous Julia Child and James Beard both promoted the Cuisinart food processor on their cooking shows. Since then Cuisinart has expanded their range and it now includes electrics, cookware, bakeware, tools & gadgets, cutlery and other products.

The Deluxe Electric Can Opener by Cuisinart is one of the best can openers on the market today! It makes cleaning a piece of cake - the precision Power Cut® blade and the strong magnetic lid holder are attached to the removable lever and they are easily detachable when you want to clean them.

The motor is powerful enough to open several cans in a row without slowing down or overheating, however like many electric can openers, you do have to be careful about the paper from labels jamming in the blade, which does slow things down a bit.

The blade assembly and handle of the Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener are one piece – which makes for efficient routine cleaning. The base unit is not waterproof, but it can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sprayed with kitchen cleaner or disinfectant. This device is a basic can opener that is good for most home users, however because of the way the can attachment and cutting blade work, it may not be the best model for the elderly or people with physical challenges. Still, this product passed all our tests and we are happy to include it in this list!

With the Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener style, convenience, and power come together. Available in either black (CCO-50BKN) or white (CCO-50N), both with chrome accents and elegant contours, it will fit in nicely with other modern countertop appliances.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Can Opener?

Today we are blessed to use electric products that make our life easier and safer. Do we know how electricity works? Probably not. Does it simplify our lifestyle and saves time? Definitely yes! Therefore, feel free to use as many electric items as possible such as electric can openers, electric razors or even electric toothbrushes.

Here's a piece of trivia for you. It took 50 years after the invention of the first can for the electric can opener to be invented!

When it comes to choosing the right can opener for you, you should make sure you choose a brand you can trust. We also recommend finding one with a small footprint, so you can keep your kitchen organized. There are numerous brands out there and we’ve featured five of the best, however we couldn’t fit them all.

There are three main types of electric can openers.

  • Countertop Electric Can Opener: The first type is the countertop can opener, which is relatively large, usually around 9 or 10-inches tall, and it holds the can with a magnet while it automatically opens it. Besides the ones we reviewed, another example is the AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener which has a stylish modern design and comes in you choice of red, white or black.

  • Handheld Electric Can Opener: The second type is a handheld, smaller device. This kind is convenient for those without a lot of countertop space, who want a small device that’ll fit in a draw. Both the one from Sokos (which we reviewed) and the Procan One-Touch Start Automatic Can Opener are great examples.

  • Under the Cabinet Electric Can Opener: And finally there are electric can openers that can be mounted underneath your cabinets to save counter space. Black & Decker offers several different models of electric can openers for under the cabinet. By the way, you can also get non-electric, manual Under Cabinet Jar Lid and Bottle Openers too!

Before we look at the five electric can openers that made our list of models worth checking out, let's take a look at some things that are important to consider when choosing a counter top can opener.

Black And Decker Spacemaker Can Opener Installation Guide

How to install under cabinet electric can opener. | Courtesy of Show Home Style
In order to make it on our list of the top electric can openers, products need to be of good quality – and offer value for your money. While our list does include some great can openers for those that are budget conscious – you won’t find any that are “cheap” in terms of construction or poor features. So put down that manual can opener and let the whir of a modern can opener fill your kitchen.
When we think of electric can openers, versatility probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. After all, you buy it to do one job – open your cans efficiently and safely. But when choosing a model, consider whether or not it can open a wide variety of can sizes beyond the standard ones – or will you have to break out the ol’ manual opener for the really large can of tomatoes when you are making sauce? Some models come with extra features like bottle openers and knife sharpeners too, so it is vital to keep an eye on this aspect!

Construction and Design
Of all the appliances that may grace your counter top, electric can openers are usually the smallest but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t want it to look good. Considering the fact that it may be one of your most frequently used kitchen tools next to your set of chef’s knives, wouldn’t it be cool if it not only worked great, but fit in with your décor (instead of being something you want to shove into a corner)? In addition to aesthetic appeal, durability is another important factor to consider when it comes to design. You want something that can withstand daily use without breaking down.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ok, there is absolutely nothing worse than the crud that builds up on the blade of a can opener that isn’t cleaned regularly. Not only does it look disgusting, but dirty blades can be breeding grounds for germs that will literally go into each can that you open.

When choosing an electric can opener, you want one that is easy to keep clean and maintain – one that comes apart efficiently with no unreachable crevices. And preferably one that has a removable blade that is dishwasher safe!

How To Thoroughly Clean Electric or Manual Can Opener

How to clean your electric can opener for very little money. | Courtesy of RedBerry at Homestead Hopes

Get the Best Electric Can Opener of 2022!

Now you know that it is simply not worth it to risk your nails and even your fingers to open a can manually! Use one of the electric can openers we presented to you in this review and you can get your food ready in no time.

Our Top Choice
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener
Best Value
BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Can Opener
Sokos Restaurant Electric Can Opener
Proctor Silex Extra Tall Can Opener
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener FAQs

What is the Best Electric Can Opener?
The best electric can opener is one that gets the job done with minimal effort. It is speedy, safe, and stable during use. You should find it easy to attach to the can and to cut the metallic top of the can. Importantly, the can opener should maintain an upright position even as it opens a can. The brand name doesn’t really matter. Check out our top 5 picks to help you pick the one that is right for you.
How do You Clean an Electric Can Opener?
An electric can opener will be exposed to spills from all sorts of foods. That’s why you should clean it regularly. Before cleaning the opener, unplug it. While cleaning, do not immerse it in water. Be proactive by wiping the opener every time you use it. That will help you get rid of food particles that might have built upon it. Dampen a sponge in warm soapy water to do the wiping. From time to time, remove the lid holder and the cutting wheel and soak in hot water. Use a toothbrush to scrub caked-on food. Rinse, dry, and put the opener back together.
Where Do You Buy an Electric Can Opener?
Like all other products, electric can openers are available in both brick-and-mortar stores and online. It is up to you to decide where you would like to purchase one. In that case, where you choose to buy should be convenient and affordable. Amazon is one of the biggest stores that's likely to give you a good deal and quicker shipping.
Where was the Electric Can Opener Invented?
The first can opener was invented by William Lyman in 1870 in the United States. It had a rotating wheel, which then cut through the top of the can, opening it. In 1931, the first electric version of the can opener was released. A motor was used to rotate the wheel leading to automation in the can opening process.
How do You Use an Electric Can Opener?
Before you can use an electric can opener, press a lever or button to release its blade. When placing the opener on the can, ensure you align the blade and wheel with the lip. Clamp the can in place by adjusting the opener’s cutter head. You can start the opening by pushing a button or pressing the cutter head down. That would depend on the model of electric opener you are dealing with. The lid will be snapped up by the opener’s magnet so that you can easily remove it.