Best Electric Can Opener Reviews 2018

With the five best electric can openers below, opening a can shouldn’t be a big deal! Professional companies have created can openers, so that you can enjoy your food as soon as possible when you are hungry. However, trying to find the best electric can opener for your needs and budget can be time consuming. We are here to help you by providing you with interesting details about 5 excellent electric can openers! These products come in different price ranges and they are indispensable in any modern kitchen.
Our Top Choice
West Bend 77202 Electric Can Opener
Modern design. Versatile and powerful. High quality and top of the line product.
Accommodates multiple size cans, including tall ones. Retractable cord, bottle opener and knife sharpener built in. Available in black or metallic silver.
May sometimes pull on the can label causing a paper jam which can strain the motor.
Chrome, plastic and aluminum
Slim, heavy-duty design
Automatic shutoff
Knife sharpener & bottle opener
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener
Easy operation and maintenance. Many great features make this good value product.
Modern and sleek looking black and chrome. Side cutting operation means no sharp edges on lids. Opens most standard size cans.
Some people have reported tiny metal shavings – rare.
Stainless steel
Attractive, minimalistic
Side-cutting system
Black and chrome
Large ergonomic lever
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener
Light duty, affordable – good for home use.
Available in black or white. Wide, stable base for added safety. Easy cleaning.
Plastic cutting blade may not be as durable as metal ones.
Stainless steel
Easy-to-clean design
Magnetic lid holder
Easy to use. Extra-wide base
Oster® Tall Can Opener
There is a learning curve to this unique blade, but it has lots of rave reviews.
Available in black, white or silver. Blade assembly is removable for easy clean up. Built in knife sharpener. Can handle tall cans.
Some reports that can be a bit noisy. Patented Power PierceTM cutting blade different from most.
Stainless steel
Easy-to-clean design
Patented power pierce
Built-in knife sharpener
Handy Can One Touch Electric Can Opener
Good for elderly and people with physical limitations. Portable. Easy to use. Safe non-sharp edges.
True hands free operation. Side cutting technology means no sharp edges. Great for people with finger dexterity problems. Opens cans of all sizes.
Battery operated – some people find difficult to change.
Stainless steel
User-friendly, hands free design
One touch start & stop
Variety of colors
Compact and portable

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How Do I Choose the Best Electric Can Opener?

Today we are blessed to use electric products that make our life easier and safer. Do we know how electricity works? Probably not. Does it simplify our lifestyle and saves time? Definitely yes! Therefore, feel free to use as many electric items as possible such as electric can openers, electric razors or even electric toothbrushes.

In this review, we will be focusing on can openers that use electricity and provide good value for money. During our research, we stumbled upon many products including cheap electric can openers, but we try to present you items that come in different price ranges and offer multiple useful features.

Before we look at the five electric can openers that made our list of models worth checking out, let's take a look at some things that are important to consider when choosing a counter top can opener.
In order to make it on our list of the top electric can openers, products need to be of good quality – and offer value for your money. While our list does include some great can openers for those that are budget conscious – you won’t find any that are “cheap” in terms of construction or poor features. So put down that manual can opener and let the whir of a modern can opener fill your kitchen.
When we think of electric can openers, versatility probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. After all, you buy it to do one job – open your cans efficiently and safely. But when choosing a model, consider whether or not it can open a wide variety of can sizes beyond the standard ones – or will you have to break out the ol’ manual opener for the really large can of tomatoes when you are making sauce? Some models come with extra features like bottle openers and knife sharpeners too, so it is vital to keep an eye on this aspect!
Construction and Design
Of all the appliances that may grace your counter top, electric can openers are usually the smallest but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t want it to look good. Considering the fact that it may be one of your most frequently used kitchen tools next to your set of chef’s knives, wouldn’t it be cool if it not only worked great, but fit in with your décor (instead of being something you want to shove into a corner)? In addition to aesthetic appeal, durability is another important factor to consider when it comes to design. You want something that can withstand daily use without breaking down.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ok, there is absolutely nothing worse than the crud that builds up on the blade of a can opener that isn’t cleaned regularly. Not only does it look disgusting, but dirty blades can be breeding grounds for germs that will literally go into each can that you open. When choosing an electric can opener, you want one that is easy to keep clean and maintain – one that comes apart efficiently with no unreachable crevices. And preferably one that has a removable blade that is dishwasher safe!

What is the Best Electric Can Opener?

Believe it or not, the electric can openers you can find on the market today are quite sophisticated and they come with various features and options. We have analyzed dozens of electric can openers and narrowed down the list to 5 great contenders from trustworthy brands! Here are our finalists:
Our Top Choice
The modern, sleek looking West Bend Electric Can opener is available in black or metallic silver and has a manual knife sharpener and bottle opener built in.
West Bend Electric Can Opener - 70-watt Countertop Can Opener

West Bend 77202 Can Opener - Black

The Electric Can Opener by West Bend has a detachable chrome cutting accessory that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. In terms of flexibility and versatility, the tall design and powerful blade of this electric can opener makes it possible to open cans of different sizes and thickness with little to no effort.

This handy little tool has two bonus functions – a bottle opener and knife sharpener built right in. The bottle opener will definitely save you time hunting for the opener in your drawer but don’t expect to get the same results for sharpening your knives as you would a tool designed specifically for that purpose (but it is a nice convenience to have for quick fixes). The sharpener uses a manual sharpening stone that will do a decent job of restoring sharpness to the edge of your blade between major sharpening jobs. The retractable cord is another nice feature.
Construction and Design
Made of chrome, aluminum, and plastic, this electric can opener by West Bend definitely has a sleek and modern design. One owner went as far as saying that it would fit right in on display at an industrial arts museum. The West Bend 77202 has a powerful 70-watt motor that is strong enough to cut through just about every thickness of can on the consumer market – and because of its slim design and height, it can handle even the tallest of cans without having to maneuver the can opener to the edge of the counter. It might have trouble with really thick industrial cans – but we haven’t heard of any problems!

Some electric can openers require constant pressure on the blade, but not this one. Once it gets started, the blade will keep cutting until it’s finished – and the built in magnet will hold the lid tight so it doesn’t fall in. West Bend added two other nice features – a protective cover and a retractable cord. The model we reviewed is black, but you can get the same one in metallic silver (West Bend 77203).
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, the West Bend Electric Can Opener does a great job making the task easy. Users can remove the entire blade assembly – it does require a screwdriver, but it’s simple to do. The base unit itself is not waterproof, but it can be wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant as needed. One thing you do have to watch for, which is common with electric can openers, is that there is tendency for labels to peel and jam the blade – putting strain on the motor.
Best Value
The SmoothTouch™ Can Opener by Hamilton Beach has side cutter that separates the lid from the can along the seam for a smooth, touchable lid.
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch™ Can Opener - with Free Kitchen Scissors

Hamilton Beach 76606Z - Black and Chrome

The Hamilton Beach Smooth-Touch can opener is a helpful little tool that cuts along the side of the can to prevent sharp edges. Many cans today come with pull tabs that are supposed to make for easy opening without a can opener. But let’s face it, we all know that these don’t open easily – taking a bit of muscle and sometimes the little tab actually breaks off. And for people with physical limitations, these lids can be of no help at all. The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener is versatile enough to open most standard can sizes, including those with the “pop up” lids. There have been some reports that the motor and blade are not strong enough to handle opening commercial cans like the #10 sized cans used for bulk food products.

This can opener uses a side cutting mechanism that literally separates the lid from the seam. On the downside, people who like to use the lid to hold back the contents of a can while draining of the liquid can’t do that as easily with this type of lid removal. As an added bonus Hamilton Beach includes a pair of kitchen scissors.
Construction and Design
The sleek black and chrome look of the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener will fit perfectly with any modern kitchen design. Unlike the other models we have reviewed so far, the Smooth Touch opens cans from the side – with the can being gripped by two cutting blades which hold the edge of the lid and the top of the can.

Users have to hold down the ergonomically designed lever until the can turns all the way around. The final result is a lid that is removed with a smooth edge and that doesn’t come in contact with the food inside the can. Some users have reported that the can will continue to spin past a full revolution, which can create tiny metal threads and shavings.
Performance and Ease of Use
While the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener does a great job opening cans safely and giving you removed lids with no sharp edges – it doesn’t do as well when it comes to making routine clean up as efficient. The blade assembly is not removable and can only be wiped down with a damp rag. On the positive side though, because the blades open the cans from the side, they don’t come in direct contact with food as frequently as traditional cutting blades – meaning they stay cleaner and don’t have that “crud build up.” Aging, dull blades can be replaced, but it’s not a job for people who aren’t mechanically inclined.
Cuisinart’s Deluxe Electric Can Opener is not only easy to use, but the stylish chrome accents – on either the black or white model – give it a touch of modern elegance.
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener - Available in White and Black

Cuisinart Can Opener CCO-50BKN - Black

The Deluxe Electric Can Opener by Cuisinart is one of the best can openers on the market today! It makes cleaning a piece of cake - the precision Power Cut® blade and the strong magnetic lid holder are attached to the removable lever and they are easily detachable when you want to clean them.

Although Cuisinart calls this a “deluxe” can opener, it has limitations in terms of versatility – it’s designed to open standard sized cans that are typical for the home user. Don’t expect to be able to open commercial cans – but it is stable enough to open wider cans. The motor is powerful enough to open several cans in a row without slowing down or overheating, however like many electric can openers, you do have to be careful about the paper from labels jamming in the blade, which does slow things down a bit.

This Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener doesn’t come with any bonus features and the blade is made of plastic, which may not be as durable as metal ones. For a basic can opener, it does get the job done.
Construction and Design
With the Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener style, convenience, and power come together. Available in either black (CCO-50BKN) or white (CCO-50N), both with chrome accents and elegant contours, it will fit in nicely with other modern countertop appliances. In terms of construction, the way that the blade assembly is attached to the handle makes routine cleaning easy. Believe it or not, Cuisinart’s cutting blade is made from a strong plastic, not metal like most other electric can openers. This makes us wonder how strong and durable the blade is compared to others – as in how long it will stay sharp and keep cutting, and how thick of a can it will cut through.

Operating the Cuisinart Deluxe can be a little tricky the first few times because you need to make sure that the can is correctly aligned with what Cuisinart calls the “power cutter” – what we would just call the blade. Once the handle is pressed down, a magnet will hold on to the lid so it doesn’t fall inside. In the big picture of things, this can opener is what we would call a “light duty” model can opener.
Performance and Ease of Use
The blade assembly and handle of the Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener are one piece – which makes for efficient routine cleaning. The base unit is not waterproof but it can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sprayed with kitchen cleaner or disinfectant. It is important to note that caution needs to be taken during maintenance because the main blade is extremely sharp. The Cuisinart is a basic can opener that is good for most home users, however because of the way the can attachment and cutting blade work, it may not be the best model for the elderly or people with physical challenges. Still, this product passed all our tests and we are happy to include it in this list!

As a basic top opening electric can opener, the Cuisinart Deluxe produces lids with sharp edges – although it’s pretty good about not creating any jagged edges. The manufacturers did a great job giving this appliance a solid and stable base, making it less likely to tip over during use – a very important safety factor.

Placement of the blade assembly makes it less likely for users to accidentally cut themselves while using the can opener. Because the handle and blade assembly are attached and come off in one piece, this means less products to handle during clean up.
The Oster® Tall Can Opener is designed to open even the tallest of cans with ease. The contemporary style and design make it look great on your countertop - available in black, white and silver.
Oster® Tall Can Opener - Exclusive Power PierceTM Cutting Blade

Oster Can Opener 3126 - Black

The Oster Tall can opener does its job safely and easily with precision cutting provided by the exclusive Power Pierce cutting blade. Because of its tall design and curved front panel, the Oster Can Opener is flexible enough to open most standard consumer size cans. The motor may not be powerful enough to open heavy commercial cans but it’s great for the typical home user.

On a side note, some users have complained that this can opener is a little noisy – something that gets worse if there is a strain on the motor with thicker cans or if there is a paper jam on the label. This can opener also has a built in sharpener that does a decent job bringing life back to the edges of your knives. While the cord doesn’t retract, it does have a nice storage compartment that will discreetly hide the cord when it’s not in use.
Construction and Design
The Oster Tall Can Opener has a modern look like many of today’s electric can openers but it’s more monochratic. This particular model by Oster is available in black, white or silver. Like the West Bend, because of the height, it makes it easier to open taller cans like chicken stock or juice cans. The can opener also has a curved design along the front, making opening wider cans easy too.

The Oster can opener has a patented Power PierceTM cutting blade that can puncture lids of any thickness and the super strong magnet will hold the lid firmly for you. For convenient storage, it has a place to wrap the cord.
Performance and Ease of Use
The plastic casing of the Oster Tall Can Opener can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sprayed with disinfectant. It is important to keep the blade clean since it does come in contact with the food in the can – which is easy to do. The entire blade assembly can be removed from the base and is completely submersible – or you can put it in the dishwasher. A word of caution, be careful with the sharp blades when you are cleaning it.
With the Handy Can cordless, battery operated automatic can opener, you will be open cans “hands free” – great for people with physical challenges. Small, medium, or large size can, The Handy Can Opener opens them easily and safely with no more sharp edges.
Handy Can One Touch Electric Can Opener - Available in Variety of Colors

Handy Can Automatic Opener - Red

The Handy Can cordless, battery operated automatic can opener allows you to open cans “hands free” – great for people with physical challenges. This exquisite electric can opener is designed for one purpose – to open cans with one touch and hands free operation. And it does this efficiently and safely. Because it uses side cutting technology, the edge of the lid once it has been removed are smooth, not sharp. As an added benefit, you can actually put the lid back on top of the can if you need to have a temporary cover – keep in mind that it won’t be sealed.

Because this can opener operates by the user placing it on top of the can, it can open any sized can, although it may have a bit of trouble with thicker commercial cans. The Handy Can is sold in a convenient two pack which is nice – you get one for your kitchen and one for when you are on the go.
Construction and Design
When you use most electric can openers, even if it is one that you don’t have to keep holding the handle down, you still need to keep your other hand on the can – but not with the Handy Can Automatic. This can opener offers true hands free design – with one touch, the appliance starts going to work, and you don’t have to stand there holding it. Yeah, we know that it’s not a huge amount of time – even for the most extreme multi-taskers – but if you are a person with physical limitations, this feature can be an extreme life saver.

The Handy Can Opener safely cuts cans from the side so there are no sharp edges – the lid is actually mechanically separated from the seam of the can. Operating this can opener is a little different – you put the can opener on the top of the can and it will “walk” its way around the can and automatically shut off when finished. There is not cord to worry about because this can opener uses 2 AA batteries. It comes in a variety of color options.
Performance and Ease of Use
Because of the simple design and the way the Handy Can Opener works by opening cans from the side, it’s pretty easy to keep it clean. The unit is not submersible but it can be wiped down with a damp cloth or a kitchen spray – because you can’t remove the blade, you wouldn’t want to use any cleaning products that are not food grade. Although the blade is not removable, it is easy to access with a brush or quick wipe/rinse between usages. Keep in mind that because this can opener works by removing lids from the side, it doesn’t get as dirty as traditional blade models. There’s no plug with this can opener to worry about getting dirty either – but you do have to replace the batteries once in a while.

One of the safest things about the Handy Can Opener is that because it is a side opening unit, it creates lids with no sharp edges that are perfectly safe to the touch. Instead of cutting the metal to remove the lid, it actually mechanically separates the lid at the can’s seam.

While injury is rare, keep in mind that the appliance does have a blade – and some users have reported getting their skin pinched in the blade assembly. This can opener has an automatic shut off feature, can be operated with one touch and neither it nor the hand need to be held while it’s operating. This makes it the ideal can opener for people with physical challenges or the elderly.

Get the Best Electric Can Opener of 2018!

Now you know that it is simply not worth it to risk your nails and even your fingers to open a can manually! Use one of the electric can openers we presented to you in this review and you can get your food ready in no time.

Our Top Choice
West Bend 77202 Electric Can Opener
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener
Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener
Oster® Tall Can Opener
Handy Can One Touch Electric Can Opener