Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews 2022

Chainsaws are among the fastest cutting tools on the market today. We've scoured the available products from high quality manufacturers to bring you a shortlist of 5 amazing electric chainsaws. Keep reading to learn what you should look for and how to decide on the best design for your needs. Whether you're a logger, landscaper or simply a homeowner, we do our best to provide you with great contenders that get the job done quickly! If it turns out what you need is really a gas chainsaw, we have a separate review for that.
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Handle Type
Bar Length(s)
Our Top Choice
Black and Decker 12" Battery Powered Chainsaw
This chainsaw combines an easy-to-handle compact design with smooth, powerful operation – great for the average homeowner.
Powerful. Compact. Low kickback. Tool-free chain tensioning. Lithium Battery. Auto-oiling system. Battery and oil gauge.
Less powerful than large chainsaws, but more than enough power for home use.
Wrap-Around Handle
12" blade
9.63 x 8.81 x 28.56"
8.3 lbs.
Best Value
Greenworks 16" Corded Chainsaw
This low-cost chainsaw delivers simple, reliable power where you need it alongside convenient features like automatic oiling.
Consistent power. Tool-less chain tensioning. Automatic oiler. Wrap-around handle. Metal bucking spikes to add grip.
Only a 11" cord. Less powerful than larger models, but still plenty for most yard work.
Wrap-Around Handle
7 x 11 x 31"
9.2 lbs.
Makita 16 Inches Corded Chainsaw
Heavy-duty chainsaw featuring powerful consistent speed and a highly durable frame – ideal for extended or rigorous use.
Heavy-duty. Tool-less adjustment. Rubber grip. Current limiter protects motor. Auto chain oiler. Soft start. Oil indicator.
More expensive than less powerful models, but it will last longer.
Top Handle w/ Rubber Grip
10 x 24.1 x 10.5"
15.3 pounds
Worx 16" Corded Chainsaw
Lightweight and maneuverable chainsaw with sleek, simple design—ideal for beginners and experts alike.
Tool-free tensioning. Built-in chain break for safety. Auto-oiling. Rubber rear handle. Reduced kickback chain.
Less powerful than some heavy-duty models, but still ideal for most homeowners. Extension cord needed for easy use.
Rear Handle
11 lbs.
Remington Limb N Trim Corded Chainsaw
Compact corded chainsaw designed for easily trimming small branches.
Compact. Lightweight. Low-kickback bar. Push-button Oiler. Simple chain tension adjuster.
Extension Cord required. Far less powerful than full-sized chainsaws, but ideal for branch and shrub trimming.
Large Rear Handle
6.25 lbs.

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What is the Best Electric Chainsaw?

Chainsaws come in a wide range of prices as well as designs for accomplishing different tasks, so think about your budget before purchasing. Do you want a top-of-the-line chainsaw that can cut through anything and outlast a mighty redwood? Or are you looking for a chainsaw to use reliably once in a while? Think about that as you take a look at our recommendations.
Our Top Choice
The Black & Decker 12" Lithium Chainsaw is an all-around top contender for household chainsaws, featuring a powerful and reliable compact design. Black & Decker also offers the 1240 B 12" chainsaw—a version without the battery and charger for those who already have those parts.

Black & Decker 12" Chainsaw – 40 MAX Lithium, Auto-Oiling, Tool-less Tensioning

Black & Decker is widely recognized for their all-around high-quality power tools, so it's no surprise that the Black & Decker 12" Lithium features reliable construction and useful features. Currently retailing at $184.99 (and much less on Amazon), this chainsaw easily slid into our top pick slot.

Let's see what features you can enjoy while using this chainsaw.
  • The 12" bar is an ideal size for homeowners, since it's too large to be overly heavy or awkward to maneuver around branches.
  • Lithium is the top of the line when it comes to battery power, meaning this 40 volt chainsaw is able to cut far more than electric chainsaws without lithium power – an average of 60 cuts per charge!
  • The automatic oiling system automatically lubricates the bar and chain as you saw through branches, saving you time and extending the life of your chainsaw.
  • The handle wraps fully around the top of the chainsaw, allowing you to grip it from a variety of positions so you can easily cut at different angles.
  • Indicators show you the level of battery and oil at all times so you never have to do the guesswork.
Black & Decker also offers a range of similar chainsaws in varying sizes that feature excellent specs, so you can choose whatever fits your needs. If you like this chainsaw, check out the rest of the 40 Volt MAX line, featuring a cordless lawn mower, weed whacker and more.
Construction and Design
The Black & Decker 12" Battery-Powered Chainsaw is built for the average homeowner, featuring a maneuverable 12" guide bar that's designed to reduce kickback. Its powerful, simple design features a mid-range price and high-end engine power—especially considering that it's battery powered. The oil tank is easily accessible from the top and the handle wraps around the entire side for a range of cutting positions.
Performance and Ease of Use
This chainsaw features durable and easy-to-use components like the large dial on the side that control chain tension. The "inner" dial unlocks the bar so you can easily adjust the chain with the larger "outer" dial to perfect your cutting efficiency.

The automatic oiling system means you don't have to prime the engine before starting. On top of all that, the battery lasts for 60 cuts on average and this chainsaw cuts significantly faster than competitors in its price range. All this makes the Black & Decker 12" Chainsaw an easy choice for our top pick.
Best Value
The Greenworks 16" Corded Chainsaw packs in convenient features you'd expect from a high-end chainsaw along with simple usage and consistent corded power. If you like what you see from Greenworks but you're in the market for a more powerful machine with more features, check out the Greenworks G-MAX 40V DigiPro Chainsaw.

Greenworks 16" Electric Chainsaw – 12 Amp, Auto-Oiling, Tool-Less Tensioning w/ Wrap Around Handle 

Greenworks is known for high quality products that streamline yard work with simple, powerful efficiency. The Greenworks 12 Amp Corded Chainsaw may be inexpensive, but this doesn’t mean it is a poor quality product. It still manages to include the useful features you'll depend upon when the job gets serious. At a retail price of just $89.99, this chainsaw easily makes our best value slot.

Let's take a closer look at its features.
  • Being a corded chainsaw that provides 12 amps of consistent power—more consistent than most battery-powered chainsaws. Since the cord is only 11 feet long, you may want to consider an extension cord to conveniently use this chainsaw around your yard.
  • The thin 16" bar gives you plenty of space to work with as you cut through branches, without becoming overly heavy.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning lets you easily keep the chain in place without wasting time during your busy afternoon of sawing.
  • The automatic oiler keeps everything working smoothly to save you time and extend the life of this chainsaw.
  • The over-molded wrap-around handle makes it easy to saw from a range of angles.
  • The simple electric start lets you get going quickly and efficiently—much easier than a pull cord gas chainsaw!
  • Metal bucking spikes protrude from the chainsaw to add grip while you fell a tree.
  • Greenworks also makes high quality chainsaws that are battery-powered and come in a range of sizes.
Construction and Design
The Greenworks 16" Corded Chainsaw is built for versatility and ease of use. The thin guide bar makes this chainsaw ultra-maneuverable even in dense areas in your yard. The metal bucking spikes make it easy if you find yourself felling a tree, since they dig into the tree for added stability. The design features a front guard and a wrap-around handle for safety and comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
This high-value purchase features convenience features you'd find on the higher-end models. Its automatic oiler keeps everything running smoothly while the tool-less chain tensioning makes it easy to cut efficiently without frustration. Especially for its price, this chainsaw is easy to use, making it ideal for novices. As with most electric chainsaws, it's also easy to start.
The Makita 16" Electric Chainsaw is extremely well built and highly reliable, making it ideal for frequent use and thick branches. If you're looking for Makita's superior craftsmanship, but without the high-end price tag, check out their less expensive 14" Electric Chainsaw.

Makita 16” Electric Chainsaw – Heavy Duty, Corded, Tool-Less Adjustments, Auto-Oiler

Makita has a long history of excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and customer service. The Makita Corded 16" Chainsaw is no exception, featuring a powerful, long-lasting construction and a range of useful features.

Let's check out what makes the Makita 16" Electric Chainsaw stand out.
  • This powerhouse is simply designed well—it was created for heavy-duty use, and you'll get plenty of years out of this machine.
  • The rubberized grip keeps your hand and wrist comfortable as you saw through large branches.
  • The large trigger switch lets you softly start the chainsaw for smooth start-ups for convenience and safety.
  • The built-in current limiter protects your motor from burnout and the harmful effects of overheating.
  • Automatic chain oiler to help the chainsaw stay lubricated—especially useful during extended use.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning makes it easy to fix a loose chain even while you're in the middle of a tough job.
  • The built-in chain-brake prevents safety issues before they happen.
  • Easily view the oil level of the large oil tank so you know when to refill.
You can find Makita chainsaws in a wide range of sizes and all will include many of these useful features.
Construction and Design
The Makita 16" Corded Chainsaw is well-built and packed with the power you'll need for tough jobs. You'll find it to be more durable than the competition, offering more bang for your buck. One way this chainsaw keeps its durability is with a current limiter, protecting the motor from burnout and overheating. The built-in chain break also adds a layer of safety so you can comfortably cut into heavy logs without the worry. The chainsaw itself has a sturdy feel to it and features a rubberized grip for added grip and comfort, which can be especially useful when you're dealing with larger logs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since this machine is built for heavy-duty use, it's constructed to perform well under extreme pressure. The automatic chain and bar oiler keeps operation smooth and easy so you can be ultra-precise. The large oil tank and oil indicator make it easy to never run out of oil so you're always ready for the job ahead. The tool-less chain adjuster also makes it easy to adjust your chain to the perfect tension for high-powered cutting.
The Worx 16" Corded Chainsaw features a streamlined design for fast, efficient yard work—great for beginners and experts alike. You may also want to consider the higher-end Makita 18" Electric Chainsaw, featuring 15 amps and improved cutting performance.

Worx Electric Powered Chainsaw – 16", 14.5 Amp, Corded, Auto-Lubricating, No-Tool Tightening

Worx specializes in lightweight power tools to improve comfort and precision for the customer. The Worx 16" Electric Chainsaw, for example, features a sleek design that easily maneuvers in and around branches to make your job easier.

On top of its unique design, this chainsaw has a number of useful features to rely on such as the following ones.
  • A simple tool-free tensioning system makes it easy for beginners to tighten the chain without risk of over-tightening.
  • There is a built-in chain break for added safety during operation.
  • Automatic oil lubrication keeps things smooth so you don't have to worry about difficult operation.
  • The rubberized rear handle gives you control over this lightweight chainsaw even in narrow areas.
  • Reduced kickback chain makes it easier to cut through dense logs.
If you're looking for a different size but you like the user-friendly design, check out other Worx models.
Construction and Design
The Worx 16" Electric Chainsaw is built for superior maneuverability. Its thin profile and rear handle make it easy to get in and around groups of branches when necessary. This chainsaw is a sort of hybrid between full-sized chainsaws and smaller trimming chainsaws, making it a versatile choice for the average homeowner. On top of its versatility, this chainsaw also has a reliable chain break system for added safety.
Performance and Ease of Use
This chainsaw is easy to use, which is why it's a great choice for beginner homeowners and anyone looking to get the job done quickly and easily. Automatic oiling keeps the parts running smoothly and the turn-dial tensioning system can be used any time to adjust the chain for optimal cutting. The rear handle is rubberized for added grip and comfort and the chain is built for reduced kickback to make sawing smooth and precise.

Overall, the Worx 16" Electric Chainsaw is a great choice for light-use around the home.
The Remington Limb N Trim Corded Chainsaw is a compact branch trimmer that has everything you need to easily clean up the smaller branches around your yard. If you're looking for a compact chainsaw that does more than trim, check out the Remington Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw with 12 amps of cutting power.

Remington Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw – Compact, 8 Amp, 14" Low-Kickback Bar

Remington specializes in serious lawn care, but their products make it easy—even their most powerful chainsaws are surprisingly compact without sacrificing cutting ability.

Aside from the sleek, simple design, this chainsaw features a series of great features that make it a serious contender for trimming.
  • 14" low-kickback bar and chain make it easier to trim with precision.
  • 8 amps of power are more than enough for most trimming, making it easy to slice through branches and shrubs in your yard or garden.
  • The push-button oiler allows you to easily add oil to your engine whenever it needs it.
  • An external chain adjuster lets you easily adjust the tension on the chain for effective trimming.
  • The rear handle lets you get deep into narrow areas and cut at varying angles to easily trim the limbs off any tree or shrub.
The Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw is the lightest in Remington's line of chainsaws, so check them out if you're looking for something more powerful.
Construction and Design
The Remington Limb N Trim Corded Chainsaw delivers on its name: this compact chainsaw is great for cleaning up the limbs on trees around your yard. Its sleek profile makes trimming trees and shrubs an absolute breeze—not to mention the great price. It's designed with a thin but long 14" bar and a relatively powerful 8 amp motor for easy trimming. The rear handle is also perfect for trimming since it lets you reach and maneuver around small branches.
Performance and Ease of Use
This chainsaw comes fully assembled and features automatic oiling so you can bypass installation and initial maintenance. Easily adjust the chain with the external chain tension adjuster so you can keep on trimming until the job's done. If you're looking for an easy way to trim your yard's trees and shrubs, the Remington Limb N Trim has everything you need.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Chainsaw?

For this review, we're focusing on electric chainsaws. Before we talk about the benefits of going electric, let's discuss the advantages of gas chainsaws. Gas-powered chainsaws range from compact to industrial size, but they tend to be larger, more powerful and more expensive than electric models. They are highly mobile since they never need a cord to operate. Gas chainsaws are ideal for frequent or heavy-duty usage.

Electric chainsaws are generally smaller—making them ideal for trimming and pruning—but some higher-end electric models are extremely powerful and can keep up with many gas chain saws. You'll find both corded and battery-operated models, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages (which we'll discuss in the Construction and Design section). Electric chainsaws often start with the pull of a trigger or push of a button which is much easier than a pull-start gas chainsaw.

Some homeowners prefer an electric lopper for small branch cutting jobs: these smaller machines use "safety jaws" around the cutting blades for superior safety, and their lightweight design makes them very easy to use. Many electric models can be used with an optional extension pole to easily trim the tops of trees and high shrubbery.

While you're considering a new chainsaw, you might also want to check out today's best lawn mowers. We've compiled a range of high quality mowers in a range of prices – there's nothing worse than cranking up an old half-broken lawn mower on a hot day! Especially when you know you still have that trimming and pruning to do with the chainsaw.

By the way, we want to take a moment to give honorable mention goes to Husqvarna, whose fantastic chainsaws could have easily been on our list, we simply only had room for 5!
Electric chainsaws are generally less expensive than their gas counterparts, ranging from about $50 to $250. With higher-end prices you can usually expect more power and durability, but of course there are exceptions—some "high-end" models don't live up to the hype. Still, expensive models tend to include features that offer superior precision and handling, including a reduced-kickback chain and strong, short blades. Cheap chainsaws may lack important safety features or break down far sooner than competitors.

Most chainsaws—even on the lower end—offer basic safety features, but you should be on the lookout for safety features like a chain break which automatically stops the blades in an emergency.

Finally, there are a number of convenience-related features—like an automatic oiler—that will impact the price of a chainsaw. That being said, the models we've chosen all feature useful convenience features and they deliver reliable performance in a range of prices.
Electric chainsaws can be quite different and pack various features. For example, some of them might have a larger battery, meaning that you will be able to use it for longer before recharging it. Others have features such as an automatic oiler and so on. The features of every electric chainsaw will ultimately make it more practical and useful, so take this aspect into account.

Here are just a few features modern chainsaws have.
  • Guide Bar. Homeowners generally use chainsaws with smaller bar lengths, since they're easier to handle. That being said, chainsaws with longer bars are generally more powerful and can cut through thicker logs.
  • Battery. If you go for a cordless electric saw, you'll want a battery you can rely on for hours and hours of consistent power. Lithium Ion is a staple for good reason, offering extremely long battery life and low charge times.
  • Cord. If you go for a corded chainsaw, you'll probably need to buy a separate extension cord for optimal reach around the yard. That being said, cords do offer very consistent power.
  • Automatic Oiling. Many modern chainsaws come with this feature, and it's a good thing to have. Push button oiling is easy to use, and other models automatically oil the machine during operation.
  • Handle. The handle makes a big impact on your comfort and precision during operation. The popular wrap-around style is great for sawing at a range of angles. A rear handle is most often found on smaller trimming chainsaws to give you better reach and maneuverability.
  • Gauges. Indicators for gas and power can be extremely convenient so you know when you're going to run out before it happens.
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning. This feature is becoming more and more common, since it makes it so much easier to keep the chain without having to break out the tools and get your hands dirty.
  • Bucking Spikes. Bucking spikes are useful for felling trees. The protruding spikes plant in the tree to give you increased stability and precision.
  • Current Limiter. Some chainsaws feature a current limiter to protect the motor from harmful overheating.
  • Chain Break. Chain breaks automatically stop operation when the front guard is pushed or there is a strong kickback.
  • Low-Kickback Bar. Some guide bars and chains are built to reduce kickback while operating, which makes it far easier to operate the chainsaw with precision.
Apart from features, you should also keep an eye on the design of a particular chainsaw.
Construction and Design
A high quality chainsaw should be lightweight and powerful all at once. That way, the only challenge you face is the tree itself—not the difficulty of lugging around a 10 ton machine. Chains with smaller, non-aggressive blades and narrow noses help to reduce the kickback, making it easier to use, especially for beginners.

If you're looking for heavy-duty power, pay attention to the amps and purchase a chainsaw from a reliable brand. The brands on this list are well-known for both lightweight and more professional, heavy duty chainsaws.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good handle and a sleek profile make for the easiest experience. Look for a wrap-around handle if you're looking to do more than trimming—that way you'll be able to cut at a variety of angles. Look for simple designs as well, especially when it comes to the convenience features like the automatic oiler and tension adjusters.

Check Amazon user reviews to see if users had problems using these features. Most electric chainsaws are easy to start compared to gas chainsaws, often starting with the simple push of a button or the pull of a trigger. As long as you have an extension cord with you, a corded chainsaw is easy to set up and use all around your yard—just make sure it's long enough!

Get the Best Electric Chainsaw of 2022!

Different chainsaws are built for different tasks, but all of our chosen chainsaws are known for reliability, so you can be confident in your choice. Pick the best for your needs today!

Our Top Choice
Black and Decker 12" Battery Powered Chainsaw
Best Value
Greenworks 16" Corded Chainsaw
Makita 16 Inches Corded Chainsaw
Worx 16" Corded Chainsaw
Remington Limb N Trim Corded Chainsaw