Best Electric Drum Set Reviews 2023

Drummers are truly a breed of their own, driving the music onwards as they beat time from their famous spot, way at the back of the band. As the backbone of a musical group, drummers set the feel of a song with their dynamic vibe and groove, and fellow musicians turn to them for direction. For those behind the drums, there’s no better place and the feeling is euphoric. But, getting to that coveted spot is no small feat, and it requires both the right equipment and the right attitude. By selecting a quality electric drum set, you can learn how to drum and make it all the way to the top of the charts. Luckily, we’re here to walk you through the best deals in town.
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Pad Type
Drum Sounds
Preset Kits
Our Top Choice
Roland V-Drums Electric Drum Set
Getting the best electric musical instrument is never a walk in the park, but Roland Corporation is committed to ensuring you get exactly what your inner musician wants.
Comes with an innovative design that folds. Has a play-and-record function and is easy to use. Its editable and expressive features help you master the electric drums.
You might spend a little more on the accessories.
Eight items
Rubber pads
15 drum kit sounds
15 kits
38 x 38 x 38 inches
Best Value
Yamaha DTX-400 Electric Drum Set Series
Yamaha is not only popular for its quality products, but also for its devotion to promoting and supporting music education.
Has a rhythm gate to help identify your timing. It also features a hi-hat unit control function, which can double as an alternative bass drum. Has a measure break function.
The unattached base-pedal might jump around, but securing it down will do the trick.
Six items
Rubber pads
169 drum kit sounds
10 kits
35.1 x 12.4 x 22.7 inches
Alesis Nitro Kit Eight-Piece Electric Drum Set
The Alesis company is known for making outstanding musical equipment and the many years they’ve dedicated themselves to the musical experience.
It comes with comfortable and dynamic pads. Has four strong aluminum posts to offer support, flexibility and stability. Has a memory lock and height adjustment functions.
The rack might sit lower than most traditional sets, but you can quickly fix that issue by adjusting the height.
Eight items
Rubber pads
385 drum kit sounds
25 kits
27.6 x 47.3 x 43.3 inches
Pyle Digital Electronic Drum Set Machine
Pyle has remained at the forefront of the music industry, and customers appreciate their finely-crafted instruments as well as trust their precision-tuned products.
Gives you a fully-loaded drumming kit. Record and play functions help monitor sessions. Designed with several pre-loaded drum sounds. Has a natural response drum head.
The drum could prove a pain to assemble.
Nine items
Touch responsive pads
128 drum kit sounds
33 kits
32.5 x 16 x 8.8 inches
Ddrum Beta Electronic Drum Set
Ddrum is driven by a legacy of innovation and an unyielding devotion to serving the daily needs of the modern drummer.
It comes with 100 usable sounds. Has single-zone drum pads for ultimate ease-of-use. Its compatibility with headphones offering a special experience. Built for easy assembly.
The high hat sound might be low and overshadowed.
Five items
Rubber pads
100 drum kit sounds
32 kits
13 x 22 x 46 inches

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What is the Best Electric Drum Set?

Now that we’ve shown you what key features to look out for, let's jump to our review of the five best electric drum sets on the market.
Our Top Choice
The Roland V-Drums Portable Electric Drum Set comes with an innovative design that allows you to fold and go, making transportation a breeze. If you are looking for a pro series drum kit that has advanced sensing technology with an overhead microphone simulation and is designed with a professional V-edit mode, then check out Roland Pro Series Electric Drum Set.

Roland Portable V-Drums Electric Drum Set with Drum Stick Sampler — Available in 7 Styles

If you’re looking for a variety of products for your musical adventures, then check out Ronald Corporation musical instruments. With a wide collection of keyboards, guitar products, digital recording equipment and audio processing devices, the choice of alternatives could spoil you for choice. The Ronald Corporation company has been in the music business for over four decades, setting the trend in music tech the world over. When it comes to high-tech modern music, they’ll always have something cool!

The fold-and-go design of this set makes it an ideal option for musicians who are always on the road. From small venues to living rooms, apartments to recording studios, you can use it virtually anywhere, and the mobility never compromises its performance. What’s more, other features that the set comes with makes this one exceptional electric drum set.

Here are some of its other top features:
  • The tom pads and snare surfaces are rubber-cushioned to give you a natural feel every time you play it.
  • Record-and-play functions give you a musical edge, keeping you in the ultimate control of your drum kit.
  • The whole set is easy to fold and carry around, giving you unparalleled stow-away and mobility convenience.
  • A wide collection of such features like toms, crash and ride cymbals, hi-hat, kick and snare, among others, give you easy-to-play equipment with high sound quality.
  • If you’re still practicing, improve your skills faster with the built-in quick-record and coaching functions.
Best Value
A rhythm gate in the Yamaha DTX-400 Electric Drum Set Series will help you confirm if your timing is accurate. If you do not strike the pad in time, not sound will be produced. If you are looking for a drum set with 691 high quality drum sounds and you’re willing to spend a few more bucks, then check out Yamaha DTX532K Electric Drum Set.

Yamaha DTX-400 Series Customizable Electric Drum Set— Available in Deluxe Bundle or Drum Throne Bundle

At Yamaha, products and services are a top priority, and that’s why customer satisfaction and expectations are important to them. Yamaha has drastically expanded globally because of this customer-focused attitude, as well as its unsurpassed premium craftsmanship, design, technology, and acoustics. It’s no surprise that their products and services come highly recommended by various worldwide institutions, professionals and business people.

If you are having a hard time with timing, the groove check feature on this Yamaha DTX-400 Electric Drum Set Series can help you find your musical groove. By watching the number button lights, you can easily see if your hits come in early or late, so you can adjust your hits and learn along the way. Moreover, the kit comes with a variety of other impressive features as well.

Here are some of the features we are talking about:
  • A rhythm gate will help you notice if your timing is perfect as it won’t produce any sound in the event that you do miss striking the pad at the right time.
  • The kit also comes with a wide range of features, from a 3-zone snare pad to a pair of drumsticks, as well as Tascam studio-grade headphones that produce unprecedented sound quality.
  • It comes with a Double Braced Drum Throne that dramatically reduces accidental slippage thanks to its expanded clamp.
  • A measure break function is essential for training as it inserts a break into the click track for several measures. By inserting a break into the measures where you play a fill-in, deviations in your timing can be noted once the click returns.
  • You can also take advantage of its ten editable kits for unique ‘legendary drum kit’ sound quality. Choose among Yamaha maple custom, Yamaha oak custom, session, hard rock, jazz, vintage, funk, R&B, as well as percussion and marching.
The deluxe bundle is a masterpiece, but you can also go for the drum throne bundle configuration if this one is not the real deal for you.
The Alesis Nitro Kit Eight-Piece Electric Drum Set comes with comfortable pads that feel great and respond naturally. If you are looking for an electric drum set designed with a DM6 drum module, amplifier, headphones and everything you will need to get your jamming started, check out the Alesis DM6 USB Electric Drum Set.

Alesis Nitro Eight-Piece Kit Electric Drum Set with 8” Toms, 10” Cymbals and 8” Snare

With a passion for music and a drive that matches no other, the Alesis company has endured the test of time and has proven that it’s here to stay. They are committed to the development of the musical experience, and believe in enhancing the musical creativity of its customers, suppliers, and partners, as well as the music community. In the music and professional audio technology world, Alesis is a leader in state-of-the-art music capabilities, making the brand stand out among its competitors.

If you’re looking for a drum kit that is flexible and easy set-up, you’ll appreciate the memory lock and height adjustment options on this model. The great thing is, there’s lots of other useful features included that’s sure to wow your inner musical genius.

These are some of the other qualities to look out for:
  • A nitro module features 40 preset classic and modern kits for unsurpassed sound quality.
  • A total of 60 built-in play tracks gives you up to 385 custom sounds for perfecting your musical skills.
  • Stability and flexibility is guaranteed with its 4-post aluminum mounting rack.
  • The kit comes with dynamic drum and cymbal pads for a practice edge and realistic drumming experience.
  • It also comes fully equipped with drum sticks, a kick pedal, and all you’ll need to jam right away.
The Pyle Digital Electronic Drum Set Machine comes with everything necessary for digital drumming, providing you with a fully-loaded drumming kit If you prefer a table electronic drum set designed with seven drum pads that are touch sensitive, then check out the Pyle Pro Table Digital Electronic Drum Set.

Pyle Digital Electronic Drum Set Machine with 5 Pads & 2 Kick Pedals – Also Available with 2 Crash Cymbals

Pyle has been in the music industry for decades, and musicians from around the globe trust its wide variety of excellent musical products. Factor in their impressive customer service, and you have a company that surpasses others, offering everything a music enthusiast needs to hone their skills.

The Pyle Digital Electronic Drum Set Machine is one of the leading options on the market. As it is compatible with many types of headphones, it gives you an edge so you can further enjoy your drumming experience. The best part is, there’s lots more features that this kit has to offer, making it nearly impossible to decide which one will be your new favorite!

These are just some of the features you need to keep an eye on:
  • A natural response drumhead with 128 level force velocities and preloaded drum sounds give you an advantage that’s rarely found in other drum kits.
  • The assembly is super easy and in only a few short minutes you’ll be ready to enjoy your equipment.
  • A record and playback function gives you the opportunity to revisit your drum sessions, learn from your mistakes and drum like a pro.
  • With a fully customizable layout that includes height adjustment, you can set your kit to the perfect level for your physical stature and maintain an ideal posture.
The PED021M model of these drums comes with 5 pads, 2 kick pedals and 2 crash cymbals. If you’d like to save a few bucks, you could also go for the PED041 model which doesn’t come with the cymbals.
The Ddrum Beta Electronic Drum Set comes with 100 usable sounds for a beginner drummer, providing vast sound possibilities to get started with drumming. If you are looking for a drum set kit that can be used as both acoustic or electric, check out the Ddrum Compact Hybrid Electronic Drum Set.

Ddrum Beta 5 Piece Electronic Drum Set

From offering a wide array of products to providing unsurpassed customer service, the Ddrum company is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Not only does Ddrum cater to seasoned drummers and professional musicians, it also takes care of beginners who are just starting out. Furthermore, this company is clearly committed to their customers, ensuring every single one of their products has top-quality sound and easy portability.

The Ddrum Beta Electronic Drum Set comes with a streamlined module that features up to 100 usable sounds, and covers all the basics for a novice drummer. When you’re learning how to drum, there’s just no better way to get started than with this Ddrum kit. And, if that wasn’t good enough, this electronic drum set also has plenty of other impressive features.

These are some of the best qualities to consider:
  • A dynamic single-zone cymbal features a choke function for added advantage and control of your drum kit.
  • This kit is both easy to use and simple to assemble, an ideal combination when you’re looking to learn how to drum without the constant frustration of having a complicated instrument.
  • Even if you’re just starting out as a beginner or have a rudimentary understanding, you’ll be equipped with responsive and single-zone drum pads so you can get the best out of every performance.
  • Since the kit is also compatible with headphones, you’ll be able to use this set and its wide variety of features to become the mega-superstar drummer that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Drum Set?

If you’re a hardcore music aficionado, you’d undoubtedly go to great lengths to get in on the action, be it singing in the shower, going to a karaoke bar, or learning how to play a musical instrument. When you’re driving around in your minivan with your favorite song cranked up to the max, you can feel that powerful boom-boom-boom of the drumming beat, and for die-hard drum lovers, that’s the sweetest sound in the world. Although learning how to play an instrument isn’t as easy as riding a bike, it’ll be an epic adventure, and certainly one you’ll never forget.

So, where does this adventure begin? The first step is to understand what electric drum set you’ll need for the ultimate drumming experience. Each drum set comes with a wide range of impressive features like quick-record, beginner coaching, and preset drum sounds. Not only will these options make drumming a whole lot easier, they’ll also make it wicked fun!

Whether you want to take the shiny path to stardom and become a pro or simply wow your poker buddies while they’re over raiding your fridge, there’s an electric drum set out there that will make you want to hit those drums all night long. To avoid any middle-of-the-night altercations with that muscled policeman who lives next door, you can eliminate disturbingly loud drumming sounds by using headphones. The last thing you want is someone grabbing those glorious drumming sticks and breaking them!

If you have an iPhone or smartphone, you can use the app connectivity function on the electric drum set to play tutorials. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate apps, you can swipe through tons of lessons designed to help you learn how to drum all that much faster. These helpful learning tools will make your epic adventure totally rock, leading you through the beginner stages when extra coaching might be needed. Go for a drum set that supports the latest technology to help you find your creative drumming groove.

One essential feature you may not be able to do without is the record function which helps to store your music sessions. Nowadays, electric drum sets come with everything you’ll need to start playing music. But, with the added technology, you can plug in your microphone directly into the set and record vocals as well. Suddenly, you don’t need anyone for your band because YOU are the band!

Thanks to this in-depth review of the best drum sets on the market, deciding which kit to buy will be so much easier. But, before that happens, you’ll want to check out some of these other totally rad features.
After reviewing so many cool looking electric drums, you’ve undoubtedly cringed at some of the higher price tags. These instruments come at a relatively considerable price, with a quality one going for any amount between $250 and $700. As with most products, there are some premium sets that go over and above that range which include some pretty impressive bells and whistles.

The price of any drum out there is determined by several factors. If you love the renowned electric drum brands, you can expect to spend a bit more than you would on a lesser known brand. Unsurprisingly, this is also the case when it comes to a whole drum kit, and the number of items it comes with goes a long way in determining the price as well. What’s more, the features in your set can mean all the difference when it comes to price. Connectivity, audio output, and external apps will always make your set a go-to option, but it will hike up the price too.

In the drumming world, you’ll also come across a number of cheap electric drum sets. Well, these are better left alone. In most cases, they lack essential features like real pads, stability, and diversity, and could end up being a total waste of your money.
Every drum set is defined by its features. Even though many features are common across the board, it is these special additions that will determine its efficiency.

The next time you are out shopping for a set, these things are among the essentials you need to have your eyes on:
  • The Set – Drum sets can be versatile, and this means coming with a number of items. Normally, a good set will feature anywhere from five to nine items, and sometimes more in high-budget kits, to cater to drummer preferences. Enhance your drumming experience by selecting a set that has exactly what you’re wanting to play.
  • Pad Type – Built to ensure a natural feel while performing, most drum pads feature a rubber design, mesh-head, and a closed cell-foam or steel coating. It often comes down to the type of drum you want or the brand you prefer, but it pays to have a good, solid, reliable pad for drumming.
  • Drum Sounds – What exactly do you want to do with your drum set? Well, the number of usable drum kit sounds may point you towards the right set. Once you decide what you’ll need your kit to do, you’ll be able to choose which one for the most drum fun.
  • Preset Kits – Just like any other musical instrument out there, drum sets come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and colors. From super portable to not-so-portable, you will always find something to match your preference. It all depends on how much time you spend informing yourself to make the best choice.
Construction and Design
When you ogle these fine-looking creations, you’ll be amazed at how much goes into craftsmanship. From the bottom up, it’s no question that they’re built to withstand a music-crazed drummer’s flailing sticks and deliver one heck of a solid performance.

Cymbal: If there’s one thing that electric drum sets are known for, it’s the loud volume and the crashing cymbals. But, as a drummer, you need to hear those cymbals to make sure it sounds perfect. If the drum set designers cheaped-out on the cymbal design to save some space, you’d definitely notice it.

Connectivity: In order of feature importance, sound comes after volume. Most drum sets out there come with ports for connecting it to your computer. This can be handy, especially when you want to do the recording in the studio. It might not sound as a must have, but believe us, it goes a long way.

The pad: The pad’s design determines the volume it produces, and most of them are designed to deliver nothing short of perfection. They come in a wide range of diversity, from the quietest (the mesh-headed and closed-cell foam) to the other louder ones. If you get a pad with inner dampening, acoustic head, or steel hoops, then you’ll get some seriously loud music, hitting up to 85 decibels. At this sound level, you may have a few neighbors knocking on your door!

The audio output: This is essential when it comes to recording or performing in large venues. And, more often than not, the need for multiple outputs, which typically ranges from two to ten, can determine which the electric drum kit you choose. You can always check the drum’s module to figure out which set would work best.

External apps: The latest trend in the world of electric drums is external apps, and it has been transforming the industry. Most entry-level modules come with pre-installed training tutorials, but you can also download e-drum specific apps onto mobile devices to help you with your drumming.
Performance and Ease of Use
An electric drum set that doesn’t perform to a drummer’s expectations is nothing more than a waste of money. This is why designers ensure that these instruments are built to give you exactly what you want as a musician. So, if you know what kind of kit you’re looking for, and choose accordingly, you’ll end up with a set that won’t disappoint.

Unlimited sound on tap: Regardless of what musical setting you’ll be playing, e-drums should offer a wide range of sounds to match the different music genres. This helps drummers that work in diverse musical styles to select appropriate sounds without having to depend on their microphone.

Studio versatility: Recording your performance can be super easy by capturing it as MIDI data. This allows you to mix and edit your drum performance, which is easier than cutting audio tracks. With MIDI, your drum set has what it takes, and all you have to do is plug your mixing board directly to your set. This way, achieving the ideal drum sound is quick and easy, and you don’t need your microphone.

Portability and compactness: Carrying your drum set around can be a total pain in the neck. But, if you get a compact set, it’ll be all that much easier to pack for a gig, concert or Bat Mitzvah. Luckily, e-drum sets fold easily into their cases or soft travel bags, taking up less room in your band van, rehearsal space or a crowded stage.

What you get from practice and learning: As they come with a built-in preset pattern, e-drums are the go-to kit for novice drummers. When you use these practice aides, they help you build muscle memory as well as the coordination needed to become a pro. Some sets have metronome functions and learning tools for developing timing and maintaining a beat. Once you learn the basics and get the rhythm, you can enjoy playing along with your favorite songs or artists.

Get the Best Electric Drum Set of 2023!

After going through our review, we think you’ll be able to find exactly what you’ve been looking for. If not, don’t worry as you can always check out our other recommended brands for more great options. Once you see some other highly-rated electric drum set alternatives, you’ll be ready to unleash your inner music maniac. With one of these sets, you’ll gain the confidence of a pro and rock the stage!

Our Top Choice
Roland V-Drums Electric Drum Set
Best Value
Yamaha DTX-400 Electric Drum Set Series
Alesis Nitro Kit Eight-Piece Electric Drum Set
Pyle Digital Electronic Drum Set Machine
Ddrum Beta Electronic Drum Set