Best Electric Dryer Reviews 2022

Before you actually commit your budget to a product, you should at least know the basics and how to know what you’re getting. The best dryer will have multiple pre-programmed cycles, anything between three and eleven, and it will have at least one feature that reduces its energy consumption. Of course, there are other advanced features that are increasingly becoming standard, but these are just bells and whistles. The important thing is that it’s dependable and long-lived, making your investment worthwhile.
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Dryer Size
Our Top Choice
Samsung Stackable Electric Dryer with Steam Cycle
If you’re looking for a device with reliability and innovation (an unlikely combo), then you’re looking for a Samsung. It may cost a pretty penny, but you’ll know where exactly your money went.
Reduces wrinkles. More cycles and options than most other products. Stainless steel drum. Energy efficient. Low maintenance costs, average running costs.
Pricy. Must be vented.
7.3 cu. ft.
Energy Star Certified
Smartphone control, Drying Rack
Best Value
GE® Electric Dryer 7.2 Cu. Ft.
Nothing beats that good ole American design when you want a dependable and affordable product, and in this respect, buying a dryer is no different.
Auto Dry. Up to 120 feet of venting capability. Decent capacity. Affordable average cost. Almost eliminates the need for ironing. Fully automatized.
Doesn’t have a transparent door panel. Not a whole lot of reviews online.
7.2 cu. ft.
Aluminum drum-less consumption
Auto-dry, long vent capability
Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer
You’d might think that a company that has Electro in its title knows a thing or two about electric appliances, and you’d be right. Electrolux makes some of the most efficient electric dryers on the market.
Energy Star certified, highly energy efficient. Enormous capacity. Fast, smooth and quiet operation. Reversible door. Easy enough installation. Fair price.
Large footprint. Customer support could be better.
8 cu. ft.
LG Electric Dryer with Steam Cycle
From home theaters to mobile devices, and from vehicle components to home appliances, LG does it all. Whatever you need in these departments, chances are LG makes it, and makes it well.
Steam Dry. 14 Drying Cycles. 12 Temperature Options. Decent capacity. Moisture sensor helps the machine know when the laundry is dry. Sanitize Cycle. Low running costs.
No dryer rack. Must be vented. Pricy.
7.4 cu. ft.
Energy Star Certified
Sensor Dry / True Steam
Speedqueen Electric Dryer 7.0 cu. ft.
If we’re talking tough and dependable, we’re talking Speedqueen. The brand truly lives up to its name as royalty in the world of home appliances.
Tough and long-lived. 3-year warranty on mechanical parts and labor, 5-year warranty on electronics and labor. Affordable. Best customer support. Quiet operation.
Capacity could be bigger. Pretty basic configuration. The door is not transparent.
7 cu. ft.
Energy-efficient Eco Cycle
Galvanized steel cylinder

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What is the Best Electric Dryer?

On a balance, finding the ideal dryer doesn’t seem frustrating as long as you know what to look for, but the road to getting there is long and windy, and it is a rare salesman that will help you along. In this sense, we hope that this list did help you in this regard, or at the very least gave you a solid basis for your own research.
Our Top Choice
The Samsung DV455EVGSWR is everything you might ever want in an electric dryer without even knowing you needed it, albeit at somewhat prohibitive a price. If you would like something more affordable, try the Samsung DV484ETHAWR. It has the same capacity and most of the features of the DV455EVGSWR, but it’s a more affordable option.

Samsung DV455EVGSWR 7.3 Cu. Ft. White Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer

Chances are reasonably high that you've used at least one Samsung product in your lifetime. From TVs and cellphones to washers and dryers, Samsung provides dependable products, without much in the way of bells and whistles, but are loaded with practical features. More importantly, Samsung products are highly dependable, and their maintenance costs – with some exceptions - are fairly low.

When it comes to electric dryers, the DV455EVGSWR is a true powerhouse. It has two more drying cycles than the average dryer, and four more temperature options. There are also some convenience features, such as the Steam Dry Technology, which greatly reduces wrinkles and nearly eliminates the need for ironing. It’s built to be the best at its task. Naturally, it has a price to match, but rest assured you’ll know where each and every penny went.

Here’s a list of some of the main features.
  • 7.3 cubic feet of capacity come handy
  • 13 drying cycles, with 9 temperature options
  • Steam Dry technology for reduced wrinkles
  • Smartphone control
  • Comes with a drying rack
  • Comes with 1-year warranty on all parts and labor, and 2-year warranty on control board and parts
  • Weighs 137 pounds
The DV455EVGSWR is merely one member of an impressive line of electric dryers, with prices ranging from expensive to low-end budget. Samsung’s wide range of options gives you one heck of a decision to make, with the DV455EVGSWR comes somewhere in the middle, both in terms of cost and features. Additionally, there are two colors to choose from, White and Titanium, so feel free to take your pick.
Best Value
If you want your clothes to come out feeling and looking great and ready to wear, definitely try the GE GTD4EASJWW on for size. If, however, you feel you can’t go without a transparent door, you could always take the GE GTD65EBSJWS. It’s slightly pricier, but well worth the try.

GE GTD4EASJWW 27" Front Load Electric Dryer with 7.2 cu. ft. Capacity, 4 Dry Cycles and Heat Selections, Wrinkle Care and Auto Dry Options and End-of-Cycle Signal in White

As noted earlier, there’s nothing better than the traditional American design when you need a dependable, long-lived, low-maintenance and - perhaps most importantly - affordable product. Finding a low-maintenance machine that won’t cost you an arm and a leg can be a hit or miss situation, but General Electric has great customer support, and even if you get a botched shipment, they’ll sort it out in no time.

Let’s get to know the star of the evening – the GE GTD4EASJWW Dryer! As you might’ve guessed from the name, the capacity of this puppy is pretty much average, so there’s no need for GE to make up for it, but they still do. The dryer has 4 drying cycles and 4 temperature options. This is not too impressive, but coupled with the dryer’s price tag, it all comes as a nice bang for your buck. Additionally, just like every fine wine needs a matching cracker, the GE GTD4EASJWW goes best paired with the GTW460ASJWW washing machine.

Down here you have a list of some of the main features.
  • Aluminized alloy drum helps to reduce power consumption
  • Features Auto Dry Tech for optimal drying time
  • Has up to 120 feet of venting capability
  • Wrinkle Care extended tumble almost eliminates the need for ironing
  • End-of-cycle signal alerts you when the laundry’s done
The GE GTD4EASJWW is part of an extended family of electric dryers from General Electric. The line has a little bit of something for everyone’s budget and nothing is so expensive that it will break the bank. If you happen to not be satisfied with the GE GTD4EASJWW for whatever reason, there’s plenty of other options to choose from at GE.
If you want an electric dryer with lots of cool features that allow you to press a button and stop thinking about your laundry, then the Electrolux EIMED60LTIQ-Touch may be just the product for you. Better yet, the dryer has an impressive capacity, so you won’t have to do multiple batches. Its gas counterpart, the Electrolux EIMGD55IIW, gives you pretty much the same features.

Electrolux EIMED60LTIQ-Touch 8.0 Cu. Ft. Titanium Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer (IQ-Touch™, Perfect Steam™, Titanium Color)

Ever since its inception way back in 1919, Electrolux has consistently been among the best appliance manufacturers, consistently ranking second to none in the number of products sold for the past few decades. In other words, Electrolux, has become a common household name and chances are you yourself have owned or now own something of theirs.

Whether you are a satisfied Electrolux customer or soon to be convert, why don’t you consider acquiring an Electrolux product, such as the EIMED60LTIQ-Touch electric dryer? The first thing you’ll notice is probably the enhanced capacity of the dryer. While most competitors’ dryers stop at around 7.2 to 7.4 cubic feet, the EIMED60LTIQ-Touch has a beastly 8.0 cubic feet of capacity. Understandably, this also means an increased footprint, but the dryer should still fit in most homes and apartments.

Here’s a short list of some of the main features.
  • Impressive 8.0 Cu. Ft. capacity allows for more efficient use of your time
  • Dries in about 15 minutes
  • IQ-TouchTM controls display is very user-friendly
  • Specialty Cycles for a wide range of different specialty fabrics
  • Reversible door
  • Highly customizable thanks to the “My Favorite” setting
If you haven’t owned an Electrolux product, you’ve missed out on some great opportunities to save some money on your electrical bills. The Electrolux EIMED60LTIQ-Touch Electric Dryer is highly efficient, just as energy frugal as you are.

Don’t like what you see? Don’t worry, the EIMED60LTIQ-Touch is merely a part of a whole line of great dryers, and you can take your time picking out the perfect one.
The only thing the LG DLEX4270W SteamDryer can’t do is fly, but with enough upgrades, it should be capable of that as well. Jokes aside, though, the DLEX4270W is a true powerhouse in the world of electric dryers. If, however, you find the price to be too prohibitive, you might want to try the LG DLE3170W, with similar features, but somewhat cheaper.

LG DLEX4270W SteamDryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. White Stackable With Steam Cycle Electric Dryer (14-Cycle, 12 Options, SteamSanitary)

LG, probably more so than the rest of our list, is a common household name, as it offers a staggeringly wide range of products for various niches. Whether you need a cell phone or vehicle components, home theater or home appliances, LG is bound to have it, and with all the bells and whistles you might want.

LG DLEX4270W SteamDryer is a great example of the company’s versatility. This dryer takes everything that’s great about the concept behind dryers, and kicks it up a notch, so everything from drum capacity to number of cycles and temperature options is enhanced. Everything, that is, except the power consumption - which is actually reduced, so the dryer should, theoretically, pay for itself in a year or so.

Here follows a brief list of some of the main features of this machine.
  • TrueSteam® Technology removes allergens from your laundry
  • SteamFresh™ Cycle almost completely eliminates the need for ironing
  • Energy Star certified - highly energy efficient
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Durable stainless steel drum
The LG DLEX4270W is the perfect dryer for folks who like plug-n-play devices, meaning it simply requires you to put your laundry inside and press a button or two - and that’s it. The dryer even reduces the need to iron the dry clothes to an almost negligible amount, so you can put your favorite t-shirt on fresh out of the drum if you so choose. Someone’s still going to have to sort out all the socks, but soon enough we should have an LG appliance that’ll do that, as well.
If you want a dependable dryer that will give you many years of service and won’t confuse you with dozens of options to choose from, then the Speed Queen ADEE8RGS is just the thing for you. Another model by Speedqueen that might be worthy of your attention is the ADE3SRGS173TW01, a crucial difference being that this one doesn’t have the sensor function.

Speed Queen ADEE8RGS 26" Electric Dryer with 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity, 6 Dry Cycles, 3 Temperature Settings, in White

Speedqueen is one of those brands that pick a niche and then excel in it. When it comes to home and commercial appliances such as washers and dryers, Speedqueen is an expert. Equally important as the quality of their products is the quality of their customer support, which is unparalleled.

We introduce the ADEE8RGS electric dryer, firstly directing your attention to its exceptional efficiency in energy consumption. With the help of Speedqueen’s patented Eco-Cycle, which makes use of an advanced heating algorithm, the dryer dries your clothes to an optimal level while conserving energy. This means that, theoretically, the machine is able to pay for itself before the warranty on its mechanical parts expires.

Here’s a list of the chief features.
  • Exceptionally energy-efficient Eco-Cycle helps reduce power bills
  • End of Cycle indicator notifies you when the laundry is done
  • Time Remaining Display helps you keep track of its progress
  • Reversible door
  • Interior light helps you see clearly inside
  • Durable commercial-grade steel cabinet guarantees long life
  • Up-front lint filter makes cleaning fast and easy
In case the ADEE8RGS doesn’t have the exact combination of specs and features you were hoping to find in an electric dryer, Speedqueen has an impressive line of dryers - along with a matching line of washers, if you wish to make a set. Whichever way you go about it, you won’t make a mistake if you get one of their products.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Dryer?

In this day and age, every basic chore has an appropriate device for it, so that humans can save their time to do more pleasurable activities instead of being forced to clean the dishes all the time or wash their clothes themselves. Here at TopProducts, we take our research processes quite seriously, and since we recently received the task to make a top 5 list of the best electric dryers, we jumped straight into it hoping to give our customers an interesting bundle of articles where they can find their new dryer! We're like a dating site in many ways.

Anyway, electric dryers are washing machine counterparts as they provide the service for the second part of washing - that is, the drying. Therefore, many characteristics of these dryers you can just copy right from your property’s roster of your washing machine. Values such as capacity and drying cycle length should optimally match that of your washing machine so that you can pair them up as a high-performance clothes-treating duo! This isn’t really that important though, it's just an interesting suggestion on our part.

What is quite important though, when buying yourself one of these dryers, is to check your model's energy efficiency value. This number (or rather a letter) will determine how much electricity your dryer will consume, which can affect your electricity bill in the future. For example, an Energy Star-marked model would be the best possible option if paying astronomical bills is your number one concern. The dryers with this kind of designation are specifically made to use as little electricity as they can in their drying process, while still delivering some impressive results every time. This doesn't have to mean, of course, that other models aren't as efficient when it comes to doing their job properly; it's just that they'll end up using more energy while doing so.

Another important feature of these devices would definitely be the number of programs they come with. More often than not, modern-day dryers are made to have a couple of drying programs which can be set to match the different levels of dampness or some other factors relevant to the state of your clothes. Using the right program for certain kinds of clothes can not only save time, but can also save you a bit of money, as some of these software variations are made to use less electricity for clothes which dry up sooner than the others.

Also, since modern technology enables the manufacturers to play around with various humidity sensors and timers, these programs have gotten more advanced! For example, one of these programs makes it possible to have your clothes so straightened and well-dried up, that you don't even need to iron them afterward, which is great news for anyone who can't be bothered with yet another step in the menacing chore that is called 'caring for your clothes'.

Other than that, end-of-cycle indicators and auto shut-off features can also represent nifty additions to the overall dryer configuration, and can certainly make your life a bit easier on a day-to-day basis. Read on and find out more!
Electric dryers have never really been cheap, but if you look at how much time and effort they can save you in the long run, you'll see that owning one pays off! If you've already got a washing machine, a dryer can make a tough combo of home appliances that can make your clothes-related chores effortless and even fun at times.

Energy-wise, the thing to look out for would be the Energy Star mark, which means that your contraption of choice will be energy-efficient and won't spend massive amounts of electricity every time you want to dry up your socks. Other factors affecting the price would include the number of cycles, the presence of automatic shut-off features, and so on. All in all, more prestigious brands tend to be more expensive than the models coming from lesser-known manufacturers, but they'll definitely be worth their salt in the long run. So if you've got the money, we would advise you to go for a more expensive model!
Electrical dryers are utensils that come with a bunch of hard-to-pronounce features that can make your life easier, and the washing process something to look forward to in the future! If you've been planning on getting yourself one of these contraptions, check out the list below so that you can understand the most important factors in a better way.

The list of features to look out for when buying yourself a new electrical dryer:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Type of Door
  • Time Remaining Display
  • Material for the Cabinet
  • Interior Light
  • End of Cycle Indicator
  • Capacity
  • Drying Time
  • Warranty
All things considered, getting yourself a product with a warranty is always a better option than having one without it, so do try to find one that comes with it!
Construction and Design
Visually, electrical dryers look pretty much like sized-down washing machines. They've got that big rounded thing in the middle, and they’re rectangular so that you can place a bunch of objects on top of it, should a desperate need for it arise! Other than that, design-wise, these contraptions are up there with the best of them. No fridge, washing machine, nor indeed lawn mower can claim to be better-looking than your average dryer.

Of course, some manufacturers may have done a more thorough job of beautifying their dryers, but at the end of the day - all dryers are beautiful and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise! One other thing, the main point of difference between these contraptions seems to be whether they're top loading or front loading, so make sure to pick the right kind for you before you make a purchase!
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to actually using one of these dryers, the thing to keep in mind is that they can be quite complex thanks to the extensive technological advances that have been incorporated in their design in the recent years. That being said, once you get a hold of it, the whole process will seem like a piece of cake, so you needn't really worry about it presenting too much of a bother to you.

As for their performance, the deal is straightforward- you chuck in the clothes you want dried up and you get them back all ready for ironing! Some models even make your clothes straight so you don't need to iron them afterward, which is great if you think about it. All in all, we'd like to encourage you to buy the model that suits your interests the best and that can serve you for years to come. Best of luck!

Get the Best Electric Dryer of 2022!

Electric dryers are, after computers and instant noodles, one of the most important inventions of the modern age, and unfortunately, it has to be said that many people nowadays are living without one in their lives! If you'd like to enrich your home arsenal of contraptions dedicated to cleanliness, read through our top 5 reviews and find the model you like the best!

Our Top Choice
Samsung Stackable Electric Dryer with Steam Cycle
Best Value
GE® Electric Dryer 7.2 Cu. Ft.
Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer
LG Electric Dryer with Steam Cycle
Speedqueen Electric Dryer 7.0 cu. ft.