Best Electric Guitar Reviews 2022

An electric guitar is probably one of the most suitable instruments for many aspiring musicians who want to put their talents to good use. Electric guitars play a strong part in rock and roll, electric blues, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk, and many other music genres. Luckily, the market is filled with numerous electric guitars that come with various bells and whistles. For this review, we’ve selected five exquisite guitars that come in a mixture of prices and are made by reputable brands. Take a look at our picks and imagine yourself playing one of those great electric guitars!
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Body Info
Size / Weight
Our Top Choice
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Bundle
Epiphone is one of the most famous guitar manufacturers in the world, founded back in 1873.
Comes with many accessories. Available in multiple colors and configurations. Current Bestseller. Includes free downloadable guitar lessons.
Isolated complaints regarding the build quality of the amplifier.
Solid wood
Mahogany neck, rosewood fret
3 finishes available
41 x 18.9 x 5.9 inches, 22.1 lbs
Includes accessories kit
Best Value
Squier by Fender Telecaster Affinity Series
Squier is a subdivision of Fender, specialized in electric guitars. It creates hundreds of guitars suitable for beginner and veteran players.
Available in numerous colors. Easy to play. Maple fingerboard. Master volume and tone controls. Designed to replicate the sounds of classic Telecasters.
Color might differ slightly from what you see in the pictures, but this is rare.
Solid wood
Rosewood neck, maple fret
10 finishes available
44.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches, 9.9 lbs
No accessories
Gibson USA Flying V 2017 T Electric Guitar
Gibson is a leading manufacturer of guitars, crafting masterpieces used by international artists such as Les Paul and Eric Clapton.
Available in numerous colors and styles. Superb, aggressive, and much-appreciated design. Control 2 volumes and 1 master tone. Chromed aluminum insertions.
Might be a bit too expensive for some, but this is a high-quality product which is worth the money.
Solid mahogany
Solid mahogany neck
Multiple finishes & styles
50 x 5 x 18 inches, 10 lbs
Hard shell case, multitool & more
Schecter C-1 SGR Electric Standard Beginner Guitar
Schecter specializes in acoustic and electric guitars, and its products are well-received by the public.
Comes with gig bag. Good value for money. Great build quality. Arched top for enhanced comfort. Excellent for beginners as well as veterans.
Some guitars arrived damaged, but they were replaced by the manufacturer.
Solid wood
Maple neck, rosewood fretboard
3 finishes available
46 x 19 x 6 inches / 12 lbs
Available w/ accessories/amp kit
Davison Guitars G235 Full Size Electric Guitar with Accessories Bundle
Davison Guitars makes good guitars at reasonable prices, and most of its products come with accessories such as bags and amps.
Reasonably-priced electric guitar. Eye-catching design. Sturdy construction from high-quality woods. Headphone jack. Many accessories.
Several reports of poor build quality.
Maple neck, rosewood fretboard
5 finishes available
46 x 18.2 x 5.9 inches / 17.5 lbs
Includes full accessories kit

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What is the Best Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar is the dream of almost every aspiring musician, whether we are talking here about novice teenagers or experienced veterans. It all starts with a good guitar and the following five will help you sharpen your musical skills while having tons of fun in the process!
Our Top Choice
The Les Paul Electric Special II Electric Guitar Player Package from Epiphone might be the perfect guitar choice for you as a beginner guitarist. It comes with an exquisite electric guitar plus accessories such as picks, an amplifier, and a gig bag. If you prefer an electric guitar specially designed to play rock music, check out the Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar which is available in both left and right hand options.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Player Package – Multiple Configurations and 3 Finish Options

You don’t have to be a professional musician to know that Epiphone is one of the biggest names in the guitar-making business. This manufacturer carefully crafts acoustic and electric guitars with utmost precision. It has a history of more than 100 years and a multitude of famous guitarists such as Les Paul have thrilled audiences with an Epiphone guitar. Now you get the chance to meet a classic—the exquisite Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar which comes with accessories as well.

Here are the highlights of this fantastic electric standard guitar:
  • In the package you will find a shoulder strap, a chromatic tuner, a gig bag, a 10-watt amplifier, picks, and of course, the Les Paul Special II vintage electric guitar.
  • You get the benefit of a lifetime warranty for this guitar as well as excellent 24/7 customer service in the case you need assistance.
  • The guitar produces an epic, exciting sound and it is suitable for playing a wide variety of music genres.
  • It features a sturdy construction, incorporating a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and humbucker configuration.
  • The guitar also features the signature of Les Paul himself, written on the headstock.
  • Take advantage of the free lessons provided by eMedia to accelerate your guitar-learning process!
But wait, there's more! This guitar is now available in 3 finish options: Ebony, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, or Vintage Sunburst. You can also buy just the guitar if you want to, and the manufacturer offers several game configurations for consoles such as PS3 and PS4 as well as Xbox360 and Xbox One.
Best Value
The Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar is available in numerous color options and delivers an authentic, original Fender sound which is much-appreciated by millions of people worldwide. This guitar is more appropriate for adults, but if you want something similar for your kid, check out the Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar which comes with a small-scale neck.

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Available in Multiple Configurations and Colors

Squier is a manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, under the close supervision of Fender, one of the largest guitar companies in the world. Squier crafts a wide variety of guitars designed for multiple music genres and musicians with different personal tastes and skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitar player, a model from Squier by Fender is going to boost your musical career.

Here are the main advantages of the Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar from Squier:
  • It’s available in multiple finish options such as Arctic White, Black, Competition Orange, and many others.
  • The "C"-shaped neck makes the guitar more comfortable and easier to play.
  • The Single-Coil pickups are capable of creating a unique tone which makes Fender guitars so special and appreciated.
  • Play with the master volume, tone control, and the three-way pickup selectors to create various sounds and tonal variations.
  • The Telecaster bridge is specially designed to improve tuning stability and it comes with 6 saddles which can be easily adjusted.
The Flying V T 2017 Electric Guitar from Gibson USA is available in numerous finish and style options and is ideal for playing multiple types of music genres. If your budget is not that flexible, check out the Gibson USA Les Paul Solid Body Electric Guitar which comes with a premium gig bag too.

Gibson USA Flying V T 2017 Electric Guitar – Multiple Styles, Colors, and Configurations Available

If you’re looking for a top-quality electric guitar and your budget isn’t exactly small, then you may want to seriously consider getting one from Gibson. This manufacturer is renowned worldwide for the exceptional guitars it makes and it uses only the best materials during the manufacturing process. Gibson has more than a hundred years of experience when it comes to making guitars, so your experience with a Gibson guitar will be an exciting one!

If you’re not yet familiar with such guitars, let's take a look at the popular Gibson USA Flying V T 2017 Electric Guitar which simply looks amazing! It is also available in many other color options if appearance is important to you. Here are its highlights:
  • It’s available in numerous configurations and styles such as Explorer, Firebird, Les Paul Classic, as well as Traditional, High-Performance, and more.
  • It comes with a Gibson hard-shell case, polishing tool, multitool, and a leather strap, so everywhere you go you can use your Flying V safely and comfortably.
  • Plays an upbeat and aggressive sound, but it is actually suitable for multiple styles of music thanks to its natural sustain tone.
  • It features a comfortable and lightweight design, and incorporates aluminum accents and a Mahogany neck.
  • You can control 2 volumes, 1 toggle switch, 1 master volume, and the "Dirty Fingers" humbuckers, creating virtually unlimited tonal variations.
This guitar is like a magnet, keeping you and your audience connected each time you perform! Its looks and the sound quality delivered make Flying Vs a popular choice among beginner and professional musicians.
The Schecter C-1 SGR Beginner Electric Guitar with Black Chrome Hardware and Pearloid Dots Frets features an impressive, visually-striking design and produces high-quality sound, and comes in other configurations. If your budget is larger, check out its big brother—the mighty Schecter OMEN-6 Electric Guitar which is available in 3 color options.

Schecter C-1 SGR Beginner Electric Guitar with Black Chrome Hardware and Pearloid Dots Frets – 3 Finish Options & 3 Set Options

Although maybe not as popular as Gibson or Fender, Schecter is a guitar brand that’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to the growing list of musicians who have chosen their guitars from it, such as Prince, Cheap Trick, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Temple Pilots, Motley Crüe, and Disturbed. In 2016 it celebrated its 40th birthday and at the moment of this writing, this manufacturer sells in more than 150 countries worldwide. It specializes in electric guitars and builds them with passion and attention to detail. Take for example the C-1 SGR model from Schecter, which is a popular electric guitar at a decent price.

Let's explore some of the features of this beautiful musical instrument:
  • This guitar comes with an adjustable bridge system. It features a solid-wood top, rosewood fingerboard, and maple neck.
  • You benefit of a warranty period of 2 years with this product.
  • An exquisite visual detail is represented by the black chrome hardware which is both elegant and durable.
  • The pickups of this guitar are built for sound versatility and are highly adaptable.
  • In the package you also get a padded gig bag. For an extra couple of bucks, you can have the guitar with many accessories.
This electric guitar is also available in three color options: Midnight Satin Black, Electric Blue, and Walnut Satin. Take your pick!
Get ready to start your music career with the Davison Guitars Full Size G235 Electric Guitar with Amplifier, Gig Bag, and Accessories! This instrument comes with everything you need to start playing immediately after you take it out of the box. You might also be interested in a bass electric guitar specially designed for beginners, and for that reason we encourage you to take a look at the Full Size Electric Bass Guitar which comes with a 30-watt amp!

Davison Guitars Full Size G235 Electric Guitar with Amplifier, Gig Bag, and Accessories – 5 Finish Options, Left Handed Available

Davison Guitars is a well-established guitar manufacturer which stands out from the crowd with the exceptional products it makes. This brand doesn’t only provide high-quality electric guitars, but it also offers a great customer support service which is useful particularly for novice musicians.

Let's take a closer look at the Full Size Black Electric Guitar from Davison Guitars and see what you get for your money:
  • The pack contains a G235 Jet Black electric guitar, an amplifier, picks, a shoulder strap, and a gig bag. The amp even comes with a headphone jack.
  • If you love to play rock, then you will love this guitar as it comes with a humbucker pickup.
  • The high-gloss black finish adds to the beauty and elegance of this musical instrument.
  • The construction of the guitar features a basswood body, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and chrome bridge system.
  • The amplifier also has an overdrive button which adds distortion to your tracks, allowing you to create totally new and innovative sounds.
We chose to feature the right-handed black model, but this one is also made for lefties. Or you can choose one of the many other great colors such as red, pink, blue, or vintage sunburst—but sorry, those colors are just in right-handed versions.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Guitar?

A guitar is one of the most versatile and exciting musical instruments currently available, whether we are talking about an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, or professional guitar. Although it might be a little bit tricky at first until you learn your first chords (and develop small calluses on the tips of your fingers), once you get the snowball rolling, you'll be unstoppable, playing all day and night and even thinking about impressing your girlfriend with your newly acquired skills!

An electric guitar is different from an acoustic one because it can be connected to an amplifier where the sound can receive further processing. Electric bass guitars usually have a longer neck and they produce lower notes than regular guitars, and professional electric guitars are those mainly used by experienced musicians and rock stars. If you are at the beginning of your musical career, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start with a basic electric guitar first, until you learn the ropes, then advance to more sophisticated models.

This guide is designed to help you learn the basics of electric guitars and find out more about their construction and design. Keep reading and you won't be sorry!
You've probably read on the internet that some advanced guitars can easily cost several thousand dollars and that is true. However, you don’t have to spend that much money at first and it would actually be unwise to do it. We've researched the market long enough and discovered that there are 3 basic price ranges for electric guitars which can be separated into budget-friendly, moderately-priced, and of course, higher-end guitars.

The full price spectrum is pretty easy to understand as you'll typically have to pay between $90 – $100 and up to $1,200 – $1,300 for a good electric guitar. The budget-friendly price range goes from around $90 up to $200, the moderate price range varies from approximately $200 to $300 or $400, and everything beyond that up to the $1,300 mark is considered high-end.

Be advised that we don’t want to include very cheap electric guitars into this equation. They are usually priced much lower than $90 and are usually made by wannabe manufacturers using poor-quality materials. Stay away from them and buy from a reputable brand with decades of experience in guitar manufacturing.
We've covered the price section, so let's go ahead and find out what makes a guitar one of the most appreciated and popular musical instruments on this planet.
  • Materials - Most guitars are made from different types of wood such as maple, basswood, rosewood (especially the fingerboard), and so on. The guitar might also have aluminum insertions or chromed hardware.
  • Controls - Electric guitars usually incorporate knobs for adjusting the master volume and the tone of the sound, giving you more acoustic freedom to play with.
  • Accessories - Especially if you go for guitars designed for beginners, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that many of them incorporate an amplifier, a chromatic tuner, maybe a gig bag, and even online guitar lessons!
  • Color/Design - This is another important aspect. Most electric guitars come in various colors, from black and white to vintage sunburst and walnut satin.
The actual shape of the guitar is also important, mostly for its aesthetic value. If you’re a beginner, the wisest thing to do would be to go for an electric guitar which comes jam-packed with accessories that will help you learn the ropes. When you start practicing often and learn the basics of playing a guitar, you'll eventually become more accustomed with its controls, how to use the distort function of the amplifier (if available), etc.
Construction and Design
In the construction and design of your electric guitar, there a few things we think you should consider. These are the materials it’s made from, what kind of shape it is, and what accessories it comes with. Let’s take a closer look below.
  • Materials - As mentioned earlier, most guitars are made from various types of woods which make them aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and durable. They also incorporate metallic elements at the bottom of the neck and have chromed hardware which give a visual advantage. If you are buying for a kid,
  • remember that electric guitars also come in smaller sizes.
  • Shape - A particularly attractive type of guitar is the Flying V you will usually find from prestigious manufacturers such as Gibson. This iconic shape is highly popular and actually makes playing easier. However, you will also do just fine with a guitar with a classic design, but we wanted to mention that you have several guitar shape options to choose from.
  • Accessories - Among the numerous things you can find in the accessory bag of an electric guitar, we would like to speak about the leather strap which allows you to easily play while standing. This strap can be taken off if necessary, but it is a good and durable addition to your gear. Don’t forget about the gig bag (or hard-shell case) which might accompany your guitar as it will help you transport your expensive instrument safely.
We are not going to get into the details regarding the guitar strings, neck, fretboard, humbuckers, and so on because you'll best learn about them by actually hearing the guitar or practicing by yourself. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask a professional musician for advice when making such an investment, to make sure you are on the right track to glory!
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the main advantages of most electric guitars is that they are capable of playing a broad range of musical genres, from rock and blues to pop and jazz. Feel free to experiment with an electric guitar to find your "calling" and develop your musical skills. Remember that today's electric guitars are also backed up by warranty periods, which is extremely useful, especially if you go for a higher-end one.

Get the Best Electric Guitar of 2022!

We hope you like our review and that you’ve already spotted your favorite among those five great guitars which are some of the best electric guitars money can make. Go ahead and pick one, write a song, and share it with us—we'd love to hear it! Or, if you want to keep looking, keep in mind that these top brands have more great options!

Our Top Choice
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Bundle
Best Value
Squier by Fender Telecaster Affinity Series
Gibson USA Flying V 2017 T Electric Guitar
Schecter C-1 SGR Electric Standard Beginner Guitar
Davison Guitars G235 Full Size Electric Guitar with Accessories Bundle