Best Electric Oven Reviews 2023

Here’s why we love ovens: after the stove, they are the number one go-to appliance when we need to make our favorite recipes for friends and family. Hardly anyone can point to a family dinner worth remembering without mentioning the oven somewhere in between. And that’s why we need to get the absolute best electric oven for our kitchens. Bearing in mind that there are tons of manufacturers out there, we know how crazy it can be to look out for the best, especially since these babies don’t come cheap. Today, we round up five of the best electric ovens we could find from the big names in the game. Feel free to check them out, and if our pick isn’t hot enough for your tastes, you’re always free to go with something else. Come along!
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Our Top Choice
Frigidaire 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range
There’s hardly a better way to get the powerful kitchen you have been longing for than through the Frigidaire brand with its wide range of professional-grade cooking appliances.
Large capacity to cook more at once. Oven racks come with handles for easy removal. Large oven window to check on dish. Expandable elements to fit any-sized pots or pans.
A bit high-end.
28 x 30 x 36 inches
200 pounds
Best Value
Avanti 24-inch Electric Range
For over 45 years, Avanti has maintained a frontline position in the consumer appliance industry, manufacturing a wide range of quality products made to suit every budget range.
Great for small apartments. Well-insulated. Comes with light for illumination. Thermostat for precise temperature control. Power indicator signals when heat elements are on/off.
Does not come with a cleaning cycle.
25 x 23.5 x 40.8 inches
220 volts
97 pounds
GE Profile 30-Inch Electric Oven
GE is one of the most exceptional companies when it comes to the manufacture of lighting and heating appliances. Its products demonstrate high quality and reliability.
Comes in an attractive design. Super easy to clean up. Oven heats up pretty quickly. Comes with two high-powered burners. Also comes as a double oven. With self-clean function.
It does not have a pigtail.
28.9 x 31.2 x 37.2 inches
240 volts
225 pounds
Stainless steel
Summit 24-inch Electric Range
Summit Professional brings luxury to the apartment-sized range of electric ovens. The brand offers durable, stainless-steel products in a refined style so your kitchen stands out.
Comes with a smooth ceramic cooktop. 4 burners for a cleaner, safer cooking. Lower storage compartment for cookware. Large oven window with interior light. Attractive exterior.
Best for smaller spaces.
24.5 x 24 x 47 inches
220 volts
135 pounds
White Enamel
Danby 20-inch Electric Range
With its wide range of creative and innovative products, Danby has truly revolutionized the industry of consumer appliances for over 65 years of being in business.
Comes with a lift-up porcelain cooktop. Cooktop also comes with four burners. Comes in a stylish design and attractive finish. With safety knobs and adjustable legs.
Basic stove. No frills.
20 x 43.5 x 25.3 inches
220/240 volts
116 pounds

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What is the Best Electric Oven?

You should now know what oven is best for your needs and your kitchen space thanks to our guide. It’s now time to go on to the reviews and pick out your favorite.
Our Top Choice
The Frigidaire 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range comes with all the spaciousness you need to cook much more at once. Plus, its large window means that you can check on your babies conveniently without opening the door! Need something with a different finish and at a more affordable price, with a large capacity too? Then check out the Frigidaire Slide-in Electric Range Stainless Steel.

Frigidaire 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range – With Self-clean and Expandable Elements, Available in Black or White

When it comes to giving your kitchen that super and powerful look that will make your friends green with envy, everyone knows that you can never go wrong with the Frigidaire brand. All its appliances are professional-grade which means that aside from the fact that they give super high performance, they also look absolutely great which gives your kitchen a totally spruced up look. Its customer care team is truly one to beat as this is one brand that believes in the supremacy of the customer. For about a century now, Frigidaire has remained in the business of keeping customers happy and it’s not about to back down anytime soon.

The Frigidaire 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range is a really expansive electric oven that caters to all your oven needs. Now you can do a lot at once! But there’s still much more to its offerings than space and we will proceed to give you a quick rundown:

First, it comes with extra-large elements and you know what that means—enough space to place your pots or pans of any size. So, you don’t have to get caged into using any particular pot or pan, or have to make different batches of food just cos the one pot which could have conveniently taken it all won’t fit into your oven. Those days are long gone.

The elements in this oven, apart from being extra large, are also expandable, so you can move them around to accommodate your pots of different heights. And then the oven racks come with handles, so when you’ve got to take something out of the stove, even while wearing an oven mitt, it’s no longer going to be a tug of war; you simply grab on, and pull out.

Do you hate cleaning? That’s okay cos this baby does not have a problem with caring for itself. It comes as a self-cleaning oven and even has the options of a quick clean, a power clean, or a delayed clean. Each of these options allows you to do a minor cleaning, a thorough one (with 25% more cleaning power than a quick clean), and a clean that’s timed according to your own schedule, respectively. Hurray!

And just so you never have to open the door just to check on your dishes, this oven comes with a large glass window, so you can conveniently check on your food with a peep—and not to mention a lot of convenience.

This oven also comes with various broil options, and is available in either black or white!

Why not get this oven now?! You know you want it!
Best Value
Need something to fit your small space? The Avanti 24-inch Electric Range is an excellent way to go. It also comes well-illuminated so that you can always check on your meals easily through the sizeable oven window. See this other electric oven also illuminated, and with a thermostat for precise temperature control. It’s also slightly more affordable: The Avanti Freestanding Electric Range.

Avanti 24-inch Electric Range – With Interior Illumination

Whether it’s experience or expertise, Avanti undoubtedly has all that it takes to be a front-liner in its industry, and that’s what it is. Today, a great many people across the globe can testify to the dependability and high performance of Avanti’s products. It has steadily maintained a culture of innovation, always ensuring that its newer products are better and more user-friendly than the last. With this unique culture, and the length of time committed in its industry, it comes as no surprise that this brand has proven to be able to correctly predict consumers’ needs and invariably set the trend while other competitors in its sphere play catch-up.

If you’re working with a really small space, then fret not; the Avanti 24-inch Electric Range was made with you in mind. It not only fits into your space, but it works with the power of a great big oven.

It’s got a thermostat that helps you to control temperature levels to the exact degree you want. Now your food tastes just like you expect it to, and you don’t have to be forced to put up with temperatures that your dish doesn’t require.

Also, this oven is illuminated on the inside, which means that you can watch and monitor your food easily from the window right in front, with all convenience. No need to open the oven door fully anymore. You can tell when your dish is perfect enough to be taken out without breaking a sweat!

Because this oven is well-insulated, it holds two pluses for you: one, it won’t make you uncomfortable by giving off too much heat while you cook. And two, and most importantly, it cuts down on the electricity bill. Now you can save more!

For added safety, there’s a power indicator light which comes on when the heat elements are on, and goes off when they are off. This way, you’re always sure of the status of your oven and you can avoid an electrical fire.

Still thinking about it? You shouldn’t be, honey. You should be placing that order!
The GE Profile 30" 6.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range is a top-reviewed double oven range designed to accommodate almost all the controls that you can imagine, with a sleek finish for your kitchen! Do you want something that functions similarly but in a different finish and for a more affordable price? You can check out the GE 30-inch Slate Electric Slide-in Range.

GE Profile 30" 6.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range - Stainless Steel

Coming from one of the most trusted names in America, you know that the GE Brand selection of appliances is as advanced as it is practical. The company has been held in high repute for years for its application of innovative technologies that help consumers reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing convenience. This quality has endeared the brand to many customers, especially those who are particularly eco-responsible. Seeking to make only the best appliances possible, GE doesn’t compromise on the quality of its materials either. In fact, it goes a ways to ensure that all its products are made with the best materials possible, making its product lines well-known for their durability.

The GE Profile Electric Range is one of the products that holds its own when it comes to heating appliances. It is made of a stainless-steel handle in a designer style and the oven door features are characterized by a big viewing pane in the stainless oven window.

Its notable features include:
  • Two large, strategically placed burners on the cook top make it possible to cook with a griddle pan
  • Double oven’s 6.6 cu. ft. total oven capacity allows you to cook multiple dishes at once with two ovens
  • True European Convection with Precise Air for perfect, even results without turning the pan
  • Flexible heating element that perfectly fits 3600W power boil pots and pans
  • Expandable bridge zone that allows you to use only the heat you need
  • Self-clean roller rack so you can easily access items with racks that glide smoothly
  • Glass touch controls that get clean with little effort and set temperatures quickly
  • The warranty for parts runs for 1 year, which is about average
  • Stainless-steel finish to avoid rust and offer fine finish
Get this 24-Inch Electric Range from Summit for the affordable price of one. Aside from being a fantastic oven, it also comes with a cooktop for other types of cooking! Plus, there’s a back guard to protect your walls from spills! If, however you're looking for a smaller oven in black, check out the Summit 20-Inch Electric Range in Black instead!

Summit 24-inch Electric Range – With Storage Drawer

Who doesn’t know that Summit is your one-stop brand for all kinds of appliances custom-made for your small kitchen, from refrigerator freezers, to ovens, to electric cooktops? This brand is so vested in value and performance that it commits a great percentage of its budget to giving its employees specialized training, in order to better their skills for a much-improved quality of manufacturing and service. All its different products from its diverse product lines are so unique that they are hardly matched elsewhere in design and finish. They are also equally as durable as they are beautiful. Shopping with Summit, you can be rest assured that this is one brand that does its homework and comes out top in its industry.

The Summit 24-inch Electric Range is an incredible appliance you want in your kitchen for all the right reasons. Although it’s quite small and will work best for small spaces, it easily confirms the saying that great things come in small packages. Check out its features:

It comes with a smooth ceramic cooktop with four burners which allow you to have a safer, cleaner cooking. Plus, with four burners you can do a lot more cooking at a go.

It’s got a lower storage compartment where you can store all your cookware easily. So, if you’re cramped for space, here’s another way to work around it without forfeiting any of the essentials. You get an oven, a cooktop, and a space for your cooking utensils in one place. Wow!

There’s a large oven window that allows you to monitor your food easily, plus the interior light made available makes things all the easier. You can observe even the tiniest shade of color change from the window without bothering to open the door. And have your meals cooked just right.

It’s got a lovely appearance too, and because your walls are precious and we know how mischievous food can get, we’ll mention that this oven comes with a back guard to protect your walls from spills.

Plus, its slide-out racks are quite adjustable, and the oven comes with different glide positions to place each of them according to the space needed per time.

You don’t want to miss this oven, guys. Order!
Working on a budget and in need of an oven that gives the basics and shuts up? Then see the Danby 20-inch Electric Coil Range. It also comes with a lift-up porcelain cooktop, with 4 burners for a wide range of cooking needs. Here’s another equally terrific electric oven that also comes with a cooktop, safety knobs, and an indicator light. Check out the Danby 20-inch Wide Electric Range in White.

Danby 20-inch Electric Coil Range – With 4 Coil Elements, Porcelain Cooktop Surface

It’s been over 65 years of inspiring customers, as well as competitor brands, for Danby. And just like you, it has learned to evolve with the times by constantly reinventing itself and its range of products to step up in features and functionality in order to meet your demands as you require them today. Aside from the assurance of quality and durability this brand offers, there’s also the appeal of the design and finishes of its products. There’s not one customer yet who has left Danby dissatisfied, as this company makes it a point to remain a call (or an email) away—responding promptly, and amiably, to your issue(s). If there’s one place to get the most versatile offerings at the most affordable prices, it’s definitely Danby.

Here’s our top pick if you’re absolutely pressed for cash and could care less if your oven can do somersaults or make a pizza all by itself: The Danby 20-inch Electric Range. It’s your basic electric range; no thrills, no frills. Although it might not come with all the extras like many other ovens, on the basic function for which it is made, this oven more than delivers.

It’s got a lift-up porcelain cooktop which comes with four burners. Already, by being a range, this guy saves you space since you have an oven and a range in one unit. Now, with four burners on your cooktop, a lot more cooking can be going on simultaneously and you can save yourself some time. Cooking can be stressful, but cooking in batches can be hellish. This range saves you that stress.

The safety knobs on this oven are quite friendly and easy to use. You can easily adjust the temperature of the oven to any degree you want with a simple twist of any of the knobs.

And to add a nice touch to your kitchen, this oven comes in a really attractive design and finish.

So, like we told you, this is as basic and as high-performance as it comes when it comes to electric ovens. And did we forget to mention that it’s super affordable too? Well, it is. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a fantastic buy and works for small spaces too.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Oven?

The oven is one kitchen appliance that we definitely cannot overlook when counting central appliances in the kitchen. In fact, it is quite impossible to mention the cooktop without immediately mentioning the oven. They are like twins that shared the same womb.

Because of the vital roles ovens play in the kitchen, it becomes doubly important to ensure that your oven of choice is durable, high-performance, and agreeable with your pocket. Thankfully, there are many ovens from top brands, like Verona, today and each comes with unique features and selling points.

But to choose the absolute best oven for you, there are several factors you will need to take into consideration. The chief of these factors would be your space. You’d have to work around your space so that the oven doesn’t end up looking like a misfit in your kitchen.

Okay, so let’s do a little exercise:

Close your eyes and picture your kitchen. Then place your oven just like you like it in the space of your choice. Have you done that? Now, move from your oven to your stove. Alright, now move from your oven to your dishwasher. Are you already losing balance in your head, trying to move from your oven to other appliances? Then that’s exactly where you do not want to place your oven.

Your oven must be within range of all the other vital appliances you’d normally rotate around while cooking, or else you could end up feeling overwhelmed while trying to fix even the most basic of meals.

Ovens are definitely a godsend and in truth, we have them to “blame” for most of the most delicious foods on the planet today (e.g. pizza). However, this story can quickly turn sour if painstaking measures are not employed to pick the best electric oven that there is, not only for the function, but for your needs and your space.

Our guide has lots of tips to help your decision for the best electric oven for you. So just sit back and relax; we’ve done all the work. Simply read through and be on your way to snagging the electric oven of your dreams.
Typically, a good electric oven should start going for, at least, $500 and could extend to as high as $3,000 plus. It all depends on what you want. For instance, you should probably be able to guess that if you’re going for an oven that self-cleans and comes as a double oven or a wood oven, then you’d definitely not be spending the same amount as someone who would prefer a conventional, single, manual-cleaning oven.

Now, as for cheap electric ovens, they do exist, but if you consider how quickly they disintegrate then you’d steer clear of them. You wouldn’t want to put your money into something that will hardly last at least a reasonable length of time. Put out a little more in order to get an electric oven that’s really worth it.
So before you pick an electric oven, here are a few factors you must consider:
  • Size
  • Type
  • Single or double?
  • Cleaning
  • Wall oven or range?
  • Location
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your electric oven are vital in determining how it will serve you. To get a good idea of what to expect, we suggest you look at its size, whether it’s a wall oven or range, what type it is otherwise, and its finish—you do want a classy-looking kitchen, no? Let’s take a look at these in more detail.


A typical oven falls within the range of 27 inches and 30 inches in width, and the size you go for should be determined by the space in your kitchen as common sense will demand. Aside from the space in your kitchen, you’ll also want to check out the size of the interior to be sure that it will comfortably take your many-sized pots and pans.

Wall Oven or Range?

Next, there are ovens that exist as just that: ovens. And there are some that come with a cooktop combined, which we refer to as ranges. Wall ovens demand less space when compared to ranges, but then, they are more convenient. You’ll hardly ever have to bend over so much to put food in or take it out of the oven. If you don’t have the space to house an oven and a cooktop separately, then your best bet might be to go for a range.


Electric ovens come in different types, actually 6 to be precise, and these are useful for different cooking. We have the wood, the convection, the steam, the combination, the microwave, and the conventional ovens. The wood ovens, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially because they are mostly used to make pizzas, are about the most high-end type of oven you could possibly find.


Lastly, finish.

Electric ovens come in different colors for different-themed kitchens. You’ll find most in black, but you can also find many in white, ivory, or even metallic finishes. Whatever you choose though, try to ensure that your choice of finish matches the color of your countertop, floor, cabinets, and other essentials in the kitchen to give your kitchen a more attractive appearance.
Performance and Ease of Use
Look at whether your electric oven is a single or double, determine where you plan on putting it, and then check out what cleaning properties it has (does it self-clean?). These will help you determine how well the electric oven will really serve you. Below are more details on each topic.

Single or Double?

Thanks to technology, we now have the option of going for double ovens or single ones; it all depends on your cooking needs and, of course, the size of your pocket. What is a double oven? As the name implies, a double oven consists of two separate ovens operating with their individual heat controls. This way you can cook two different dishes at the same time, at different heat levels. Especially if you cook for a large number, this type of oven is an answer to prayer. However, the double oven option only exists for wall ovens, and not electric ranges.


Now, we go to where to keep our oven…

Be practical when choosing a spot for your oven and don’t just think of aesthetics. Aesthetics are good, but if not tempered with a bit of good ol’ commonsense, you could run into a challenge. A good example would be to install an oven without thinking of a space where you will place hot food from the oven quickly, when you take it out.

Another thing to consider is how near the oven is to other appliances in the kitchen. This will keep you from having to travel from the oven to the next appliance just to get something really brief done. If you decide to go for a double oven, then consider placing them side-by-side instead of vertically. It saves space and it’s totally hot in kitchen designs right now.


We doubt that there’s anyone who’d say that his/her hobby is cleaning up or doing chores, so most opt for ovens that self-clean. It’s more expensive though, but at least it conserves energy more effectively, which later pays itself out by reducing the cost on the electricity bill.

Get the Best Electric Oven of 2023!

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Our Top Choice
Frigidaire 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range
Best Value
Avanti 24-inch Electric Range
GE Profile 30-Inch Electric Oven
Summit 24-inch Electric Range
Danby 20-inch Electric Range