Best Electric Razor Reviews – Top 5 Electric Razors for Men to Get a Clean, Comfortable Shave

Looking for the best electric shaver? Facial hair can enhance your image and make you feel special wherever you go. Nonetheless, most men have got into the habit of shaving their facial hair on a daily basis. If you are one of these guys then now it is the perfect time to throw your regular razors out on the window and get a high-quality, electric one! We performed a thorough analysis on many electric razors to help you choose the best one for your needs. We have selected a good mix of the different options we think are worth taking a look at.

By the way, while in many ways electric razors can be considered as a unisex device, the reality is that men and women have different needs. Not to mention the fact that they are typically used on different parts of the body. If you are looking specifically for a women’s electric razor, we have a separate review for those.
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Power Supply
Our Top Choice
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
Panasonic was founded a century ago, in 1918. They put all their expertise into each innovative product which includes computers, energy solutions and office equipment.
Wet/dry. Cordless. 14,000CPM motor. 70,000 cross cutting actions/minute. 5-blades. 30˚ inner blades. Pivoting head. Auto detects beard density. Universal voltage.
The foil frame part has been known to come apart after some time.
5 foil blades
Linear, 14,000 CFM
Cordless, 1hr charge – 45min use
Travel pouch, AC adapter
Best Value
SUPRENT Electric Rotary Shaver
SUPRENT is manufacturer of a range of health and beauty products including shavers, trimmers, flat irons, brushes and curlers. Their products are available from online retailers like Amazon.
Cordless, up to 2 weeks use. 3 rotary blades move in 4 directions. Pop-up precision trimmer. LED digital display. 4 indicator lights. 3-second unlock system. Detachable blades for cleaning.
Not as effective on long hair, some complaints of pulling.
3 rotary blades
Not specified
Cordless, up to 2 weeks use
Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver
Braun, founded in 1921 in Frankfurt, is a leading manufacturer of grooming, skin care, hair removal and health care products.
High End Foil Razor. Extremely close shave. Only electric razor on market with alcohol based self cleaning system
Built in trimmer not as good as the Philips Norelco Shaver 6400
3 cutting elements
Adaptive, 10,000 microvibrations
Cordless, 50 min use
Clean & charge station
Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Shaver
Skull Shaver only released their first product in 2012 but thanks to its huge success, they now have a line of innovative, unique shavers for men and women.
Unique design. Ergonomic handle to reach hard-to-reach places. 1400 mAh battery last 90 mins. Motor turns at 10,000 RPM. Portable size. 5 flexing rotary blades.
Some suggest the cleaning is not very effective and can lead to clogging of the blades.
5 flexing rotary blades
10,000 RPM
Corded and cordless, 90 min use
Rinse stand
Philips Norelco Travel Razor
Philips has over a century’s experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. They’ve got products in the sound & vision, mother & child care, health and PC product categories.
Portable, compact size. Takes 2 AA batteries. Charge lasts up to 60 minutes. 2 self-sharpening rotary blades. Floating heads move with the curves of your face.
Feels a little underpowered.
2 self-sharpening rotary blades
Not specified
Cordless, up to 60 min

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What is the Best Electric Shaver for Men? Read Our Reviews to Find Out!

During our research, we discovered that you have plenty of options at your disposal when it comes to electric razors. It is a good idea to choose a razor depending on your shaving technique, preferences and the results you want to obtain. The following 5 electric razors come from reputable brands and they might be exactly what you are looking for!

How To Shave With An Electric Shaver – 4 Essential Steps

How to Electric Shave Correctly - Demo Using Braun Series 9 Wet/Dry Razor | Courtesy of Robin James

Our Top Choice
The Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is a wet/dry shaver with 5 blades and a 14,000 CFM motor. That means it performs 70,000 cross cutting motions per minute! If you want to save a few bucks, you could go for an older model, like the Panasonic Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor which is also conveniently cordless!

Panasonic Men’s 5-Blade Cordless Arc5 Electric Razor with Shave Sensor Technology – Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station Bundle Available

Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Japan, making it a century old! That much experience must surely be evident in their products, right? Right! Panasonic has a huge range of products, all manufactured with the same quality, innovation and focus. Their range includes audio video solutions, computers, tablets, energy solutions, food service systems, industrial devices, maritime solutions, safety and security products and office products and that’s just to name a few!

The Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor is a convenient wet/dry men’s cordless razor. Don’t waste money buying two separate razors for wet or dry conditions, just opt for this one which can do it all! It’s got 5-blades and 30˚ inner blades that offer exceptional closeness. With a high-performance 14,000 CPM motor, you know you’re getting a quality razor. That translates as 70,000 cross cutting actions per minute! With a pivoting head, thanks to Multi-Flex technology, you’ll be able to effortlessly glide along the contours of your face without worrying about nicks and cuts.

As if this wasn’t a cool enough razor, the built-in Arc 5 sensor automatically detects differences in beard density and adjusts the power accordingly. How cool is that!? There’s even a pop-up trimmer to give detail to sideburns or mustaches. This is a cordless shaver which is so convenient, especially when travelling. It’ll fully charge in 1-hour and that offers 45 minutes of shave time. If you are planning on taking this razor on the road, you’ll be pleased to know it has been designed with universal voltage and it comes with a travel pouch, a travel safety lock and an AC adapter. You can also purchase a bundle which comes with a cleaning and charge station too.
Best Value
The SUPRENT Electric Rotary Shaver features 3 blades that move in 4 independent directions to achieve a smooth, close shave. If you are a women who is looking for a shaver for removing facial hair, take a look at the battery operated Suprent IPX7. It's waterproof and can be used to remove hair from cheeks, lips, chin and neck.

the same great quality in a women’s razor, check out the SUPRENT Lady Electric Shaver which is waterproof so can be used for wet and dry shaves.

SUPRENT 100% Waterproof Electric Rotary Shaver with LED Digital Display

SUPRENT is a brand whose products can only be found on retailers such as eBay and Amazon. They’ve got a selection of high-quality products including shavers, trimmers, brushes, flat irons, curlers, make-up mirrors and more. All their products come highly rated for durability and functionality.

The SUPRENT Electric Rotary Shaver offers a clean and close shave thanks to the 3-blade head that moves in 4 directions. They move independently, and the pivot, flex and float mesh also aid in giving you a close shave. If you want to tidy up your sideburns or mustache too, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s also a pop-up trimmer incorporated.

The LED digital display has four indication signs that will warn you if something is wrong or needs doing. The signs are charging, blocked head, cleaning and travel lock indicators. To avoid any accidental button presses, there’s a 3-second unlock system. This wet and dry shaver is super convenient; the blades detach easily and can be cleaned by running under water. What’s even more convenient is the long use you get out of one charge; the high-capacity Li-Ion battery can last up to 2 weeks, perfect for travelling!
Braun’s Series 7 razors feature revolutionary sonic technology that adjusts automatically to the density of your beard, delivering an amazing 10,000 micro-vibrations with every stroke. They also make a Wet\/Dry version.

Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver with Clean & Charge Station - Foil Electric Razor

Braun was founded in 1921 by Max Braun in Frankfurt. From the beginning, Braun has been characterized by their innovative and progressive ideas, taking new technologies and translating them into marketable products. Now, Braun is a global manufacturer of grooming, hair removal, skin care, health products and more.

The Braun Series 7 Clean and Charge Station is one of the most impressive and technologically-advanced electric razors out there! We were amazed by the fact that this product is ten times more hygienic than regular razors. It packs features that you would expect from a top of the line, premium razor – a precision trimmer with multiple settings for trimming mustaches, sideburns and beards, a travel pouch, a lock switch and it can be used in both 100 volts and 240 volts electrical systems. Oh, the razor comes with a cleaning brush too, but we doubt you will be using it much.

With Braun’s “Clean and Charge Station” all the cleaning can be done automatically. With the "Clean and Renew" system, you simply place the razor, head side down, into the charger and the machine goes to work. While your razor is charging, it also cleans itself. The system uses a cleaning cartridge that has a gel compound which kills 99.9999% of germs. The gel also lubricates the blades, keeping them in tip-top condition. Each cleaning cartridge lasts about 2 months and a four pack costs about $20. This comes out to around only $2.50 a month – and when you consider the fact that the average blade replacement time is 18 months (as compared to a year with others), this is without a doubt money well spent!

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Shaver is a uniquely designed shaver with a horizontal handle that makes reaching places like the back of the head or back of you legs easy and effective. If you want to step it up a notch, why not go for the Pitbull Platinum Shaver which comes with a Rinse Stand Case, Travel Case, Travel Lock and Wash Indicator too.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Shaver – Compact, IPX 5 Waterproof, Cordless

Skull Shaver is a dedicated shavers brand, releasing their first Skull Shaver on Amazon in 2012. It was an instant hit thanks to the unique horizontal handle design which makes reaching the back of the head, legs or other hard to reach places, easier. Since it’s first release, Skull Shaver has developed and progressed their products so they now include more superior technology.

The Pitbull Gold Shaver is the third generation shaver from Skull Shaver, with even more innovative features to enjoy. It’s more durable than ever as it’s now IPX5 water-resistant which means you can safely use it in the shower, saving you time every morning. The powerful motor turns up to 10,000 RPM, offering a close, smooth shave even for bald head and face shaving. This compact shaver measures just 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.4-inches so it’s great for travelling and it’s certified for worldwide voltages too.

This shaver can be used corded and cordless. The 1,400 mAh lithium ion battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and will then last for 90 minutes use. The five flexing rotary shaver heads let you shave in any direction, making sure you get all the difficult places too. The specially designed, ergonomic handle also helps with this as it allows you to hold the shaver in many different positions depending on what’s comfortable for you. Once you’ve finished using this shaver, all you need to do is run the shaver and dip into the Skull Shaver Rinse Stand or a bowl of water, simple!
The Philips Norelco Travel Razor is small enough to fit in your pocket and features 2 self-sharpening rotary blades. It’s powered by 2 AA batteries. If you would prefer something more powerful, check out the Philips Norelco 4500 Shaver which has a 3-minute quick charge or one shave.

Philips Norelco Travel Electric Razor with Self Sharpening Blades

From 1891, Philips has been a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, beginning with the mission to bring low-cost, electric incandescent lightbulbs to the masses. Now, Philips is a globally recognized brand, manufacturing products in a wide variety of categories including sound & vision, personal care, mother & child care, household products, lighting, health, automotive, PC products, tablets, phones and accessories!

The Philips Norelco Travel Razor will provide you with a clean, close shave on-the-go. It’s compact size, measuring 1 x 2 x 3.5-inches, is perfect for taking away with you; it’d even fit in your pocket! Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty though. With 2 self-sharpening rotary blades and independently floating heads, you won’t have an issue dealing with difficult angles and curves. All you need to get going with this razor are 2 AA batteries, which will last for up to 60 minutes shaving time.

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Men's Razor for the Best Shave Ever

When buying an electric razor, in many ways you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean you have get the most expensive one if there is an affordable model that provides the quality and features that are important to you. All of the razors on our list were chosen for the value that they offer the user – so that they will be ones that you won’t quickly chuck in the trash because it didn’t give you the results you wanted.

There are so many electric razors out there it can be hard to choose just one. And when it came to choosing our top 5 picks, that wasn’t easy either. Because of space, we couldn’t fit some other brands which well known for quality men’s grooming products. For example, here are a few other men’s razors worth checking out:

On top of that, there are also some lesser known brands which make razors for men that are getting positive user reviews.

Some examples of what's out there include the Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men, which is a 2-in-1 beard trimmer and razor. Another highly rated razor is the Ceenwes 2-in-1 Electric Razor for Men which is a wet and dry rotary shaver with multiple trimming attachments. Finally, some brands are nice enough to make razors that are better than 2-in-1, like the Hatteker 4 in 1 Electric Razor for Men which is a razor, trimmer, facial brush and nose trimmer all in one.

Before you purchase an electric razor, there are several factors that should be considered. Let's take a look, shall we?
When it comes to choosing an electric razor, they come in all different prices, ranging from super cheap to top of the line razors for hundreds of dollars. But one thing we know for sure – the last thing you want is to do is spend your hard-earned money on a razor and end up with one that wasn’t worth the money you paid, even if it was only a few bucks. The good news is that we found several affordable electric razors that won’t break the bank – and you won’t sacrifice on quality either!

Electric razors come with all different features that make them easier to use, efficient and to help you get the perfect shave. Some of these include things like whether they can be used wet or dry, if they have self-cleaning capabilities, rapid charging or built-in trimmers. Higher-end electric razors might include a small LCD display to let you know about the charging state or they might feature a handle made from adherent materials, so that you are in total control while you shave.

Disposable Razor Vs Electric Shaver Comparison

Electric Razor or Disposable Razor - Which Is Best Everyday Shaving Option for Men?| Courtesy of Ben Arthur

Construction and Design
Electric razors fall into two categories – rotary electric razors and foil electric razors – and the one you choose will be a matter of preference. As far as power, you can choose from cordless (either battery operated or chargeable) or an electric razor with a cord. In addition, many electric razors have features geared towards improving the grooming experience.

Another important design feature, and this varies between foil and rotary razors, is how easy they are to maintain on a daily basis as well as whether you can easily take them apart for a deep cleaning.

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Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to using an electric razor, a few things are important – how well it does the job, how easy it is to use and whether or not the shaving experience is a comfortable one. Some razors do a great job, but may actually hurt a bit while in use and some may cause skin irritation. When we did our reviews, we took a look at each of these factors to help you pick an electric razor that’s best for you.

Get the Best Electric Razor of 2023!

An electric razor is indispensable from a modern and sophisticated man's arsenal! Pick your favorite one from the electric razors presented above and you will be in your A game all the times!

Our Top Choice
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
Best Value
SUPRENT Electric Rotary Shaver
Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver
Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Shaver
Philips Norelco Travel Razor

Electric Razor FAQs

What is the best electric razor?
Deciding upon the best electric razor is not a "one-size-fits-all" answer because not all electric razors are made the same. Some use foils while the others are rotary in nature. So, the kind of electric razor you buy will depend on your personal preferences. However, you may want to check out some of the additional features that define these razors. For example, the razor could be corded or cordless. If you want convenience, then a cordless electric razor will do the trick. You might also be drawn to a particular razor depending on whether it has an LCD or LED screen. We can talk about the other things you need to look at. Importantly, it is you to decide the electric razor you think is best for you.
How do you use an electric razor?
How you use an electric shaver depends on whether the shaver is corded or cordless. If the razor is corded, then you should first plug it into the electrical outlet. Turn on the switch on the socket before turning on the razor itself. You can then start using it to shave. The razor could also be cordless. In that case, check that the battery is charged and can power the razor on. Once you are sure that the battery is charged, you can turn the razor on and start shaving your hair.
How do you shave with an electric razor?
An electric shaver utilizes electricity to perform its work. It could require to be plugged in or could be cordless. Either way, it would be using some form of electric current. So, you should be careful about how you use it, especially in wet conditions. You may start by using a cleanser and warm water to wash your face. That will soften the hair and remove excess oil. Apply some powder followed by foam or gel. Let the hair stay for five minutes before shaving. If you intend to do a dry shave, the hair shouldn’t be too long. You might end up feeling uncomfortable, which you can avoid.
How do you sharpen an electric razor?
It is possible to sharpen an electric razor and it can be done in many ways. If you have a rotary electric razor, you should first remove the shaving head and get it cleaned. After removing the rotating blades, follow it up by freeing the shaving screen. Place the blades on a sharpener kit and turn on for five to ten seconds. You could also sharpen each of the blades, one at a time. If you are using a foil-style electric razor, then you may not be able to grind it.
How do you clean an electric razor?
Cleaning an electric razor is easy. You only need some warm water and liquid soap. But that should only be the case if your shaver is completely waterproof. If it is not, then you should use dry cleaning. If it is waterproof, then you should open the removable parts and follow it up by washing it with water and soap. After thoroughly cleansing it, you should first remove all the excess water before re-attaching the pieces you had removed.