Best Electric Screwdriver Reviews 2023

Electric screwdrivers, or power torque screwdrivers, are designed to make life a whole lot easier when performing a wide range of DIY tasks, including building flat-pack furniture. These power tools are generally powered by batteries and are cordless, so there are no tedious wires to drag around in your workspace. Modern electric screwdrivers offer superior power and precision, and are a great addition to anyone's tool arsenal. Choosing the best electric screwdriver is not so easy, considering the number of options available. We have rounded up five of the best electric screwdrivers available to you, with a mix of features and prices.
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Our Top Choice
Bosch 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit
With over $65 billion in sales in 2010 alone, Bosch is one of the leading names in power tools and power tools accessories.
This cordless two-speed screwdriver is compact and lightweight and comes with two batteries, a charger and a case.
It has a short warranty of one year.
12 volts
Lithium ion
265 in-lbs
1.12 lbs
Wood, steel, plastic
Best Value
Black & Decker PivotPlus Electric Screwdriver
Black & Decker was founded over a century ago, and manufactures everything from power tools to home improvement products.
This six-volt rechargeable screwdriver has a 23-position clutch to prevent stripping, and a pivoting handle that offers three different positions.
Although it is a high-quality electric screwdriver, a higher voltage would be nice.
6 volts
80/40 in-lbs
1.5 lbs
Wood, steel, plastic
Milwaukee M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit
The Milwaukee Tool Corporation was founded in 1924 and manufactures a wide range of power tools, hand tools and instruments.
This four-volt electric screwdriver comes with a battery and charger and is backed by a five-year warranty.
Although it is feature-rich, this screwdriver is a bit pricey, and there is no built-in storage for the bits.
4 volts
Lithium Ion
44 in-lbs
1 lb
Wood, steel, plastic
DeWalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit
Dewalt was founded in 1924. It makes a wide range of hand and power tools for the manufacturing and construction industries.
This screwdriver offers reversing control and motion activation variable speed. It has 15 clutch position settings for precise screwing.
Package includes only one battery, but a kit with two batteries is available.
8 volts
Lithium ion
23 in-lbs
1.1 lbs
Wood, steel, plastic
WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver
WORX is a company based in Suzhou, China that manufactures lawn and garden equipment. It also has an extensive portfolio of power tool products.
This electric screwdriver is a good choice for plastic, rubber and steel applications, and offers slide action to change bit selection.
The battery power lasts for up 18 months, but could be higher. There's no torque adjustment.
4 volts
Lithium ion
1.1 lbs
Rubber, plastic, steel

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What is the Best Electric Screwdriver?

You have things to consider when it comes to buying the best electric screwdriver. Battery life and torque play an important role in how long your screwdriver will last before its next charge, and in the power it provides to put the screws in efficiently. You will also have to consider the weight of the cordless screwdriver tool itself, because the last thing you want to do is carry a bulky tool for long periods of time, especially if you just have to put in a few screws. As a bonus, some electric screwdrivers are able to bend in the middle, to give you more options when you need an angled configuration. We’ve gathered five of the best electric screwdrivers available that have great features at the right price.
Our Top Choice
The Bosch 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit has a wide range of features and is powered by a robust 12 volt battery for superior power. If you like a less powerful electric screwdriver for basic tasks, the Bosch GSR BitDrive Professional is powered by a smaller 3.6 volt battery, which can be charged via a USB port.  

Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

Bosch has a footprint in over 150 countries and is one of the most reputable names in the tool arena. It's a global supplier of technology and services. The company ranks high in building technology, industrial technology and consumer goods.

The Bosch 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit is a two-speed (0-350 rpm and 0-1,300 rpm) pocket model that is a great choice for novice and seasoned users, especially those who’d like to drive nails in hard-to-reach areas. This electric screwdriver has a rich set of features that includes:
  • Two speeds for twice the driving
  • 20+1 clutch adjustments for precise screwdriving
  • Onboard LED light to illuminate work area
  • Package includes two 12 volt max lithium ion batteries, two 1-1/2 inch power drive bits and soft carrying case
  • Forward/reverse button to enable easy screw removal
  • Backed by one-year Bosch Tools warranty
Best Value
The Black & Decker PivotPlus Electric Screwdriver is powered by a six-volt NiCad battery, and offers a 23-position clutch and three different pivoting positions. If you just need an electric screwdriver for basic tasks, with a six-position clutch and a lesser four-volt lithium ion battery, the Black & Decker SmartSelect Screwdriver with onsite magnetic screw holder is worth a second look.

Black & Decker PivotPlus™ 6V Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver with Articulating Head

Black & Decker opened over 100 years ago. It makes top-quality power tools and is today better known as Stanley Black & Decker.

The Black & Decker PivotPlus Electric Screwdriver is powered by a 6V rechargeable battery and offers two speeds for drilling and driving. It even features a QuickConnect system to easily switch between the two.

For its rather inexpensive price, this screwdriver has a whole lot to offer, including:
  • Onsite light to illuminate the work area
  • Three-position pivoting handle lets you get in those tight spaces
  • 23-position clutch to help prevent stripping
  • Quick-release mechanism allows you to change bits quickly
  • Great choice for furniture assembly, mounting of shelving and installation of window coverings
  • Package includes two 2" hex-shank screwdriving bits and charger
  • Backed by two-year limited warranty
The Milwaukee M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit is a pivoting electric screwdriver that makes it easy to get into tight spaces. It even comes with a battery and charger. But if you’d like a basic non-pivoting electric screwdriver that doesn’t come with a battery or charger, the Milwaukee M12 1\/4" Hex Screwdriver Bare Tool might be a good option.

Milwaukee M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit – Available with 1 or 2 Batteries

Milwaukee is headquarted in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It's part of the Techtronic Group of industries and manufactures a wide range of power tools and instruments.

The Milwaukee M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit is a robust electric screwdriver that offers two speeds and adjustable torque. The package includes a battery, so it is ready to get started right out of the box.

This screwdriver's many features include:
  • Measures 2.7 x 8.7 x 4.6 inches and weighs one pound
  • Powered by four volt lithium ion battery
  • Two torque settings – forward and reverse
  • Comfort grip for precise screwing
The DEWALT Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit is an electric screwdriver with an LED light for working in low-lit areas, and an eight-volt battery. If you’d like two batteries and 80 inch-lbs of peak torque for heavy-duty fastening applications, and variable speed between 0-500 RPM, try the DEWALT Cordless Two-Position Screwdriver Kit.

DeWalt 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit – Available with 1 or 2 Batteries

Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturers in the hand tools and power tools arena. Its products include measuring and layout tools, and even safety and protective work wear.

The DEWALT DEWALT Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit is an electric screwdriver with all the bells and whistles, including superior design and performance to match. Its list of features is rather extensive, and includes:
  • 15 clutch position settings
  • Comes with one battery, which is good for five days of runtime when fully charged
  • Onsite battery level indicator to let you know when it needs to be charged
  • Ideal for several applications, including drywall screws, cabinet hardware screws and electrical switch and outlet wall plate screws
  • Package includes charger, battery and kit bag
  • Backed by three-year warranty
The WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver is a great choice for basic DIY applications. If you’re going to work on hard-to-reach areas, you will require a tool that fits there and has an LED light. For this, the WORX XTD Extended Reach Screwdriver is a great choice.

WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits

WORX is a Chinese-based company with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It manufactures a wide range of lawn and garden equipment, and power tools as well.

If you’re looking for an electric screwdriver that’s great for basic applications on rubber, plastic and steel, look no further than the WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver. It has a great list of features, including:
  • Battery that lasts a year and half
  • Two rapid reload cartridges that hold six bits each
  • Switch easily among bits with the tool’s slide back feature
  • Box includes 12 bits
  • Lightweight at just 1.1 pounds

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Screwdriver?

When it comes to tools such as cordless drills, impact drivers and hammer drills, we love power! But the bigger and more powerful the tool, the more bulky and expensive it is. That’s why a full-on carpenter’s drill isn’t always best! For many of the most basic jobs that require driving in small screws, an electric screwdriver is all a homeowner needs. It allows you to work with ease for a long period of time, thanks to the integrated Li-ion batteries. If you’re looking to complete smaller tasks, such as tightening fixtures, hanging hooks, laying a deck or assembling flat-pack furniture, take a look at the guide below to understand your options.
There are many electric screwdriver options available. The price of this handy power tool will vary across features and brands. Basic electric screwdrivers can start at anywhere between $30 and $100, while top-end models that double as drill drivers can have a price tag of over $250. In addition, there are a few models that come bundled with a wide range of accessories such as screwdriver bit kits, which are bargains since you don’t have to buy them separately. There are some cheap electric screwdrivers on the market, but we did not include them in this review due to their lack of quality.
An electric screwdriver offers both efficient and convenient features. For example, most electric screwdrivers have an LED light, to allow you to put that screw in the right place even in low light conditions.

Whether you’re putting up a few pictures or building something from scratch, consider the following electric screwdriver features:
  • Power: The voltage of an electric screwdriver dictates its speed and RPS
  • Battery Power: Most electric screwdrivers feature cordless battery-powered operation
  • Adjustable Torque: Handy if you’d like to adjust the twist force to match your screw sizes
  • Angled or Straight Configuration: This will help if you plan on driving screws into tight corners
  • Speed: Most electric screwdrivers have variable speeds
  • Spindle Lock – this allows you to lock the head if you’d like to use this power tool in manual mode
  • Handle: Soft grip or ergonomic handle is preferable if you’re working for a long time
  • Torque Control: Allows you to increase control when using different screws or when driving into different materials
  • Supports Standard Screwdriver Bits: Most electric screwdrivers use a ¼" hex bit that fits into the tool seamlessly, and some come bundled with other sizes
  • Reverse Action Mode: Allows you to remove screws if needed
  • Integrated Light: For use in low light conditions
  • Warranty: Many electric screwdrivers are backed by impressive warranties, some as long as five years
Construction and Design
An electric screwdriver can save you a significant amount of time, if you choose the right one. This class of screwdrivers is available in three types – battery-powered, built-in rechargeable battery or wired. Cordless operation often works best, because there are no tedious wires to haul around and you’re not limited to a certain radius. A good electric screwdriver will have a soft touch handle with superior grip, to allow you to work with ease even for a long time.

If you’re going to be working in tight spaces or overhead, choose an electric screwdriver with a multi-position or adjustable handle. Electric screwdrivers come with voltages ranging from 4v to 12v, and the more power one has, the more efficiently and quickly you will get the job done. A lower-weight tool is always great, but in this case it is best to find an electric screwdriver that offers the best of both worlds: low weight and great battery life. Screwdrivers with forward and reverse make it easy to insert and remove screws in a snap, and a spindle lock will help you use the tool in manual mode should you need to.
Performance and Ease of Use
Unless you plan on using your electric screwdriver for light tasks, you’re likely going to be disappointed with the least expensive models. The best electric screwdrivers should help you do light jobs around your home, such as putting furniture together or hanging pictures. But if you’re going to be doing much more than that, your best bet is to invest in an impact driver that is designed for heavier, denser materials and more prolonged use. The power of this range of screwdrivers is measured in volts, and the higher the voltage, the more torque strength is available to overcome resistance.

The bigger the battery, the more time you’ll enjoy with your electric screwdriver. For a tool that’s both lightweight and powerful, look for an electric screwdriver that is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery is not only environmentally friendly, but also maintains its charge with no deterioration when left for a prolonged period between uses.

Get the Best Electric Screwdriver of 2023!

Whether you're a novice looking to put in a few screws around the house, or a seasoned do-it-yourselfer working on a large-scale project, we hope you were able to find the best electric screwdriver among our top five picks.

Our Top Choice
Bosch 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit
Best Value
Black & Decker PivotPlus Electric Screwdriver
Milwaukee M4™ 1/4" Hex Screwdriver Kit
DeWalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver Kit
WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver