Best Electric Stovetop Reviews 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is a room where meals are prepared, meals that are necessary for the continuity of life. One important feature of most kitchens is a cooktop. It does the awesome job of warming, heating, boiling, simmering, and generally cooking your food. Finding the right cooktop can be a time-consuming activity. It requires a little bit of research, since there are so many types with subtle variations that can confuse shoppers. To make the task easier, we picked out five of the best electric stovetop brands and now offer you a product from each of them. All you need to do is look at what we’ve selected, and if somehow you do not find what you need, look further into the other options offered by these five brands and you are sure to find one that will suit you perfectly.
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# of Burners
Max Wattage
Our Top Choice
GE® 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop
GE gets top marks when it comes to the manufacture of high-performing, attractive and eye-catching home appliances. The JP328SKSS has a sleek design and heats up food very quickly.
Good value for money. Provides even heat. Durable material.
No venting system. Lacks downdraft feature.
2400 watts
33 x 27 x 8 inches
Best Value
Kenyon Arctic 2-Burner Cooktop
Kenyon is constantly delivering products that enhance its customers’ cooking experience. As one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic cooktops, it is a brand that many trust.
Lovely design. Good quality. Easy-to-use controls. On and hot-burner indicators. Fits standard coil cooktop openings. Easy to clean. Mounting accessories included.
Some large cookware may overlap onto the second burner, making it difficult to have two pots on at the same time.
1800 watts
21 x 17 x 3.25 inches
Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop
In the field of home appliances, the name Frigidaire is synonymous with quality and reliability. Its cooktops are not just well made and highly efficient; they also look great.
Well made. Good-quality material. Easy to install. Cooks quickly. Precise temperature control. Multiple cooking surfaces. Energy efficient. Easy to clean.
The controls could be easier to use.
3400 watts
Express-select controls
4.38 x 30.75 x 21.5 inches
Empava 36” Electric Induction Cooktop
Empava is a manufacturer of various top-quality household appliances. Though not one of the better-known brand names, if offers quality and efficiency at an affordable price.
Smooth ceramic glass surface. Five elements. Precise temperature control. Auto element turn off. Hot-surface indicator. Energy saving. Easy to install. Easy to clean. Affordable.
It appears the customer support could be a lot better.
2100 watts
Slider digital touch control
35.4 x 20.5 x 2.3 inches
Summit 115V Electric Cooktop
The Summit brand is driven by innovation and a desire to offer its customers quality specialty appliances that meet needs that similar products from other brands do not meet.
Well-made and attractive. Perfect for small spaces. Eurokera ceramic glass surface. Easy to install. Easy to clean. Hot-surface indicator. Kid-proof control.
Not ideal for large cookware.
1200 watts
3.38 x 11.88 x 19.7 inches

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What is the Best Electric Stovetop?

From everything you have read thus far, you now know that there are a number of decisions to be made regarding the electric stovetop to go for. Every choice has to be based on your personal preference, so it’s now up to you to decide what will suit you best. We will now begin to review our selected products. Keep an eye out for that product that offers you the features you need.
Our Top Choice
Cooking is an art that requires the best tools. GE delivers that with this cooktop, which has infinite cook controls that help you regulate the temperature. Removable drip bowls collect spills, ensuring the unit is clean. This is a basic cooktop. If you want a model with a downdraft, look at the GE Profile Series 30" Downdraft Electric Cooktop. Would you rather have an induction cooktop? If so, try the GE PHP9036DJBB Profile 36" Black Electric Induction Cooktop.

GE Electric Cooktop - Stainless Steel, GE Fits Guarantee & Touch controls – Available With Expert Installation

GE has a strong presence in the home appliance industry. This company commands close to a 15% share of all home appliances sold in the US. It has a strong consumer base that just loves the products manufactured by this two-letter brand.

One thing that stands out with this product is the GE Fits! Guarantee. It lets you replace old cooktops of the same size and fuel type from GE, or even other brands, with a GE cooktop. The design of this electric cooktop fits most kitchen countertops and makes replacement very easy.

The removable drip bowls and lift-up controls make cooking and cleaning simple. They catch spills and foods that boil over easily. For a basic electric cooktop, this product heats up really fast, thanks to two 8” and 6” Calrod heating elements and 4 burners.
Here are some more of its numerous features:
  • Upfront touch controls
  • ADA compliant
  • Installable over oven
  • Light heating elements
  • Support rod with light-up cooktop
  • Removable chrome drip controls
  • One-year limited warranty
This product comes in three colors: black, white and stainless steel gray. GE has other models in 30” and 36” electric and gas cooktops that you might find interesting.
Best Value
The Kenyon Arctic 2-Burner Cooktop is an efficient, lovely electric stovetop. With its black glass top with white designs and 2 burners that deliver 1800 and 1200 watts respectively, it’s a great addition to any kitchen. Don’t need the 8-inch burner? Try the Kenyon B41601 6-1\/2-Inch Caribbean 2-Burner Cooktop with its two 6.5-inch burners and also save some bucks.

Kenyon Arctic 2-Burner Cooktop with Analog Control – Black

In 1931 when Kenyon started, its focus was marine and aviation instruments. Following the success it recorded in this market, it moved into top-quality cooktops for the marine industry. Just as with every other thing it had done, its cooktop products were so good that customers demanded to have them for home use. Fast forward to today, Kenyon is now the top manufacturer of top-quality stainless steel electric grills and two-burner glass cooktops. The quality of its products has earned it numerous awards and, of course, the trust of many satisfied customers. Backing its products up with amazing customer service makes purchasing from Kenyon even more pleasurable.

When you need an electric stovetop that looks really good and gets the job done, the Kenyon Arctic 2-Burner Cooktop is a good product to consider. Its black ceramic glass surface with white designs is very appealing and is sure to improve the aesthetics of any kitchen. It also features an 8-inch and a 6.5-inch burner that deliver 1800 watts for the 8-inch and 1200 watts for the 6.5-inch burner, giving you options that make for more efficient cooking.

You can easily fit this stovetop into your existing standard cooktop opening with the included mounting brackets and screw fasteners. Because safety is very important in the kitchen, it features a special heat-limiting surface that reduces instances of accidental burns. The control knobs are also positioned on top of the cooktop within easy reach of any adult but out of the reach of kids, further improving its safety features.

This is an uncomplicated electric stovetop. Its analog controls are easy to use. Simply push it down and turn. With burner indicators that show when it is on and hot, you are always in control of your cooking, and when you are done, simply wipe it clean without stress. Kenyon has once again shown its quality in this product.
Enjoy the best of induction cooking with the Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop. Able to deliver up to 3400 watts, you can cook faster, control the heat better, clean up faster and also enhance the look of your kitchen. Don’t need an induction cooktop and also want to make some savings? Try the Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30" Electric Cooktop.

Frigidaire Gallery 30'' Induction Cooktop with 4 Heating Elements, Black

When many hear the name Frigidaire, they immediately think quality. The reason for this is simple. Over the years, Frigidaire has made top-quality household appliances available to many. Many households and kitchens feature various Frigidaire appliances which include refrigerators, microwave ovens, ranges, dishwashers and more. With lots of customers perfectly satisfied with their Frigidaire products, it is no wonder that many more are switching to Frigidaire appliances so they too can enjoy the same level of satisfaction.

The Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop takes cooktops to a new level of performance and efficiency. It features four cooking surfaces – a 10-inch surface that delivers between 2500 and 3400 watts, an 8-inch surface that delivers between 2300 and 3200 watts, a 7-inch surface that delivers between 1800 and 2600 watts and a 6-inch surface that delivers between 1450 and 2000 watts of power. Even the smallest of these surfaces will bring your food to a quick boil.

We understand that cooking is not all about how fast something can be cooked. Sometimes you need to slowly cook a dish, meaning you require low heat. The cooktop gives you that perfect control over the heat that is necessary for versatile cooking. Depending on your cooking needs at the time, you can easily dial into the exact heat you need, something that you cannot easily achieve with a gas or regular electric cooktop. For all this heat capability, you still get to save a lot on energy bills. The induction process offered by this Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop is about 70% more energy efficient than your gas cooker and about 20% more efficient than regular electric cookers. This means saving on your energy bill.

Safety is also a major thing with this cooktop. The hot-surface indicator helps you stay safe by alerting you to the fact that a cooking surface is hot. Did we mention that the surface is a lovely ceramic glass material? Well, it is, and this gives you a great-looking cooktop that is also very easy to clean. Get the Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop and begin to really enjoy your cooking.
The Empava 36” Electric Induction Cooktop is not just stylishly built but also highly efficient. With its ceramic glass surface, 5 burners, 9 heating levels and slider digital touch controls, cooking is very enjoyable. If you would prefer a gas cooktop, then try the Empava 34" Stainless Steel Built-in 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Stove Top Gas Cooktop.

Empava 36" Vitro Ceramic Glass Smooth Surface Electric Induction Cooktop – Available With Expert Installation

Empava is not one of those brand names that have dominated the home appliance market over the years. That said, it has managed to wow anyone who decides to give any of its numerous products a try. A customer sums it all up in this statement: "Don't know where and who makes it; installed easily and has worked great so far; lot less expensive than name brands." Having purchased one of the Empava cooktops, the customer now knows the brand and has even gone further to endorse it. Offering a wide range of home appliances ranging from cooktops – induction, electric and gas – and ovens to bathroom accessories, your home will enjoy an addition from Empava’s range of quality products.

The Empava 36” Electric Induction Cooktop is an affordable and efficient way to switch to induction cooking. We already know that induction cooking is 70% more efficient than gas and about 20% more efficient than your regular radiant electric cooktop. With this product, you do not have to shell out the loads of cash you would need to enjoy induction cooking with the known brands. Let’s take a look at this product.

If features five cooking surfaces, consisting of two 8.3-inch elements with a max wattage of 2100 watts, one 7-inch element also with a max wattage of 2100 watts, and finally, two 6.3-inch elements, both with a max wattage of 1500 watts. With these elements and the sensitive slider digital touch controls, you can take perfect control of the cooking temperature. Whether you need to melt your chocolate or bring your water to a quick boil, the 9-level heat setting gives you just the control you need.

The security feature in this product is also impressive. First, whenever a surface is too hot to touch, an H will be displayed on the cooking area to warn you. In addition to this (and to help you save on your energy costs), it has a sensor that detects the presence of cookware. Once you remove a pot and leave the element on, it will detect the absence of the pot and turn off. Nice, right? That’s not all. Unless it detects a pot, it won’t turn on.

Now, all these features are presented on a sleek vitro ceramic glass surface that’s not just smooth and really easy to clean but also lovely, elevating the look of your kitchen. Now you know something about Empava and can confidently give one of its products a try. You will be glad you did.
The Summit 115V Electric Cooktop offers an awesome balance of value and performance. With two 6-inch 1200-watt burners, an easy-to-use push-down control and a quick-clean, black surface, cooking has never been easier. Need more than two burners? Check out the Summit FBA_CR3240 230V 3-Burner 21" Radiant Cooktop.

Summit 115V Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners, 12-Inch – Available With Expert Installation

Summit Appliance® is a brand name owned by Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), and it has become known for top-quality appliances that serve both home and commercial users. The Summit brand does not just offer products that are generic or in the mold of similar products from other brands. Summit aims to offer specialty products that meet particular needs. From counter-depth smaller kitchen refrigerator-freezers to a huge selection of cooktops for hotel kitchens, smaller counters, and islands, you will find unique products for those unique needs. With Summit, you enjoy the personalized and intimate service that only a private, family-owned and run business can deliver.

You do not always have to spend an arm and a leg to get good value. This much is proven with the Summit 115V Electric Cooktop. This is a 2-burner cooktop that offers good value, combining affordability and performance. Designed to be stylish and modern, the jet black ceramic glass surface is not just sleek but also easy to clean, making it very convenient to use.

The two 6-inch burners can deliver up to 1200 watts each and can be controlled with the push-down analog control which, aside from making it easier for you to set your temperature levels, also makes it child-proof. The little force required to push down and turn the knob is not something that a child will be able to pull off, making it safe for homes with little children. In addition to this, you can always tell if a surface is still too hot to touch, because an indicator stays lit as long as a surface is too hot, making it safer for the user.

So there you have it: Two burners capable of delivering 1200 watts each, a push-down control which increases safety while giving you control over the temperature, and a hot-surface indicator all delivered in a stylishly designed package with easy-to-clean ceramic glass surface. Want to save money while still enjoying style and performance? Get the Summit 115V Electric Cooktop.

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Stovetop?

The moment that draws families together the most is meal time. What do you look forward to the most at Thanksgiving? Seeing your family members? Maybe! There is, however, the possibility that there’s a special recipe that a relative pulls out that causes you all to really be thankful. Either way, the meals are surely a major incentive. Now, cooking is a fundamental part of any home. Even a bachelor may heat up water sometimes.

Given the importance of cooking in the home, many times, a lot of money is spent setting up the kitchen with the best of kitchen equipment. Everything that is placed in the kitchen is there to facilitate the actions that take place at the cooking station where all the food preparation is done. At this cooking station, you can have different types of cooktops depending on personal preference. You can have a gas stovetop, a gas oven with a cooktop and many more options.

In this guide, we will show you how to get an electric stovetop that will serve you and your family perfectly. We understand how important cooking is to your home and we want you to get nothing but the best, so we will guide you through a few considerations that will help you find the best electric stovetop for you. Your home will be forever grateful for the lovely addition. Sadly, we could not bring you all the brands that we liked, because we did not want to make this too long a read. We will, however, recommend you take a look at electric stovetops from the LG brand. This brand offers some great products. You may also want to take a look at the Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner. This would be a great product for anyone looking for something simple and compact.

Now let’s dive into our guide and review.
Getting an electric cooktop can be expensive or inexpensive, and it all depends on the features or what type you go for. Generally, the type of heating utilized, the number of burners and more will affect the pricing. Generally speaking, any electric stovetop that utilizes magnetic induction is sure to cost more than others that use heat radiation.

During our research, we found that a budget-friendly electric stovetop will cost about $399 or less. Just be sure to avoid cheap electric stovetops so you don’t get a poor-quality product. If you want more features, then consider spending between $400 and $500 for a mid-range product. However, if you really want to get the high-end stuff, be ready to shell out over $500. Actually, products in this range cost an average of $800. It is now up to you to consider your budget and choose which will work best for you.
Before rushing off to get your electric cooktop, take some time to review a few things so you can make the right choice. There are some factors you need to take into consideration in order to reach the right conclusion. We have listed some of these here for your benefit. They include:
  • Type of Element
  • Number of Burners
  • Wattage
  • Controls
  • Additional Features
Construction and Design
Electric cooktops are offered in four different types of heating element options. This is one thing you will need to consider before proceeding with any other consideration. These four types of heating elements include: the spiral coil, the solid disk, the radiant and the magnetic induction.

The spiral coil type, also known as open coil, is easily the least expensive of all types. You can actually see the heating element go bright as it heats. This type of element heats quickly and is somewhat energy efficient. It, however, is not as attractive and easy to clean as others. It is easy for spills to run into the element area, making cleaning a bit difficult unless the model allows for lifting of this area. If cost is a major issue for you, then consider this.

The other three all offer a solid top. This means the heating element is not visible. You will usually hear the terms ceramic cooktop or glass-top used to describe some of these. The heating element is covered with ceramic glass, which then transmits the heat to the cookware. This has three major advantages. It is easy to clean, it looks good in your kitchen, and when you are not using it, you can convert it into a working surface.

Of the last three, the magnetic induction type is slightly different in its operation. It also offers a solid top with all the advantages listed above. However, where the others utilize radiant heat, it utilizes induction, which makes it much more effective at heating and also more energy efficient. The benefits of magnetic induction are quick heating, precise temperature control and, as we stated earlier, energy efficiency, which translates into savings. It is actually about 70% more energy efficient than your gas cooktop and about 20% more energy efficient than your radiant cooktop. This is easily the best option for electric stovetops. Before you rush off to buy one, note the following: It is more expensive than other options and it will not work with all cookware. The cookware has to be magnetic for it to work. This means that getting an electric stovetop that uses magnetic induction may mean purchasing a new set of compatible cookware.
Performance and Ease of Use
While choosing your electric stovetop, you will want to consider the number of burners it has, and based on the amount of cooking you do, you can determine which is best. Another thing to consider is the arrangement of these burners. If the size of your cookware only allows you to put one or two pots on the burners, then it does not matter if it has more than those two. The burners should be properly spaced to allow for multiple dishes to be cooked, if that is what you want.

The wattage will tell you how hot a burner will get. Many electric cooktops have different wattages for different burners and controls for each burner so you can choose how hot you need a burner to get. Before making your purchase, you should know the maximum and minimum heat you can achieve with each burner so you can be sure it will serve you well. Talking about controls, the placement of the controls is critical. You want the controls in a position you can easily reach while cooking without getting burnt. You also want these controls out of the reach of a curious child. Finding this balance is important. Some brands try to solve this by offering touchpads instead. Determine what works best for you and go for it.

Finally, look at every feature offered by the electric stovetop you want, and ensure these are features that will improve your use of it. When we mentioned touchpad controls earlier, we did not add that some brands allow you to lock the pad so it won’t respond to the touch of a curious child. This certainly is a good one. Ensure the stovetop is easy to clean and the knobs are either removable or easy to clean around.

Take your time looking through these factors we’ve listed and others you may find, and you will be sure to find that perfect electric stovetop that will serve you well.

Get the Best Electric Stovetop of 2023!

By now you have a better understanding of electric stovetops, and hopefully can now pick out what you want. Without further delay, go right ahead and place your order so you can get cooking.

Our Top Choice
GE® 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop
Best Value
Kenyon Arctic 2-Burner Cooktop
Frigidaire 30'' Induction Cooktop
Empava 36” Electric Induction Cooktop
Summit 115V Electric Cooktop