Best Electric Wheelchair Reviews 2023

We just love being independent, no matter how much we might have to count on others for a helping hand, and one of the things critical to our well-being is being able to move from one point to the other. There are, however, many issues which can jeopardize our ability to move around: accidents, disease, old age, you name it. Fortunately, some of the best electric wheelchair brands around are working round the clock to see everyone in such a situation move around conveniently and safely. Now, we’re here to talk you through five of the best deals in the market.
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Maximum Speed
Our Top Choice
Wheelchair88 Foldawheel Lightweight Power Wheelchair
Wheelchair88 is a brand that designs its products with you in mind, with an aim of making people's lives a little easier. This is demonstrated perfectly in its PW-1000XL Foldawheel power chair.
Weighs only 55 lb. Folds and opens in 2 seconds. Compact. Speed up to 5 miles per hour. 18” seat cushion. Quiet brushless motors. 10” rear tires. 4 spring suspensions. Anti-tilt support.
Limited leg room.
36.2” L X 35” W X 23.6” H
Folding travel wheelchair
5 miles/hr
330 lbs
Warranty available
Best Value
Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair
Shoprider’s passion for creating affordable, user-friendly power chairs is incredibly evident and is something it's been doing successfully for over 10 years. Its Jimmie Power Chair is a great example.
Rear wheel drive. Extra light 106.1 lb. Connector-less technology. Easy assembly and disassembly. Seat with controller. Adjustable seat height. Removable foldup footrest.
Does not come with travel bag.
33.5" L X 21.7 W X 22” H
Detachable travel wheelchair
3.75 miles/hr
250 lbs
1-year warranty
Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 ES Power Wheelchair
Pride Mobility PRIDEs (see what we did) itself on its high-quality, thoroughly tested products that make a real difference to users. This quality is evident in the Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair.
Omni-Casters on front and rear. Side-mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers. Active-Trac® ATX Suspension. Easy front access to batteries.
Isn’t detachable or foldable, difficult for travel.
35.5" L, 24.5" W
Two motor, mid-wheel drive
4 miles/hr
300 lbs
13-month warranty
Golden Technologies Literider Envy Electric Wheelchair
Golden Technologies is a wheelchair brand that puts consumers and their comfort first. This is true of its Literider Envy Electric Wheelchair, available in red and blue!
Available in blue and red. Available in different styles. Under seat storage basket. Tubular frame design. Full size, stadium style seat.
Joystick is very sensitive.
33" W, 22.5" H
Detachable travel wheelchair
3.5 miles/hr
300 lbs
1-year warranty
Invacare Pronto 31 Powered Wheelchair
Invacare aims to provide affordable wheelchair products that really make a difference to its customers' lives, such as the Invacare Pronto 31 Power Wheelchair.
Adjustable and removable arms. Height adjustable fold-down footboard. Tool-less removable shroud. Charger connection located on joystick. 9" flat free drive wheels. Regenerative electromagnetic brakes.
Sometimes difficult to steer.
38.8" L X 23.5" W X 19" H
Travel-ready design wheelchair
3.8 miles/hr
300 lbs
13-month extended warranty

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What is the Best Electric Wheelchair?

When it comes to the idea of what’s best in the electric wheelchair category, it’s totally down to what you’ll be needing the chair for. We also understand that price will play a large role in the selection process. We featured brands with a wide price range, as well as products with a whole host of different features to make the job of shopping around slightly easier for you. Now that you’re well-informed on the features to look out for, the next thing to do is get browsing for the right wheelchair!
Our Top Choice
We loved the fact the PW-1000XL is an improved-upon design with a whole host of features designed to make the user more comfortable and independent. If, however, you are after a slightly slower model, check out Wheelchair88’s equally impressive Foldawheel PW-999UL instead.

Wheelchair88 Foldawheel Lightweight Powered Wheelchair- PW-1000XL

Wheelchair88 has everything you need in power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, standing wheelchairs and accessories. It has developed products that are not only comfortable but manageable. By working with disabled people, Wheelchair88 has successfully managed to create products that are as efficient and easy to use as possible.

The Foldawheel PW-1000XL is a wider version of the original lightweight folding power chair. This product only weighs in at 55 lb, meaning it is the lightest model in the portable power chair category. Its compact style means it can easily fit into the trunk of a car, and its newly improved folding mechanism means this wheelchair can be opened and put away in just 2 seconds.

The upgraded power system has improved brushless motors with bigger 10” rear tires and 4 spring suspensions, making the whole chair substantially more powerful than the original. By using easy-to-remove connectors in the chair's joystick controller, it can now be detached without removing the entire cable, making the chair safer and easier to use. Its anti-tilt technology also provides added support and security.
Best Value
The Jimmie Power Chair by Shoprider stood out for us due to its long list of impressive features. If, however, you are after something slightly more travel-friendly, take a look at Shoprider’s Smartie Power Chair Instead!

Shoprider Jimmie Electric Power Wheelchair

Shoprider has been providing affordable electronic wheelchairs with advanced features and innovative designs since 1988, and has quickly become one of the top leaders in this field worldwide. With its wheelchair products renowned for their reliability and technologically advanced features, we are not surprised Shoprider has become a firm favorite among wheelchair users. With its support teams always on hand for advice and technical support, this is a brand you can trust to provide you with a great chair for your needs.

With its wireless technology and high efficiency motors, the Jimmie Power Chair really stands out amongst the rest. It's also travel-friendly with its easy take-apart technology and extra light construction, meaning it can be stored in the trunk of your car with ease.

Its padded seat and armrest and removable footrest all provide ultimate comfort while being adjustable too! The seat of this product has a controller allowing for more independence, and rear wheel drive, which provides better support on a variety of different terrain.
Pride Mobility’s Jazzy 600 Power Chair was a winner in our eyes due to its rigorously tested performance levels and sleek design. If you are after something lower-priced, with the same high-tech style, check out Pride Mobility’s Go-Chair Powered Wheelchair.

Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair

Pride Mobility is the world’s leading manufacturer and designer of mobility products. With operations all over the world, Pride Mobility is dedicated to providing quality products that are expertly engineered and tested thoroughly. With so many innovative features incorporated into its designs, consumers receive the highest possible quality of wheelchair and mobility products.

The compact design of the Jazzy 600 ES power chair has an Active-Trac ATX suspension, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for both an indoor and outdoor-friendly wheelchair. The OMNI-Casters on both the front and back of the Jazzy 600 prevent the wheels from getting stuck or jammed, and are also side-mounted for easy access.

The simple front access to the battery pack in this product also allows for quick, easy changing, making the user more independent while in the chair. This particular product has also gone through rigorous testing, such as stability and break effectiveness, to make sure the chair performs safely and to the best of its ability.
Golden Technologies Envy Electric Wheelchair was a winner for us due to its high levels of comfort and sleek, easy-to- maneuver design. If you are after a slightly more high-tech model, take a look at Golden Technologies Alante Sport Powered Wheelchair instead.

Golden Technologies Literider Envy Electric Wheelchair-PTC 162

Golden Technologies has set the pace in the wheelchair and power chair industry with its high performance and comfortable, convenient products. By using materials of a superior quality, and solid craftsmanship, it's created wheelchair products and accessories with unmatched durability. The company knows independence is an important part of every person's daily life, and therefore makes products based on this important factor.

The Literider Envy Electric Wheelchair is available in either red or blue. The chair comes with under seat storage, which is great when going to and from the shops. The stadium style seat also adds a touch of comfort that goes a long way in these types of electric power chairs.

This chair is also portable and can be easily taken apart for car journeys, and easily put back together again! The non-scuff tires reflect the durability of this wheelchair with its strong tubular design and steel rims, chrome hubcaps and 26” turning radius, which is great for indoor use.
We loved the easily portable design and adjustable features of the Pronto Power Wheelchair from Invacare. If you are after a slightly newer model, take a look at Invacare’s Pronto M41 Fold Down Power Wheelchair, with a whole host of new design features. This chair is at the top of its game!

Invacare Pronto P31 Powered Wheelchair-Black

Invacare is a global leader in the manufacturing of home medical products that aid in recovery and help people become more independent. Invacare believes that healthcare for the home shouldn’t cost the earth, and that is why it produces affordable wheelchairs and wheelchair products that are not only comfortable but effective. With a whole range of products designed to make the lives of customers and their carers easier, it is no wonder the Invacare brand is so popular worldwide.

The Pronto 31 has an array of features designed with the consumer in mind, such as its full length, adjustable arms that can also be detached for when storing in the car. Its large angle and height adjustable footboard allows for precise comfort and easy maneuverability. Its tool-less removable shroud allows easy serviceability too!

The chair's 9” flat free drive wheels and intelligent electromagnetic brakes add a level of safety that is crucial to this type of product, further demonstrated in the chair's simple handling and overall durability. The 360-degree rotating captains seat allowed for easy transfer to and from the chair, perfect for the user and carers (and comfortable too)!

How Do I Choose the Best Electric Wheelchair?

The human body can be unpredictable. One moment you’re moving around and having fun, then, in an instant, everything changes; you may be struck by a car, or get hit by a crippling disease. Quite often, things can become difficult if life changes without notice, and the next moment you’re having a hard time moving from one place to the other. There’s good news, however: an electric wheelchair can come to your rescue, and you’ll be able to go virtually everywhere you need to as if nothing ever happened. Isn’t it nice? Well, it all starts with finding the wheelchair that has what it takes.

One of the things you may gain from considering is whether you want an electric wheelchair that you can use indoors or outdoors. Perhaps the best part is that most of these wheelchairs are built for multi-purpose use. Also check out whether your chair will be easy to transport in your car, especially if you’ll need to do so quite often. We’re sure you need the same convenience when going to the office or participating in any other activities, so you may want to factor in the type of vehicle you’re using to be sure you’ll have an easy time with the portability.

The speed is also important since you’ll need to move around conveniently. And while at it, remember to consider how much battery range you’ll need, as this goes a long way in helping avoid inconveniences. Not forgetting, you can also make the most of the differences in weight capacity, especially if you’ll be bringing your crutches, backpack or your laptop if you usually work on the go. It should take on your weight and any additional luggage necessary.

Besides, the need to move fast shouldn’t compromise your comfort. Look out for the armrest and leg rest features. Also, ensure the design, and perhaps the seat cushion caters to your needs, especially if you’ll be on the chair for long hours. This goes along with the quest for the best seating style that can offer the best comfort. Do you need a solid pan, captain’s design or rehab style? It all depends on your preferred type, but deciding beforehand is crucial.

You can always get more with these chairs, and the best to do is check out our review of the top five options and see for yourself, but don’t forget to look at their important features first.
Considering the features and benefits a powered wheelchair can offer, there’s no denying these chairs are the real deal. When it comes to the price, though, you’ll be amazed at how fairly these chairs can be priced for their quality. If you’re willing to spend any amount between $1,000 and $3,000, you can get yourself a great wheelchair. This may seem like a lot, but it’s definitely worth it, and if you want a better quality chair, then all you need to do is to put a little more money on the bid.

Another thing you cannot forget is the fact that any wheelchair will be priced according to its features and the material it’s made of. If you’re going for the one with such features as an ideal joystick, sturdy tires, and great comfortable padding, the price goes up. Similarly, if you want to buy from the best brand in the market, then you can be sure to pay a little more.

Most importantly, the thing you need to watch out for is when there’s a surprisingly cheap electric wheelchair on offer, since it’s unlikely to be anything but a bust. Going for the very cheapest option will only cause you more frustration and headaches down the road. Such products lack important features like armrest, sturdy tires and sufficient power to keep you going, and thus the whole chair is compromised. Therefore, it won’t offer you the performance you expect.
For any electric wheelchair to offer what it’s meant to, the features have to come first. This aspect means the difference between getting the real deal and ending up with a chair that you cannot make use of.

When it comes to checking the features, these are some of the things to go for:
  • Size – Well, electric wheelchairs come in different sizes and weight, so there’s always something for everyone. But it can be a big plus to consider when making your decision for easy portability or heavy-duty use.
  • Type – From folding travel to rear-wheel drive, frontal wheel drive, heavy duty as well as center wheel-drive, the options for types could leave you spoilt for choice. But this is simple; it’s just a matter of what chair would work best for you.
  • Maximum Speed – Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean spending all day trying to get from one point to the other, and this is what motor wheelchairs are all about— speed. Well, the aspect of speed isn’t equal across the board. Some have a maximum speed of up to 3.7mhp, and others 10 mph; others could also clock up to 16mph. You only need to weigh your options and decide which speed is efficient and safe for you.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – Ranging from 250 pounds all the way to 330 pounds, electric wheelchairs come in all sorts of different weight capacities. The only thing that determines your choice here should be your weight, as well as whether you’ll need to bring additional items onboard. The bottom line, though, remains that these chairs are well-built and sturdy enough to carry what you need them to.
  • Warranty – So you’re setting out to purchase your selected electric wheelchair, but you need to shop with confidence — there’s no better way of getting this than with a warranty. Well, from one to 2-year warranties to as long as a lifetime warranty, these chairs bear different warranty types depending on the brand you go for. You’ll always have a reason to overcome your worries.
Construction and Design
An electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair look quite similar in design, but the electric one is usually faster and more efficient, all thanks to several factors. Here are some of the things that give this chair an edge:


The first thing you’ll notice in the design of these chairs is the variety of types. This ranges from the configuration of the wheels to the design of the chair itself. If you’ll be using it quite often, then going for a folding design is advisable. Besides, you can consider the sturdier heavy-duty type, which is built to cope with almost any task.


These chairs are also constructed with different power options, from the center-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, to rear-wheel drive. You can always get more options with the mode of propulsion, but collectively they go a long way in offering the best you can get for a natural movement. Not forgetting, the maneuverability is also as excellent, and comfort is guaranteed.

Armrest and Leg Rest

Another interesting thing about these chairs is the full range of options when it comes to the arm and leg rest. Different designs are tailored to offer more than just comfort, so you’ll not get tired within minutes of sitting on the chair. What’s more, the wheelchairs are also designed to offer a variety of sitting options as well. Whether you want to go the captain’s way, choose the rehab, or go for the solid pan, you can always get the one that best fits your desired sitting style. Besides, if you know, you’ll be spending most of the time on your chair, considering one with extra padding, backrest, and headrest go a long way too.


For easy use, electric wheelchairs usually come with a joystick and other controls that are worth checking out as well. This can be configured differently to cater for either right-handed or left-handed people. It’s therefore important that you make your choice based on the best installation for you. Even better, most wheelchairs come with a swinging joystick, which is easy to move to any side you are comfortable with, and you can easily keep it out of the way when on a table.


Most electric wheelchairs can be quite bulky; some can weigh up to 200 pounds. It’s thus important to take note of this when making your purchase, especially if you intend to travel with your chair a lot. If you can find a wheelchair that’s other hand foldable, on the, then this won’t be as much of a problem. However, the size and weight are essential to keep in mind when shopping to be sure you get the right one.
Performance and Ease of Use
You need to get a wheelchair that can go the distance in enhancing your mobility. This calls for one that can take the road head on and still perform at its best, which means incorporating the following features into its design:

Lighter Turning

For more flexibility, these chairs are capable of attaining sharp turning radius for added maneuverability. This makes the wheelchair not only easy to control, but you won’t be too tired at the end of the day, especially considering that you’ll still need to use it tomorrow and into the future.


The other thing you cannot miss to note is the ability to customize your chair to fit your requirements. Among the many things you can customize are a supportive back and the seat cushions. Besides, you can also make the most of a tilt and recline in most chairs for more comfort, and even more so if you’ll be sitting for hours on end. This can definitely come in handy if repositioning yourself with your arms is proving to be too difficult.


Wheels are among the crucial features you cannot overlook when shopping for the right wheelchair. Most of the wheels feature foam filled tires, either polyurethane or flat free. The best part about this kind of tires is that they’re easy to maintain. Besides, they can be convenient in case of a bumpy ride if the terrain is rough, not to mention that they don’t lose air easily.


You can hardly talk of the electric wheelchairs without mentioning the element of power. Well, these chairs run on battery-powered propulsion that not only makes your ride super easy but also fast and efficient. Besides, most are built to retain charge for long enough to keep you going where you want to without inconveniences along the way.


The other primary and most essential thing you’ll love about wheelchairs is that you can use it virtually anywhere; whether you want one for indoor or outdoor use, an electric wheelchair is likely to allow to navigate either environment. Together with the added mobility and the other advantages, powered wheelchairs give you all you need to get there with ease.

Get the Best Electric Wheelchair of 2023!

By now you should have a better understanding of what type of chair you’re after and what’s on offer for you. If you aren’t a fan of the selected products we’ve decided to feature, all our brands have a large variety of products on offer, so you’re sure to find the best electric wheelchair for your wants and needs. Now all that’s left to do is to start shopping!

Our Top Choice
Wheelchair88 Foldawheel Lightweight Power Wheelchair
Best Value
Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair
Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 ES Power Wheelchair
Golden Technologies Literider Envy Electric Wheelchair
Invacare Pronto 31 Powered Wheelchair