Best Electronic Balance Board – Smart Fitness Training Boards to Improve Your Core and Balance

Whether you are young or old, it’s best to keep your reflexes, balance, and coordination in tip-top condition. Smart balance boards (not to be confused with hover boards) are a great way to improve focus and agility while you exercise, and they are just plain fun to use — and they up your game compared to non-electronic balance trainers. Get up and get moving with an electronic balance board to enhance your coordination, burn calories, improve circulation, and build up your leg and core strength. We’ll guide you through the process of picking out the best electronic balance board for you.

Please note, we have reviews for traditional balance boards and balls, as well as vibration platforms - links are below!
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Our Top Choice
Stealth Core Trainer Plankster
The Stealth Core Trainer Plankster is designed to get boredom out of your plank exercises by engaging in multidirectional exercises.
Free body fitness app. 360-degree motion. Fits any smartphone.
Free Gaming options. Pricey subscriptions.
15.2 Pounds
Gaming balance board
Abs, glutes
250 Pounds
360° Motion
Best Value
Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board Bundle
WiiFit Plus is designed to bring the energy back into your workout and allows you to customize your exercise routine for a better experience.
Mix yoga & exercise. Customizable. Lots of exercises. Board and software also sold separately.
Requires Wii console system so not a stand alone balance trainer.
11.11 Pounds
Family Gaming Balance Board
Yoga, aerobics
330 Pounds
Yoga feature
LifePro Waiver Vibration Balance Board
The LifePro Waiver Vibration Board is designed to assist you to regain your muscle strength and regenerate cells in your body.
Display panel. Has wheels. Customizable. 99-speed settings. Available in 3 colors
Uncomfy for some. Heavy.
33 Pounds
Oscillating Balance Board
Muscles, bones, cellulite
330 Pounds
Online trainer manual
Plankpad Interactive Balance Trainer
Plankpad has designed this interactive electronic balance board that combines fun and games into your ab workout using a training app for a great experience.
Lots of works out games. High quality. Synchronizable.
Board is not actually electronic, but it syncs with Plankpad app.
7.7 Pounds
Wooden Balance Board
Muscles, arms, shoulders
397 Pounds
Interactive app
Diggin Electronic Wobble Deck for Kids
The Diggin Wobble Deck boasts of three multilevel games that will transform your workout into a fun and engaging activity.
Indoor/outdoor. 3 multi-level balance games: Memory Match, Speed Play and Freestyle. Also helps to improve sound and color recognition.
Older model so sometimes hard to find. Some reports that commands hard to hear.
4.4 Pounds
Kids Balance Board
Reflex, memory, coordination
100 Pounds
Colors and sound

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Want to Improve Your Balance and Strengthen Your Core? Get an Electronic Balance Board!

Whether you’re looking for a quick and efficient cardio workout, or a great tool for physical therapy, you need a balance board that’s sturdy enough to last. It can be tough to pick out the right balance board with so many options on the market. Some are pretty basic, and others have lots of bells and whistles. First let’s review the options and what to check for, and then we'll look at a few popular models from some of the best balance board manufacturers out there.
Our Top Choice
Not digging the yellow color? Get the green Stealth Core Trainer Professional!

Stealth Full Body Core Workout Trainer

Stealth is a gaming fitness genius and a lot more than a gaming board company. Stealth has revolutionized exercise by making it fun and interactive with the exercise board. With games that have exciting features, it aims to improve not only your balance but also your physical fitness and, most importantly, improve your overall health remains Stealth's priority.

Stealth Core Trainer Plankster brings the gaming world to life in a superbly exciting way. The portable health club improves your balance and works your core muscles in less than 3 minutes (there is a sample workout video up above in our buying guide). It's not only fun but also challenging with its dynamic exercise options.

Here are some more great features of the Stealth Plankster:
  • Portable and compact health club in the comfort of your home
  • Free body fitness app with two games such as Mighty Maze and Fun Runner
  • 360-degree motion providing a full body workout
  • Compatible with any smartphone making it highly flexible
  • Ergonomically designed arm pad that’re urethane moulded
  • Patented fluidity sphere
Best Value
Want the balance board alone? The Nintendo Wii Balance Board is just perfect!

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board - Includes updated game software and the Wii Balance Board

Nintendo is a leader in the gaming world and has set the pace for excellent gaming options. Wii plus fitness options have added an extensive range of gaming options well customized to bring you nothing but the best. The balance boards will give you excellent results and improve your overall health. Get exercising today and improve your physical and mental well-being.

The Wii plus balance board is everything you have been missing. It is a perfect work out idea for the whole family. Works to strengthen your muscles, improve your balance. You can incorporate yoga exercises as well. Besides having fun, you will enjoy multiple benefits and a perfectly toned body.

Some of its great features include:
  • includes a game software and a balance board
  • Users can time and customize their workouts
  • Additional yoga and strength exercises
  • Wide range of customized games
  • Shows estimated calorie loss
Tired of workout pains and aches? Try LifePro Turbo 3D Vibration Board!

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Fitness Platform with Loop Bands

Life pro is unrivaled when it comes to improving life through fitness exercises. It leads by targeting to improve your fitness journey. The equipment helps strengthen your muscles and improve your overall health. The physical approach employed will get you on a recovery journey and renewal. Discover wellness in the most fun way!

Build your muscles and improve your fitness with the lifepro waver vibration plate. The waver creates a vibration to the entire body. This stimulates your muscles and causes them to contract. This, in turn, causes increased activation to your entire body.

More features of the LifePro Waiver Board include:
  • 99 adjustable speed settings which accommodates various ability level
  • Online professional trainer manual and eBook for better workouts
  • Has full body vibration which helps contract extra muscles for a better workout
  • Unique design with a display panel and a remote control
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
Not digging this board? Get the Strong Tek Anti Fatigue Balance Board!

Plankpad Interactive Plank Abs Trainer Balance Board with Training App for iOS & Android

Plankpad has set itself apart in the gaming world. Bringing you the most professional balance boards that improve your well-being. It lets you enjoy dynamic workouts that challenge your core to give you excellent results. The balance board lets you exercise specific areas, and this results in a well-toned body and general well being

The plankpad lets you do so much. Perfect for both in and outdoors, it trains your entire body. You not only get to burn fat but also tone you ultimately get to build great muscles.

Here are some benefits and features of the Planpad:
  • Made of high quality wood with exquisite walnut finishing
  • Exercises multiple muscle groups at the same time
  • iOS application with many works out games
  • Can be used as a balance board
  • Soft sweat resistant foam
  • Can be synchronized to a smart TV
  • Easy to handle and convenient to store
A perfect body is within reach with this genius balance and fitness board.
Want to take things to the next level? Try the Diggin Wobble Deck Extreme Balancing Game! It offers challenging exercise and memory games for the whole family.

Diggin Active 1 Wobble Deck Wood - Exciting, electronic balance board with 3 Game Variations

Diggin designs spectacular games to get you in shape in a fun way. The company prides itself on bringing you exercise and fun options in the comfort of your home. With the use of colors and numbers, it not only aims to improve your physical well being but also your intellect and that of your children. It is also a fantastic way to improve reflexes and overall balance.

Wobble board is unique and suitable for both children for ages 5 and up. This professionally made board comes in 5 numbered colored edges, each linked to a musical sound. The player is prompted to shift weight by touching the corresponding area to the ground. This improves the balance as well as sharpening the reflexes. Your kids get to build cognitive abilities in a fun, healthy way.

Here are some of its features:
  • 3 multi-level balance game with lots of fun
  • Improve sound and color recognition for better coordination
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Multiple difficulty level settings
  • Great for testing reflexes and reactions
Your kids will have so much fun they won't know they are exercising with the Diggin Wobble Deck! By the way, if you skimmed past the buying guide, we have a video demo of this electronic balance board for kids above.

How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Balance Trainer?

If you want great “gams” or fab abs, you’ll have to do more than just park in the back of the lot, so you can add a hundred steps to your fitness tracker. One unique way to get mind-blowing leg muscles is to buy a balance board, which also makes working out a lot more exciting. In fact, it’s so much fun to use a balance board, they also make great gifts for kids who need to up their exercise game. Of course you can always go with more standard workout equipment, such as a treadmill or rowing machine, but if you’re looking for something different, check out a few of the cool electronic balance boards on the market.
With some of the extras that come with modern-day electric balance boards, it’s not the best plan to go with a cheap balance board. If you’re looking for a steal, there are some balance boards available for as little as $50, and they still offer a good agility workout.

If you want enhancements, such as a vibrating platform, 360-degree rotation, or a full range of speeds and other extras, a quality electronic balance board can run you anywhere from $100 to $250.

This 3 Minute Plank Workout on the Stealth Plankster is Super Fun!

The Stealth Core Trainer turns the boring plank exercise into a fun gamified workout. | Courtesy of Stealth Fitness

Whether you’re a junior, a senior, or somewhere in between, we can all use better balance and coordination. With such a wide potential audience, many balance boards have features that are geared towards a specific demographic based on their fitness ability and age.

Unlike a hoverboard which requires balance to use, an smart balance board is a semi-stationary piece of exercise equipment. The movement is from side to side, which is why they are often referred to as wobble boards. Vibration platforms are also electric, but the movement is different. Most exercises that can be done on a plain wooden balance board, can also be done on an electronic balance trainer.

Let’s consider a few different segments of the population, so you can get a feel of what to look for, based on age and fitness level:

Kids and Juniors

Kids just want to have fun, don’t they? They also have lots of energy to burn, and sitting in front of the TV or computer just isn’t going to cut it. You can select an electronic balance board that is specifically designed for kids, such as the Wii Plus Fitness balance board, which includes fun games to encourage more exercise. Important features to look for in kids' balance boards are:
  • Fun and engaging to use
  • Lots of game options
  • Full 360-degree balance action for better muscle coordination
  • Beginner and intermediate settings

Intermediate & Advanced Athletes

If you’re in good shape and want to maximize the intensity of your workouts, here are a few things to check for in an electronic balance board:
  • 360-degree balance action
  • Vibrating platform and oscillation for maximum action
  • Jogging and running settings
  • Resistance bands with handles to add upper body toning
  • Wi-fi syncing with your other tech devices
  • High intensity/speed options


Once you’re over 65, you definitely need to keep up your flexibility and balance to avoid injury, and stay fit and fabulous as long as possible. Joint pain is another consideration, and many electronic balance boards address all these issues quite well. Here are some features to consider when buying a balance board for seniors:
  • Vibrating platform for joint stimulation
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Simple and easy-to-use controls
  • Moderate-sized motor and speed threshold so you don’t overdo it
Now let’s review a few additional features related to construction and design.
Construction and Design
The momentum and tilt of your balance board will vary by manufacturer. Some have a basic left-to-right oscillator, while others go front to back as well. Some of the higher-end balance boards do a full 360-degree swivel. Speed and motion variations are also an option.

The advantage of an electronic balance board is that you can set your favorite type of workout, from jogging and running to full body balancing or even surfing. Most electronic balance boards are relatively easy to move, but some can be quite heavy. Since you are likely to want to store it when not in use, check the weight and the weight capacity before making your purchase.

Most electronic balance boards have a weight capacity in the 200- to 300-pound (91- to 136-kilogram) range. Some models can play music to keep you inspired, or tap into your fitness app to assist in counting calories. Kid-friendly models often have games to make it more fun, which is a definite plus.

Other design features include handles for easier balance and coordination, or a remote control so you can change the setting in mid-stride. Vibrating platforms improve circulation, and act like your own personal massager. These platforms can help to activate your joints, improve your bone density, or rehabilitate any injuries and assist in your physical therapy goals.

If you’re in the market for an advanced balance board that will really work your leg muscles to the max, keep an eye out for boards with powerful motors over 1,000 watts, 3D or triangular oscillators, and lots of variable speed options from beginner to advanced. This way, you can steadily improve your skills over time.
Performance and Ease of Use
An easy-to-read LCD monitor that displays the current settings and is easily adjustable will sweeten the deal when buying a balance board, by making it more user-friendly.

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for your balance board, it might be worth it to get a heavy balance board. It will be sturdier, last longer, and will better accommodate people of different weight classes, if you want family and friends to give it a try.

Kids will probably prefer a balance board that includes bright colors, sounds, and different games that will add to the fun. Seniors may prefer a balance board that isn't too complex. An electronic balance board that goes from beginner to intermediate with easy-to-read settings will be just fine.

Demo Wobble Deck Electronic Balance Challenge

With 3 different games and multiple skill levels, kids will have fun working their muscles and their mind! | Courtesy of MindWare

Who Makes the Best Electronic Balance Boards?

If you find riding an indoor bicycle or walking on a treadmill boring, a balance board may be the perfect solution for you. You can acquire cat-like reflexes and burn lots of calories with an electronic balance board. Check out our top five picks from top manufacturers. Balance boards improve your core and leg strength, make a great addition to other training routines, and offer a terrific option for people who need to improve their coordination and fitness levels.

Our Top Choice
Stealth Core Trainer Plankster
Best Value
Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board Bundle
LifePro Waiver Vibration Balance Board
Plankpad Interactive Balance Trainer
Diggin Electronic Wobble Deck for Kids

Electronic Balance Board FAQs

How Do I Sync the Balance Board?
Product reviews often mention how easy it is to sync a balance board to a mobile device. It could either be an android mobile device or a Wii Nintendo device. In this case, we shall focus on syncing a balance board to an Android Device. Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device. Once you are done, push the sync button on the balance board. It is usually red. You can then set your height and weight before stepping onto the balance board for more precise results.
How do electronic balance boards work?
Electric balance boards basically engage your core muscles which creates overall body awareness by tracking your balance. Most have incorporated interactive features such as games and online apps which makes your workout fun and more engaging.
What are the benefits of electronic balance boards?
Working out using an electronic balance board has numerous benefits such as improved posture, fun activities through games, increased core strength which helps reduce back pain and improved body coordination. Compared to balance trainers and regular wobble boards, they add an interactive level of fun to exercising.
What’s the difference between a wobble and vibrating balance board?
While both are designed to work your muscles, a wobble balance board provides an oscillating motion which greatly relies on you for balance. A vibrating balance board shakes up your muscles causing them to contract and relax for a full body workout. In addition, some vibration platforms are much larger and have rails for advanced workouts.
How long to use an electronic balance board?
For some, a 3 minute workout is enough to exercise the whole body. For most 10 -15 minutes is the ideal time to spend on an electronic balance board if you are doing deep core exercises. However, there are some that incorporate interactive games with your exercise, which will make time fly! For those, play as long as your body feels comfortable, but don't overdo it or you will regret it the next day.