Best Encyclopedia Reviews 2022

Where do you turn when you need to know something about something? That’s right: an encyclopedia. We’ve come up with what we believe to be the 5 best encyclopedias currently available, from 5 different brands. All you need do is go through the review and your nerves will be calmed immediately. Remember to look at other encyclopedias from these brands if the ones we featured don’t satisfy you.
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Target Age
Our Top Choice
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia
Kingfisher is one of the world’s leading producers of information resources that cater to a wide range of people from pre-schoolers to high school students and even adults.
Up-to-date with new facts and data concerned with the topics it covers. Has about a thousand (1,000) photos and illustrations. Also has entries for minor topics.
Some topics not given enough depth.
Ages 10-14
Best Value
The National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia
National Geographic is interested in bringing you stories that matter through various media forms including books, TV, maps and social media platforms.
Features 2,500 species; their habitats, communication, lifecycle, migration and lots more. Properly organized. Easy to navigate through the different animals.
A few grammatical errors.
Ages 8-12
The Marvel Encyclopedia: Updated
Marvel mics is a subsidiary of Marvel Worldwide Inc., concerned with the production and publication of resource materials that take you through the world of Marvel.
Designed like a comic book for fun reading. Arranged in an A to Z manner. Allows for smooth navigation.
The information given on some minor characters is limited.
Marvel characters
Ages 10 and up
The DK Knowledge Encyclopedia
Founded in the year 1974, DK has been in the market for some time now, creating and pushing out highly visual and informative books for adults and children alike.
Images rendered in 3-D making. Easy to relate with. Ends with useful resources including conversion charts, maps, tree of life chart and glossary of terms.
It might be too broad a resource if you are doing a focused research.
3D wonders of the world
Ages 8-15
The Disney A to Z Encyclopedia
As one of the foremost providers of information and entertainment, the Walt Disney Company produces content in print and visual forms that are at once fun and enlightening.
Thousands of entries. Hundreds of images. Recently updated, so the information is current.
Could have been better packaged.
Disney guide
Hardcover; paperback

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What is the Best Encyclopedia?

Shopping for books is not easy; there is usually a large amount of thinking going into it. Since we’ve done the thinking and analyzing for you, which is about 90% of the job, all that’s left is for you to read our reviews of the top encyclopedias and place your order. Easy!
Our Top Choice
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia is arranged according to topics, allowing you to get to your particular area of interest without having to meander through information that is, at that point in time, unnecessary. If you’d rather delve into the history of everything you should think of getting The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia.

Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia – Hardcover; October 3, 2017 Edition

Kingfisher is a brand dedicated to the provision of educational resources for all and sundry. With books published in more than twenty languages, it certainly has a wide coverage and produces its books as series and stand alone titles too. It is not just interested in making you learn but in making your learning as fun as possible and it does this through imaginative writing and beautiful out of the box designs. Its books cover a wide range of interests from the sciences to history, geography, philosophy and the art. Whatever you’re into, Kingfisher has you covered.

The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia is one brilliant piece of information resource. It covers a wide range of scientific interests including everybody’s favorites like mother earth, the human system and other necessary information on our environment. Topics are arranged in such a way that transition from one topic to another is fluid, aiding not just understanding but the reading itself. Thankfully, this resource has not left out some of the seemingly minor topics but has given them 27 entries. This book is properly rounded, giving you an insight into what you deem important and what the publishers feel you should know too.

The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia is written with engaging texts and peppered or rather splattered with equally engaging photographs, diagrams and cutouts that are sure to keep your eyes glued to it. At the end of each chapter is a ‘facts and figures’ section that outlines some rather interesting notes related to that chapter.

As time progresses, changes occur in our environment and beyond and the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia is not blind to them. It is recently updated, reflecting some of the changes that have occurred so far in our ecosystem, planet and beyond. It also reflects changes that have occurred in inventions and discoveries, especially embracing those of the 21st century.

If you’re interested in digging even deeper than the depth that has been provided, references have been unselfishly provided allowing you the liberty to do some exploration and digging on your own.

The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia is recommended for 10-year-old kids and older.
Best Value
The National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia is an interesting read without taking anything away from the authenticity and authority of the information it dishes out on animals and all there is to know about them. Not digging the animal thing? Go check the Space Encyclopedia; who knows? You just might dig space.

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia With Photos, Maps And Illustrations on 2,500 Animals

With a formidable team of brilliant scientists, awesome photographers, detailed journalists and creative filmmakers, National Geographic has been able to, over the years, bring to us the very best of stories in a way that can only be described as captivating. It pushes out its info-laden stories in many different forms, such as TV, books, magazines, maps and social media platforms, never compromising the potency of the stories. National Geographic, through its National Geographic Society, invests some of its annual proceeds into research geared towards protecting mother earth.

Animals are almost as interesting a topic as humans and what better way to study this kingdom of beings than with the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia. Featuring 2,500 animals, this encyclopedia is sure to cover all the animals you love to love, the ones you want to know more about and even those shrouded in mystery. From information on lifecycle, eating habits and diets to information on habitats, migration and adaptation, everything you need to know about that animal is contained in here.

Information is also given on endangered species; why they are so tagged, how many of them we have left, what has been done to preserve them and what more can be done to preserve them. The endangerment of these species is rated in this book to show the dire circumstances of some of these animals.

Scattered all over the book is a section called ‘Animal Profiles’ where special attention and in-depth analysis is given to/on a particular animal. Another section like this one is called ‘Animal Records’. This one contains some very cool records and statistics concerning the animals like smartest, tallest, fastest, longest living etc.

To help students understand what they’ve been taught in school, the animals are divided according to their taxonomy then added to this are their scientific names and some interesting facts like lifespan and gestation period.

Interestingly, you can brush up on your geography with this material, seeing as it uses the knowledge geography to expound on some related concepts like habitat, migration and the likes.

The back matter includes color coded entries of all featured species allowing for ease of navigation.
Everything there is to know about every marvel character – new and old, expired and current – is contained in the Marvel Encyclopedia totaling more than one thousand, two hundred (1,200) iconic characters. If what you want is everything there is to know on the Avengers specifically, then what you are looking for is Marvel The Avengers.

Marvel Encyclopedia – Hardcover; 2014 edition

Marvel Comics is a subsidiary of the quite famous Marvel Worldwide Inc. Famous for its very intriguing comic series on Marvel characters, Marvel Comics is still in the business of creating a virtual reality and helping you enjoy it. It creates a world where things are possible and where everyone is safe because there are superheroes at the ready. All this, it does with the scribble of a pen or more currently the tap of a keyboard. Marvel Comics also produces encyclopedias that contain everything you need to know about your favorite super heroes, down to their pet peeves.

The Marvel Encyclopedia is a compendium of every Marvel character, known and unknown. It explains and sheds light on more than 1,200 Marvel superheroes and super leagues including some of your favorites like Spiderman, The Avengers and Thor. This is a necessary handbook for every new Marvel fan as it gets you up-to-date with everything you’ve missed out on in your years of Marvel ignorance.

Of course, old fans are not left out of the fun either. You get insight into new and exciting storylines and alliances that have been formed between and among your favorite superheroes. You also get the scoop on what’s new, who is new and what makes that superhero so awesome. Everything that happens in that special Marvel Universe is bared in this book, including some special events like Fear Itself, drawing you into a world where things are good and superheroes always save the day.

This encyclopedia is not your everyday encyclopedia. It’s designed like a comic book, allowing you read pages and pages on end without getting bored. The A to Z style in which it’s organized allows for ease of navigation within the book and among the characters.

Get the scoop on what’s going on in the kingdom of Wakanda with King Black Panther and his queen Storm. There’s the gist about the guardians of the galaxy; is there a new guardian? How did Iron Man come to be wearing his armor? What’s up with SHIELD? And, of course, you want to know what the Mad Titan is up to again. You’ll get all these and more in The Marvel Encyclopedia.
The title of the book, The DK Knowledge Encyclopedia, suggests just how all-encompassing it is, covering a broad range of interests from outer space to the human body and even history. If you are out for something for the kids then you should definitely check out the DK Picturepedia. We’re sure you’d love it.

DK Knowledge Encyclopedia – Hardcover; September 16, 2013 Edition

The innovative DK is a competitive force in the business of providing information. With publications in more than eighty-seven different countries and sixty-two different languages, DK has earned itself an edge as a global phenomenon. Originally born in London, it has spread its tentacles to other parts of the globe including Delhi, Munich, Melbourne, Toronto and New York. To inform, enrich and entertain DK’s goals every time it begins the creative process that is information provision. DK produces content for adults and children alike in an awesome blend of words and vivid pictures.

DK brings a fresh new approach to information resources with its usage of images that are rendered in 3 Dimensions. With the use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), The DK Knowledge Encyclopedia represents information in vivid images that are sure to catch the eye of anybody remotely interested.

It covers a wide range of topics from Space to the human body and even history and culture. The book is peppered with a lot of learning aids like maps, charts, graphics, timelines and some little awesome facts. Whether you just want to read out of curiosity or you need assistance with that assignment, the DK Knowledge Encyclopedia will be of great help to you.

It’s divided into six sections: Space, Earth, Nature, Human Body, Science and History. Every section investigates details to expand your knowledge of yourself and the world around you with novel attention to details.

There are eye catching headings and compelling questions sure to keep your attention, making you want to read the book for as long as possible. It’s recommended for children in middle school and higher.

The DK Knowledge Encyclopedia supports the Common Core State Standards supplying students with all the information they need in the areas mentioned.
Containing some short biographies, significant achievements and dates and some trivia-worthy tidbits, The Disney A to Z is your guide into everything (the workings and happenings) that is the Walt Disney Company. If your kid is really into animated characters (or you are, secretly) then go for the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters.

Disney A to Z The Official Encyclopedia – Hardcover; November 15, 2016/Fifth Edition

Using latest technology, The Walt Disney Company is not shy of branching out into new and unexplored markets. Disney is involved in practically everything; TV programs, filmmaking and animations, books and comics, and even clothing items and a very popular fun center. One thing remains constant, though – Disney’s unflinching dedication to excellence, creativity and innovation. Disney has become a household name and one of the foremost providers of information and technology as it doesn’t fail to create characters that are dear to people’s hearts. Its current home is in Burbank, California in what is known as the Walt Disney Studios.

Disney is a whole world, conjured from movies and TV shows, parks and restaurants, clothes and toys and so many other things. What better way to go through this impressive portfolio of achievement than with The Disney A to Z. With thousands of entries and hundreds of images, it itemizes and expounds on everything Disney; customized characters, movies (old and new), television series (run on both Disney and the American Broadcasting Company) and what have you, giving all great fans of Disney their most treasured information at their fingertips.

The Disney A to Z also takes you through the history of The Walt Disney Company as a parent body and the history of its children bodies; the roles they are saddled with and how they came to be saddled with such roles because you really just have to know every tiny detail. Of course, Disney’s fun centers and restaurants are not left out of this; a rundown of all they offer and where they can be located have been added to this book so that you always know where to catch some fun Disney style.

The Disney A to Z is arranged in alphabetical order making it easy for you to explore.

How Do I Choose the Best Encyclopedia?

What do you want to know? What do you want to learn? One can almost categorically say that whatever it is you want to know or learn can be found in an encyclopedia somewhere, down to something as seemingly silly as who started the first ant farm. You just have to find the right encyclopedia. A good encyclopedia is a wealth of knowledge; it’s more rounded and comprehensive than your average textbook. Whereas another book gives you information you need, an encyclopedia goes a step further to give you information you want. This makes it a good companion for that biology text or physics text or whichever other subject you’re studying.

An encyclopedia is also more tangible than the internet. While all the information you want is at your fingertip with an encyclopedia, Google is still an internet connection away. Most encyclopedias are not exactly portable and that is forgivable seeing as they bear the weight of knowledge on a lot of interests. We’d rather have them heavy than empty.

Having an encyclopedia is absolutely necessary for every family. What type of encyclopedia and the subject matter are now up for discussion. But there should be an encyclopedia. An encyclopedia should be to you a weapon for your intelligent arguments, a learning companion, a learning instructor, a cure for boredom and a final information resource.

Thanks for reasoning with us and coming to the same conclusion that we have. We’ll just tell you a few more things and send you on your way to get an encyclopedia with your name on it.
Before a brand will attach a price to a product, it will put some factors into consideration. In the case of encyclopedias, the cost of production and the depth of information it contains will greatly affect the cost. A typical encyclopedia can go for between $20 and $40. We’ve purposely not included some incredibly cheap encyclopedias because we want you to get value for your money and we are not sure those will give you that.
Before getting that encyclopedia, you should consider the:
  • Subject
  • Target age
  • Edition
  • Illustrations and diagrams
  • Cover
Construction and Design
An encyclopedia is a compendium of knowledge, right? But remember that interest base is vast and knowledge itself is vaster; no one encyclopedia can gather and keep all the knowledge, representing all the interests. This is the reason encyclopedias usually focus on a subject area. We say usually because, there are some encyclopedias that try to diversify a bit and not be centered on just one interest. Why are we telling you all this? Before you get an encyclopedia, you should be clear about what you want to know. Is it focused on a wide range or particular interest area? Whatever it is, there should be an encyclopedia for it.

Of course, the age of the users is very important. There are encyclopedias that anybody can use, so if you want to get something for the whole family that kind will be fine. However, some are age and generation, if you must, specific and will not be useful to someone with a different age from the age specification. If you want the kids to learn how to read and work with an encyclopedia, you could start by getting them the kids’ or junior editions. They will eventually progress from there.

The book should also be in keeping with current happenings. The world changes every day; new things come up or are discovered while old things go extinct or lose relevance. A good encyclopedia should be revised as often as is actually possible because once the information it carries is deemed stale, it has lost its relevance. So, check the last time the encyclopedia you are about to buy was edited or revised and pick accordingly. If you can find an encyclopedia 2017 issue, all the better.
Performance and Ease of Use
Whether it is an encyclopedia for kids or not, a good encyclopedia should contain as many diagrams, pictures and illustrations as possible. Why? Because it is an encyclopedia, a compendium of knowledge, remember? It should give as much information on a particular idea as possible and short of carrying said object and pasting on the book, illustrations, diagrams and pictures help to do just that. These learning aids help you easily identify concepts and serve as a transition from the theory to the practical. Of course, be sure the learning aids match their related theoretical analysis; if the lion is being discussed, the learning aids should follow suit and not show a domestic cat!

The cover of the book could also be a deciding factor. Encyclopedias are usually either hardback or paperback. If you have little kids at home, the most reasonable choice is the hardback, unless you don’t mind replacing the book as often as it takes for the kids to tear it up. If it is for just the mature old you, you could opt for the paperback. Just basically pick whichever cover suits you, we are just letting you in on the options available.

Get the Best Encyclopedia of 2022!

Seeing that you made it to the end of this review, we are excited about your choice because it’s sure going to be the best for you and yours.

Our Top Choice
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia
Best Value
The National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia
The Marvel Encyclopedia: Updated
The DK Knowledge Encyclopedia
The Disney A to Z Encyclopedia