Best End Table Reviews 2022

End tables are attractive and functional pieces of furniture used to accentuate interior spaces. They're used with other furniture such as chairs, sofas and beds. We have reviewed the five of the top end table brands on the market, showcasing a side table from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Size/ Weight
Our Top Choice
Winsome Wood Genoa End Table
Winsome Wood is a leading manufacturer and distributor of functional and attractive lifestyle furniture for the home.
Affordable and easy to assemble. Elegant design. Easily blends with almost any home décor. Wood construction.
Some users reported that the locking cam screw comes off easily.
Round elegant design
Solid/composite wood, clear glass
19 x 19 x 23 inches; 12.5 pounds
One shelf
Espresso finish
Best Value
Simpli Home Acadian End Side Table
Simpli Home designs simple yet decorative furniture to help you transform indoor space into a cozy interior you can call home.
Sturdy and durable. Handcrafted. Available in multiple colors and styles. Incorporates 2 storage shelves.
Some users reported visible ripples on the wood and difficulty in setting up the end table.
Square Acadian design
Solid pine wood
19 x 19 x 20 inches; 15 pounds
Two shelves
Multiple colors available
Leick Shaker Chairside End Table
Leick has been in the industry for more than a century, manufacturing high-quality furniture using solid wood.
Solid wood table. 2 colors available. Includes a pull-out drawer. Easy to assemble. Finished by hand.
Although this end table is priced higher than similar tables from other brands, the quality is worth every dollar spent.
Rectangular, traditional design
Solid ash, birch and oak wood
24 x 10 x 24 inches; 18 pounds
One shelf and a drawer box
2 Colors available
Ashley Antigo Chairside End Table
Ashley is a leading home store and manufacturer of kid-friendly indoor and outdoor home furniture.
Durable and lightweight. Elegant design. Easy to install. Comes with assembly tools. Tiles in earthy tones.
Although this end table is easy to assemble, it requires two people to put it together.
Rectangular rustic design
Slate and metal
24 x 24 x 12 inches; 28 pounds
One fixed shelf
Earthy tones
Coaster Accent Snack Table
Coaster is an American company that manufactures fine furniture for distribution and use across the US.
Eye-catching, elegant design. Durable. Solid wood construction with cooper base. Easy to install.
This end table doesn’t come with sufficient storage to organize your valuables, so it's not ideal if you’re looking for an accent table with ample storage.
Traditional scroll design
9 x 16 x 23 inches; 11 pounds
One shelf

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What is the Best End Table?

Choose a stylish end table with an appealing finish and with storage solutions to help meet your functional and decorative needs. The best end table is the right height, enhances your room’s appeal and offers storage for your personal items. Find out if one of our recommended end tables is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Winsome Wood Genoa End Table comes in a round design and an espresso finish for a warm, inviting look. Do you prefer a rectangular end table with cappuccino finish? Opt for the Winsome Wood Nolan End Table. It’s attractive with carved legs for a traditional look, and comes with a single shelf for display storage.

Winsome Wood Genoa End Table with Glass Inset and Display Shelf

Winsome Wood uses natural hardwoods to manufacture high-quality home furniture. The company designs its furniture in various shapes, styles and designs to match different interior décor styles. Whether you want furniture for your living room, bedroom, sun room, bathroom or any other part of your home, Winsome Wood has you covered. What’s more, the company has a large collection of end tables to choose from; you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Winsome Wood Genoa End Table is both functional and decorative, with carved legs. It’s made from solid or composite wood for strength and durability. The wooden construction is given a dark espresso finish, to match with your other wooden furniture or add a warm look in your interior space. The clear glass tabletop gives your space a modern look.

The flared and carved legs don’t just support the table; they make the table a great way of adding some traditional style to your living room. This timeless piece of furniture blends well into any existing décor. You can arrange your books or magazines on the lower shelf, and put a colorful vase or chinaware on the round tabletop to create a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom.

Although this end table requires some assembly, it’s easy to set up. With a dimension of just 19 x 19 x 23 inches and weight of 12.5 pounds, this end table is portable to use anywhere around the house. There’s no better way to add elegance to your home than with this stylish Thai end table.

Here a few other Winsome Wood end tables you might like:
  • Winsome Wood End Table with Door
  • Winsome Wood End Table with Drawer and Shelf
  • Winsome Wood Accent End Table with Drawer and Cabinet
With this end table, you can revamp your living room or bedroom with a warm and cozy look.
Best Value
The Simpli Home Acadian End Table is designed with two shelves to provide storage and handcrafted to bring out a natural wooden look. It is available in multiple styles and colors. If you want a similar handcrafted end table with a shelf and pull-out drawer, get the Simpli Home Shaker End Table. It’s highly functional and decorative, with brushed nickel knob accents and a honey brown color finish.

Simpli Home Acadian End Table with Two Display Shelves – Available in 7 Colors and Multiple Styles

Simpli Home is focused on helping homeowners furnish and decorate their environments to live by design and style. The furniture is designed carefully, and handcrafted to give it a personal touch so it can reflect the many personalities out there. Simpli Home furniture is not only functional and top-quality; it has attractive finishes for a glamorous look.

The Simpli Home Acadian End Table is designed for functional and decorative use. It has a couple of display storage shelves and a tobacco brown finish for a natural, warm touch indoors. It’s built with high-quality pine wood for durability. This end table is handcrafted and hand-finished, and NC lacquer is added as a top coat or finish for protection.

Since the lacquer is colorless, the pine wood’s unique grains are beautifully highlighted for a sophisticated and detailed look with a touch of Mother Nature. This table has a simple, squared design, and comes with tapered legs to add style and elegance to your home. The tabletop features molded crown along the edges to complement the legs for a traditional look.

Place a lampshade in a bold color and potted flowers on the tabletop for a refreshing look. Consider using it for the books or magazines you love to read while resting on your sofa or couch. A small organizer on the lower shelf can hold your personal items such as pens, sticker notes, and keys. Choose among seven colors: black, distressed gray, farmhouse brown, honey brown, farmhouse gray, medium saddle brown and tobacco brown and multiple styles such as console table, coffee table and more.

Here are other Simpli Home end tables you might like:
  • Simpli Home Cosmopolitan End Table
  • Simpli Home Artisan End Table
  • Simpli Home Kitchener End Table
With a dimension of 19 x 19 x 20 inches and 15 pounds of weight, you can easily move this end table to the bedroom, kitchen or living room during home redecoration for versatile use.
The Leick Shaker Chair Side End Table is constructed using solid ash and oak wood. It has a compact footprint for use in tight spaces. It is available in 2 color options. Do you want a similar end table with a single shelf for storage and a rich chocolate cherry finish? Try the Leick Laurent Narrow End Table. It has beaded edges, heavily scaled legs and top, and solid wood construction for durability.

Leick Shaker Chair Side End Table with Bottom Shelf – Available in 2 Colors

Leick has a large collection of end tables in different designs, finishes, styles and sizes to suit the taste of different homeowners and interior decoration styles. For more than a century, the company has been making high-quality furniture and selling it at affordable prices. It surpasses the expectation of customers with amazing furniture ranging from coffee and accent tables to bar stools and TV cabinets, among others.

The Leick Shaker Chair Side End Table is beautifully hand-finished in medium oak to highlight the rich character and natural beauty of wood. With multiple hand applications, the end table is given a consistent finish and coated with NC lacquer for protection and increased durability. If you want, you can refinish this end table in a color of choice for a personalized custom look. Speaking of colors, this one is available in 2 options – medium oak or slate colors.

The medium oak finish also accentuates the wood grains for a detailed look. Since it's built with solid ash and oak wood, this end table is designed to last many years; you can pass it to the next generation. It's intelligently engineered to fit into small spaces, and easy to assemble. Simply attach the legs to the tabletop, slide the shelf into place and tighten the nuts.

With its dimension of 24 x 10 x 24 inches and compact design, you can use this end table in small spaces such as condos and apartments. You can also use it in a room with a low ceiling to create the impression of height. The shelf and drawer offer storage space to help de-clutter your living room or bedroom. The antique handle on the dovetailed drawer completes the end table’s contemporary look, giving it a rustic appeal.

Other Leick end tables you might like include:
  • Leick Recliner End Table
  • Leick Mission End Table
  • Leick Oak End Table
Whether you choose the slate or medium oak finish on your end table, it’s bound to enhance the appeal of your interior space with its cozy yet contemporary design.
The Ashley Antigo Chairside End Table is made of metal and slate tiles for a rustic touch in your interior space. It has an earthy, rugged look. Do you prefer a wooden end table for a decorative touch indoors? Get the Ashley Signature Design End Table, with a deep drawer and instructions for easy assembly.

Ashley Signature Design Slate Chair Side End Table with One Fixed Shelf

Ashley makes furniture to help homeowners convert their houses into homes, and to enjoy each moment spent indoors and outdoors. The company also gives back to local communities every year, to help better the lives of those who are disadvantaged. Ashley uses solid wood to make furniture for durable use. It also repurposes wood waste to help conserve trees and protect the environment.

Part of the Signature Design series, the Ashley Antigo Chairside End Table is crafted from metal, built with a slate tabletop and given earthy finishes for a natural look. The end table is great for holding your personal necessities. Organize your books and magazines on the grilled shelf for a clean look. Items like lampshades and vases can balance well on the slate tabletop for an enhanced appearance.

Whether you’re into rustic design or just want to create an appealing centerpiece in your living room or bedroom with this end table, you can't go wrong. The colored base is stylish and improves the table’s beauty. You can add personality to this table by placing a vase of flowers on it. A small vase in a bold color can also do the trick.

Here are a few other Ashley end tables you might like:
  • Ashley Kraleene Signature End Table
  • Ashley Signature Vintage End Table
  • Ashley Contemporary Signature Dark Finish End Table
With its dimension of 24 x 24 x 12 inches and weight of 28 pounds, you can move this end table from the living room to the bedroom or any other room when you need to use it.
The Coaster Accent Snack End Table is built with metal for durability and features a base made of burnished copper. Use it as a snack table in the living room or bedroom. If you want a contemporary end table in chrome finish, consider the Coaster Contemporary Snack Table for a brighter-looking accent table. It’s also versatile, for use in the living room next to your couch, or in the bedroom as a bedside table.

Coaster Accent Snack End Table with Burnished Copper Base and Scroll Design

Over more than two decades of working experience in the industry, Coaster has grown to offer a large portfolio of furniture in various states across the US. The company has branches in Chicago, Los Angeles, Florida and many other places. It makes furniture for use in the living room, home office, dining area, kitchen and other rooms in the house. The company also makes timeless pieces of versatile furniture to accentuate various spaces indoors.

The Coaster Accent Snack End Table is functional as a snack table, and decorative to accentuate your living room with a rustic look. Its high height makes it ideal for use in tight spaces or rooms with low ceilings, to create an illusion of a high ceiling. Whether your living room, or bedroom, is already decorated in rustic colors or elements, this accent table works for all kinds of spaces and décor.

Feel free to customize it with a different color of your liking to enhance the appeal of your room. When you’re not using it as a snack table, place an attractive art work or colored vase on the tabletop to create visual interest. With a dimension of 9 x 16 x 23 inches and weight of 11 pounds, this end table is lightweight and highly portable, making it even more versatile for use in other rooms.

Other great Coaster end tables include:
  • Coaster Contemporary Home End Table
  • Coaster Cherry End Table
  • Coaster Rustic Home End Table

How Do I Choose the Best End Table?

Whether you call them end tables, accent tables or side tables, they’re one and the same. These tables are designed for use next to furniture. End tables are typically placed beside sofas in the living room or next to beds in the bedroom.

In small rooms, end tables can be used as coffee tables if they have low heights. End tables make use of textures, shapes, patterns, colors and styles to create visual interest in interior spaces. If you need to store or organize your books, magazines or other personal items, end tables come with shelves and drawers to help keep your house clutter-free. You can use your accent table to enhance the appeal of your interior space. When looking for an ideal end table, decide whether you want just a decorative piece, a functional table, or one with both qualities.

Whether you want to match, contrast or complement your sofa, overbed table, futon, or standing desk with your end table, you need to follow some simple guidelines to get the best. We hope that this guide will help you make this decision.
The material, style, brand, size, appeal, design and quality of an end table will determine its price. The functions a table is designed to accomplish can also influence its price. Just like any other type of furniture, you’ll be using your end table for a very long time. Choose a table you’ll love using and seeing each day.

Since it’s an investment, get a quality accent table designed for durable use. Cheap end tables are often made of cheap materials, so they're low-quality. If possible, save for your end table so you can buy a good piece of furniture that’ll meet your long-term needs. You’ll find end tables in the price range of $40 to $200.
End tables are versatile, for use in your living room or bedroom, or any other room of your choice. They are functional to store items, and decorative to improve the appeal of interior spaces. Whether you’re looking for a wooden, metallic, acrylic or glass end table, there are features you need to look for. With the right features, your accent table can accomplish all the functions it is expected to do.

Here are a few things to consider when buying an end table:
  • The right size/height for your seat or bed, to support easy access
  • Attractive color, look, finish or appearance to beautify your space
  • Round, square, half-moon, circle, oval, or rectangular shape to create visual interest
  • Drawers and shelves for storage, organization or display
  • Materials, such as wood, metal, glass, acrylic, etc.
  • Instruction manual for easy assembly
  • Warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Style - traditional, cozy, rustic, or natural
With a functional and attractive accent table, you’ll be able to store your personal accessories, de-clutter your room and even decorate your space with a personal touch.
Construction and Design
When shopping for end tables, consider the following factors:

Size/Height – Your end table should be at the same level as your seat’s arm or slightly below it, for easy access and visual flow. Measure the height of your seat’s arms to get the right measurement for your end table. Choose end tables with lower heights if your seat is armless, or those with heights at a level where the seat’s arms would be if the seat had them. The same goes for your bed if you intend to use your accent table as a side table in your bedroom.

You can also consider stepped or nested end tables if your seat is armless. These tables feature shelves below the arm height for easy access. High end tables are also ideal for tight spaces and rooms with low ceilings. You can also consider stacked end tables for small spaces.

Appearance/Look/Color/Finish – Look at your existing décor to decide on the best shape and style for your end table. Choose a streamlined design to offset visual texture, and soft edges if you have upholstered furniture. If the fabrics are in bright colors, you might want an end table in neutral hues.

Add curviness in modern interiors using ornate or chunky end tables to break up and complement straight edges and lines. Your accent table doesn’t have to match your other furniture. Creating interesting looks in your home is all about playing around with various colors, shapes, patterns, textures, and finishes.

Mismatched or contrasting looks create collected visuals with a personality touch. You can create layers by using different heights, colors, materials, styles and shapes to create interest. This gives your room dimension and depth with a unique eclectic look. Add an end table in a black finish for a timeless look. If your room is decorated in bold colors, a timeless accent table will be the focus of your visitors' attention.

Shape – If your room is boxy with many squared shapes, get a round end table to create a balance. If you need more space on the tabletop for your accessories, such as vases and lamps for display, consider square end tables. You can also use square accent tables to flank a chair and sofa at ninety degrees, or tuck them neatly in corners. End tables also come in oval, rectangular and half moon shapes.

Functional Use/Storage – End tables also come with drawers and/or shelves. Do you need additional storage for your books, tablets, magazines, or remotes? Consider an accent table with ample storage to suit your needs.

Materials – If you’re planning to use your end table to hold food and drinks that might spill easily, consider buying end tables with marble, ceramic, slate tile, glass or stone surfaces for easy cleaning and resistance to spillages. End tables are mostly made from solid hardwoods, glass, acrylics and metals.

Choose wooden accent tables in a desired finish to add warmth and coziness indoors. Whether your living room is modern, contemporary, traditional or rustic, you can be sure that a cozy accent table will accentuate it with a beautiful touch.

Style – Just as there are many interior décor styles, end tables come in various designs, ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and cozy looks. Don’t shy away from combining the styles. For instance, if your interior space is traditionally designed and decorated, a wooden or rustic metal accent table will blend in easily with an aesthetic appeal. Simple designs are perfect for minimalist spaces.
Performance and Ease of Use
Get an end table that is both functional and attractive. It needs to be made from a strong material for durable use, and lightweight for portability. Look for an instruction manual to ensure the end table is easy to install. The material also needs a smooth top coat or finish for easy cleaning. With these finishes, you can clean the table by simply wiping it with a damp piece of cloth.

If you’re in need of a functional piece, check that it has enough drawers and shelves. The shelves are usually ideal for displaying artwork or collectibles. You can organize your books on the shelves to de-clutter your home. Also find out if your chosen side table is backed with a warranty.

Get the Best End Table of 2022!

Whether you want a wooden, stylish, rustic, timeless, narrow, high or acrylic end table, there’s one out there for you. We hope that this review helped you find something suitable for your space. If not, check out our other furniture reviews.

Our Top Choice
Winsome Wood Genoa End Table
Best Value
Simpli Home Acadian End Side Table
Leick Shaker Chairside End Table
Ashley Antigo Chairside End Table
Coaster Accent Snack Table