Best Eraser For Kids Reviews 2022

Although finding an eraser might seem like a very simple task, it really isn’t. When you start shopping, you’ll find that there is some knowledge required to decide which eraser is best for kids. In this review, we’ll talk you through 5 top erasers from kid-friendly brands. If none of the erasers featured here appeal to you, you can find more options from each brand. We also have another thoughtfully prepared review on erasers, so you may check that out too.
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Our Top Choice
Fun Express Zoo Animal Erasers
Fun Express knows that it’s serious business to keep the fun times rolling. That’s why they sell a variety of exciting educational and party supplies, crafts, and novelties.
Cute. Clean, smudge-free erasing. No colors are transferred to the paper. Durable. Stay on pencils.
Some of the erasers may break easily.
Pencil top
Animal shaped
144 pieces
One inch
Five colors
Best Value
Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps
Paper Mate is a world-renowned producer of writing and correction instruments. They encourage self-expression with their broad range of innovatively designed pens, pencils, and erasers.
Premium quality rubber. Latex-free. Won’t smudge or slip off pencils. Don’t require pressure to erase thoroughly. Fit standard-sized pencils of any shape.
A few complaints about packaging.
Pencil top
144 pieces
Two inches
Rainbow Braid Adorable Animal Eraser Set
Rainbow Braid’s products are high-quality fun and useful products designed for the enjoyment of kids and kids at heart.
30 unique animal figures. Individually packed erasers. Adorable. Serve as interesting puzzles. Can be taken apart and reassembled.
Disassembled pieces may be impractically small.
Handheld; pencil top
Animal shaped
30 pieces
One inch
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped Erasers
Dixon Ticonderoga is a major manufacturer of forward-looking writing instruments and art supplies that inspire and facilitate creativity in children, parents, teachers, artists, and craftsmen.
Great fit for kids’ hands. Non-toxic and latex-free. Long-lasting and won’t break during use. Tips make precise erasing easy. Soft and won’t smudge.
Packaging and shipping could be improved.
Pencil shaped
Three pieces
Three inches
Yellow / black / pink
Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers
As a Deming Award recipient, Pentel is recognized for their consistent quality and innovation that has set them apart as a force to be reckoned with.
Latex-free. Certified safe. Great size for kids’ hands. Protective sleeves keep them clean. Won’t transfer their color to paper.
Some may find them a tad pricey.
Block shaped
Four pieces
Two inches
Green ; sky blue ; violet ; yellow

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What is the Best Eraser For Kids?

Your kids shouldn’t have to turn in homework that is full of holes due to a poor-quality eraser. The best erasers are made from soft rubber, won’t smudge, and are latex-free. In the following review, we’ll talk further about what other features to look out for.
Our Top Choice
The Fun Express Zoo Animal Erasers come in packs of 144 cute animal heads that are about an inch tall. The erasers are made of rubber and erase cleanly without smudging. If you’re looking for something different, you can top the kiddies’ pencils with the Fun Express Funny Face Cap Erasers.

Fun Express Neon Zoo Animal Pencil Top Erasers – 144 Pieces

Fun Express was created for the sole purpose of making fun continue long after the party is over. They are a prominent business to business company that provides wholesale educational supplies, party supplies, crafts, toys, and novelties. With over ten-thousand products that reflect traditional favorites as well as today’s trends, it’s no wonder that they are a go-to brand for parents and educators alike.

The Fun Express Zoo Animal Erasers come in packs of 144 fun, brightly colored animal head erasers. If you’re looking for adorable yet functional pieces of stationary, these cuties might just be what you need. Each one of these erasers is up to one inch tall and is made to be paired with standard sized pencils. They are made of rubber and are soft yet durable, erasing well without smudging, staining, or falling off the pencil.

Here are some other erasers from Fun Express:
  • Fun Express Rubber Crayon Erasers - pack of 72 two-and-a-half-inch rubber crayon erasers in assorted colors.
  • Fun Express Paw Print Erasers – pack of 24 one-and-a-half-inch erasers that make a great gift for dog lovers.
  • Fun Express Western Mini Erasers – pack of 36 cowboy-themed erasers.
  • Fun Express Mini Insect Erasers – an assortment of 144 three-quarters-of-an-inch insect erasers, shaped like butterflies, ladybugs, bees, and more.
  • Fun Express Eyeball Erasers – a pack of 24 creepy eyeball erasers, perfect for Halloween.
Best Value
The Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps are made from premium quality rubber to erase easily without smudging the paper. They don’t contain latex, so there’s no need to worry about aggravating your child’s allergies. If you’re interested in a black eraser with an interesting shape, take a look at the Paper Mate Black Pearl Premium Erasers.

Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Eraser Caps – Available in Multiple Pack Sizes, Styles & Bundles

Paper Mate was founded as The Frawley Pen Company in 1940, when the ballpoint industry was at its low point. Thanks to the founder’s inventive spirit and tenacity, an industry-transforming ballpoint pen was introduced. The Paper Mate, with instantaneously drying ink, quickly became a favorite for Americans nationwide. Today, Paper Mate stills maintains their status as a household name in the US and beyond. Their mission is to provide their customers with the broadest selection of dependable and affordable contemporary writing materials.

The Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps come in packs of 12 dozen. Each eraser is pink, triangular-shaped, and about three inches tall. They can be used with any standard sized pencil of any shape – hexagonal, round or triangular – and tightly fit around the pencils so they will not slip off or break.

The Arrowhead erasers are made from high-quality, latex-free rubber, so they erase without causing smudges or allergies. The angular head allows for precise erasing, while the soft rubber prevents your child from accidentally damaging their homework pages.

Other kids’ erasers from Paper Mate include:
  • Paper Mate Expressions Decorated Erasers – pack of three colorful, self-cleaning, and smudge-resistant erasers.
  • Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers – a classic favorite; available in large and medium sizes.
  • Paper Mate White Pearl Erasers – these erasers have sharp angles, flat surfaces, and a classic design.
  • Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick – a pen-style refillable eraser stick.
The Rainbow Braid Adorable Animal Eraser Set contains 30 animal-themed erasers. Each animal is different, and not one occurs twice in the pack. They are individually packed in separate bags to prevent their colors from bleeding. If you want to represent your inner-foodie, we suggest the Rainbow Braid Food Eraser Set. Have a peek!

Rainbow Braid Adorable Animal Eraser Set – Pack of 30 Unique Animal Erasers

Louise Fox, the founder of Rainbow Braid, wanted her kids to get the most fun and creative stimulation out of their toys, so she lovingly picked their brains and set about creating her own products to give them, and many other kids, all that and more. Today, Rainbow Braid’s product line has grown from their original loom refill sets to include some pretty funky and functional collectible erasers.

The Rainbow Braid Adorable Animal Eraser Set comes in a thoughtfully packaged pack of 30 animal-themed erasers. Each eraser is safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. All 30 of them have been separately sealed before being put into the bigger pack to protect their colors from bleeding.

An interesting thing is that no animal is duplicated. The pack comes with 30 unique animals, including whimsical creatures like a unicorn and a dragon in an egg. There is a lot to love about these little guys, they can even be disassembled and put back together to create different hybrid animals.
The Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped Erasers are up to three inches long and about an inch thick, great for fitting in little hands. The erasers are non-toxic and latex-free for a comfortable erasing experience. For a more traditional looking eraser of the same quality, have a look at the Ticonderoga Pink Carnation Erasers.

Dixon Ticonderoga 3-Pack Latex Free Pencil Shaped Erasers for Kids – Available in a 1 or 2-Pack

Dixon Ticonderoga was established over two hundred years ago in 1795. What could possibly keep a company in business for that long? Dixon Ticonderoga credits their long life to four principles: perseverance, quality, integrity, and respect. They do more than manufacture and distribute art and writing materials; they support and empower people through programs like the Kids in Need Foundation, Prang Power, and a number of corporate partnerships supporting education.

The Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped Erasers are made from the highest quality rubber. The rubber is soft yet firm to properly erase without smudging or damaging the paper. The eraser tip is great for small details while the pink end can easily erase larger areas. These cute erasers come in packs of three and are modeled after the iconic Ticonderoga No. 2 yellow pencil. Each is about three inches long and an inch thick, so kids can grip them comfortably while they erase.
The Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers come in sets of four block-style erasers that are designed to easily and cleanly erase pencil marks from paper. The rubber material is latex-free and safe for use. If these bright colors aren’t for you, we recommend the Pentel Large White 3-Pack Erasers.

Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers – Available in Multiple Styles, Colors & Pack Sizes

Pentel has been in business for more than 70 years and have established themselves as a global force worthy of recognition. Winner of the Deming Award, Pentel was the first to invent roller ball technology that combines the ballpoint’s convenience with the richness of gel-based ink. All of their products are manufactured by their own factories to ensure consistent quality.

The Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers come in packs of four colorful erasers. Colors include sky blue, green, purple, and yellow. The erasers are cut into blocks with angles for cleaning finer details and flat surfaces for larger erasing tasks. The soft rubber ensures that the eraser won’t harden or crack with age, and each one comes in a protective sleeve to keep it from getting dirty. They are also certified safe and latex-free, so they won’t smudge or mess up the paper. The erasers remove pencil lead with the slightest effort, so kids don’t have to strain themselves to make corrections.

Here are some of Pentel’s other erasers:
  • Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser in Pink – These erasers are pink to promote breast-cancer research.
  • Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip – A refillable pen-style eraser.
  • Pentel Ain Black Eraser – Pack of three plastic erasers.
  • Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser Caps – White erasers that fit standard pencils.
  • Pentel Non-Abrasive Retractable Tri Erasers - Have angular edges for precise erasing.

How Do I Choose the Best Eraser For Kids?

In the eighteenth century, the natural philosopher Joseph Priestly discovered a substance he referred to as ‘Indian gum’. According to him, the substance could erase marks made with lead pencils when rubbed against them. That substance later came to be known as ‘rubber’, but isn’t the same as the material we know as rubber today.

Today, rubber is used to refer to the material that is used to make the erasers and not the erasers themselves. As a matter of fact, with the improvement in technology, rubber is no longer the only material used to make erasers; soft vinyl is now used as well. Although erasers have come a long way, their functions haven’t changed, and, for kids, they’re an important learning tool. They’re necessary in helping children as they learn to write and hone their artistic talents.

Erasers come in different colors and designs. Many are really cute and qualify as collectibles because you probably wouldn’t have the heart to use them as functional erasers. Those ones are a great idea for party favors, Easter eggs, and Christmas stockings. They are fun and usually inexpensive, especially when they’re bought in packs.
Erasers are generally inexpensive items that cost between $3 and $20. There are a number of factors that can affect their price, such as brand, quality of materials, and any special or funky features they have. Erasers are generally regarded as commodities. One from Producer A is generally considered the same as Producer B’s. However, many brands have a reputation to protect and their erasers reflect that. It doesn’t make sense to settle for a cheap eraser that doesn’t work properly or contains allergens when there are so many options from quality brands.
When you go eraser shopping, especially for the kids, it’s important to pay attention to what material the eraser is made of and get one that is latex-free.
Other features to pay attention to include:
  • Type
  • Shape
  • Count
  • Size
  • Color
Construction and Design
Erasers can be made of rubber or soft vinyl plastics. The rubber erasers have been around since the 1770s while their plastic counterparts are relatively new phenomena. The difference between them? Well, vinyl is a more durable material and won’t crumble when using the eraser.

Erasers for kids are designed to be attention-catching and you’ll find them in a variety of shapes and colors. This means that you can find erasers in shapes or designs that replicate whatever interests your kid(s), which can be cleverly used to enhance learning. There are also erasers in regular rectangular and square shapes, too.

The pencil top or pencil cap erasers fit all standard-sized pencils irrespective of whether they’re round, triangular, or hexagonal. They’ll also fit some mechanical pencils and can be used as replacement erasers when the erasers in the ferrules run out. Handheld erasers are also available and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
You will find erasers in different sizes but you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t impossibly small for your kids to work with or so large that they become unwieldly in your little ones’ hands. Trust us when we say watching your kids struggle awkwardly with an inconveniently sized eraser is not a situation you want to be in.

You should also consider the number of erasers in a pack. It’s generally a better idea to have as many of them as possible on hand, especially when you find a great brand. This way, you’ll have backups if your kid loses a couple during the school year. It’s also a better deal to buy larger packs than it is to buy them individually.

Erasers can be found in bold, solid colors or in a plethora of colorful patterns. Some sport animal prints and others are actually shaped like animals. If you kids are into sports or loves cars, there are erasers for them too! Let’s not forget about ice cream and burger-shaped erasers that look good enough to eat. Bottom line, there is an eraser for every kid.

Ensure that the erasers are safe and non-toxic to avoid allergic reactions; latex-free erasers are preferred since they will not cause kids to develop a runny nose, sneeze, or break out in hives. Remember not to leave small erasers or erasers with detachable small parts around really young kids because they are potential choking hazards.

Get the Best Eraser For Kids of 2022!

We’ve come to the finish line and we hope you arrived with your newfound eraser. Go ahead and place your order.

Our Top Choice
Fun Express Zoo Animal Erasers
Best Value
Paper Mate Arrowhead Eraser Caps
Rainbow Braid Adorable Animal Eraser Set
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil Shaped Erasers
Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers