Best Eraser Reviews 2023

You may not fully appreciate the usefulness of a good eraser until you’ve stumbled upon one that leaves holes in your math homework or drawing project paper. To get the best out of your eraser, we’ve scouted around and have come up with a list of the top five brands with some of the best erasers on the market. Highlighting just one product from each brand, we wish to inform you that our selected brands have other eraser options and related products; feel free to check them out. Important note: We also have other reviews on pencil erasers and kids’ erasers if you want to check out even more options.
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Our Top Choice
Faber-Castell Pencil-Ink Combo Eraser
Faber-Castell is one of the oldest and most respected pencil makers in the world. Its global reach is second to none and its products are synonymous with quality and durability.
Erases both graphite and ink marks. Gentle on writing surfaces. Safe for use with no plasticizers. Classic rectangular shape. 2 erasers for less money.
Some reports of too much eraser dust residue left behind after every use.
Ink and pencil
Phthalate-free vinyl
1 piece
Best Value
Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip
The award-winning Pentel has been making best-in-quality writing and drawing products for over 7 decades. Its products are innovative and usually set the pace in the industry.
Jam-free retracting mechanism. High-performance eraser. Long-lasting and refillable. Safe clip. Pack of 3 vibrantly-colored erasers. Fits in pencil pouches.
Eraser tends to break off if the tip is extended out too much.
Graphite pencils
Retractable; refillable
Latex-free rubber
3 pieces
Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers
Paper Mate is American teachers’ and parents’ go-to brand for writing and drawing materials due to its durable, top-performance, and exceptionally-affordable products.
Effectively wipes off graphite and colored pencil marks. Fits different pencil sizes. Multiple pack sizes. Enormous value for money.
Some customers complained that they broke too easily.
Arrow head-shaped
Latex-free rubber
144 pieces
Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers
Staedtler is one of the most renowned brands in the pencil-making industry and has been making quality products ranging from pencils to OHP pens since 1836.
White plastic vinyl material. Protective sliding sleeve. 4-count pack size. Less crumbling. Latex-free material. Lifts graphite easily. Rectangular shape.
There may be some residue left over after use, but this wipes away easily with no trace.
Phthalate- and latex-free vinyl
1; 2; 3; 4 pieces
Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Pack
Sargent Art revolutionized the art world with its innovative art products that cater for almost all the art supplies needed by students and even professionals.
Great graphite-lifting ability. Requires minimal rubbing. Classic rectangular shape. Latex-free material. 4-count pack size.
The eraser might not be of professional grade, but it sure gets in a decent job for students.
Graphite pencils
Latex-free rubber
4; 16; 36; 72 pieces

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What is the Best Eraser?

There’s no doubt in our minds that you have at your disposal, factors gleaned from our buying guide that’ll help you in your search for that great eraser. Keep your eyes open as you go through our list of top-performing erasers and we promise you’ll see one or more that will fulfil your needs and then some.
Our Top Choice
The Faber-Castell Pencil-Ink Combo Eraser is a unique eraser with the ability to completely erase both pencil and ink marks on paper and virtually any other surface, without traumatizing the surface or leaving smudges. If you’re looking for a pencil-only eraser, then check out the Faber-Castell Dust-Free Vinyl Erasers.

Faber-Castell Pencil-Ink Combo Eraser - Pack of 2

Faber-Castell, founded in 1761, remains ‘til date one of the most successful and renowned pencil-making and related products company in the world. Headquartered in Nuremberg, it has a global reach with branches in 120 countries, of which the USA office is one of the oldest, at over 150 years since inception. Its products are synonymous with quality and innovation, and despite having been in the field for an exceptionally long time, are still relevant and in the forefront of designing innovative writing materials. Its products include a wide array of materials for writing, creative designs, drawing, and decorative cosmetics. Whatever your needs are, you’re sure to find your ideal items here in varying models so you can make your choice.

Just as the name implies, the Faber-Castell Pencil-Ink Combo Eraser is a great little tool to have handy for erasing unwanted pencil and ink marks. It has been known to even clean out ink marks on designer purses and the likes, so this isn’t just another eraser meant solely for paper use. It’s phthalate- and PVC-free, making it absolutely safe for use, and although it doesn’t contain these plasticizers, it’s still soft and gently cleans. With this eraser, there’s no need to expend much energy in rubbing; just a gentle touch will have the graphite and ink marks lifted off without trauma to the paper or any other surface. And to crown it all, you get two fabulous erasers at an amazing price.

Here are other related products from Faber-Castell that you can check out:
  • The Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint by Number Kit Fairy Garden: watercolor including a 9-inch real artist’s canvas and mounting board
  • The Faber-Castell Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set: complete with a wallet casing for putting all your drawing tools
  • The Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil 9000: with a protective cap and high-quality, PVC-free, and smear-proof eraser attachment
  • The Extra-long-lasting Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush: for easy and perfect cleaning
  • The Faber-Castell - GRIP Watercolor EcoPencils: in vivid and instantly soluble colors for endless drawings
Best Value
The Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip & Assorted Barrels is a pencil-shaped eraser featuring a smooth and jam-free retracting mechanism that lets you hide the eraser knob safely after every use so it doesn’t erase accidentally. In case you prefer a single-pack eraser, you can see the Pentel Clic Eraser Grip, Retractable Eraser with Sky Blue Barrel.

Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip & Assorted Barrels – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Pentel is an award-winning company recognized for its 70+ years of outstanding quality and standard writing materials and products. It has had a number of innovative technology credited to it, from the roller ball pen technology to the super tech Hi-Polymer and graphite lead inventions, including its mechanical pencils. Its products are usually pace-setters in the industry, and as such are guaranteed to serve you better than can be imagined. Further, it’s dedicated to improving and safeguarding the environment by using recycled and recyclable packaging materials for its products, thus preventing environmental degradation. Its products—ranging from correction fluids to pens, pencils, erasers, and lead—are all covered by a lifetime warranty so you’re assured of the highest quality and performance.

Get cleaning with the Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip, sporting a high-performance eraser that erases cleanly leaving no pencil traces or lots of eraser dust behind. Its retracting mechanism is super easy and jam-free so you can retract the eraser knob easily after every use. Plus, the firm grip doesn’t squish while you’re going about your erasing business. This eraser also features a clip so you can carry it around safely in your pocket, and the size makes for a perfect fit in any pencil pouch. This beautiful eraser comes in a pack of 3 refillable eraser pencils in 3 different and bright colors.

Other writing utensils that might interest you from Pentel include:
  • The Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pen with 0.7mm Fine Tip: with refillable ink option and latex-free comfortable grip zone
  • The 3 Pack of 2 Pentel Refill Erasers for Clic Eraser: making a total of 6 erasers for your dependable Clic Pencil-erasers
  • The Pentel Color Pen, Set of 36: with water-based and vivid colored inks made for extensive drawing, plus the long-lasting fiber tip and snug-fitting cap
  • The Pentel Libretto Roller Gel Pen and Pencil Set with Gift Box: in an elegant metal barrel that makes for an easy and firm grip and control
Apart from its excellent role in cleaning out graphite marks, the Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers are equally adept at wiping off colored pencil marks with no smudges or smears left behind on your paper. Do you prefer a pencil-style eraser with a clip for safe carrying? Then check out the Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick.

Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers – Available in 5 Pack Sizes & 3 Styles

Paper Mate has been around for years and is easily one of America’s top brands in the writing materials industry. It’s a favorite brand among teachers and parents for a number of reasons, among which are the fact that its products are durable, top-notch, and extremely affordable. Its wide range of products are designed to cover almost all the writing and drawing needs of both children and teachers at budget-friendly prices, and they’re also designed to be safe for use. Even as an accomplished artist, you’d be pleasantly surprised at the number of supplies you’ll find at unbelievable rates when compared to other brands.

Talk about getting more value for your money… the Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers give you that and then some more. At large packs of erasers for an almost negligible price, you cannot get more value for money where these erasers are concerned. Coupled with their ability to fit almost all pencil sizes, this eraser is the perfect companion for your pencil and doesn’t break apart or crack when in use.

Its graphite-lifting ability is second to none and you’re assured of maximum erasing with minimum pressure, thus ensuring your book or paper stays in one piece. It’s been known to be effective in cleaning out colored pencil marks as well, with no smudges left behind and the barest amount of eraser dust residue.

See also the following related products from Paper Mate:
  • The Paper Mate Pack of 12 Pink Pearl Erasers, Large: with a smudge-resistant and perfect cleaning ability, it’s great for exams and test papers or even professional artwork
  • The Paper Mate Retractable Gel Pens: come with black ink, a bold point, and easy grip for a firm hold
  • The Paper Mate ComfortMate Ultra Mechanical Pencils: designed for utmost comfort with an ergonomic hour-glass shape, retracting mechanism, and integrated eraser
  • The Paper Mate InkJoy Medium Point Gel Pens in Assorted Colors, 14 Count: comes in different ink colors to suit your writing preferences
  • The Paper Mate Write Bros Medium Point Ballpoint Pens: with a slim and easy-grip design that lets you hold them comfortably for an extended period of writing
The Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers are made from latex-free white plastic vinyl which ensures less crumbling and little eraser dust residue left behind. They erase graphite with no traces left and are gentle on the paper. For a single, top-notch eraser with little or no eraser dust residue, check out the Staedtler Mars Plastic 52650BK2DA Eraser.

Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers – Available in 4 Pack Sizes

German companies are always known to inspire trust and confidence, and Staedtler is no exception. Established way back in 1835, it has evolved over the years to become Europe’s largest manufacturer of mechanical pencil leads, erasers, modelling clays, wood-cased pencils, and OHP pens. Its products have maintained its tradition of quality and excellent performance through the years, thus ensuring that its satisfied customer base keeps expanding. It has leveraged on prevailing technology to improve on its products, maintain its lead in the industry, and make its products available worldwide at extremely competitive prices.

The Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers come in a pack of 4 erasers for more value for your money and has the best graphite-lifting capacity as far as erasers go. This classic rectangular white eraser comes in a protective sliding sleeve that ensures it doesn’t get overly dirty from frequent handling. It’s made from plastic vinyl and latex-free, which means less crumbling and long-lasting durability.

Other products from this brand that might interest you are:
  • The Staedtler Geometry Compass: with a 360-degree radius and two lead refills for your convenience
  • The Staedtler 4 Piece Math Set: complete with a 6-inch clear ruler and 3 different-angled triangles for your math projects
  • The Staedtler Metallic Red Markers: that give temporary red marks of between 1 to 2-millimeter thickness with a safe-click cap that protects the tip from drying out
  • The Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils, Set of 24 Colors in Stand-up Easel Case: for convenient drawing in different, vivid colors
  • The Staedtler Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener: lets you sharpen your pencils in an efficient manner, and you can even sharpen 2 pencils at a go
The Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Pack brings back fond memories of pink erasers of the yester years, but this time, they lift graphite off paper more easily with minimal rubbing and leave no residue on fingers or paper. If you’re looking for quality fluorescent gel pens for class or office use, see the Sargent Art 10-count Fluorescent Gel Pens.

Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Blister Pack – Available in 4 Pack Sizes

Sargent Art is a vibrant brand in the art world, with lots of art products and color that will get you drawing and painting in no time. Add to the fact that its products are made from the safest and highest-quality materials available, and you’re guaranteed a swell time doing your art work. Its products range from modelling clays to paints and markers, pencils, crayons, erasers, scissors, white boards, and just about anything you’ll likely need for a home or school project. It strives to ensure customer satisfaction at every point by ensuring its products always meet with local and international standards for safety and performance.

The Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Pack is reminiscent of the pink erasers used way back in elementary schools, but its quality is far greater than that of the yester years. It’s made from a latex-free material and doesn’t crumble as much, thus this set of 4 erasers is guaranteed to last for quite a long while. It lifts graphite from paper with ease and does not require much rubbing or effort, hence it ensures your paper stays in one piece. Unlike other pink or colored erasers, this Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Pack leaves no unsightly colored residue on the fingers after use so your fingers are in good hands, so to speak…

You might also like these other related products from Sargent Art:
  • The Sargent Art 12 ct. HB Graphite Pencils: designed for kids aged 3 years and above, with a latex-free eraser attached and guaranteed smooth writing
  • The Sargent Art 4oz Washable Watercolor Magic Paints: available in 6 vivid colors, made from non-toxic materials, and easy to wash off from skin and fabrics with soap and water only
  • The Sargent Art 12ct Colored Dustless Chalk: available in different colors and easily wipes from chalkboards or blackboards
  • The Sargent Art Terra Cotta Air Hardening Clay: that is designed for use by amateurs and air dries in about 24 hours. It’s perfect for classroom or professional use and can be sanded, painted, or sealed using permanent paints
  • The Sargent Art 200ct Washable Chisel Tip Markers: in assorted colors containing non-toxic and long-lasting inks with protective vented caps

How Do I Choose the Best Eraser?

While growing up, an eraser is one of the first essential tools for learning, after the pencil and paper, which kids get to know and quickly learn to use. As far as development goes, the eraser has come a long way from the wad of pink, gummy rubbers used back then in the elementary schools—you know, the ones that leave rubbery smells on the fingers and occasional pink residue on papers. Nowadays, you get erasers in different shapes, materials, and more importantly, with improved performance.

Back in the day, most often than not, you were more likely to end up with an eraser that leaves your homework book all smudged and embarrassingly hole-filled, giving the impression that you’ve been clumsy with your work or project. And if you’re an artist drawing on your easel, it’s imperative to have a finished work that looks spotless and doesn’t give away the numerous little mistakes that you must have had to erase out before getting it just right.

Make no mistakes, there are still lots of erasers out there that can make a mess of your work; that’s the reason we’ve decided to review this commonplace item. A good eraser should effortlessly lift granite (the material from which pencils are made) off papers without much energy expended or time wasted.

As you outfit your kids for school with new lunch boxes and school bags, be sure to get them the best erasers to save them stress and embarrassment—and prolong the life of their books. Another good point to ponder is the fact that great erasers last for a long while. They don’t reduce easily and, depending on frequency of usage, one medium-sized eraser can last for an entire academic session or through several art works.

Before buying an eraser, it’s recommended to consider the age of the user, as there are erasers in fun toy shapes for toddlers in the market. Other factors to consider include the type, material, count, design, and of course, the price. Relax and read on, as we treat these factors in detail shortly.
Erasers are mostly affordable, but nonetheless, the really good ones usually cost a tad more than average ones. One important factor that affects the price of an eraser is the type. A pen and pencil eraser is sure to cost more than a pencil-only eraser. So, depending on what you want the eraser for, you should make your choice accordingly.

Generally, erasers fall within the price range of $1.00 and $8.00, and our featured products cover this range so you can take your pick according to your budget. In the course of our research, we came across several cheap erasers, but what’s the point of going for an eraser that will just crumble and leave smears all over your book when you can easily get a good-quality eraser at a great price?
Buying an eraser may not be an easy feat after all, but if you put the following factors on your checklist and cross them off one after the other, you’ll most definitely end up with the best-quality eraser. These factors are:
  • Type of eraser
  • Design features
  • Count
  • Material
Construction and Design

An eraser is more commonly known for its ability to clean out pencil marks on papers and other surfaces, but in recent times, there have been other erasers manufactured to clean both pencil and ink marks. This, in effect, means that in terms of what they can erase, there are two types of erasers: a pencil eraser and an ink and pencil eraser. Whichever one you choose should be based on who is using the eraser and what writing medium (pen or pencil or both) is being used.


Another means of classifying erasers is based on their style. The most common style are the rectangular-shaped tablet erasers, while some brands go a step further to make their erasers in a pencil form. The latter style is often used for precision erasing and may be battery-operated in some cases.


To get more value for your money, most brands design their erasers in packages of multiple erasers so you end up with more for less. If you have a large family and almost everyone needs an eraser, it will make more financial sense to go for a brand with two or more erasers in a set. This also ensures that you always have a handy spare for when you need an emergency replacement in case someone misplaces his eraser.
Performance and Ease of Use

Erasers can be made from a number of materials including rubber, plastic, vinyl, or gum. Most rubber erasers are like kneaded putty and quite soft. They don’t crumble and work by absorbing the color of the graphite from the paper surface. With this type, there is no need to rub; you just press and lift the eraser off the graphite and you’ll need to fold the eraser on itself to expose the cleaner surface to erase with. Plastic/vinyl or gum erasers, on the other hand, work by forming crumbs composing the graphite and eraser bits which are then blown off from the paper.


When purchasing an eraser, you should consider how fast the eraser erases by ensuring that minimal effort is required to produce the best cleaning effect. This in turn determines whether or not there will be paper trauma with regards to roughening up your paper and perhaps tearing holes in them.

An ideal eraser should form residual crumbs that stick together and are easily blown off. You wouldn’t want an eraser that forms lots of powdery crumbs that fill your paper and leave you red in the face trying to blow them all off your paper—or worse still, having the eraser crumbs sticking to your work. Also, erasers that form lots of powdery crumbs are likely to wear down quickly which means you’ll have to be looking for a replacement in no time.


Generally, erasers come in a white or pink color, but there are some that are black and others in bright colors, especially those that come in specialty shapes for kids. Most of them, especially the traditional rectangular-shaped ones, have wraps around them that serve to protect your fingers in case of sensitive skin. They also prevent the eraser from getting too dirty and unsightly due to frequent handling.


Whatever you do, be sure to check that the eraser you’re going for is phthalate-free. Most brands indicate this on their erasers, but it doesn’t hurt to check to be certain!

Get the Best Eraser of 2023!

Thank you for going through our review. We hope you’ve finally made your choice, and if so, hurry now and place your order right away!

Our Top Choice
Faber-Castell Pencil-Ink Combo Eraser
Best Value
Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip
Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers
Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers
Sargent Art 4 Count Eraser Pack