Best Escape Ladder Reviews 2022

When fire breaks out, an escape ladder can save lives. As a result, choosing a reliable product is essential. This review has analyzed the major factors to come up with these top 5 products from 5 trustworthy brands.
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Escape Height
Our Top Choice
ResQLadder Four Story Escape Ladder
ResQLadder is a proud manufacturer of safety items and escape ladders for homes and offices. Its ladders are easy to use, ideal for small spaces and do not require any assembling.
Comes in/with storage box. Ready to use immediately. Includes stand-offs to avoid obstacles.
May not work perfectly for windows with no sills, thanks to its hook design.
16 × 17 × 20 inches; 32 lbs
35 feet, four-story
1000 lbs
Hook to window and drop outside
Best Value
Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Kidde is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire safety products. It creates convenient escape ladders to give its consumers peace of mind.
Does not tangle when unfolding. Easy to set up. Flame resistant.
This is a disposable, single use solution, and should never be used for repeat situations.
6.2 × 16.4 × 8.2 inches; 7.8 lbs
13 feet, two-story
1000 lbs
Hook to window and drop outside
X-IT Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
X-IT is known for high grade, safe escape ladders. Its ladders are quality-tested and proven, and designed for a range of emergency situations.
Multi-use, and comes with storage bag. Includes comprehensive instruction manual.
This ladder can only work on windows with sill.
7.5 × 11.5 × 15.5 inches; 20 lbs
53 feet, six-story
1000 lbs
Hook to window and drop outside
Werner Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
Werner is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge safety climbing equipment. It produces durable, well tested and long-lasting ladders for homes and busy job sites.
Accommodates more than one person at a time.
This ladder has metal standoffs which may scratch the walls of the building.
18 × 12.9 × 6.6 inches; 21 lbs
24 feet, three-story
1200 lbs
Permanent installation in window
First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder
First Alert implements the latest technology in the provision of household and workplace security equipment. Its ladders are incredibly resilient.
Rugged steel frame. Emergency quick-release strap. DuPont nylon strapping.
The ladder may however tangle when unlatched and some care has to be taken to straighten it.
12.5 × 13.2 × 4.5 inches; 12.1 lbs
14 feet, two-story
1125 lbs
Hook to window and drop outside

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What is the Best Escape Ladder?

We hope our buying guide has furnished you with enough information on the features of a good escape ladder. Bearing those in mind, combined with an understanding of the location you need one for, let’s take a look at our highlighted products.
Our Top Choice
The ResQLadder Emergency Escape Ladder is an extremely light, portable ladder that requires no installation. It can support over 1000 pounds of weight and take on more than one person. If you want a 15-foot ladder without sleeves, check out ResQLadder’s 15 Foot Four-Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder.

ResQLadder 4-Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder with Sleeves on Chain – Available in 5 Sizes

ResQLadder is located in Connecticut and is a proud manufacturer of safety products and emergency escape ladders. As the products come off the production line, they are packaged by its well-trained staff. The company is concerned about the safety of its customers and this is reflected in the quality of its products. The ladders are designed for offices and homes from two to six stories, with lengths from 12 to 50 feet. ResQLadder’s aim is to be part of every family’s escape plan - to have them securely equipped and avoid casualties in their own homes.

The ResQLadder Emergency Escape Ladder is an incredibly lightweight, four-story ladder. Its dimensions (folded) are 16 x 17 x 20 inches and it comes in a distinct red and white color combination. It’s the perfect emergency get-away ladder for four-story buildings. This ladder is made of 18-20-gauge steel rungs and hooks, and a two-loop chain. It comes in a corrugated storage box, parachute-bundled from the factory, and is ready-to-use immediately in the event of an emergency. It’s portable, requires no installation, and can be easily deployed from its storage case and hooked over a window.

Additionally, it has a tested capacity of over 1000 pounds. This ladder comes with pre-installed and additional customized standoffs for special conditions like walls with obstructions. These standoffs are simple to mount or remove, providing added stability for every rung of the ladder. It’s therefore flexible and adaptable to avoid any dangers. It is possible for more than one person, even an entire family to get on the ladder at the same time and exit a building safely. This escape ladder is easy to use and built to fit standard windowsills and walls up to 10 inches thick.

The ResQLadder Portable Escape Ladder has it chains sheathed with a durable plastic casing for comfortable grip. This makes it suitable for kids and people sensitive to touching bare chains. This ladder can fit into small spaces like small closets of homes. Its simple design makes it possible to stow in most corners, including under the bed.

ResQLadder has other ladders in its collection:
  • ResQLadder FL12 Two-Story Escape Ladder: This is a portable 41.6 pound, 12-foot ladder that comes in three packs. It has sleeves at the sides and is designed to fit standard window sills. This ladder is also offered with sleeves - FL12SL or sleeved in a pack of 3 - the LP3FL12SL
  • ResQLadder FL25 Three-Story Emergency Escape Ladder: It’s a 16 x 20 x 8 inches, 25-foot escape ladder with added stability to avoid wall obstructions. This ladder has another type with sleeves - FL25SL and sleeved in a pack of 3 - the LP3FL25SL
  • ResQLadder FL50 Five-Story Emergency Escape Ladder: This 50 inches escape ladder is designed to fit windowsill walls up to 10 inches thick. This ladder could also come complete with sleeves - the FL50SL type
Best Value
The Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder is durable, with a 1000 pounds weight capacity. It has non-slip zinc-coated steel rungs and nylons strap rails for added flexibility. If you want a three-story escape ladder, Kidde’s 25' 3 Story Esca Ladder is the perfect choice. It comes in a pack of two. Check it out.

Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder – Available in 2 Sizes

Kidde, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire safety products, was founded by Walter Kidde in 1917. He was a pioneer in smoke detection and fire elimination. The company is committed to creating a safer world through initiatives and corroborative partnerships with builders, safe ware dealers and communities. Kidde has produced many safety and life-preserving products in its near-100 year history. The company is known for innovative and advanced solutions to protect people and their property from fire and related hazards. Kidde’s escape ladders and safety products are convenient and bring peace of mind to its consumers.

The Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder is 13 feet long and 5 feet wide, weighing 7.8 pounds. It’s designed for two-story buildings, houses and office floors. It’s convenient to use, as it attaches quickly to just about any type of window. This escape ladder is sturdy and tested to hold weights up to 1000 pounds. Other features include the following:
  • Tangle-free and easy to set up
  • Requires no tools or assembly
  • Single use - should be discarded after first time
  • Suitable for third-story escapes if required
  • Stores easily near a window or under a bed, and is convenient to carry
  • Bright and multi-colored, hence easily detectable in a pile
  • Durable, featuring metal rungs and nylon strap rails
  • Zinc-coated steel rungs which enhance stability
  • Built to resist flames
  • Choose from 13 foot or 25 foot lengths depending on your needs
This escape ladder has a manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty.
The X-IT 6 Story Fire Escape Ladder is designed to fit all window sills and wall thicknesses. It features smooth edges with rungs for the feet, and can be deployed quickly. If you would prefer a similar, but smaller escape ladder, check out X-IT’s Escape Bag 4 Story.

X-IT Emergency Fire Escape Ladder - Available in 6 Sizes

X-IT is well known for producing quality safety escape ladders. The company has made its name as a producer of emergency ladders that fit walls of various thicknesses and different window widths. It produces portable ladders up to international safety standards. Its escape ladders are independently tested and proven to be among the finest.

The X-IT 6 Story Fire Escape Ladder is a lightweight, 20-pound escape ladder with 7.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 inch dimensions. It is well designed and suited for 6 story buildings. If, however, you do not need a ladder quite so large, you’ll be pleased to know that this one comes in 6 sizes from 1 story (13’) to 6 stories (53’). It is an award-winning ladder, known to be one of the safest, lightest, easy to use and sturdiest of its type. This ladder latches on properly, fits all window sills and comes with a storage bag with sewn-in instruction, making it easy to store after use.

In addition to this, it has smooth rungs that will not hurt feet if used barefoot, and does not have sharp edges. The X-IT 6 Story Fire Escape Ladder is a multi-use ladder – unlike many others, it is not discarded after first use. This ladder has been thoroughly tested and is recommended as one of the best worldwide. This ladder is automatically replaced by the manufacturer if used in a well-documented emergency. It’s backed by a 60-day full refund guarantee and a 15-year limited warranty.

X-IT has some other ladders to offer:
  • X-IT 2 Story Emergency Escape Ladder: A 13-foot fire escape ladder that fits to all window sizes and is suited for 2 story buildings
  • X-IT 3 Story Emergency Escape Ladder: A 23-foot fire escape ladder built for 3-story get-away
The Werner 3-Story Fire Escape Ladder is an in-built emergency ladder installed permanently under a window. It’s made of heat-resistant nylon, non-slip rungs and standoffs for added strength. If you want a two-story telescoping multi-ladder, check out Werner’s MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder.

Werner Emergency Built-In Fire Escape Ladder with 1200 Pound Load Capacity – Available in 2 Sizes

Werner is a fully incorporated manufacturer and distributor of safety products and climbing equipment. It produces a collection of high grade products suitable for households, offices and busy job sites. Its escape ladders feature cutting-edge designs, are tested durable and backed by standard life-cycle evaluations. The company has amongst its goals, breaking into new markets and offering solutions that maintain trust gained over the years. Werner is a reputable brand and the professional’s choice when it comes to quality ladders.

The Werner 3-Story Fire Escape Ladder is a 3-story, 18 x 12.9 x 6.6 inch fire escape ladder with built-in climbing equipment to be installed right under a window. This unique design ensures it’s always available and could never be misplaced. It deploys in seconds, ensuring a swift getaway.

Other features of this ladder are:
  • Supports 1200 pounds weight – 400 per rung – allowing multiple family members or rescuers at the same time
  • Sturdy climbing straps made from seat-belt material on both sides
  • Flat rungs with anti-slip grooves and standoffs
  • White color blends with room décor. Can be papered or painted to suit room
  • Storage pan fitted into wall to house ladder
  • Can be used with any window, windowsill, and multi-level roofs
  • Heat-resistant nylon meshing
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Available in 2 story or 3 story sizes
This ladder comes with an assortment of hardware, insulation sheet and installation template.
The First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder has slip-resistant rungs and a stabilizer. If you want a three-story escape ladder with different design, check out First Alert’s EL53W-2 Three Story 24-Foot Escape Ladder

First Alert Black Two Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

First Alert is a frontline brand in the provision of security products for the protection of homes, businesses and loved ones. It makes an array of safety devices, ranging from fire extinguishers to safety cameras. The company offers readily available customer service professionals known for prompt responses.

The First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder is a 14-foot, 12.5 x 13.2 x 4.5 inch escape ladder. It provides a safe and reliable means to get away from for homes and workplaces in the face of fire. It’s light, weighing 12.1 pounds, fits into windowsill widths between 6 and 10 inches and deploys easily from there. This is an easy-to-use ladder, ideal for two-story installations.
The First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder has some other remarkable features:
  • Fully assembled and ready to use out of the box
  • Slip-resistant rungs and stabilizer
  • Emergency release straps which also act as ties to hold rungs
  • Remarkable 1125-pound weight capacity
  • Well-built steel construction and finishing
  • Complies with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards
  • Strapped with DuPont Cordura nylon
  • Comes in a black color that can fit into about any décor or scenery
This fire escape ladder is backed by a 6-year limited warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Escape Ladder?

Fire is one of the most useful discoveries of all time. Over time, we’ve come to know its uses and advantages. However, when we lose control of it, the result can be irreparable disaster. Put simply, fire kills and it destroys. To prevent this, people adopt safety measures. Smoke alarms, fire blankets, and fire extinguishers are now both popular and commonplace. When these things have done their part, it’s time to escape. Fire escape ladders are designed as emergency escape tools in case of a fire outbreak. There are two basic types:
Permanent escape ladder: These ladders are permanently attached to the outside wall of a building and are made of metals. Residents can easily escape through them during a fire outbreak. They are generally attached to the upper floors of the building where they are needed most. Unfortunately, they are unsightly, take up a lot of space, and provide a potential means of entrance for thieves.

Foldable escape ladders: These are similar to classic rope ladders, with stackable rungs threaded to durable, fire-resistant sides. The casings are usually made to fit into the window sills for easy descent whenever necessary. You can either map out a space for their storage or you stack them by the windows.

A major factor to consider when making a choice of escape ladders is size. Not every ladder can be used on every window sill. Foldable escape ladders are manufactured according to the size of windowsills, so you have to get the right size. Escape ladders with adjustable sizes are now available too and are quite popular and convenient. If you’re always keen on being prepared, you might want to consider getting yourself a car escape tool to keep in case of emergencies on the road.
Purchasing the right escape ladder for fire emergencies is not what you – or anyone, for that matter – should skimp on. When there is fire and you need to escape with a baby, for instance, you don’t want to be stuck with a flimsy ladder. We recommend you go for the best escape ladder you can afford. Those we reviewed have a price range of $34 to $320.

We ignored any cheap escape ladders that didn’t offer a minimum standard of safety, choosing instead to focus on value.
As always, the features of a product play a major role in determining the price. Certain features are vital factors to consider before selecting a good escape ladder. Carefully consider these features as they will help you make an informed purchase.
  • Standoffs
  • Load capacity
  • Size adjustability
  • Length – number of floors covered
  • Portability
  • Material
  • Sill hooks
Construction and Design
Escape ladders are made with different kinds of materials, the most common being aluminum, plastic, and steel. While they are all good materials, steel is sturdier and more durable. Steel ladders come with slip-resistant rungs while other materials have theirs coated on. They are the most popular in permanently fixed escape ladders because of their ability to last a long time. The steel escape ladder is hardly susceptible to damage during fire outbreaks. Other materials are most likely going to catch fire eventually and burn.

Escape ladders with sill hooks are far better than those without. These allow the ladder to be secured to the window during use, resulting in a more stable escape route and no risk of toppling.
Performance and Ease of Use
One important feature of a good escape ladder is the standoff. This keeps the ladder rungs away from the wall of the building when in use. It makes exit safer by providing enough foot and finger space for the user.

Most times, an escape ladder is used by more than one person. The load capacity is quite important in these kinds of situations. A good escape ladder should have the load capacity of at least 1000 pounds.

Most people buy escape ladders without checking their windowsill size. The minimum and maximum sizes are usually written in the product’s description. One needs to get the measurement of the depth and length of one’s windowsill before making a purchase. If these measurements are not available, it is advisable to go for escape ladders with adjustable sizes.

The length of the escape ladder is very important. Depending on how high your building is, your escape ladder of choice should be able to get you down to the ground. Some escape ladders are tensile in nature, meaning they can stretch farther than the exact length of the ladder.

Finding a space to store your escape ladder shouldn’t be difficult. A good escape ladder should be light and compact. It should not be too heavy to move and it should not be too light to carry one’s weight. This feature is not associated with permanent escape ladders because they are fixed.

Get the Best Escape Ladder of 2022!

A fire is a terrifying emergency to be in, but with the right ladder, you know the tools are there to make it a manageable situation. The brands featured above make reliable, trustworthy solutions so, if our featured products aren’t quite right, see what other products each of them offers, and make your home or office that little bit safer.

Our Top Choice
ResQLadder Four Story Escape Ladder
Best Value
Kidde Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder
X-IT Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
Werner Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder