Best Espresso Machine Reviews 2023

Save the trip and cost of getting an espresso at Starbucks by buying your own espresso machine. Espresso machines can vary greatly in terms of type, features and price range. There are low end, mid-range and top of the line espresso makers. Ultimately, the one you go with will be a matter of personal preference. Let’s take a look at five of the best espresso machine brands around with a product to feature from each. If you’d prefer a manual press machine, we have a separate review for those you can check out.
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Water Capacity
Our Top Choice
Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
Breville is a household name in the home products industry, famous for their sandwich maker. They also make coffee machines, juicers, cooking products and food prep products.
Built in grinder, frothing pot, steaming wand and adjustable brew temperatures. Large capacity water tank.
No double boiler so takes a while to steam milk. One of the more expensive models. Has a learning curve for novices.
Machine with burr grinder
15 bar Italian
12.5 x 13.25 x 15.75” / 23lbs
Stainless steel, black or red
Best Value
De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine
De’Longhi was founded over 110 years ago, in 1902. They started manufacturing AC units and heaters but quickly grew to now include a range of small kitchen appliances.
Compact footprint. Lightweight and portable. 2 cup size settings. Powerful 19 bar high pressure pump. Fast heat up in 30 seconds. Eco-mode. Auto shut-off. Welcome set.
Some isolated issues with the water not reaching the optimum temperature.
19 bar high pressure
4.3 x 12.8 x 8.1” / 5.1lbs
Black, lime or red
Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine
The Swiss company Jura was founded in 1931. They focus solely on manufacturing high-quality, reliable, innovative and functional automatic coffee makers.
Compact design. Available for 1 or 2-cups. 3 cup size settings. 2 aroma levels. Simple touch panel operation. Zero-Energy mode. Programmable switch off. Adjustable coffee spout.
Some issues with leaks.
Machine with conical grinder
15 bar high performance
9.1 x 12.7 x 17.5” / 19.4lbs
Black/stainless steel
Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine
Gaggia is one of Italy’s most iconic brands. It began with one man’s search for the ultimate espresso and now Gaggia manufactures professional, manual and automatic espresso makers.
Vintage, classic design. Temperature gauge. Pressure gauge. Compatible with ESE coffee pods. Descaling alarm. Filter for 1-2 cups of ground coffee. Double walled filter.
The rinse mode means you might have to refill the water tank often.
Vintage-style with frother
15 bar
21 x 30 x 28” / 8.8lbs
Black/stainless steel
Sowtech 4-Cup Espresso Machine
Sowtech is a very new company that was only founded in 2015. Since then though, they’ve already made a name for themselves as a leading electronics brand.
Small, compact design. 3.5 bar steam pressure system. Makes 2-4 cups of coffee. Built-in milk frother. Fast to use. Simple, one knob control. Removable drip tray.
Isolated complaint of the metal finish rubbing off and having a strange smell.
3.5 bar steam pressure
7.17 x 13 x 12.9” / 5.25lbs
Black/stainless steel

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What is the Best Espresso Machine?

In order to help you choose an espresso machine that's right for you, we've narrowed down the field to five contenders, with a mixture of price ranges. Let's take a closer look at the espresso makers that made it on our shortlist.
Our Top Choice
The Barista Express by Breville has a powerful 220 watt motor and built-in burr grinder – great for people without a lot of counter or cabinet room. If you don’t need a coffee machine with a grinder built-in, check out the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine instead.

Breville Barista Express™ Espresso Machine – Available in Multiple Colors

Breville is a worldwide leader in the kitchen products industry. They became famous for their sandwich maker but have since expanded to manufacture coffee machines, juicers, blenders, mixers, smart ovens and much more.

The Barista Express coffee machine from Breville is one of our favorites as it comes with multiple useful features and options! For example, one that many features people love when it comes to this espresso maker is the stainless steel, conical burr grinder that lets you grind your beans, optimizing the flavor. If you go to a professional barista, he or she will tell you that the shorter the amount of time between grinding and brewing, the better the results and with the Barista Express, that time is a matter of seconds!

Other great features that Breville BES870XL offers include:
  • Integrated tamper with pressure guide
  • Airtight bean hopper preserves freshness and aroma
  • Stainless-steel frothing pitcher and coffee scoop
  • Water filter eliminates impurities for better-tasting coffee
  • Stainless steel 360° swivel-action steam wand
  • Built-in storage tray to hold accessories
  • 54mm stainless steel single & dual wall filter baskets
  • Electronic PID temperature control for increased temperature stability
  • Extra-large, removable water tank (67 fl. oz /2L)
  • Choose from manual and automatic settings
  • Adjustable brew temperature.
  • Built in coffee grinder with 15 settings
Best Value
The De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine is a great machine if you need something lightweight and compact. If you’re more of a coffee connoisseur, then you’ll probably want a machine that’s similar to those used in commercial settings. If that’s the case then check out the De’Longhi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine instead.

De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine – Available in 3 Colors

De’Longhi was founded back in 1902 by the de’ Longhi family. It began as an influential air conditioner and portable heater manufacturer but has since expanded to produce a whole range of small home appliances and products. Their range of high-quality products includes coffee machines, espresso machines, deep fryers, grills, convection ovens and of course, their well-known and well-loved AC units and heaters.

The De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine is their most compact espresso machine yet. They’ve managed to make a 5.1lbs machine without compromising on taste or quality. This modern, sleek unit has a small footprint, just 8.1 x 4.3”, so it’ll fit effortlessly in your kitchen.

Here’s some more features to get excited about:
  • 2 programmable cup size settings
  • 19 bar high pressure pump for fast coffee-making
  • Reaches desired temperature in just 30 seconds
  • Save energy with eco-mode that reduces energy consumption after 3 minutes use
  • Auto shut-off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Complimentary welcome set with 14 Nespresso capsules to try
  • 20.3-ounce water tank capacity
This attractive espresso machine comes in black, lime and red so you can choose whichever color suits your style best.
The Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine boasts all the features of a high-end commercial coffee maker but with a compact, sleek design. If you’ve got more space available for your coffee machine, you should consider the Jura IMPRESSA Automatic Coffee Maker which also has a built-in milk frother for truly professional coffees.

Jura ENA Micro Automatic Coffee Machine – Available as 1 or 2-Cup Machine

Jura is a Swiss company founded in 1931. They are a leading brand in the coffee products market because they are one of the only companies to focus solely on manufacturing automatic coffee makers. Their dedication to perfect this craft is why their products are so innovative, stylish, functional and reliable.

The Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine is one example of such quality and innovation. The Micro is available in two styles, the Micro 1 and the Micro 5. The Micro 1 only has room to make one cup of coffee at a time, but the Micro 5 can make two. Jura understands that although it’s great to have a professional level coffee machine, it’s sometimes not practical so have such a bulky appliance on your countertop all the time. That’s why they designed both these machines to be a compact as possible, measuring just 9.1 x 12.7 x 17.5-inches.

Here’s some more cool features:
  • Makes coffee, espresso and ristretto
  • 3 user-designed cup settings
  • Two aroma levels to choose from
  • Simple touch panel operation
  • Automatic energy saving mode and Zero-Energy switch
  • Programmable switch off time
  • Built-in multi-level conical grinder
  • 15 bar high performance pump
  • Coffee spout adjustable from 2.3 – 5.6 inches
  • 36.8-ounce water tank capacity
  • 4.4-ounce bean container capacity
The Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine boasts a vintage, timeless design with all the perks of modern technology. It has a 47.3oz water tank and even has a milk frother, perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos. If you would prefer a machine with a larger water tank capacity, you should go for the Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker which has a 72-ounce capacity.

Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine in Silver

Gaggia began in 1938 with one man’s quest to brew the ultimate espresso in 1930’s Italy. His quest was successful and now Gaggia is one of Italy’s most iconic brands, supplying the world with high-quality espresso machines. By focusing all their attention on one type of product, you’re guaranteed a well thought out, precisely manufactured product. Gaggia offers a range of professional, manual and automatic espresso machines.

One example of Gaggia’s excellence is the Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine. It combines a classic, vintage design with the convenience of modern technology. One of the great additions to this coffee machine is the milk frother. With this handy addition you can take your coffee to the next level, making cappuccino’s, latte’s and more.

Let’s see some more features of this espresso machine:
  • Has a filter for 1 or 2 cups worth of ground coffee
  • Also is compatible with ESE coffee pods
  • Boiler temperature gauge means you can always have the optimum water temp for a perfect cup of coffee
  • 15 bar pressure pump, ideal for espresso
  • Descaling alarm tells you when it’s time to clean your machine, prolonging its lifespan
  • Pressurized, double walled filter for a creamier and hotter espresso
  • Pre-brewing function makes for a balanced espresso with the full aroma
  • 47.3-ounce water tank capacity
The Sowtech 4-Cup Espresso Machine is a great option for someone who doesn’t need a large capacity and wants a functional, affordable product. If you prefer a coffee maker that uses K-cups, check out the Sowtech K Cup Coffee Brewer with one touch operation and a 12-ounce water tank.

Sowtech 3.5-Bar 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

Sowtech is a very new company, founded in 2015. They’re already a leading brand in the electronics industry, manufacturing products that are easy-to-use, functional and affordable. Their product lines include general electronics, gaming keyboards & mice, home & appliances and computer electronics. Amongst their home appliances are vacuums, juicers, k-cup coffee makers and espresso machines.

The Sowtech 4-Cup Espresso Machine is a fantastic, functional and affordable coffee machine. Although not as powerful as other machines on this list, with a 3.5 bar steam pressure system, it can still comfortably brew 2-4 cups of coffee. This is ideal for anyone living alone or a couple because you don’t want a great big, bulky machine taking up all your countertop space when you only need a little coffee brewed at a time.

Other features include:
  • Built-in milk frother perfect for making specialty coffees
  • Easy-to-use, single knob control
  • Fast to use, brew coffee in just a few minutes
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Included carafe with water level gauge
  • Attractive, stainless steel and black design
  • Also includes filter, funnel, spoon and user manual

How Do I Choose the Best Espresso Machine?

Let’s face it, if money wasn’t a factor, picking the best espresso machine would be much easier – just look at all the top of the line models and buy the one that has the features that best suit your needs.

At TopProducts, we understand that this is the real world and people need information that can help them choose an espresso maker that not only makes a great cup of coffee, but also meets their budget - without sacrificing on quality or functionality.

When we researched the market in our quest for excellent coffee machines, we stumbled upon a plethora of high-quality products. Unfortunately, we couldn’t feature them all on our review. Let’s take a look at them though to give you an idea of what’s out there. Firstly, we’ve got to tell you about Mr. Coffee. It’s all in the name really; they make a range of high-quality coffee products including the Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. If you’re looking for a great easy-to-use, 3-in-1 coffee machine, this is the one for you.

For those coffee connoisseurs out there who want to know they’re using a brand they can trust, you can’t go wrong with Buona. Their Mattina Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Frother and Grinder is attractive, sleek and functional. If you one of those indecisive lot, you’ll probably just want a machine that can do everything so one day you can wake up and have a cappuccino and the next day you can whip up an Americano, no problem. For this, you’ll need the Espresso Works 7-Piece All-in-One Espresso Machine Set which comes with a grinder, portafilter, frothing cup, measuring spoon and two espresso cups.

By the way, if you are trying to decide between an espresso maker and a coffee machine that makes great regular, or should we say "American Style," coffee, check out our top 5 automatic coffee makers review.
When looking for an espresso machine, you have to ask yourself this question – how much is it worth to you to have a fantastic cup of strong coffee? You could get a “cheap” manual espresso maker for around $30 or you can easily spend over $1000 for a high end machine. Mid range espresso machines usually start at around $100.

Things that impact the price of an espresso machine are the type, size, design and features. You will pay more for a stainless steel espresso machine than a plastic one, but they will last much longer. A lot of users report that machines with plastic outer shells often crack, requiring expensive repairs or replacement.
Today's coffee makers are quite sophisticated as these appliances are continuously developed, refined and improved by the prestigious brands which make them. For example, some espresso makers might feature:
  • Adjustable brewing temperature buttons
  • Automatic milk frothing and dispensing
  • Built-in grinders.
These are only several types of features, but you can find so many more! Especially if you like coffee very much and you want to prepare different varieties of espresso, or coffee keeping an eye on the features section is a good idea, so that you can buy a product that matches your needs and preferences.
Construction and Design
Today's espresso machines are built with utmost attention to detail, so that not only that you can prepare delicious, flavorful coffee each time, but the espresso maker itself will last for many years. For example, most coffee makers are made from stainless steel or similar tough materials that enhance their durability. Other coffee machines feature easily removable parts, so that you can disassemble the appliance and clean the components in no time.

If you are a person who travels a lot, you might want to consider taking your favorite espresso machine with you so that you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee wherever you are. In this case, a more compact and lightweight coffee maker is more suitable for you. Lastly, the products in our review come with an easy-to-use interface, so you can easily select your preferred settings and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee as soon as possible.
Performance and Ease of Use
Needless to say, one of the most important factors that determines whether or not an espresso machine is worth what you paid for it -- does it make a great cup of coffee? Do you want a machine that just makes espresso, or would you like one that also makes cappuccino?

For coffee connoisseurs, it may be worth spending extra money for the machine that makes the best java, but for other people, a Cup o’ Joe that is good might be worth saving some money.

From there, some things to consider are how many cups of coffee can you make at a time (some people swear that you should only make one cup at a time while others don’t want to wait), the power of the machine, how easy it is to clean on a daily basis and what kind of maintenance it takes over time.

Get the Best Espresso Machine of 2023!

When it comes to deciding what type of espresso maker is the best for you, it will be a matter of personal preferences, and your budget. After a thorough review, we think that these five models – in a mixture of price ranges – are a great place to start.

Our Top Choice
Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
Best Value
De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine
Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine
Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine
Sowtech 4-Cup Espresso Machine