Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews 2023

Evaporative coolers (also known as evaporation coolers, and sometimes swamp coolers, or even the misnomer "evaporative fans") are a safe and affordable means of cooling during the warm weather of summer. To get the best evapotive cooler for your needs, there are certain specifications and features you need to take into consideration. We’ve done the research to come up with these 5 products.
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Flow rate
Water tank
Our Top Choice
Honeywell Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler
Honeywell is a well-known brand that provides quality household essentials and lifestyle accessories. It makes available safe and secure goods.
Easy-to-move oscillating louvers. Control panel with swing, speed and cooling options.
Cleaning this Evaporative Cooler may however require unscrewing the back and sides.
850 sq. ft
1540 CFM
15.9 gallons
18.3 x 27.6 x 40 inches; 52.2lbs
Casters (Portable)
Best Value
Hessaire 3 Speed Evaporative Cooler
Hessaire provides portable cooling solutions designed to be adaptable and functional for different work environments. Its evaporative coolers are well suited for commercial and personal use.
Digital control panel monitors temperature levels. Timer function. USB socket. Doesn’t get damaged if it runs out of water.
This cooler can be noisy.
750 sq. ft
2200 CFM
10.3 gallons
25 × 17 × 37 inches; 39lbs
Casters (Portable)
Portacool Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler
Portacool is a leading name in the manufacture and design of portable evaporative coolers and units. It makes specialized evaporative media for commercial, industrial and household use.
Consumes little energy and water. Easy to install and maintain. Comes assembled with readily available parts.
The water tank doesn’t last long under continuous operation, so a hose connection may be required.
2650 sq. ft
10100 CFM
32 gallons
67 × 62 × 32 inches; 200lbs
Casters (Portable)
Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler
Essick Air is well known for superior cooling products. It has built a reputation for the provision of a variety of home improvement accessories and healthy lifestyle gadgets.
It is cheap to maintain and uses minimal electricity.
There is no water tank, as this model is designed to be connected to a water supply.
1400 sq. ft
4500 CFM
No water tank
46.9 x 34.1 x 34.5 inches; 162lbs
Window (Fixed)
Arctic Cove Portable Evaporative Cooler
Arctic Cove is known for its delightful cooling products for home and outdoor living. Its Evaporative Coolers are efficient and great for hot weather conditions.
Low water level alarm and cut-off. Strong-blowing fan. Noiseless operation.
The 5 gallon water reservoir will need topping up frequently under continuous use, but it’s worth it!.
500 sq. ft
700 CFM
5 gallons
16 x 36 x 22 inches; 27lbs
Casters (Portable)

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What is the Best Evaporative Cooler?

Now you have a handle on the features you may want to look out for, let’s go through our 5 top choices of cooler from the most trusted brands out there.
Our Top Choice
The Honeywell Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler is a strong, rugged cooling fan. It has three fan speeds and honeycomb cooling media. It does not use a compressor or coolant and has four caster wheels for easy mobility. If you want a self-regulating evaporative humidifier, check out the Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Humidifier.

Honeywell Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Cooler – Evaporation Cooler Available in 2 Sizes

Honeywell is an outstanding brand known for offering the best quality products and a broad range of accessories for use in the home and workplace. Its products are designed to exceed customers’ expectations whilst being affordable and effective household solutions. The company is passionate about making its clients happy through innovative products for their maximum comfort and convenience. It makes a safe breathing environment top priority when manufacturing goods. Honeywell is known for great customer service.

The Honeywell Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler is a 60 liter (15.9 gallon) capacity Evaporative Cooler with honeycomb cooling media for high performance. This, together with an in-built overflow protection mechanism, ensures it can be left unattended for long periods. This is a plus for demanding applications. It has a top-loading compartment for ice and alarm that is an indicator for low water levels. It weighs 41.5 pounds and features 16-inch wide fan blades that produce powerful air speed. It’s easy to unpack and set up. It comes complete with a remote control and electronic display. Its mechanical control panel is fitted to adjust the swing, cooling and speed components and includes 3 speed settings.

The Honeywell Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler does not use refrigerant gas or a compressor, but produces efficient cooling with natural energy. It has low energy consumption that translates to reduced bills, and is ultra violet and weather resistant to make it well suited for outdoor use. This evaporative cooler works for up to 850 square feet, and has an air flow rate of 1540 cubic feet per minute. For uninterrupted operations, this evaporative cooler requires a continuous water supply.

It features four durable casters for easy movement. The Honeywell Portable Air Cooler Evaporative Cooler is suitable for indoor, outdoor and commercial purposes. When outdoors, its air throw is up to 12 yards. It is quite at home in a barbeque area, warehouse, patio, terrace or deck, making such places cool and breezy.
Best Value
This Three Speed Evaporative Cooler has four temperature settings, a patented winged prop design and three panels of high density media. If you need a larger evaporative cooler, check out the Hessaire MFC18000 CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler.

Hessaire 2,200 CFM 3 Speed Evaporative Cooler - Evaporation Cooler with Oscillating Design

Hessaire originated in Alabama where it was founded in 1996. The company is known for providing air movement solutions to some well-known Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)s. Hessaire develops and manufactures props and parts for many different ventilation gadgets. After it acquired Fanpac, an evaporative cooling components designer and manufacturer and one of the largest suppliers in the market, the union saw the emergence of well-engineered air movement designs and non-costly cooling components. The company offers affordable, high performance coolers and is geared towards delivering the best energy-efficient cooling products.

The Hessaire Three Speed Evaporative Cooler is a 39 pound, 10.3 gallon capacity, highly functional cooling fan. Air flow delivery is 2,200 cubic feet per minute and it can cool areas of up to 750 square feet. It’s compact, with winged props and three layers of dense XeL50 rigid media, which allow more surface area for air intake, reduce air rotation, reduce static pressure and enhance air delivery to the prop. This media is responsible for 80 percent more surface evaporation than can be obtained with regular density media. This translates to higher evaporation efficiency and reduced temperatures.

This evaporative cooler stands on four casters for easy mobility. It features oscillating louvers that move quietly but efficiently, covering a large surface area. A swing button causes the oscillation motor to move from right to left. Its timer button is set to stop the cooler when the desired time has elapsed. This fan has temperature control of four settings to achieve optimum cooling wherever the appliance is taken. This evaporative cooler has a pump control button that’s also a water level indicator. It blinks and interrupts pump operation when the water level is low. Its motor is a 1/5 horse power and uses very little electricity to save costs.
The Portacool Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler has a variable speed motor and energy conserving pump. Its features durable, rust-free casing and caster wheels for mobility. If you need a bigger evaporative cooler, check out the Portacool 48-Inch Portable Evaporative Cooler PAC2K482S. It’s a high-capacity cooler for large spaces.

Portacool 36-inch Portable Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler - Evaporation Cooler with 2600 Square Foot Cooling Area

Portacool has been in the business of designing evaporative coolers that provide effective and economical cooling since 1990. The company originated in Texas and has continued to expand to become a leader in the manufacture and distribution of portable evaporative cooling devices in over 56 countries. Portacool fans have a wide range of uses and applications in industries, entertainment, home, business and manufacturing. Its customer service and technical team are outstanding and readily available to handle users’ complaints.

The Portacool Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler is a sturdy, 200 pound, simple evaporative cooler. It has an air delivery of 10,100 cubic feet per minute and coverage of about 2,650 square feet. Its reservoir can hold up to 32 gallons of water. This evaporative cooler lowers temperatures to between 15 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit works noiselessly, functioning effectively with a variable speed motor and pump.

It does not require any chemicals or refrigerants and cools the environment at minimal cost. The Portacool Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler is built from a one-piece, non-rust, leak-proof polyethylene casing. It’s quite cheap to use, having low power and water consumption. It features a 3/4-inch hose connection so it can be hooked up to water supply for longer running. This evaporative cooler is sturdy and runs well, having almost no need for maintenance. It gets to the consumer completely assembled, ready for use. It features four ball-bearing casters for enhanced mobility. Its parts are readily available on the market.

Portacool has other Evaporative Coolers for your consideration:
  • Portacool Evaporative Direct Drive Evaporative Cooler: This cooler is devoid of blades, but uses a centrifugal air delivery mechanism to provide cooling
  • Portacool Cyclone 2-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler: A dual speed 300 square feet evaporative cooler
  • Portacool PACJS2400 Jet Stream Portable Evaporative Cooler: This is made of rust-free polyethylene casing. It’s leak-proof and pre-assembled for use
  • Portacool PACCYC06 Cyclone Portable Evaporative Cooler: A small-sized superior cooling evaporative cooler. It utilizes its water level gauge and control valve to achieve efficient cooling
The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler is a two-speed evaporative cooler with lubricated pump and balanced blower. It has a rust-resistant casing and steady air supply vents. If you prefer an evaporative humidifier, then AIRCARE Digital Pedestal Evaporative Humidifier is great to check out.

Essick 1,400 CFM Air Window Evaporative Cooler Fan - Evaporation Cooler with 2 Speed 120V Motor

Essick Air been building state-of-the-art luxury products for 90 years. Its product range varies from simple humidifiers to a whole collection of evaporative coolers. The company is geared towards better health, enhanced level of living and home improvement for its customers. It takes pride in the creation of beautiful and innovative products for everyday living. The modern design of its products are well suited for different home and workplace decors and represent the comfort the company aims to convey. Essick Air utilizes the evaporation process to build systems for natural and efficient cooling. Its coolers lower temperature by a combination of an air-carrying systems and evaporating water.

The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler cools spaces of up to 1,400 square feet. It’s a 169 pound evaporative cooler and comprises a dual speed, 1/3 horse power, 120 volts motor. It is made of strong galvanized steel and durable polyester coating. It comes with an installation kit. It features a perpetually lubricated pump, machine balanced blower and adjustable air vents. The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler is efficient and provides hitch-free cooling for long periods of time. It has a bolted construction, which prevents rusting of parts and also ensures easy access for replacement when worn out. This evaporative cooler is completely assembled in the box and ready to use at once. It has optimal performance in dry, arid climates.

There are some other evaporative coolers offered by Essick Air:
  • Essick Air RN35W Window Evaporative Cooler: A durable galvanized steel Evaporative Cooler with adjustable air vents
  • Essick Air N44W Evaporative Cooler: It cools up to 1100 square feet. It includes a balanced blower wheel and lubricated pump
  • Essick Air: 2-speed Window Evaporative Cooler: This is a galvanized steel, impact and weather-resistant evaporative cooler that offers quiet, maximum cooling and air delivery
The Arctic Cove Portable Evaporative Cooler includes easy-clean media. It comes with 3 speed settings, water control mechanism and full coverage swinging louvers. If you want a bucket-style misting fan, check out the MBF018 18-Volt Bucket Top Misting Fan by Arctic Cove.

Arctic Cove 700 CFM 3 Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler - Evaporation Cooler with 500 Square Foot Cooling Area

Arctic Cove is a well-known brand for the provision of a rich line of products that are known to cool any place. For personal, business, commercial and industrial cooling, Arctic Cove is the consumer’s peace-of-mind choice. Its evaporative coolers are designed to remove the heat from any environment and they work well in hot climates.

The Arctic Cove Portable Evaporative Cooler can drop temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a 27 pound evaporative cooler and made of media that’s easy to access and clean. It has an air delivery of 700 cubic feet per minute and built-in reservoir that can hold up to 5 gallons of water. It has area coverage of up to 500 square feet. This evaporative cooler features a three-speed fan setting and water flow control for improved room cooling. It has an indicator alarm, signaling low water levels. One of its core features is the automatic louvers that enhance full room coverage as they oscillate. It can cool large rooms and spaces just by the passage of water through air. It can be carried from one place to the other for maximum cooling. This unit serves both the functions of a fan and an evaporative cooler.
Other features of this evaporative cooler include:
  • It is sturdy and can withstand the elements. Does not look cheap in any way
  • It has swinging vents which distribute air around smoothly
  • The fan is strong-blowing and noiseless
  • It features a timer which can be set to turn it off when desired
  • It comes with a remote control
  • For enhanced cooling, ice can be added to it
  • It lowers temperature significantly, based on the relative humidity of the air entering the cooler

How Do I Choose the Best Evaporative Cooler?

Evaporative cooling is a simple, healthy, eco-friendly and cost-effective way of cooling a space. The first factor to consider when getting an evaporative cooler is your climate, as evaporative coolers work best in arid environments. They work by absorbing warm, stale air into the unit using a fan. This air is cooled when it passes over water-moistened pads. This process can cool the air by as much as 30 degrees. This cooled air is then circulated throughout your environment. Because this air is circulating naturally, the temperature of your environment will most likely be four to six degrees lower. Due to this process, evaporative coolers are most effective when the weather is dry and hot. They are least effective in warm, humid environment because the air is already saturated with moisture.

There are two basic types of evaporative coolers:
  • Portable evaporative cooler: portable evaporative coolers are designed to be moved around. They come with casters to enable movement. They are mostly lightweight and are easy to transport. They are more suitable for personal cooling.
  • Window-mounted evaporative cooler: this type is designed to be situated in a particular area in a room. Most models can be easily installed in vertical or horizontal window. They are more energy-efficient than window air conditioners.

If you are on a tight budget, consider evaporative cooling. It is relatively more affordable than other traditional cooling methods. When compared to air conditioners and fans, evaporative coolers are 50% less expensive. As a matter of fact, an average evaporative cooler can operate for eight hours at the cost of a dollar. To get the best out of an evaporative cooler, you need to get a cooler of a suitable size for your space. If the cooler is too small, it might not effectively cool your space, thereby wasting energy.

You may also need to consider how much maintenance a cooler will require. The method of caring for a portable evaporative cooler is slightly different from that of window-mounted swamp coolers. The performance and life of the cooler is primarily determined by the basic maintenance, little cleaning and shutdown of the appliance. For the portable evaporative coolers, the filter and water curtains should be cleaned every two weeks with lukewarm water and a little detergent to prevent a buildup of dirt – especially during long periods of usage. The outer casing can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The window-mounted evaporative cooler, on the other hand, will require a change of the moisture pads, cleaning of the pump and oiling of the motor any time it is about to be used for a warm season.
The price of any product usually depends on a lot of things. Factors like brand and quality can affect the price of a product. Though price is quite an important factor, you must consider the features which have the greatest impact on the price and whether they are features you can afford to skimp on.

The price range for evaporative coolers is relatively wide. You can get one for as little as $90 or as much as $500 and though we saw many cheap evaporative coolers in the market, we deliberately ignored them so we can present to you coolers delivering real value for your money.
Evaporative coolers, just like all home appliances, have a variety of convenience features that make operating them easy. These features also affect the price of the evaporative coolers. Here are some features to consider before purchasing an evaporative cooler:
  • Water consumption and tank capacity
  • Oscillating louvers
  • Ice compartment
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Multiple cooling speed
  • Air filtration
  • Fan motors
After selecting the features that are important to you, compare the prices of those evaporative coolers with those features before making a purchase.
Construction and Design
Evaporative coolers require water to keep cooling pads wet. Depending on the size and the temperature, an evaporative cooler can use up to 3 to 5 gallons of water per day. The size of the water tank determines the amount of time it will last before needing to be refilled. Some models have water compartments that can be refilled directly using a hook up hose while others have removable water compartments that you must take out before refilling. Some can even be connected to your continuous water supply. It is important to note that the amount of water your evaporative cooler consumes will affect your operation cost.

There are evaporative coolers with at least two speeds (high and low) and a fan-only option. Evaporative coolers with multiple speeds allow you to control the cooling efficiency of the units. The fan-only option can be used to save water by turning off the water pump so the air is not humidified. This way you can use it as a conventional fan when the weather is too humid for evaporative cooling. Though evaporative coolers only use a little electricity, it is more energy efficient to find a model that has the fan-only option. High speeds can be used during the hottest hours of the day when you need to lower the temperature of the room especially when your cooler has been off for some hours, while low speeds are good for the night when the weather is cooler.
Performance and Ease of Use
Oscillating louvers are a feature that allows you to adjust the main airflow to the direction where you need it without moving the cooler itself. This is particularly useful when you need to cool an area with a higher concentration of people. A large amount of area is cooled by the moving back and forth of the oscillating louvers.

The ice compartment is designed to hold ice which improves the cooling efficiency of the unit. Ice is stored in the ice compartment and it is incorporated into the cooling process.

Some evaporative coolers come with remote controls and timers. The timer can be used to save a great deal of energy. With it you can program your cooler to turn off at a particular time of the day or when your space is as cool as you want it. The remote control, on the other hand, allows you adjust the settings of your evaporative cooler from a comfortable distance. It saves you the stress of always getting up to operate it. Some coolers come with thermostats as well. The thermostat can be programmed to turn off the cooler when it reaches a certain temperature rather than a particular time.

Most evaporative coolers have air filters that eliminate dust and allergen particles. This air filter function is performed by the moist pads. Some coolers have activated carbon filters for filtering odor and inbuilt air purifiers with ionizers and HEPA filters. This protects you from allergic reactions if you are asthmatic or have pets at home.

Lastly, it is wise to stick with brands that are reputable in manufacturing evaporative coolers. Top brands offer warranties and guarantees for their evaporative coolers. This eliminates the burden of fixing the unit or worrying about replacement if it breaks down.

Get the Best Evaporative Cooler of 2023!

At this point, we trust you have enough information on what the best evaporative cooler should be and you are about to make your purchase. If you do not find the evaporative cooler of your choice, please do check out other products from the selected brands.

Our Top Choice
Honeywell Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler
Best Value
Hessaire 3 Speed Evaporative Cooler
Portacool Variable Speed Evaporative Cooler
Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler
Arctic Cove Portable Evaporative Cooler