Best Exercise And Yoga Ball Reviews 2023

A yoga ball, also known as the Swiss ball, exercise ball, or physio ball, is a great way to have fun and work out your entire body at the same time. The best yoga balls are made with flexible, yet durable material and may come with a simple pump and instructional video to get you started. We looked at the best yoga ball brands that are known for high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to find you some great choices on the market.
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Our Top Choice
DynaPro Exercise Ball - Swiss Ball/Yoga Ball/Physio Ball
DynaPro helps you establish a sustainably active lifestyle with simple, ultra-durable products like their gym-quality yoga ball.
Gym-grade PVC. 100% money-back guarantee. Anti-burst tested at 2000 lbs. Will not burst even if punctured.
Doesn't come with workout instructions like some other Swiss balls – but the internet is full of great yoga ball exercises.
55, 65 or 75 cm
Available in 4 Colors
Hand Pump
Plug Removing Tool
Best Value
Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit –Yoga Ball/Swiss Ball
Gaiam makes it easy to get into the yoga lifestyle with this starters kit including anti-burst balance ball, pump and DVD.
Anti-Burst. Instructional DVD with balance ball workouts led by fitness leader Tanja Djelevic. Durable rubber.
Not quite as durable as ultra-strong Swiss Balls, but more than strong enough for regular use.
55, 65 or 75 cm
Hand Pump
Total Body Workout DVD
Bonus DVD with Second Workout
Bosu Home Balance Trainer – Core Strengthening Bosu Ball
Bosu revolutionized the fitness world with the Bosu Balance trainer, offering unmatched balance and core workouts.
Platform side for balancing exercises. Ball side for standard Swiss ball exercises. 4-in-1 workout DVD. Xplode DVD.
On the expensive side, but the added training possibilities and instructional DVDs are worth the price.
Blue & Pink
Hand Pump
4-in-1 DVD + Xplode Series DVD
Black Mountain Professional Grade Stability Ball
Black Mountain is always looking to improve their products. This professional grade stability ball is tested for up to 2000lbs. of weight.
Over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Foot pump. Rated for up to 2000 lbs. Professional grade. Included starter brochure.
Starter brochure isn't quite as engaging as instructional DVDs.
45, 55, 65, 75 or 85 cm
Black, Purple, Blue, Red
Foot Pump
Starter Brochure
Wacces Fitness Ball for Yoga, Pilates and Core Strength Training
Wacces products offer tested durability and comfortable design to easily incorporate into a range of workouts.
Burst resistant to 500 pounds. Hand pump included. Ideal for core-sculpting, balance, yoga and more.
Some customers have complained that the sizing tends to be off.
55, 65 or 75 cm
Available in 8 Colors
Hand Pump

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What is the Best Exercise And Yoga Ball?

We focused on brands that specialize in all-around fitness and quality designs. We compared prices against durability to find a range of options for any budget. You’ll find full-sized yoga balls, but many of these expert brands also sell Swiss balls in a wide range of sizes. So, go ahead and pick a yoga ball that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
The DynaPro Profesional Grade Yoga Ball is made with ultra-thick PVC for optimal durability and flexibility. If you're looking for more ways to get a full-body workout in no time, check out the DynaPro Resistance Bands.

DynaPro Gym Quality Physio Exercise Ball - Perfect for Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, and Personal Training

DynaPro Athletics was made for real people looking to make a change. Their products won't use gimmicks to draw you in – only simple, top-quality design and the ability to change your lifestyle. The folks at DynaPro are passionate about sustainable lifestyle choices, which is why products like the DynaPro Exercise Ball is rigorously tested for durability.

Let's take a closer look at this physio ball:
  • High level anti-burst means this yoga ball has been tested at 2000 pounds of pressure so you know it can stand up to your toughest workouts.
  • High quality PVC material is strong enough for intense daily workouts. You could even use this ball as a chair every day without a problem.
  • DynaPro is so confident that their exercise ball is made with the highest quality material that any unsatisfied customers can get a 100% money back guarantee.
  • This fitness ball comes in 55cm, 65cm and 75cm so it can be used by men and women of varying sizes.
  • An included plug and plug removal tool make it easy to set up your new medicine ball or dismantle it for storage.
You can get this Swiss ball in black, silver, pink or blue.
Best Value
The Gaiam Total Balance Ball Kit has everything you need to get started, featuring 2 full guided workout DVDs and a powerful pump. For a balance ball that provides all day support, check out Gaiam's Balance Ball Chairs.

Gaiam Total Body Exercise Ball Kit – Workout DVD, Hand Pump, Flexible Rubber, Great for Yoga, Pilates and More

Gaiam encourages all types of healthy living from active fitness to core-strengthening chairs to mindful meditation. Their products feature simple construction, beautiful designs and high quality materials. This Exercise Ball Kit doesn't have a fancy design like many of Gaiam's products, but it does offer an incredible value, featuring two full workout instructional DVDs and a blaster hand pump at a low price.

Let's see what's special about the Gaiam Swiss Ball Kit.
  • The included DVDs are what makes this exercise ball stand out the most. These instructional videos take you through two full workouts, led by fitness leader Tanja Djelevic, so you know exactly how to get results with your new Swiss Ball.
  • Anti-burst testing means you won't have to worry about this ball bursting beneath you during intense workouts.
  • The fast-acting blaster pump makes it easy to quickly inflate your Swiss Ball as soon as you get it.
  • Durable and flexible rubber construction makes this yoga ball ideal for a wide variety of stretches and workouts.
The Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit is available in blue (75 cm), green (65 cm) and purple (55 cm). It's also available with an included stretching strap to improve your workout.
The Bosu Home Balance Trainer revolutionized the way people worked out, adding a whole series of new possibilities for balance and body training by adding a flat surface to one side. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Check out more Bosu products like the Bosu Elite Balance Trainer.

Bosu Exercise Ball Balance Ball Trainer – Includes Workout DVDs, Pump and Owner’s Manual, 2 Colors

Bosu has been so successful with their revolutionary half-ball balance trainer that the term BOSU has come to mean something even more – it originally stood for "both sides up", since either side of this product can be used for your workout. With widespread success in the fitness and yoga community, Bosu has branched out into many exercise ball styles to fit the needs of any user.

Let's see why the Bosu took the world by storm:
  • The "ball side" is flexible like a standard yoga ball, allowing for a range of movements and positions to work any part of your body – just like a yoga ball, but with more stability.
  • The "platform side" can be turned right side up and used as a balance training device. It's both fun and physically engaging to try keeping your balancing while standing on top of half an exercise ball!
  • This kit comes with an extensive collection of instructional DVDs to get you started with all the specialized workouts you can only do with a Bosu Ball.
  • The balance elements added by the innovative flat side design offers superior core and balance training compared to standard Swiss balls.
This Bosu Balance Ball comes in blue and pink.
The Black Mountain Professional Grade Stability Ball is rated for 2000 pounds of static weight and includes a handy foot pump and starter brochure for quick and easy use. Looking for an even wider range of full-body strength workouts? Take a look at the Black Mountain Resistance Band Kit.

Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Ball – Yoga Ball/Swiss Ball with Foot Pump

Black Mountain always sticks to their core philosophy of total authenticity and constant improvement. They believe they're only as good as their product and customer support – and it shows. With thousands of positive reviews, it's easy to see that the professional grade Black Mountain Stability Ball is living up to their philosophy.

Let's see what they mean by professional grade.
  • Since this stability ball has been tested rigorously for 2000 lbs. of weight, you can easily perform the most intense workouts without fear of damaging this stability ball.
  • This ball is also anti-burst rated at 1000 lbs., meaning this Swiss ball will not easily burst – you can keep your peace of mind no matter how hard you press against it.
  • The included foot pump is much easier than a hand pump to use so you can easily get to your workout in no time.
  • Black Mountain's confidence in their products shows through with their lifetime warranty.
  • An included starter brochure gets you going with tips and exercises you can perform right away to start sculpting and trimming.
This professional grade stability ball is available in black, blue and purple – and in a range of sizes.
The Wacces Swiss Ball comes in six vibrant colors and comes highly recommended by hundreds of users for its durable build and flexible design. If you're just looking to strengthen your posture and improve balance, check out the Wacces Cushion Disk.

Wacces Fitness Exercise Ball - Swiss Ball/Yoga Ball with Pump, 8 Color Choices, Burst Resistant Exercise Ball

Wacces is all about maximizing your workouts. Their philosophy says there are no shortcuts – but with a little effort and the right tools, anyone can see major results. The Wacces Anti-Burst Fitness Ball is flexible and highly recommended by countless users and reviewers for a superior workout.

Let's see how the Wacces Swiss Ball stands out:
  • The Wacess Swiss Ball is tested for 500 pounds without bursting so you can safely use this ball for intense workouts.
  • Since this yoga ball is so durable, you can use it as an everyday chair to help strengthen your back and core without fear of a bursting chair!
  • The flexibility of this ball improves a variety of yoga, Pilates and general fitness positions to enhance full body strength and sculpt your core.
  • The included hand pump quickly inflates this exercise ball so you can get started right away.
The Wacess exercise ball is available in blue, black, red, green, pink, yellow, purple and silver.

How Do I Choose the Best Exercise And Yoga Ball?

Finding an affordable means of exercise even during a trip can be a challenge. Yoga balls provide perfect equipment for a versatile, low-impact exercise that you can use on the go. These balls can be used for full body workout, agility training, strength training, and much more. All you need is an accompanying yoga DVD to guide you through various exercises.

There are several different types of exercise balls on the market and browsing through all the choices can be a daunting task. The purpose of our guide is to provide you with the right information on what to look out for when shopping for the best yoga ball. Again, we’ve gone a notch higher by narrowing down on five of the best yoga ball brands that are trusted by many users across the globe, just to make your work simpler.

Yoga balls have been around for quite long, and they have not diminished in popularity in terms of getting a perfect workout for your core with minimal strain or impact on your body. They come in various sizes from 30cm all the way to 85cm, which accommodates children as well as the tallest adults. Ensure that you buy a yoga towel as well to keep your ball dry and avoid dangerous slips as a result of sweat.

Now, our top picks focus on durability, ease of inflation, as well as varieties of sizes and colors. You’ll realize that yoga balls may look more or less similar, but they are definitely not created equal. Choose a ball based on its size, quality, and comfort level. Since you’ll be using the ball in many different body positions during the exercise, the right size ensures that the entire session is flawless and safe. Find a great yoga mat as well to complement your exercise and have a full body workout.

But how do you choose the right yoga ball size for your height? When you stand next to your yoga ball, ensure that the ball is even or slightly above the knee level. Alternatively, you can sit on it and ensure that your knees are bent at 90 degrees, and your thighs lie parallel to the floor.

Continue reading below for more features to look out for in a yoga ball, and then you can dive straight to our top picks.
A yoga ball promotes balance and leverages the many challenges on your favorite workout. It provides an ideal way to work out your core at a very inexpensive way. A good yoga ball will cost around $15 to $120, depending on the material it’s made of and the size.

Yoga ball prices may differ with a variety of designs, and your choice will depend on your preference as well as the workout you desire. Rubber medicinal balls are quite expensive and are made with rubber with an average weight of 2kgs. They are basically used to improve muscle tone, flexibility, core strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Their major benefit is that they enhance grip and control of the user and are inexpensive. Generally, we don’t recommend very cheap yoga balls since they may be made with low-quality PVCs that can easily burst or slip during exercise.
Yoga balls offer different functionalities, and you can use them as a workout bench, an office chair, or an exercise ball for pushups, sit-ups, and much more. A good quality yoga ball can be used by beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiasts. Many people agree that a yoga ball helps improve their back pains by building core strength and strengthening the abdomen muscles, hence placing less strain on the back.

Yoga ball size - Yoga balls come in various sizes ranging from 45cm to 85cm which go with heights of 5’ to 6’8” respectively. Many manufacturers will provide charts to show yoga ball sizes and the corresponding heights for best results. As a general rule of thumb, when you stand next to a yoga ball, the ball should be level with your knee line or slightly above, and when sitting on the ball, your knees should bend at 90 degrees with your thighs parallel to the floor. Your shoulders, pelvis, and ears should be in a straight line.

Weight - Take your weight into consideration when choosing a yoga ball. Most yoga balls on the market today are designed for anti-burst capabilities and come with weight ranges from 200-2000 pounds. Check the package to see the ball’s anti-burst rating. Balls with better anti-burst rating are perfect for people looking to lose more weight. Again, if you have pets and kids who can get hold of the ball, the anti-burst quality comes into play to ensure that your ball stays safe for many days to come. Your yoga ball must be able to support your body weight plus any additional weights you may carry in the course of the workout.

Safety - The anti-burst technology is critical for the safety of the ball. If your yoga ball is punctured for any reason, the anti-burst technology resists compression under your weight and allows for slow deflation. If the ball was to burst under your weight, it could expose you to risks of falls that could be detrimental, especially on a hard floor. Frequent and heavy use of a yoga ball may cause the ball to lose its burst resistance much faster, so always check out the balls durability and burst-resistance specs before you purchase one.
Construction and Design
It’s important to take good care of your body if you want to live a long healthy life. Yoga balls have become regular exercise equipment for many people. They are not exceptionally expensive, making them a popular choice for people looking to exercise anywhere without selling an arm.

There are two common designs for yoga balls: medicinal balls and BOSU balls. Medicinal balls are weighted balls that are mainly made of rubber or leather. They may be filled up with sand or other materials to give it the heavy weight. These balls are basically for power training, rehabilitation, explosive training, as well as physical therapy. The larger the ball, the weightier it is, and vice versa. The weights range from 2 to about 30 pounds.

BOSU balls come with both sides up. They are dome-shaped and offer more versatility than the traditional yoga balls. The round and flat surfaces are used for different exercises. You’ll realize that some exercises are better done on the flat surface, while others work out better on a round surface. This design is great for balance and agility.

Other exercise balls are made from strong anti-slip PVC material and are generally used to strengthen the limbs and improve balance and posture. They are good for muscle coordination and blood circulation.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since there are so many exercises you can do with a yoga ball, you may need a yoga ball that comes with an instructional workout DVD to get the most out of every session. Again you should use the yoga ball the way it’s designed to be used. Injuries can occur if the balls are used improperly or if you choose the wrong size and/or anti-burst rating. A good yoga ball should have an accompanying instructional DVD to guide you on how to set it up and carry out various exercise routines safely. Additionally, many manufacturers provide video links to their website that you can watch as you continue upgrading your workout routines.

Choose a yoga ball that is easy to inflate using either an electric pump or a manually-operated foot pedal pump. Some models will come with an inflating adapter to make your work easier, so you just plug into the main power and press a button to inflate it to your desired diameter or height.

It’s always critical to take good care of your yoga ball to ensure that it serves you for a long time. When you purchase a yoga ball for the first time, inspect the ball for any rips, tears, holes, or any damage that might have occurred during shipment. Spread the ball flat on the floor with the inflation valve opening facing up. Now, inflate the ball to reach your desired diameter or height. You may need to check after 24 hours to see if the height is still the same. When you first use it, you may need to add more air once or twice as the ball settles to its ideal status. However, if it loses so much pressure, then there could be some leakages that may need to be addressed –– which calls for a yoga ball with a reliable warranty of at least two years.

Get the Best Exercise And Yoga Ball of 2023!

Some users benefit from an included instructional DVD, while others simply need a dependable yoga ball to get started. But everyone benefits from choosing the right yoga ball that will complement one’s work out style. Pay attention to user reviews if you're looking for some first-hand information. Hopefully, you’ll find the best yoga ball you’ve been looking for in our list. If you didn’t, go ahead and sample other alternative models from these brands and you’ll eventually find an ideal match!

Our Top Choice
DynaPro Exercise Ball - Swiss Ball/Yoga Ball/Physio Ball
Best Value
Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit –Yoga Ball/Swiss Ball
Bosu Home Balance Trainer – Core Strengthening Bosu Ball
Black Mountain Professional Grade Stability Ball
Wacces Fitness Ball for Yoga, Pilates and Core Strength Training