Best Exercise Gloves – Full Hand, Fingerless and Weighted Workout Gloves for Men and Women

The best men's and women's exercise gloves can be made for general fitness or for a specific sport. Workout gloves offer protection for a wide variety of fitness activities, such as weightlifting, cycling, CrossFit, or even swimming – if you choose the right kind. They should be comfortable and may feature extreme gripping surfaces and wrist support. We researched five of the best exercise glove brands that athletes love to wear, so you can choose what's best for you. Keep in mind all the brands offer both men's and women's exercise gloves. In addition to our featured brands, don’t forget to check out the many different Nike exercise glove options!

For our reviews we included a mix of wrist wraps, full hand workout gloves and fingerless exercise gloves. We also have a review just for women’s and men’s weightlifting gloves. But if you're looking for weighted exercise gloves, please read our review for walking weights for some ideas. We also researched some of the best rated weighted workout gloves on Amazon and have highlighted them below.

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Our Top Choice
Bionic Beast Mode Exercise Gloves
Bionic uses orthopedic science to innovate in hand protection and grip. These full-finger gloves even out pressure on your hands to prevent calluses and blisters.
Relief pad system to reduce pressure. Pre-rotated fingers for comfortable grip. Flexible Lycra. Made by a leading orthopedic specialist. Antimicrobial.
Less ventilation than other models.
Small to Large
Leather and Lycra
Best Value
Anvil Fitness Wrist Support Wrap
Anvil Fitness specializes in simple, high quality gear. This wrist support wrap helps you lift more weight and is even compatible with many exercise gloves.
Eliminates/reduces wrist pain. Compatible with gloves. Adjustable. Money-back guarantee. Inexpensive.
Lacks the protection that gloves offer (by design).
One Size Fits All
Powerlifting, CrossFit
Mava Ultimate Fingerless Workout Gloves
Mava Sports is full of athletes looking to revolutionize workouts for everybody. This innovative glove offers support in all the right places, but won't bunch up or get in the way.
Integrated wrist wraps. Comfortable and breathable. Adjustable Velcro design. Callus guard and grip strengthener.
Some users report that the padding is too thick for how they use the gloves.
X-Small to X-Large
7 Colors
CrossFit, Weightlifting
Leather and Silicone
Gympaws Weight Lifting Grips Workout Gloves
GymPaws specializes in their highly innovative grip glove alternative, which offers non-restrictive grip you can count on.
Totally breathable. Light padding doesn't get in the way. Durable. Comes in a variety of styles.
No added wrist support.
One Size Fits All
17 Colors
Cotton and Neoprene
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves for Swimming
Speedo understands the fitness potential of the water, and makes water gear like these gloves to improve your training in the pool.
High-durability neoprene design. Webbed fingers for power. Adjustable wrist.
Some isolated reports of early wearing of material.
Small to X-Large
3 Colors
Swimming and Water Aerobics

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What Are the Best Workout Gloves for Exercise and Fitness? Read Our Reviews!

It is not that difficult to choose exercise gloves when you’re armed with the right tips on how to do so. Now go ahead and read about the products and brands we have selected for this review. Regardless of your lifestyle or budget, these highly rated brands have a wide array of exercise gloves to choose from, so take a look to find the right pair for you.

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Our Top Choice
The Bionic Full-Finger Fitness Glove was designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist to maximize comfort and relieve stress on the hands, even during the most intense workouts. Looking for a men's exercise gloves? Take a look at the Bionic Beast Mode Men's Fingerless Fitness Gloves. These are the official glove of Marshawn Lynch and are also available in a women's fingerless exercise glove.

Bionic Beast Mode Women's Exercise Gloves – Full Finger Fitness Gloves, Lifting Gloves with Natural Fit Technology


All Bionic gloves are designed the exert knowledge of the top orthopedic hand specialists, so you know these gloves are a step above. That's why Bionic gloves are especially good for those with arthritis or those trying to prevent it while keeping fit. Their designs are based on the natural ergonomics of the hand, which leads to advanced features like pre-rotated fingers to allow for a more natural grip.

These exercise gloves are great for intense fitness sessions, since they even out pressure with an advanced pad system. Their protective pads and flexible design make them ideal for those looking to prevent arthritis without giving up intense Weight Lifting and other exercise. Like all of Bionic's gloves, these Weight Lifting gloves are built to curve and grip with the natural shape of your hand for a comfortable fit. Their design is also antimicrobial and durable, incorporating high grade leather and flexible Lycra.

Best Value
Anvil Fitness Wrist Wraps can improve your workouts while reducing wrist pain, allowing you to reach your full potential in every rep. Looking for the women's model? Check out the Anvil Fitness Women's Adjustable Wrist Wraps.

Anvil Fitness Men's Premium Wrist Wraps – Wrist Support for Powerlifting, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting


Anvil Fitness wants to take some of the stress out of working out with high quality gear. Their products make it easier to get through a tough powerlifting or CrossFit session while reducing short or long term discomfort to your joints.

These wrist straps are fully adjustable so that one size fits all. They support your wrists with high quality elastic so you maintain control throughout the entire range of motion. Anvil also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. With these wrist straps, you can lift more weight without worrying about your wrists.

These straps are also available in a women's version so everyone can enjoy their benefits.

These Mava Sports Lifting Gloves combine comfortable breathability with powerful support and protection with their unique design. For a more classic glove style with the same Mava Sports lifting power, check out the Mava Sports Workout Gloves with Wrist Support and Silicone Padding.

Mava Cross Training Fingerless Exercise Gloves for Weight Lifting, Gym Workout & Powerlifting - Wrist Support, Silicone Padding and Strong Grip, Available in 7 Colors and 5 Sizes


Mava Sports is a company made up of athletes, working hard to perfect workouts for everyone. They're not confined to traditional designs when it comes to new gear, consistently innovating to create better equipment. They also use high quality materials to offer superior grips and durability.

These open-concept gloves do away with much of the material you find on a traditional glove. This means you get much better flexibility and breathability right off the bat. On top of that, these gloves offer integrated wrist straps and super strong leather padded palm with serious gripping power. With these gloves you can easily do chin ups, rope climbing, bodybuilding, CrossFit and much more. These unique gloves are available in black, orange, blue, pink, purple, red and yellow.

The Gym Paws Grip Glove Alternative is an innovative new way to lift weights, offering total control over large amounts of weight. Looking for added support when lifting weights? Take a look at The Beast Power Weight Lifting Hooks with military grade 4 mm neoprene padded wrist wraps.

GymPaws The OG Gym Glove Alternative – Neoprene Fingerless Exercise Gloves for Men and Women, Slightly Padded Genuine Leather w 4 Finger Loop Sweat Proof Backing


GymPaws isn't afraid to break the mold when it comes to Weight Lifting gear. That's why they essentially ditched the traditional glove design in favor of this non-restrictive design.

This unique product boasts an impressive title of #1 top rated exercise glove on Amazon, which is especially impressive since it's not really a glove at all. Its light padding eases the stress on your hands without getting in the way of a natural Weight Lifting experience. The neoprene backing and finger loops also wick away sweat while you work out. Its lightweight design is ideal for CrossFit and standard body building.

These grip glove alternatives are available in 17 unique colors and designs – check them out for yourself!

These Speedo Aqua Fit Training Gloves are made with ultra-durable neoprene and webbed finger design so you can master one of the greatest ways to exercise: swimming and water aerobics. For a more hardcore swimming aid, check out the Speedo Unisex Swim Training Power Plus Paddles.

Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves with Neoprene Design and Webbed Fingers – Available in 3 Colors


Speedo understands that the water is, for many, the great undiscovered all-in-one gym. You can tone just about your whole body in the pool without overworking muscles and while having a blast. With that in mind, Speedo offers the very best water gear with comfortable, aerodynamic fits so you can master the water.

These gloves give you far more control in the water so you can swim with increased speed and comfort for longer periods of time. The adjustable wrist closure lets you get the best fit and the neoprene material is ultra-durable. Their webbed fingers make it much easier to glide through the water as you tone and strengthen your muscles.

These aqua gloves are available in royal blue, charcoal red and UV yellow from small to X-large.

Best Women’s and Men’s Exercise Gloves Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Workout Glove

Do you exercise regularly? If yes, you need to add a pair of exercise gloves to your gym bag to protect your hands from blisters and calluses. Whether you go for gym sessions in the neighborhood or have your own home gym, exercise gloves come in handy.

Exercise gloves don't just protect your hands from abrasions, blisters and calluses. They enhance your grip or traction over dumbbells, rods and other fitness accessories. They also help in supporting your wrists, palms and fingers while exercising.

How do you choose the best exercise gloves? It can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea what factors to consider while choosing gloves that suit your needs. In this review, we inform you on what factors you need to consider while purchasing this important exercising item. Read on and get the exercise gloves that will enhance your fitness activities.


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Why Wear Exercise Gloves. | Courtesy of TrainingPal

Exercise gloves are not that costly. Highly rated gloves retail from $10 to $40. The construction material, features, and design determine the price of exercise gloves. For instance, leather gloves come with a higher price tag than the elastic and cotton models. Similarly, unisex designs are more expensive than the ones meant for one gender.

During our research, we came across cheap exercise gloves, but we would like to caution you to check their quality as many customers complain of poor construction material limiting these gloves' durability.


Before purchasing exercise gloves, you will need to consider the material used for construction. The material affects the grip, durability, and breathability. The ones made of leather last long and enhance the grip. However, they come at a higher price. Cotton gloves are ideal for breathability, preventing your hands from sweating during exercising.

Below are other important features to look for in exercise gloves:

  • Design (men’s, women’s or unisex)
  • Fitting and comfortable size
  • Color variations
  • Closure system (are the straps adjustable?)
  • Usage (can the gloves be used for your favorite exercises?)

Let’s delve deeper into these features.

Construction and Design

Various exercise gloves are designed for different people. For instance, exercise gloves designed for men, are in most cases, big in size and dark-colored. On the other hand, those meant for women are often smaller in size and brighter in color. Unisex gloves are mostly medium-sized and have a wide color variation. Go for the one that fits you and allows your hands to move comfortably. Purchasing your favorite color can also be motivating.

If you’re concerned about saving some money, check whether the gloves can be used in other exercise activities such as weightlifting. If you’re a weightlifter, check the padding and whether the gloves will support your wrists while exercising.

Before you buy the gloves, check the closure system. Most exercise gloves have a Velcro closure system. Check whether the straps can be adjusted for different hand and wrist sizes. Adjustable straps will also help you in loosening and fastening the gloves to your comfort levels.


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How to Clean Exercise Gloves. | Courtesy of FITNESS Magazine
Performance and Ease of Use

The main thing to consider when it comes to performance and use is whether you’re comfortable in the gloves. Will the gloves enhance your exercising activities? Get gloves that have good ventilation and allow your hands to move comfortably.

Multipurpose gloves are ideal if you engage in a number of fitness activities, such as cycling and weightlifting. This will save you the hassle of changing your gloves from one activity to the other. It will also help you save money, as you will not need to buy many gloves for different activities.

Finally, look for gloves that are easy to put on and remove. You should not need the help of another person to close or remove the gloves.

Get the Best Exercise Gloves of 2022!

It’s our hope that you’re now enlightened on how to choose the best exercise gloves. We also hope that one of the featured gloves suits your needs. Now, go ahead and purchase that pair of exercise gloves and train like an expert.

Our Top Choice
Bionic Beast Mode Exercise Gloves
Best Value
Anvil Fitness Wrist Support Wrap
Mava Ultimate Fingerless Workout Gloves
Gympaws Weight Lifting Grips Workout Gloves
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves for Swimming

Exercise Gloves FAQs

What are exercise gloves for?
Exercise gloves are for holding heavy weights without straining the hands. Thus, one can go beyond the weight allowed by their hands without getting cut, bruised, or injured. That’s because back and check muscles tend to handle more weight than supported by the hands.
How do I wash exercise gloves?
You can wash exercise gloves by hand. After lathering them with a mild soap, scrub, and rinse in cold water. Then, lay the gloves on a towel and pat downwards to remove as much water as possible. However, it would help if you never wrung your exercise gloves. Finally, hang or lay the gloves on a flat surface to dry.
Why don’t exercise gloves cover the entire finger?
Some exercise gloves do not cover the entire finger to allow for breathability. Since you will be sweating a lot during the workout, exposing part of the fingers ensures they remain dry. Thus, throughout the training, you will be able to avoid your hands slipping on the weights. However, some manufacturers have full finger exercise gloves.