Best Exersaucer Reviews 2023

Looking for the best way to keep your little one entertained and calm when you need to do something around the house? Then look no further than an exersaucer. These play islands could buy you some time to tick some other things off your checklist while your child is being entertained. And with so many on the market to choose from, we decided to do some thorough research on the best exersaucers from our top five brands just for you. But if you want more options to pick from, we are sure you’ll be glad to know that these brands also have other exersaucers that you may find suitable for your baby.
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Power source
Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
For over 80 years, Fisher-Price has created toys that appeal to the imagination, bringing about new and funny products with groundbreaking success.
The rotating seat lets your baby access toys all around themselves, and its sturdy, tip-proof steel and foldable frame makes for easy storage.
One little fault is that the locking mechanism is not too strong.
Spring Bouncer
3 AA batteries required
37 x 32 x 32 inches; 15.8lbs
Best Value
Bright Starts Safari™ Exersaucer
Bright Starts is rapidly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing baby products company. Its numerous baby product lines are replete with quality items.
This exersaucer has more than 12 activities and interactive toys, a bouncing pad, and a compact design.
It’s a little flimsy.
Adjustable seat
No battery required
29.8 x 8.2 x 28.8 inches; 9lbs
Evenflo Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper
Evenflo is a household name in the baby products industry, and its unique, high-quality baby products make it stand out as a giant in the industry.
Its bouncy base provides muscle stability, and the electronic smart toys make this activity center more fun for your baby.
It isn’t foldable.
100% Polyester
12 AAA batteries
10 x 23.5 x 29 inches; 1.3lbs
Baby Einstein Activity Saucer™
Baby Einstein makes toys and related products that nourish your baby’s young mind, and sparks their desire to explore.
It has over 11 fun activities, volume control, 3 levels of adjustment to accommodate your baby’s growth, and a multi-language option. Different colors/themes available.
The toy pieces break off a little too easily.
Adjustable height
Polyester, Plastic
3 AA batteries required
28.5 x 9 x 28.5 inches; 13.2lbs
Summer Infant3-Stage SuperSeat®
Summer Infant was established in 1985, and it’s been manufacturing affordable, safe, fun baby toys and gear since then.
Soft, foam support seat strengthens your baby’s back and neck muscles. Booster seat for feeding a toddler. 3-point safety harness to hold your baby safely upright. Different colors/themes available.
The tray is sometimes difficult to fix.
Adjustable & multi-functional
Soft foam
No battery required
4 playful toys and 2 cup holders
22 x 22 x 7 inches; 7lbs

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What is the Best Exersaucer?

One of the features a good exersaucer should have is a removable and washable seat cover for easy cleaning. You might also consider those with lots of lights and sounds as these features tend to attract babies. We also advise you to keep your preferences in check as you continue in this review for the best product for you and your baby.
Our Top Choice
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo has a sturdy, free standing and well-balanced steel frame with fun, interactive toys at 5 locations on the exersaucer. For another exersaucer with a comfortable, 360-degree rotating seat, check out the Fisher-Price Discover-n-Grow Jumperoo with removable and machine washable plush toys.

Fisher-Price Standalone Exersaucer Rainforest Jumperoo with Lights Sounds and Music

Fisher-Price was established in 1930 by Herm Fisher, Irving Price, and Helen Schell. Its aim was to develop a line of toys that “appeal to the imagination, do something new and surprisingly funny.” Years later, and in keeping with the original views of its founders, a new line of baby products, known as baby gear, was introduced, and it includes all those things that enrich, secure, and ease the burden of childcare on both the parents and child. Its vast line of products finds a special way of interacting with its customers and users, bringing smiles and joy to them, and at very affordable rates.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo (selling for $105.00 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is designed specifically for child safety and entertainment. It has so many activities and sounds to keep a baby engaged and happy for a long time. The comfortable seat easily adjusts to 3 different heights to accommodate baby growth, and it spins 360 degrees so babies can discover all the toys around them. The following are a few of its other features:
  • Sturdy, free standing and well balanced steel frame allows your baby to jump safely without tipping over
  • Foldable frame makes for easy movement and storage when not in use
  • Fun, interactive toys at 5 locations lets your baby play with different toys while on one spot
  • The rotating seat has soft covers on the springs, which ensures that your baby’s fingers are safe from being pinched
Best Value
The Bright Starts Safari Exersaucer has a bouncing pad that strengthens your baby’s leg muscles while bouncing, and its adjustable frame accommodates your rapidly growing baby for longer. For a 3-in-1 activity center, check out the Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center, which comes with a detachable baby walker and more than 15 activities.

Bright Starts Safari Bounce-a-Bout Activity Center – Available in 2 Colors

Bright Starts is an innovation-driven company, and with over 40 years of manufacturing world class baby toys and gear, it’s rapidly becoming the fastest growing baby products company. Its tradition of pioneering original products is largely achieved through feedback from parents along with clever designs and unique development processes. Its wide range of revolutionary products, exclusive fashion, and unique packaging are all geared toward putting a smile on your baby’s face—all while keeping him or her safe.

The Bright Starts Safari Exersaucer (selling for $69.99 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) comes with a comfortable, rotating seat for your baby to bounce on while playing. It has more than 12 activities placed all around to keep your baby engaged and happy. The following are its other features:
  • Built-in storage tray which is easy to clean
  • Bouncing pad below the seat which encourages baby to jump and bounce safely
  • Adjustable frame to accommodate your rapidly growing baby for longer
  • Compact design, with a wide array of developmental activities, making it easier to fit in a small space
  • Removable and washable seat pad
The Evenflo Exersaucer Stationary Jumper comes with a bounce base for strengthening your baby’s leg muscles, and the electronic smart toys keep him or her engaged. For a triple fun exersaucer without a jumper, check out the Evenflo Exersaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer, which features a storybook pod and an electronic toy bar.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper – Available in 4 Designs

Evenflo, one of the pioneer baby products company, has been around for nearly 100 years. Their unique, valuable, and fun baby items make it stand out as a giant in the industry. Evenflo is a household name and a favorite with parents because it continues to release items that make life a little easier for them. Their products, though reasonably priced, have high standards when it comes to safety and quality.

The Evenflo Exersaucer Stationary Jumper (selling for $150.00 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) provides your baby with a safe environment to learn and play in. It has over 26 activities to help in your baby’s development. It features a comfortable padded seat which spins 360 degrees, and it can be removed and washed. Its other features include the following:
  • Electronic smart toys that provide fun lights and sounds in 3 genres of music
  • Bounce base which provides leg muscle stability in your baby’s early development
  • Can be adjusted to 3 height positions for maximum usage and value
  • Made from 100% polyester
The Baby Einstein Activity Saucer comes with a multi-language sound option for your baby, plus over 11 fun activities and 3 level adjustments to accommodate your baby’s growth. Do you want an exersaucer with a jumper? Check out the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends, which comes with 5 height settings to accommodate your baby as he or she grows.

Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer - Other Themes Available

Baby Einstein baby toys and accessories exemplify a brand that makes innovative products, which are the result of extensive feedback and research. Designed to nourish your baby’s young mind, this company showcases the revolutionary qualities associated with its various lines in every product released.

The Baby Einstein Activity Saucer (selling for $79.99 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is a beautifully designed play island that every baby will love. Built with hard plastic and containing fun toys in vibrant colors, it’s sure to catch your baby’s eye. The rotatable, comfy seat gives your baby access to the various built-in toys all around them. This exersaucer comes with other features, which include the following:
  • Multi-language sound option which lets your baby experience other languages
  • Over 11 fun activities and toys, including octopus spiraling bead popper, spinning orca whale, and electronic piano
  • Has 3 level adjustments that accommodates your baby’s growth
  • Has volume control so you can keep the decibel at a convenient level
  • Extra link loops so you can add your baby’s favorite toys
The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat is a functional, 3-in-1 exersaucer that stays with your baby from infancy right through toddler stage. It also has a 3-point safety harness to hold your baby safely upright in the seat. For a more advanced exersaucer, check out the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island, designed with a removable snack tray and 2 cup holders.

Summer Infant3-Stage Infant Super Seat Positioner Booster and Activity Seat – Available in 3 Colors/Themes

Established in 1985, Summer Infant seeks to make parenthood easier for new parents, and babyhood more fun and safe for babies. Its products are designed with childcare professionals, including pediatricians, child development experts, and lactation consultants, to ensure that every product meets your baby’s developmental requirements. Its wide range of products is meant to safely cater to your baby’s needs at different stages.

The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat (selling for $30.24 – manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is a practical, 3-stage seater that can be used as your baby develops from infancy to toddler stage. Its distinguishing features include:
  • Soft, foam support seat that strengthens your baby’s back and neck muscles while he or she practices sitting upright
  • Activity seat with a 360 degree rotating tray, loaded with fun activities to keep baby engaged and contented
  • Booster seat for feeding as your baby gets to toddler stage
  • 3-point safety harness to hold your baby safely upright in the seat
  • 4 playful toys and 2 cup holders

How Do I Choose the Best Exersaucer?

There’s no doubt that most babies love their walkers because they have toys to play with and sounds and lights that thrill them during their playtime. But we’ve had one too many reports from pediatricians that parents should actually slow down on making these walkers a child’s buddy. Your child can use a walker, but you will have to make sure that you still carefully childproof accessible areas in your home. Walkers are great mobile play toys, but they do require a little extra set up. If you want a toy that doesn’t require any extra work, you might consider purchasing an exersaucer instead.

We recommend exersaucers for kids who have already gained neck and full head control.

What’s more to exersaucers? They keep the child busy with colorful and interactive toys that may come with beautiful lights and some entertaining sounds that he or she would love.

Pioneered by Evenflo in the 90s and initially trademarked by the same, many other companies sell play islands similar to Evenflo’s invention that are now also being referred to as exersaucers.
If you want to go for an accessorized exersaucer for your little one, then you should be prepared to spare a few more bucks because the more accessories, the pricier the product. How about cheap exersaucers? Oh no! They are boring for kids, and we strongly advise you to avoid them. For a working budget on exersaucers, the price of a good one will usually fall within the range of $60 and $200.
If you have an infant, and you want those short breaks from babysitting to get some personal work done, then getting an exersaucer is a no-brainer. But, before you make a choice, you should be able to answer the following questions:
  • Is it suitable for your child’s age?
  • Is your child’s safety guaranteed?
  • How long before it hits the trash can?
  • Is the sound level excessive or just OK?
  • How much of your storage space will it take?
  • Can it entertain the child too?
  • Does it require power input?
  • Will you need a handyman to assemble it?
Construction and Design
Nobody needs an exersaucer that gives assembly headaches. You probably just want to fasten a few locks in place and get it ready for your toddler to have a swell time. And we couldn’t agree more that you shouldn’t have to place your toolbox in standby mode while you wait for the delivery of your order.

Having a stress-free exersaucer will also assure you that, if for any reason you have to be away from home, the older kids can actually get it up and ready for their youngest sibling. Since assembly is so simple, this will give you time to do other things on your to-do list.

Power input is another point worthy of note. You should know by now that lights and sounds such as those from pianos on an exersaucer will require power from a battery. So you may want to check that the exersaucer comes with batteries. If it does not, you’ll need to place an order for those as well. Also, you’ll want to keep tabs on the batteries as this will help you plan better for when they run out.

An exersaucer that occupies a little fraction of your storage space is a plus. But you must note that this depends largely on how rigid or flexible it is. If it’s foldable into a compact size, perfecto! Otherwise, it may take a significant portion of your space. Compact and lightweight means you can move it to any location you want it set up. It also says a lot about how portable the exersaucer will be.

Babies grow! They increase in size and weight. So while you are making a choice, ensure that the exersaucer can deal with the increase and will not break under the child’s weight. It should also come with height adjustments to accommodate the increase in height as the child grows.
Performance and Ease of Use
What’s an exersaucer without the entertainment that its lights and sounds offer the baby? In fact, it should also come with some toys that will keep the infant engaged for a while. Nevertheless, with sounds, the onus is on you to gauge the sound level your child is comfortable with and check to see if the sound that the exersaucer produces is suitable for him or her. Some kids might freak out and end up in tears when they hear strange or loud noises.

For all it’s worth, a great exersaucer shouldn’t be a nuisance to the baby or the grownups in the house. If it is the type that makes many sounds at once, there’s a high chance it may disrupt other activities that may be going on around. Sounds like this may not sit well with someone who is studying or someone who is perhaps trying to have a yoga session.

As a parent, you should also ensure that the exersaucer is suitable for your child’s age. Most are designed for babies who can assume a sitting position without aid. So if your child can’t sit on his or her own, you may need to try the ones that have lying mats for babies who can’t sit yet.

Many exersaucers have seats that are machine washable. To clean the rest of the product, simply use disinfecting wipes. And then make sure to rinse with water so your baby does not ingest anything toxic.

Last, but certainly not the least, safety! If the exersaucer is not safe for your little one, then please don’t bother with it. In fact, we recommend that you go for those that are certified by the juvenile products manufacturers association. This organization ensures that the product is safe and also looks out for parts of the product that may be defective or harmful to the child.

Be sure no part is a choking hazard, and the playing space provided for the child to bounce and jump offers no allowance for the child to get out of the facility on his or her own.

Get the Best Exersaucer of 2023!

Now that you’ve read this review to the end, you can rest assured you have the tools to make an informed choice. We trust that your time with us was well-spent, and we hope that your child loves his new gadget.

Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
Best Value
Bright Starts Safari™ Exersaucer
Evenflo Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper
Baby Einstein Activity Saucer™
Summer Infant3-Stage SuperSeat®