Best Expansion Gate Reviews 2023

Babies and pets have always been notorious for their nasty deeds and generally bad attitudes while dwelling in your home! They'll walk about with a total disregard for your personal space, shout and bark at anything that moves, and find innovative ways to embarrass you in front of your guests! If you've been fighting the good fight of keeping these lovable pests under control, one of your greatest allies can be a contraption called the expansion gate. These simple gates serve to make a fence where there isn't one already naturally built in your respectable home! Read our list of five top expansion gates, and pick a model that suits you the best!
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Our Top Choice
GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate
Featuring a simple construction that makes it perfect for pretty much any area of your home, the Keepsafe Expansion gate can really be a lifesaver. You only need a screwdriver to set it up!
This product is JPMA certified. It does not have any pinch points or other potentially dangerous parts. The offer includes all mounting hardware.
The release button can be tricky to operate with only one hand.
20.5 x 1 x 33 in; 5 lbs
Walk thru
No pinch or choke points
Best Value
Evenflo Position & Lock Gate
Coming from a company boasting one hundred years’ experience, this Evenflo lock gate will help you make your child stay safe and happy (and also in one room)!
The edges of the gate are protected with rubber bumpers. The installation requires no tools at all. The style is neutral so when aesthetics are in question, this little gate can fit pretty much anywhere!
The gate is not built to be super strong, so bigger toddlers can break through if they charge fast enough at it.
23.5 x 42 in.
Walk thru
No tools required
Safety rubber bumpers
Summer Infant Metal Gate
If you appreciate tough structures and classic gate designs typically found in the English countryside, this expansion gate might be a perfect option for dividing your house into safe, kid-friendly districts!
It features some secure mounting hardware for a solid fit. The door itself is easy to open and close. The color is neutral and can fit anywhere in your house without bringing your decor into peril.
It can be difficult to find the opening latch when it's dark.
32.5 x 34.5 x 3 in; 23 lbs
Walk thru
Hardware mounting needed
Soft scratch guard
North State Industries Expandable Swing Gate
As far as swing gates go, this North State model is one of the most versatile ones, as it can be used for many different purposes.
The gate is of brown color with white trim. This model is quite durable and can survive whatever your toddler cooks up for it. The door swings in either direction.
It's a bit too lightweight, so it can be breached if excessive force is applied.
Wood with metal frame
1.5 x 23.1 x 32.4 in; 6 lbs
Swing gate
Steel hardware
Reinforced with top metal bar
Safety 1st Naturals Bamboo Gate
Featuring a tough frame made from one of the hardest trees on earth, bamboo, this Safety 1st gate will survive anything and everything!
The gate features a sturdy bamboo frame. The panels that are fitted on the frame are made of 100% recycled plastic. It uses a pressure mounted system for setting it up.
The rubber stoppers can leave a small mark on the surface they're pinned against.
Plastic with bamboo frame
24 x 26 x 2 in; 4.3 lbs
Easy to install (pressure mounted)
Unusual, attractive design

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What is the Best Expansion Gate?

Diplomacy can only do so much with babies and pets. These creatures will crawl through anything and everything to accomplish their goals of knocking things over and eating off floors, so sometimes a display of strength is necessary to keep things under control! We at TopProducts advise you to get an expansion gate. These contraptions are easy to set up and can do a great job of keeping kids and pets in one place! If you're not sure what model to get, check out our list of five of the best expansion gates, and see for yourself! Top-tier models only at TopProducts!
Our Top Choice
This expansion gate coming from the GMI company features a simple yet sturdy construction that even the angriest weapon-wielding babies can't break through! Will keep your pets away, as well. If you're more into a mesh wire kind of solution, check out this GuardMaster II instead!

GMI Keepsafe Wooden Expansion Gate – Available in 4 Sizes

The Gateway Manufacturing, Incorporated (GMI) was founded in the year of 1994 in Central Kentucky as a small company making products for pets and small children. Their work philosophy is quite simple: Make tough and easy-to-use products with no sharp edges sticking out of them! Nowadays, their business has expanded quite substantially, and they supply pretty much the entire US region with high-quality, easily set up barriers to keep your kids and pets out of harm's way.

Some of the products you may come across if you venture a little search on their main webpages would include pressure-mounted wood slats, travel barriers, and a variety of gates ranging from wooden and mash models, to some tougher ones made of metal. The model we've decided to feature on this list falls into the category of expansion gates, and its installation couldn't possibly be any easier. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and you're all set!

The gate itself is stretchable to up to 84 inches, so it will probably fit in any part of your house. Also, it's been thoroughly tested for safety and it possesses the JPMA certificate guaranteeing that there aren't any dangerous parts that can put your child or pet into peril. This is quite an achievement for a product, especially if we take into consideration the fact that these little creatures have a special knack for getting themselves into hairy situations.

Here's a list of features for this GMI expansion gate:
  • No dangerous pinch points or rough edges sticking out of it
  • Easy to install, only a screwdriver needed
  • All the necessary mounting hardware is included in the offer
  • The rubber stop prevents any damage to the floor surface
  • Includes a 'Sure Stop' bracket ideal for the tops of a flight of stairs
All in all, a nifty little expansion gate that can be a perfect solution for preventing your kid or a pet from entering potentially dangerous areas of your home. The fact that is JPMA certified is another thing worth taking into consideration, especially if you're worried about how safe it is!

Featuring a simple expansion-style structure which is a breeze to install, this GMI product can help you organize your space better and keep your kid or a pet well out of dangerous zones in your home.
Best Value
Featuring an interesting design that resembles a wired grid, the Evenflo lock gate will prevent anything larger than a mouse from exiting the area it protects. If you're more into a swing type of gate, the Evenflo folks got you covered with their Expansion Swing Wide Gate 160C.

Evenflo Safety Baby Gate - Adjustable Wide and Tall Modern Retractable Gates for Stairs, Play Yard, Walk Thru

Parenting has never been an easy task, and this is still true nowadays as the modern day mothers and fathers are expected to juggle their jobs, their chores and spend time with their kids. While this combination of duties may come across as a bit daunting, it's actually quite achievable and rewarding, especially if you've got one of the Evenflo's position & lock gates in your parenting arsenal!

As far as a company's dedication to their customer base goes, the Evenflo Incorporated is one of the most tenacious businesses around. Their glorious goal of supplying the young parents with brand new contraptions to make their lives easier has not changed in the last 100 years they've been in the market. The result is a steady stream of various types of expansion gates and a range of other objects crucial for ensuring that your child does not fall around too much or bump into furniture willy-nilly.

Your kid can bump into this Evenflo barrier as much as it likes, as it features zero sharp edges or otherwise potentially harmful parts of the construction. Also, the whole thing's been made to be as carpet-friendly as possible, so do expect some protective rubber pads for your floor mounted on this product. It's worth mentioning, too, that the neutral color and design of this gate will fit snugly with the surrounding furniture without being much of an eye sore. It looks quite good too, what's more!

Here's the list of features for this Evenflo position & lock gate:
  • No tools required for assembly
  • The locking bar enables easy mounting and dismounting
  • It comes with protective rubber parts for preventing damage to carpets
  • Features a tough wooden frame and a plastic mesh
  • The wooden frame is sturdy and tough, with no sharp edges or splinters sticking out of it
Solid and easy on the eyes, this position & lock gate from Evenflo may be a perfect option for you if you've got a restless kind of child who likes to play with matches and pursue a life of mischief and kitchen-entering! Get one of these fine gates if you'd like to prevent a horrible disaster from German cautionary tales! Also works for pets (unless your pet is a tarantula).
Solid structure, stylish design, featuring NO electric current whatsoever—this Summer Infant expansion gate has got it all! If you'd like a slightly different design with a darker hue, check out this Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate. It's positively posh!

Summer Infant Expansion 6 Foot Wide Walk-Thru Gate

Featuring a tough and sturdy design which also manages to be fairly good-looking, the Summer Infant expansion gate will not only prevent your child from roaming about the house, but also introduce it to the world of elegant metal gates, and possibly high society! Don't be surprised if your kid starts sporting a British accent and develops a special liking for top hats.

It all started way back in the glorious year of 1985, when a distinguished gentleman of parenting and other numerous leisurely activities he pursued in his free time decided he needed a piece of secure equipment for his infant girl, Summer. What he come up with was a pioneering contraption of sheer excellence and childhood joy—a bouncy seat. This was just the beginning. In an effort to expand on his initial bout of ingenuity, William Locket III (the inventor's name) went on to establish a company he would, in yet another spell of sheer genius, name the Summer Infant company! The rest is history.

As for the expansion gate we're featuring as an entry on this list, it comes with an extra wide construction which can fit into pretty much any doorway, no matter how wide or awkwardly made. The bottom is protected by a special scratch guard which helps prevent damage to your hardwood floor, if you've got one. Also, the entire thing is a piece of cake to set up and operate, as it can be opened with one hand.

This is a list of features for this Summer Infant expansion gate:
  • Tough metal construction which can keep away a small rhinoceros let alone a toddler
  • Fits in even the widest openings and gaps
  • One-handed passage
  • Features a neutral finish which matches any interior
  • Comes with a soft scratch-guard
All things considered, this Summer Infant gate can be a great solution for a classy parent who appreciates tall 'n' proud metal structures of yore, with a modern touch and anti-scratch guards. Your child will feel like royalty behind it! Also works for pets (they may be less appreciative of the style).
Featuring a solid design which enables you to open it at both ends, this expansion gate can be mounted between a variety of surfaces. For a few bucks less, you can get yourself a North State Industries mesh gate instead!

North State Industries Portable Expandable Swing Gate - Brown, Wood

If you're a baby, pet or a pet bird and live in the US, chances are you'll be seeing one of the North State products quite a lot on a day-to-day basis. Specializing in a variety of parenting and pet-keeping products, the North State folks are quite a tenacious bunch who are always seeking to expand their line of work and deliver nothing but the best goods to their faithful customer base. If you visit their webpage, some of the products you may encounter are different kinds of barriers, expansion gates as well as a range of bird houses.

This company is one of the rare businesses nowadays which are completely owned by the employees. This encourages teamwork and helps every member of the team grow both personally and in the business sense. Their professional goal is quite simple: make houses of their customers safer by equipping them with a variety of gates 'n' barriers! Also, keep the pets away from kitchen at all costs.

The structure of this North State expandable swing gate is a simple wooden one, with sticks of wood fashioned into an expandable swing grid. It's quite lightweight, so you may need to pay attention about the physical attributes of your 'detainee'. A big dog with a certain disliking for sizeable obstacles in its path may seriously damage or even render the whole structure unusable. For kids, however, it would do just fine.
  • The top security rail adjusts automatically
  • It can swing open in either direction
  • Easy for storage
  • Can be opened with one hand
Featuring a lightweight yet sufficiently durable build with a swing door which can be opened in either direction, this model coming from North State might be a perfect solution for a person in need of a simple and easy-to-use piece of bordering hardware. You don't need to build a great wall and make Mexico, ehrm, your kids pay for it! Get a North State swing gate and you're all set for some detainin'!
Coming from a company specializing in safety products for young parents, the Safety 1st bamboo gate boasts some pretty impressive characteristics, such as durable plastic panels and a super tough bamboo frame! If you need a wider alternative to cover particularly wide doorways, check out this Safety 1st Natural Fabric Gate instead!

Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate with 100% Recycled Panels - Expandable, Eco Friendly, Portable, 2 Color Choices

For over 30 years, the Safety 1st company has been working tirelessly to equip the parents across the US with a variety of useful contraptions that will make their lives easier and safer for their kids. It all started with a socket covering, which became an instant success among the people pestered by their children's efforts to get electrocuted as soon as possible. Also, in 1984, they invented the first ever 'baby on board!' sticker, which informed the drivers around you about the presence of a child in your car.

Other useful inventions soon followed, and as their crew has been working pretty much non-stop for a long period of time, they have managed to amass quite a few products to their name. Among them are strollers, car seats, diaper pails, you name it! If it's meant to protect toddlers, they'll have it.

Perhaps the biggest perk of the model we've decided to feature as the fifth entry on this list is its tough bamboo frame. Once set up, it will endure bites, kicks, head butts and power charges! Pretty much the entire arsenal of a toddler will not be enough to face a gate this strong. Also, there's a treat for you if you're an ecologically aware person—the panels are made from recycled plastic!

Here are the features of this Safety 1st gate:
  • It can extend up to 42 inches to fit into extra wide openings
  • Panels are made from durable plastic
  • The frame was made out of bamboo, so it's quite tough
  • The set up is completed using a pressure mounted system
If you've been wondering about how to go about the intricacies of NOT letting your child leave a specific area of the house, an expansion gate might be just what you've been needing. This model coming from Safety 1st can be a great option for you if you're into bamboo and well-made eco-friendly panels!

How Do I Choose the Best Expansion Gate?

In the days of yore, when Romans would pester the honest God-fearing Saxons six ways till Sunday, many a wealthy warrior decided to erect a sturdy castle with a moat, so intruders would have a tough time getting in! Even though it's now tough to find enraged medieval warriors wielding swords, lances, and foul language, the idea of protecting your property against uninvited guests still lives on. Replace the aforementioned plunderers with an energetic toddler or a zippy terrier, and you've got yourself a menace that only a sturdy expansion gate can tame!

In this section of our buying guide, we'll mention a couple of things that make these artificially produced barriers so great. Most expansion gate manufacturers make their gates from wood, metal, or (more rarely) plastic. Of course, these three are often found working together as a unit, as the hinges and various small parts that hold the whole thing together are usually made out of plastic or metal. Metal gates are surely sturdier, but the wooden ones are arguably more stylish. As for the plastic expansion gates, their number one perk is their low price, but they can still serve the purpose quite well. Almost all these gates require some tools to set up. Usually, a multi-tool will do the trick. Also, make sure to use a tape measure or even better, a laser measure before you start with the assembly, to avoid unnecessary complications later on.

So far, human ingenuity has blessed us with three major kinds of expansion gates. Walk thru models resemble regular gates complete with the fence, just sized down. Swing gates are opened like a regular door. Collapsible gates have a bunch of diamond-shaped holes in them; you can easily retract and expand them when needed. Each of these different versions is roughly the same when it comes to its efficiency, so the choice among these three types is mostly a matter of style.
Since expansion gates are pretty simple home-improvement items, their price range is not that extravagant at all. Typically, one of these devices will set you back anywhere between 25 to 80 bucks, with the latter price endpoint being reserved for sturdier and larger gates that are more elaborate in design. Factors that tend to add some digits to the overall price include the size, the material used by the manufacturer, and the popularity of the brand. That being said, you can find decent cheap expansion gates for a relatively low sum of about 30 bucks, and add a great new easily installable home improvement item to your house!
Expansion gates aren't the most complex form of an artificial boundary, but there are still things you should know about them before you venture to buy one! If you're new to this particular category of home improvement, definitely check out the list below

Here are some qualities to check when buying a brand new expansion gate:
  • Type of gate
  • Material(s)
  • Size
  • Protective rubber stops
  • Ease of installation
  • Color and design
The size of an expansion gate is a very important parameter to take into consideration, as even the smallest mismatch between the gate and space between your walls can cause safety issues. Make sure to measure everything beforehand to avoid problems!
Construction and Design
Whether they're made out of wood, metal, plastic, or a combination of the three, expansion gates come in roughly the same shapes. The size, of course, can vary quite substantially, although the models meant for home use tend to be of "smaller stature," so to speak. There are three distinctive types: walk thru, swing gates, and collapsible gates. All of them require some degree of effort when installing, but once they're up and running, whatever model you've decided to go for should do the job just fine!
Performance and Ease of Use
Unless they're naturals at picking locks, or perhaps vault jumping, your children shouldn't be able to weasel their way through a well-established expansion gate. When dogs are in question, our TopProducts team has managed to find only one documented case of a plucky retriever hurling itself (with great effort) over what seems to be a poorly organized and installed swing gate. While installation may prove to be a tad of a hassle, once you manage to install your new expansion gate properly between two walls, no baby or nosey pooch should be able to pass through it!

Get the Best Expansion Gate of 2023!

So, there you have it folks: the expansion gate! With one of these obstacles in your arsenal, you can rest assured that no pet or baby, no matter how ardent on breaching your defenses is ever going to actually succeed! (Except that dog that learned to jump over them - there's footage on Youtube, arguably fake.) We hope you liked our five reviews, and wish you a successful purchase!

Our Top Choice
GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate
Best Value
Evenflo Position & Lock Gate
Summer Infant Metal Gate
North State Industries Expandable Swing Gate
Safety 1st Naturals Bamboo Gate