Best Extension Cord Reviews 2018

What a relief it is to meet your long distance electric needs by using an extension cord. With its versatile design, some even have small plugs to maximize your outlet spaces – incredible, yeah! Don’t get all excited, because there are lots out there that might not be the best for you. Actually… you should because we’ve done the tedious work of researching the many options out there, and have brought you 5 of the best extension cords from 5 trusted brands. Our picks give you variety, but you can check out other variants these brands have for more options.
Wire Gauge
Best for
Our Top Choice
US Wire & Cable Heavy-Duty Extension Cord
For over twenty-five years, US Wire and Cable has been making reliable wire and cable products made to very high standards.
It’s made of a super flexible vinyl cord and has a distinct yellow color and a power-on indicator as safety measures. Its outer jacket is resistant to abrasion and deterioration and doesn’t ruin floors or walls.
The higher gauge wires become stiff and unwieldy in cold temperatures. The heavy cord is quite cumbersome.
13 Ga.
15 A
Outdoor use
Best Value
Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord
Coleman Cable Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture and delivery of quality innovative products and processes.
Its jacket is made of PVC, making it very flexible. It can be used indoors and outdoors.
The extension wire twists and stiffens in cold temperatures.
25, 50, 100 ft.
16 Ga.
10 A
UL Listed
Outdoor use
Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord
Iron Forge Cable is known globally for providing quality products at reasonable prices.
It has a slip-, water-, and flame-resistant design. Its LEDs light up when powered and it has a PVC jacket for protection against abrasion and direct sunlight.
The end of the cord is pressed onto the cover material, making it somewhat easy for water to enter the plug.
50 ft.
12 Ga.
15 A
Indoor and outdoor use
Etekcity 10 Pack Extension Cord
Etekcity is an e-commerce retailer that provides customers with excellent electronics and outdoor equipment that make life easier.
These cords solve the problem of large and oddly-shaped plugs that take up too much space. It practically eliminates cable clutter.
Some users have noted that the ends of these cords are bulky and inflexible.
1 ft.
16 Ga.
UL certified
Indoor and outdoor use
AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension Cord
AmazonBasics is a popular e-commerce brand which provides great value when it comes to its products and services.
This extension cord rarely heats up. It is also lightweight and flexible.
After about a month outside, the orange color tends to fade.
50, 100 ft.
16 Ga.
13 A
Certified frustration-free
Outdoor use

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How Do I Choose the Best Extension Cord?

Extension cords are a sure way to meet both your long and short distance electric need. You might already know what they do since the name gives it away, but you might not know that you can get so much more from your extension cord. Picture this: you need to use your Apple desktop and there’s no electric socket nearby. It’s baffling how some houses are built without provision for an electric port. The best way out of this mess is to use an extension cord.

The best extension cords are available in considerable lengths. Some come in short lengths, covering only short distances to meet your needs without wire clusters. Some are as long as 50 – 100 yards and are fortified to be moisture resistant and tamper-proof, fit for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s absolutely no need to fear them, as they have been tested to ensure they are safe. This means you can put that outdoor speaker to use and your kids can have fun with their outdoor bubble machine. All you have to do is pick one that meets your specific needs.

We mentioned earlier that extension cords can offer so much more – and that’s right! Some take up way too much space, rendering some slots beside them unusable. The best extension cords are designed with small heads and are not ‘selfish’ with space, making sure you maximize the use of your outlet switch.
It’d be unrealistic to expect the price of a 100-yard extension cord to be the same as a 50-yard variant. That said, the length, design, materials, and properties packed in an extension cord affect its price. A water-resistant extension cord that can be used outdoors and covers 50 – 100 yards will cost up to $100. Ones designed for indoor use, covering shorter distances, will cost around $20. We’re know you’re safety conscious, so avoid cheap extension cords. They’re made with inferior materials that’ll melt in the heat and are not water resistant.
Extension cords are designed for different places. Knowing where to use one depends on its features. Consider these features when looking for your ideal extension cord:
  • Length
  • Wire gauge
  • Voltage
  • Certification
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Extras
Go ahead and read our detailed explanation on these features.
Construction and Design
Needing electricity in places with no electrical outlet can be a challenge. An extension cord is our knight in shining armor during these times. These cords come in varying lengths to cover a reasonable distance depending on where you need them. Suppose you need electricity in your garage, which is some yards away from the closest electrical outlet. You can take a rough measurement of the distance and get a slightly longer cord just to be safe. There are extension cords as long as 100 yards. Others are just 50 yards if you don’t need one that long.

Maximum attention has to be paid when dealing with electric appliances, which is why the wire gauge of the extension cable is so important. How thick or thin the cable is will largely determine its use to you. It is equally important to know the average voltage and amps that are needed for your extension cord. How much electric current it can safely conduct will help you determine if or where to use it. This is always written on the manufacturer’s guide. If the electrical terms seem a bit confusing or technical. Feel free to consult the extension cord company’s tech person to guide you before making a purchase.

One sure way to verify the quality and safety of these cords is to look out for their certifications. Remember this is electricity we’re talking about, and one small mistake can cause irreparable damage. That’s why you need to know if your cord is endorsed by organizations that have carried out tests and made sure it’s safe for use. CUL, ETL, OSHA, and UL(The United States approved company that carries out safety tests.) are some of the bodies to look out for. If an extension cord fails to have certification from one of these bodies, then it’s not safe for use.
Performance and Ease of Use
Where you intend to use your extension cord will affect your choice. One intended for outdoor use would require the manufacturer to consider factors like exposure to heat, rain, and severe weather conditions. The extension cord must be fortified to work perfectly without being affected by any of these factors. This is why outdoor extension cords are made to be waterproof, oil proof, moisture proof, resistant to sunlight, abrasion, and have a water-resistant blade. Indoor or outdoor, choose a cord that works for you.

An outdoor extension needs to be very visible so it won’t be tampered with, which can result in an accident. This is why they need to come in very visible colors that make them easily spotted. Finally, extension cords come in designs that will not affect your floor – it can’t be solving one problem while creating another. Those are some of the extras to look out for when choosing an extension cord.

We hope the information we have given will help you decide on the ideal extension cord.

What is the Best Extension Cord?

Thumps up! Now you have all the juicy information you need to go extension cord shopping. Go ahead and read our review on individual products, keeping your needs in mind. That way, choosing the best extension cord will be a breeze.
Our Top Choice
The US Wire and Cable Heavy Duty Extension Cord is double insulated with solid molded plugs. Because of its brightly-colored design, it can be easily seen during the day or at night. The Yellow Heavy Duty Lighted Plug Extension Cord, weighing 7 lbs. and with a length of 50 ft., is a similar, lighter alternative. You can check it out, too.
US Wire and Cable 100-Feet Yellow Heavy-Duty Lighted Extension Cord

US Wire and Cable Extension Cord 74100

With over twenty-five years of experience in the wire and cable industry, US Wire and Cable prides itself in its commitment to manufacturing quality wires and cables in the United States. If you want reliability in your extension cords, you’ve found the right manufacturer.

The US Wire and Cable Yellow Heavy-Duty Lighted Extension Cord (MSRP $48.38) measures 100 feet and has individually insulated conductors surrounded by an outside jacket. This outer jacket won’t ruin floors or walls and it’s resistant to abrasion and deterioration from moisture and sunlight. The highly visible yellow color ensures that the extension cord can be seen at all times. The power-on indicator lets you know when power is running, which helps prevent electrocution. It’s made of a super flexible vinyl cord which sets itself apart from its competition.
Best Value
The Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord is a thick 100 foot cord that works well outdoors. It can also be used in the garage, office, and kitchen. The SlimLine Flat Plug Extension Cord is specially designed for indoor use. The cord stays close to the wall and can be used to power lamps and other household equipment.
Coleman Cable Vinyl Outdoor 3 Prong Grounded Extension Cord – Available in 3 Lengths

Coleman Cable Extension Cord 02309 – 100 Feet

With a sky-high reputation for the innovative design of products and processes, Coleman Cable Inc. is a market leader when it comes to electronic accessories that can improve the home.

The Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord (MSRP $24.90) is a general indoor/outdoor cord that is suitable for most power equipment. The PVC jacket ensures resistance to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and exposure to sunlight. This extension cord has reinforced blades which can help prevent accidental damage of the prongs. The extension cord is a safe and attention-grabbing orange. This cord is UL, cUL and ETL listed and meets OSHA requirements for outdoor extension cord use. The cord is 16 gauge with three conductors and is rated for 10 A and 1250 W. Weighing 5.3 pounds, it’s easier carry.
The durable Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord is designed for rugged outdoor use. Its heavy-duty 12 gauge wire can handle most equipment you plug in. Looking for a 10-foot heavy-duty extension cord? We recommend you take a look at this 16\/3 Heavy Duty Green Cable by Iron Forge Cable. It has three outlets for simultaneous use.
Iron Forge Cable Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord with 3 Prong Grounded Plug – Available in 4 Lengths

Iron Forge Cable Extension Cord IFC-123Y50 – 50ft - Yellow

Iron Forge Tools has a knack for producing durable and long-lasting cables. It manufactures and supplies them at very reasonable prices. It also provides a lifetime warranty for all its products, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners.

The Iron Forge Cable Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord (MSRP $69.99) comes with a three-prong grounded plug which helps protect users from electrocution. At 50 feet long with ratings of 15 A, 125 V, and 1875 W, it’s suited for outdoor use. and has a slip-, water-, and flame-resistant design The plug contains LEDs that light up, giving you the added advantage of knowing if the power is running. The PVC jacket protects the cable from abrasion and direct sunlight and the cord’s bright yellow color is highly visible, especially in the garage and garden. This amazing cord meets OSHA standards and it is ETL/CETL listed.
This 10-Pack Power Extension Cord conveniently helps extend the reach of plugs, one foot at a time. This Etekcity Power Extension Cord Cable is a suitable alternative if you want a 5-pack cord set.
Etekcity 10 Pack Power Extension Cord Cable, 16AWG-13A, UL Listed, 2015 Upgraded Version (Black, 1-Foot)

Etekcity Extension Cord 100004

Etekcity delivers products that are sure to enhance safety in your home. With nearly unbeatable customer care service, it provides necessary support for its products.

The Etekcity 10 Pack Extension Cord (MSRP $100) is durable enough to withstand abrasion and sun exposure. This cord is suitable for homes that have pets and small children because it’s designed to defy wear and tear they inflict and protect them from the dangers of a damaged cable. With an extension length of 1 foot, each cord consists of a three-prong plug and ratings of 125 V and 13 A. If you want a long cord, you can connect these cables to each other. These extension cords are UL listed, which means they have met the required standard for safety.
This extension cord is a 16 gauge all-copper wire outdoor extension cord. With a plug on one end and a socket on the other, this 50 foot cord ensures your equipment stays connected. If you are looking for a longer orange extension cord for similar purposes, this AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Lighted Extension Cord will like be a great fit for you. Measuring 100 feet, it is the longer version of the one featured.
AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord in Orange – Available in 2 Lengths

AmazonBasics Extension Cord KT101 – 50 ft

Because it is a phantom brand, AmazonBasics has a unique marketing identity. Launched in 2009, it sells basic, quality items at much lower prices than many other companies that populate its site, helping to promote customer loyalty and patronage.

The AmazonBasics Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord (MSRP $16.99) has the added benefit of being an all-copper wire extension cord. This helps prevent the cord from melting or burning in the event of a power surge. This 16 gauge cord can power a range of outdoor appliances and the bright orange color makes this cord easily visible in comparison to other darker cords. The PVC jacket makes it very flexible and shields it from moisture, abrasion, and direct sunlight. The lightweight design makes it easy to transport.

Get the Best Extension Cord of 2018!

Now that you’ve read our reviews, we hope we’ve provided you with enough information to buy the right extension cord for your home or workplace. It’s time to make that purchase and enjoy your appliances!

Our Top Choice
US Wire & Cable Heavy-Duty Extension Cord
Best Value
Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord
Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord
Etekcity 10 Pack Extension Cord
AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension Cord