Best Extension Pole Reviews 2023

It’s perfectly normal to have a fear of ladders, considering how a lot of things can go wrong with their use. But you do not have to use one, if you don’t like it. We looked at the market for a perfect alternative to ladders, and we discovered extension poles. We highlighted five of the best extension pole brands, and one featured product from each. Feel free to browse, and note that all of these brands have several other extension pole options as well.
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Our Top Choice
Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Extension Pole
Since 1851, Wooster Brush has steadfastly supplied painters around the globe with high-performance tools that deliver effortlessly and stand the test of time.
Sturdy and lightweight. Conversion tip for threaded non-Wooster tools. Does not wobble or bend when fully extended. Conversion tip (adapter) stores in handle.
May require some strength to use.
2 sections
54.3 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches; 2.3 lbs
5 sizes; from 1 – 16 feet
Best Value
Ettore All-Purpose Extension Pole
Founded by a passionate window cleaner, Ettore is obsessed with shine and sparkles. It produces high-quality, cleaning tools that work!!
Lightweight and durable. Extends up to seven feet. Pairs easily with Ettore tools without screwing. Hanging hole for easy storage.
Might not pair with non-Ettore products.
2 sections
1.2 x 1.2 x 48 inches; 0.9 lbs
7 feet
Anodized aluminum
Unger Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole
Because getting the job done properly is an absolute must, cleaning professionals look to Unger for materials that work.
Universal threaded tip compatible with most tools. Durable anodized aluminum. Locking cone tip. Extremely lightweight.
A bit too pricey for some customers.
All cleaning tools
3 sections
2 x 2 x 90 inches; 3.6 lbs
4 sizes; from 8 – 20 feet
Anodized aluminum
Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole
Mr. LongArm anticipates customers’ needs, and goes the extra mile to ensure that those needs are met far beyond expectations in its products and services.
Fluted handle for firm grip. External chuck and collet for secure lock. Universal threads pair with similar tools.
Not for heavy-duty outdoor use.
All cleaning tools
2/3/4 sections
76 x 2 x 2 inches; 1.8 lbs
3 sizes; from 2 – 12 feet
Fiberglass/anodized aluminum
Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole
Shur-Line is the go-to brand for DIY painters who seek to take on challenges in a fun, efficient, and (of course) cost-effective way.
Multi-lock system holds place at any desired length. Cushioned handle. Hook loop for neat storage. No bends or wobbles when fully extended.
Slightly heavier than similar poles.
All tools
1 section
2 x 37 x 4 inches; 2.1 lbs
2.5 - 5 feet
Aluminum/molded plastic/foam

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What is the Best Extension Pole?

Extension poles are extremely useful items that everyone should have, as they almost always come in handy. Selecting a good one that works for you is even more important. Now that you’ve read this guide, you should know what that “good one that works for you” should look like. Proceed to the reviews now and make that selection.
Our Top Choice
The Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole comes with a special bayonet grip that easily snaps the tool into place, without screwing or tightening. It doesn't give even one bit throughout your activity. How about a more affordable 60-inch pole with a metal universal tip that works with almost any tool? Order the Acme Wood Extension Pole with Metal Tip – 60 Inches.

Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole – Available in 5 Sizes

Wooster Brush has been around since 1851! No wonder it is known as the top applicator innovator in its industry. Every year, Wooster Brush consistently serves the general populace high-quality applicator products. Its team is quite proud of its rich, long heritage and hopes that its tools are things of value to its customers.

The idea for the Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole is nothing short of genius. Those days of twisting, turning, and rolling a million times to ensure that your brush or roller is tightened and held in place are over. This extension pole just snaps your Wooster tool into place without any literal arm-twisting.

Have you gotten used to poles that keep loosening around your tools with constant use? The Special Bayonet Grip Tip (GT) offered by this extension pole holds your Wooster tools in a vise-like grip throughout your exercise. No falling, no leaving, no loosening.

Wooster Brush also added a conversion tip to the end of this pole. So, even if you do not own a Wooster tool, you don't need to throw out your trusty old non-Wooster tool just yet. You can use this adapter to “adapt” your foreign tool to this far-too-kind pole, and make it GT compliant. The adapter stores conveniently in the handle of the pole.

Changing your tools is easy. All you need to do is push on a button on the fiberglass lever, and you’re good. Swift, instantaneous, and time-saving, because painting is time-consuming and a second saved is a second gained.

When this pole is fully extended in all its eight-foot glory, you might expect some wobble or bends. With this pole, no matter how far it extends, it remains ramrod straight. No bends, no wobbles. It is quite sturdy, which ultimately means a firm grip and little chance for a slip and a potential paint bath. And with all its many diverse features, this pole still manages to remain lightweight!
Best Value
The Ettore All-Purpose Extension Pole has a unique click-lock system that clicks to assure you of your tool’s secure grip to the pole. There will be no dangling or loosening on this pole until you say so. Do you want something that reaches higher up with the same click-lock tip? Try the Ettore Reach Extension Pole. It measures 12 feet and has a click-lock tip.

Ettore 2-Section 7-Feet All-Purpose Interlock Pole with Click Lock Tip

In 1896, when Ettore Steccone came to the United States from Italy, he wanted nothing more than to clean windows and make them gleam and shine. He quickly got frustrated with his work tools. In 1936, he created his first cleaning product: The New Deal, his own patented squeegee. From that first squeegee, Ettore’s passion has only seen exponential increase as more people identify with it.

The Ettore All-Purpose Extension Pole is an amazing product from the Ettore brand. This extension pole reaches up to seven feet. That’s long enough for almost any chore you’re seeking to do. Using this pole is easy, especially when it's paired with Ettore cleaning products. It also does not require screwing to stay snapped shut. This extension pole comes with a click-lock system for a secure, firm grip. When your tool is fixed, you will hear the click sound of assurance informing you that your squeegee or window cleaner is locked in and ready to roll.

Even though this pole is heavy-duty in function, it is extremely lightweight: only about 14 ounces! There’s no more excuse to keep away from the chores, as this tool will not cause your hands any fatigue.

Everyone needs help remembering every now and then, so this extension pole comes with a convenient hanger hole that slips onto a peg (in a conspicuous place, for goodness sake) for easy storage.
Access your second-story windows without a ladder with the Unger Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole. This 20-foot extension pole helps keep you safe while saving you time. How about an ergonomic pole that’s three-sectioned for easy porting, and extends up to 18 feet? If this sounds good, consider the Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole.

Unger Professional Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole – Available in 4 Sizes

Unger knows that in order to build a strong brand that justifiably earns profit by providing solutions, it has to work with the best team. And who better to work with in the cleaning industry than the pros themselves? Together, they have pioneered the next generation of solutions to the cleaning problem. These solutions have universal applications that help the home-owner, the DIYer, and, of course, the pro. In all that it does, Unger’s fundamental principle is that cleaning products should be able to get the job done faster, safer, and more easily.

The Unger Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole extends up to 20 whole feet!. That’s high enough to reach second-story windows. This pole helps you eliminate the dangers (and time wasting) associated with using ladders. It's made of anodized aluminum, which helps ensure the strength and durability of your pole.

With this pole's rigidity and strength, you can conveniently take on any tough outdoor job regardless of its demands, just like Superman. Your pole will do a bang-up job of it and still come out looking no worse for wear. That’s just awesome!

This product is made to be compatible primarily with Unger professional products. When you pair your Unger Professional product with this pole, the locking cone tip secures it firmly, without a hitch. The tip also comes with a universal threaded tip. This ultimately means that any non-Unger tool you have will also fit, provided it comes with a universal thread.

This pole is also quite lightweight, so you can now cheat fatigue and get more done in less time!
The Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole has a universal thread that works with all universal threaded tools. It's made of anodized aluminum that’s resistant to rust.. If you want something that reaches higher and is made of aluminum and glass, try the Mr. LongArm Alumi Glass Extension Pole. It ranges between six and 18 feet.

Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole – Available in 3 Sizes

In 1958, Mr. LongArm made the first ever aluminum telescopic extension pole as an answer to the problems of one customer who had issues reaching some parts of his house while cleaning. Mr. LongArm still has a commitment to solving cleaning problems one customer at a time. It has fashioned over 300 products to appeal to customer groups and deliver quality. Its products are also fairly priced, and this has turned many potential customers into longstanding, loyal ones.

The Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole is a sure example of a product built with the customer’s convenience in mind. The handle is made of composite fiberglass and comes in a fluted design that’s good for your hands and your grip too. Whether you live in a hot climate or you’re just sweaty naturally, maintaining a firm grip on your extension pole is still quite doable. It also comes with a universal thread that will easily accept any tool with as much as a common universal thread.

This extension pole's external chuck and collet system ensures a most secure lock. It doesn’t matter what’s fixed to it or what length your pole is adjusted to, it will not wobble one bit. The slider is made of anodized aluminum, which will keep your pole durable for a long time. This is because it is resistant to rust, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth from this product.

Although the Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole is quite sturdy, we do not advise that you use it for anything heavy-duty. The manufacturers clearly state that this product is for light to medium applications.
The Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole is a multipurpose tool you’d be truly sorry to miss. The standard tip will conveniently accommodate any applicator in your tool box. Would you prefer something shorter that also has a standard tip, multi-lock, and hook loop? Then get the Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole – 1.5-3 Feet.

Shur-Line Easy Reach 2.5 – 5-Feet Extension Pole

Shur-Line is a huge fan of DIYers and it shows! This company seeks to encourage and inspire DIY painters to take up new challenges and own their space through their avid love for painting. Because this brand knows how budget constraints can inhibit creativity, it makes the effort to find the most cost-effective means possible to manufacture its products. This makes its prices quite unbeatable when compared to the competition. From applicators, to paints to paint-related products, Shur-Line keeps amassing a staggering line of great products, and you can get one of them too.

The Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole justifiably earns itself the title of a multipurpose extension pole. It comes with a standard tip that can comfortably accommodate almost any tool in your house, your best friend's house, or even your grandma’s house. There probably doesn’t exist any tool that cannot be attached to this pole.

This extension pole does not bend or wobble during use. Plus, it comes with a multi-lock system, so when you adjust your pole, you can simply lock that position into place by a press of a button. Since this pole extends and retracts continuously during application, your body also remains in an ideal position, thereby reducing your chances of finishing with body pain or fatigue.

Because it knows how hard-working you are, Shur-Line has decided to reward you with an extension pole that’s cushioned at the handle for the most comfort while you work. The handle also has a tiny, little hole which you can use to conveniently hang your pole, ready to pick up (from the central and conspicuous location of storage, of course) for the next use.

This pole extends to a length of 2.5 to 5 feet, so we are not quite sure how it will do for far-reaching, outdoor jobs. What we do know, though, is that it works flawlessly for most indoor jobs, as customers have happily observed.

How Do I Choose the Best Extension Pole?

An extension pole is one of the most handy multipurpose tools you will ever come across. Why use a ladder for a chore that can be done easily using an extension pole? Even safe ladders are scary and often inconvenient.

Extension poles are much more sensible options than a ladder in many cases. They can be used with almost any tool to expand your reach to an area, height-wise or length-wise. You can use them with a bulb changer, a pressure washer, a cobweb remover, or a squeegee. They are also very useful for painting and application.

Although extension poles may look pretty straightforward, there’s a lot that you should consider before you settle on a purchase. This guide is going to show you all that you need to watch out for before you click “order,” so stay with us.
If you’re thinking of getting an extension pole, you'll likely be looking at something within the $10 to $40+ range. Usually qualities such as the length affect the price of an extension pole. Other features, including the intricacy of lock system, and the nature of the tip, can also affect price. As for buying cheap extension poles, that's the opening act for a play titled “Buyer’s Utmost Heartbreaking Regret” where you’ll be the star actor. Many of those poles are poorly made with cheap materials that do not last, and that break under weight. Staying within the price range suggested here will pay off in the end.
The straightforward, simple-looking extension pole has features that you should check before you make a purchase. Let’s look at some of them:
  • Length
  • Tip
  • Grip
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Extras
Here is some more detail to consider about these qualities.
Construction and Design
Extension poles are mostly made of aluminum, but some are made of wood, or even fiberglass. The nature of the material used in the manufacture will affect the performance of your extension pole, but we will discuss that in the next section.

There are varying lengths that extension poles come in. Some extend for three feet, while others can go as far as 20 feet. It all depends on what you want. Some poles come in three or more sections that can be extended or retracted. The good thing about more sections is that they ultimately mean more compactness. When the pole is folded in, it assumes a small, portable size.

Since poles extend and retract, be certain that they come with efficient lock systems that hold sections together in place whenever you make adjustments. You don’t want your pole snapping shut and retracting of its own accord because of an inefficient lock system.

Be sure of a pole’s grip before you buy. You shouldn't be using an extension pole that keeps slipping out of your hands every five seconds. Not only will an incompetent pole waste your time, it will frustrate you and drain out all your creativity, and then nobody will be envious of the “great” painting job you got done. Although extension poles are hardly ergonomic, they are usually made of sturdy materials for a firm grip. Some even come with a thumb lock, while others are padded to protect your hands. If you’re buying online, look at the material of the handle, and check customer reviews for information on the grip.

A pole with a hang hole saves you storage space. All you need to have is a nail or a peg to hang it on, and you and your extension pole will be as happy as clams. For this feature to make sense, use a peg in an obvious place.
Performance and Ease of Use
Know what exactly you have in mind for your extension pole before you purchase it. There are different kinds of poles out there with different specs that work best under different situations. For instance, if you’re going to be doing outdoor chores such as window cleaning, or beehive hunting (good luck to you), you’ll need a much longer pole than you'd need for changing bulbs or cleaning cobwebs indoors. Unless you have unusually high ceilings, the general rule of thumb is that shorter poles are for the indoors while longer poles stay outdoors.

Know whether your extension pole is heavy-duty. You can’t just use any pole for any kind of job, or you’ll destroy said pole. Most times, a pole's material indicates what kind of duty it is suited for. Anodized aluminum is marvelous for heavy duty. Because it’s lightweight and has an amazing resilience, it will bear up under almost anything. Wood poles are normally good for medium to light duty, and some can even be used for heavy jobs. If you don’t know what type of wood your pole is made of, it’s best to limit its use to light or medium work.

Many extension pole brands fashion their tips to fit their own cleaning or applicator products primarily, for obvious reasons. However, there are some extension poles that come with threaded adapters that can be used with other tools that aren’t from the pole's brand. You can also find some pretty standard, universal threaded tips. They don’t need to come with adapters, as their tips are already threaded to fit any tool with a universal thread.

You'll want a lightweight pole that won't wobble or bend when it is extended to the fullest. This tendency becomes increased with longer poles. If it wobbles even once, don’t overlook it and think it will go away; it won’t!

Get the Best Extension Pole of 2023!

It was fun putting this review together for you, and hopefully it was every bit as insightful as we hoped it would be for you. Go ahead and shop like the savvy shopper that you are!

Our Top Choice
Wooster Brush Sherlock GT Extension Pole
Best Value
Ettore All-Purpose Extension Pole
Unger Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole
Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole Extension Pole
Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole