Best Eyeshadow Palette Reviews 2022

Eyeshadows are a great accompaniment to any outfit and can really add a ‘wow’ factor to your makeup routine. There are so many colors and choices available that it can almost feel artistic when you’re applying them! To help you choose the ideal eyeshadow palette for you, we have selected the best eyeshadow brands on the market today along with a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for what your options are from various brands.
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Our Top Choice
Shany Cosmetics 96 Color Eyeshadow Palette
SHANY loves creating fun, beautiful products that keep its customers coming back for more, and at prices that don’t disappoint!
Available in 2 color shade sets. PETA-approved. Anti-crack. Create both natural and dramatic looks.
Case is quite delicate.
96 Colors
Hot Matte colors
Best Value
Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette
The reason Maybelline is one of the most successful beauty brands in the world today is its passion for creating products that make a dramatic statement.
12 colors per palette. Versatile. Micellar water makeup remover included.
Not much pigment.
12 Colors
Water Makeup Remover
Morphe 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Morphe are a modern, unique and (quite frankly) fantastic and affordable brand, this is demonstrated in their 35 Color Plum eyeshadow Palette.
Available in 3 different shade palettes. Soft to the touch. Plum inspired color range.
Colors crumble and fall out easily.
35 Colors
Suitable for Sensitive skin
W7 Eye Shadow Color Palette
W7 really does have women’s best interests at heart with its range of products specifically designed to fill women everywhere with confidence.
Available in 5 different palette shades. Cruelty-free. Comes with applicator brush.
Has a tendency to smudge.
12 Colors
Natural Nudes
Tin; Double-sided Brush
E.l.f Cosmetics Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette
E.l.f is all about natural beauty, and therefore makes products that emphasize this rather than masking it—and all of this at convenient prices!
Comes with 2 brushes. Kit includes mirror. Compact travel-sized kit.
Brushes aren’t as high-quality as the brushes you buy standalone from e.l.f.
32 Colors
Primer Set
2 Brushes; Eyelid Primer

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What is the Best Eyeshadow Palette?

When it comes to deciding which eyeshadow palette is best for you, it can often get a little confusing due to how many colors and styles are available! Fingers crossed, after reading through our handy little buying guide you’ve figured out what type of eyeshadow palette is most suitable to your needs along with the features you would like your eyeshadow to have. This will make it a much easier when trying to pick the ideal eyeshadow palette for you and your next night out! So, let’s get looking at our top 5 picks, shall we?
Our Top Choice
This palette is the perfect choice for any fashionista looking for an eyeshadow palette to take them from day to night with its wide range of dramatic and natural colors. Although this is great, sometimes you just don’t need 96 different-colored eyeshadows! If this is the case, you might want to consider saving a few bucks and going with the 40 Color Boutique Eyeshadow Palette.

Shany Cosmetics Makeup Artists 96 Color Pro Eyeshadow Palette – 2 Color Sets Available

SHANY was created with the idea that makeup products should be fun, and therefore shouldn’t cost the earth. SHANY uses only the finest products from across the world to make sure it brings you the best possible products available. Created in 2006, SHANY is now one of the leading manufacturers of makeup and beauty products in the world.

We wanted to feature SHANY’s 96 Color Eyeshadow Palette due to its extensive color range and the fact that it’s received great reviews online. This professional beauty palette contains 88, medium-sized matte pan colors with a wide selection of shades to create both dramatic and natural looks. This smudge-free shadow has a high level of pigmentation with saturated colors that make them high quality and anti-crack too! These colors were specifically chosen and designed by well-known, professional makeup artists here in the USA and reflect their high-end, high-fashion style.
Best Value
The Nudes by Maybelline is a firm favorite of ours due to its natural, classic, and sexy look that will make anyone look and feel incredible! Alternatively, if you like to be bold with your makeup, try the Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Palette, The Brights instead!

Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water Makeup Remover

Maybelline New York is currently available in over 129 countries across the world, offering hundreds of products in a variety of styles. Its products range from eye liners, foundations, powders, and a whole lot more! We can certainly see why Maybelline is one of the most successful beauty brands in the world, due to its technological formulas and on-trend, high-fashion expertise. If you’re after classically stunning products with a modern twist, then Maybelline is a brand you’ll love!

We wanted to feature Maybelline’s The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette due to the brand’s popularity and great reviews online. This palette features a whole range of nude-style colors including bold beige, sultry sands, brazen bronzes, and tempting taupes! With 12 different, gorgeous colors to choose from, you can combine them for a more dramatic look or go bare with a minimalist sweep.
We love Morphe’s plum inspired eyeshadow palette due to its unique colors that are not only gorgeous but soft to the touch too. On the other hand, if you like a good smoky eye, you will want to check out the Morphe Pro 35 Color Dark Smoky Eyeshadow Makeup Palette.

Morphe Pro 35 Color Eye Shadow Makeup Palette – Available in 3 Colors

Morphe are an American based brand that create a wide variety of products that range from brushes to foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and more! They are a one stop shop for all your make-up and beauty care needs! Their aim as a brand is to bring beautiful products at an affordable price to people all around the world, something they do very well indeed!

We wanted to feature Morph’s 35 color eyeshadow Palette due to the brands wide range of color options and the fact the product has received such fantastic reviews online. This plum eyeshadow palette consists of a set of 35 plum inspired colors that can be worn day or night (or both!). You can create a whole host of dramatic and more natural looks with this set due to its collection of deep, intense and unique colors. These shadows are super soft to the touch and therefore won’t irritate your skin and are incredibly easy to blend too. This palette can be used on a variety of different skin types as well and won’t irritate even the most fragile skin.
W7’s Shadow Color Palette is ideal for creating bold statements that look incredible and won’t cost you the earth. However, if you’re not into these colors and want something with a little shimmer, check out the Beat It! And Smokin! Eye Shadow Palettes instead.

W7 Eyeshadow Color Palette – Available in 5 Color Sets

Created in 2002, W7 was inspired by two young men from London who believed every woman should be able to use quality makeup at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. W7 believes that women everywhere should have the opportunity to express themselves through the use of its products and be whoever they want to be! Year after year, W7 has become increasingly popular and now boasts over 500 different products, all of which are cruelty-free.

We wanted to feature W7’s In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette due to the brand’s modern image as a whole, and the product’s great reviews online. Including 12 creative shades, this palette is lightweight and comes in a sturdy tin that includes a double-sided brush with a smudger. The colors in this set range are basically unlimited—you can change your look every day if you want to! All the colors in this kit blend charmingly together and won’t settle around the creases or corners of your eyes.
Even if you’re not too to big on the whole makeup thing, the e.l.f. Cosmetics Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette is sure to make a great gift for the makeup enthusiast in your life! If you want an eyeshadow palette with a little more pizazz, check out the Party Ready e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Palette with beautiful, bright, and sparkly eyeshadow colors to choose from.

E.l.f Cosmetics 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette with 2 Brushes and Eyelid Primer Set

E.l.f is a strong believer that “beauty comes from within all of us”; it emphasizes this by focusing its attention on enhancing women’s natural beauty rather than masking it. E.l.f has an extensive line of products in a variety of colors and styles, and truly has something for everyone! E.l.f also believes that beauty and makeup products should be affordable, and makes a clear point to ensure all its products are available to women everywhere.

We wanted to feature E.l.f’s Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette due to the product’s great reviews across numerous review sites. This 32-color set is the perfect product for any fashionista on-the-go! With so many colors and textures to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice with this palette—it even comes with a built-in mirror and brushes for flawless touch-ups! As this product is smaller than other palettes available on the market, it can easily be placed in your handbag, whether you’re on a night out or on your way to work—you can touch-up your makeup wherever and whenever you like!

How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow Palette?

If you’re a fan of makeup (and let’s face it—who isn’t?) then you should be familiar with eyeshadow and how it can transform your face and outfit in a matter of seconds. These days, eyeshadows come in a huge range of colors and styles, suiting the needs of pretty much everyone!

Before you go rushing into a decision, however, there are a few things you will want to have a little think about beforehand. First things first, the pigment. Pigments are what give your eyeshadows their fantastic colors, and they can come from either natural or synthetic sources. Natural pigments come from items such as fruits and flowers, whilst synthetic pigments are made from metals and other sciency stuff.

Pigmentation is important to be aware of when shopping for eyeshadows as it will determine the overall density of the product. Eyeshadows with high pigmentation often have rich, bright colors that are long-lasting, whereas those with low pigmentation are often very light in color. High pigmented eyeshadows are often higher in price due to their long-lasting technology and wide variety of colors. They’re also available in loose mineral form which individuals may prefer.

Another thing to think about before making your final decision is what color of eyeshadow is best suited to you. When making this decision, it’s important to have a think about both your skin tone and your clothes. Buying an eyeshadow palette that compliments your complexion and wardrobe is a must! It’s also important to match the palette to your other makeup products, such as liquid eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, and even nail polishes!

If, however, you’re still unsure about which shade is for you, then you may want to consider buying a palette with lots of variety. A handy tip is to not match eyeshadows to the color of your eyes; opt for more interesting shades for more of a ‘wow’ factor…
  • Blue Eyes - Browns, pinks, and coral.
  • Brown Eyes - Greens, pinks, coral, and gold.
  • Hazel Eyes - Purples, browns, blues, grey, and gold.
  • Green Eyes - Purples, lavenders, and gold.
If you enjoy wearing several eyeshadow colors at once, then look for colors that coordinate well together such as purple and lavender or grey and brown. This is why eyeshadow palettes are so easy to use—they offer the user a variety of eyeshadow options.

They’re also specifically designed to offer you colors that already blend well together, which is particularly useful to all you novices out there! Eyeshadow palettes often come in powder or mineral form, which is the most common style of eye makeup. Powder eyeshadows are easy to apply via sponge or brush, which is the reason they’re popular amongst makeup users young and old!
When it comes to the cost of your new eyeshadow palette, this will depend on a variety of factors. Firstly, the size of the product. Eyeshadow palettes can offer a range of shades and colors, from 12 to 100. Products that offer more color options or more useable color options (greys, blacks, navy blues, and browns) tend to be higher in price, and will cost between $15 and $25. If a product is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact wearers, this can also bump up the price as these products tend to be made from more natural pigments. As we mentioned earlier, highly pigmented products also tend to be pricier.

Less expensive eyeshadow palettes ($7 – $13) are also just as good, though they may not offer as much variety and may be less pigmented. There are cheaper eyeshadow palettes available on the market ($5 or less), but be aware that these products may not last as long or have a wide variety of color options.
When it comes to the features you want included in your new eyeshadow palette, this is going to depend on your skin tone, style, and personal preferences. There are a few features we recommend keeping an eye out for, however, to ensure you select the best eyeshadow palette for you!

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Color Variety
  • Long-lasting
Construction and Design
If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, then we recommend choosing an eyeshadow palette that’s hypoallergenic. These types of eyeshadows are made from natural minerals that won’t cause itchiness and irritation. This will prevent you from rubbing your eyes and wiping away all your hard work, and are a good idea for those with allergies too.

Another great feature to have in your eyeshadow palette is a product with a wide variety of color options. This will allow you to change your look every day and experiment with colors you’ve never tried before. These products will take you out of your comfort zone and unleash the inner artist in you!

Finally, we recommend looking for an eyeshadow palette that’s advertised as ‘long-lasting’. These kinds of products are ideal for those who work long days or wish to wear their makeup well into the evening. Long-lasting products tend to stay put for around 12 to 18 hours, and prevent you from having to touch-up throughout the day.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your new eyeshadow palette, it’s relatively simple…hoorah! Most eyeshadows come in a case or tin that can be closed for portability, and can fit into your purse or bag with ease. You’ll want to make sure you close your product properly beforehand, however, to prevent the colors from cracking and crumbling.

When using the product, make sure you use clean brushes for different colors, otherwise you can risk damaging the colors or irritating your eyes. If you’re looking for a particularly high-end product, we recommend looking for those that contain a mirror or brushes to make touch-ups on-the-go that little bit easier!

Get the Best Eyeshadow Palette of 2022!

By now you should have a better understanding about what types of eyeshadow palettes are available and which style you’re looking for. If you aren’t a fan of the ones we’ve chosen, then don’t fear! All the brands we’ve selected have a wide range of products to choose from—so simply browse through their other collections to find a set that’s just right for you! All that’s left to do now is select your favorite and start practicing the perfect smoky eye!

Our Top Choice
Shany Cosmetics 96 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Best Value
Maybelline New York Eyeshadow Palette
Morphe 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette
W7 Eye Shadow Color Palette
E.l.f Cosmetics Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette