Best F150 Truck Bed Cover Reviews 2023

A bed cover, or tonneau, is a hard or soft cover for a truck bed that protects the bed liner and carried cargo from falling out or being exposed to the elements. Bed covers are made from a variety of materials. They can protect the value of your vehicle and increase its resale value. A high-quality tonneau will insulate your belongings from weather that could shift contents during transport. Some can even be locked for extra security. We’ve chosen five of the best F150 Truck Bed Cover brands and put together some buying advice so you can get a dependable and right fit for your truck!
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Our Top Choice
Rugged Liner F150 Hard Bed Cover
Rugged Liner has a long history of making dependable, sturdy bed liners for a variety of trucks.
High-quality materials, construction, and convenience make this a top-of-the-line bed cover for an F-150.
This full-featured bed cover is a little expensive if you’re on a budget.
Vinyl, Aluminum
5.5’ Beds
Mounted Clamps
Three-Year Limited
Best Value
Tyger Auto Vinyl and Aluminum Bed Cover
Tyger Auto is a multinational manufacturer of big brand and OE factory parts and accessories.
Vinyl and aluminum create a weather-sealed bed cover that attaches easily with U.S. patented clamps.
The light bed cover weighs 28 pounds and can be easily removed without a security lock.
Vinyl, Aluminum
5.5’ Beds
Mounted Clamps
Lifetime Limited
Roll-N-Lock Retractable Bed Cover
Roll-N-Lock was started by engineers to create revolutionary retractable tonneau covers.
The retractable cover fits a variety of trucks with its convenient and practical design.
Although convenient, it does not include a secure lock.
Treated Vinyl
Up to 79” Bed Length
Mounted Clamps
One-Year Limited
Bestop EZRoll Soft Bed Cover
Bestop is known as the gold standard for aftermarket Jeep soft tops. Its bed covers offer quality and attention to detail.
The rolling design is easy to retract and secure, with a bolt on rails system for convenience and weatherproofing.
Even with a locked tailgate, the EZRoll is not designed for secure storage of valuables.
Vinyl, Aluminum
6.5’ Beds
Mounted Clamps, No Drill
Lifetime Limited - Parts
Tonno Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover
Tonno is a worldwide seller that specializes in high-quality bed covers at affordable prices.
The convenient roll-up design and industrial-grade materials make this cover perfect for casual or professional use.
Longer installation time. Tools are not included for installation.
Vinyl, Aluminum
6.6’ Beds
Ratchet, 17mm Socket, Clamps
Lifetime Limited

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What is the Best F150 Truck Bed Cover?

The best bed cover for your F150 needs to be rugged to last, strong to protect, and convenient to use. Look out for these features and keep in mind that they vary depending on the material of the cover. Now that you’re aware of some attributes to think about while searching for a F150 Truck Bed Cover, let’s check out our top picks to see which fits you best.
Our Top Choice
The Rugged Liner F150 Hard Bed Cover is a top-of-the-line tonneau built to last. If you’re looking for a soft cover, check out the Rugged Liner F150 Vinyl Bed Cover!

Rugged Liner 2015-2017 F150 Premium Hard Bed Cover - Tonneau

Rugged Liner was started in 1995 to provide quality automotive tools and accessories that exceed industry standards. From truck and trailer liners to wheel wells and bed mats, Rugged Liner knows trucks. It has a wide variety of accessories for multiple years, makes, and models. Its F-150 Premium Hard Bed Cover is an outstanding offering that stands apart from its competition for its high-quality workmanship and useful features.

This cover has an easy-to-use tri-fold design. It arrives fully assembled and can be taken on or off within six minutes. The cover is specifically designed for 2015-2017 5.5-foot beds, and includes night time light cargo pockets and a tailgate lock for extra security. Its shape improves aerodynamics. You can also drive with the bed cover open for extra carrying capacity.
Best Value
The Tyger Auto Vinyl and Aluminum Bed Cover is a weather-proof, easy-to-use bed cover for the 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra. Have an F-150? Check out the Tyger Tri-Fold F-150 Bed Cover!

Tyger Auto Vinyl and Aluminum 5.5 Foot Bed Cover

Tyger Auto was founded by a group of experts who understood the needs of truck drivers and mechanics. From 18-wheelers to small pickups, Tyger sells OEM manufactured parts that meet or exceed DoT specifications. With a focus on affordable, quality gear and 100% satisfaction, Tyger makes a wide variety of truck bed covers and accessories.

The Tyger Auto Vinyl and Aluminum Bed Cover is designed for a 5.5-foot bed on 2014-2017 models. 6.5- and 8.5-foot bed covers are also available. The bed cover includes an LED light, weather seals, a utility track installation kit, and mounting hardware. The bed cover comes completely assembled, and the mounting hardware uses easily attached clamps to install in a few minutes. The cover does not lock, although it fits snugly and keeps moisture and sunlight out. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any tonneau at this price range, and the strong vinyl and aluminum construction makes this our best value pick!
The Roll-N-Lock Retractable Bed Cover is an innovative and durable choice, because it's practical and retractable. If you’re looking for a locking model, check out the Roll-N-Lock Locking Tonneau Cover!

Roll-N-Lock Retractable Vinyl and Aluminum F-150 Bed Cover

After over two decades of experience in retractable technology, engineers and leadership from Solaroll Shade and Shutter Corporation came together to create one of the most innovative tonneau designs of all time. While many bed covers can be heavy or hard to maneuver in different conditions, the retractable design patented by Roll-N-Lock makes storage a snap! Because of the adjustable length, its bed covers fit a variety of makes and models, and it has a large selection of retractable bed covers to choose from!

The Roll-N-Lock Retractable Bed Cover is designed for the F-150, but at 79” it will fit quite a few makes and models. The hybrid construction uses thick vinyl and aluminum for durability, weatherproofing, and strength. Without straps, lashings, or foldings, the M-Series is intuitive and easy to use. Because it's lightweight and efficient, the Roll-N-Lock is ideal for people who use their truck beds frequently for a wide variety of hauling or storage needs.
The EZRoll Soft Bed Cover is made with premium-quality materials for a reliable seal, easy setup, and convenient access. Looking for aluminum? Check out the Bestop EZ Fold Truck Cover!

Bestop EZRoll Soft Tonneau F150 Bed Cover

Bestop was created to make the best tops for Jeeps available in the aftermarket, and its quality engineering and service have earned an outstanding reputation in the automotive industry. Its success has helped it expand to new markets, and it makes a variety of bed covers with different designs for the most popular truck beds in the United States.

The EZRoll Soft Bed Cover is made with a tough vinyl-coated polyester with a leather grain finish. It's treated for UV radiation and mildew resistance, so it’s designed for any climate or weather. A simple hook and loop fastener secures the cover to your truck, and the included bed clamps attach without drilling. Bows are integrated into the fabric for easier rolling, and restraint straps secure an open bed for irregularly shaped cargo or large loads.
The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll is a dependable roll-up vinyl bed cover with a great price. Looking for a folding version? Check out the Tonno Pro Tri Fold Tonneau Cover!

Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno’s singular focus on bed covers lets it offer high-quality products without the overhead and pricing of larger companies. It manufactures and supports three lines of bed covers: hard fold, roll-up, and soft fold tonneaus that fit a huge selection of years, makes, and models.

The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll is a roll-up, soft vinyl design to fit a standard 6.6-foot short bed without a utility rack. It’s important to note that installation takes nearly thirty minutes, and requires a 17mm socket and ratchet. The double-sided tear-resistant vinyl has a 6063 black powder aluminum frame - a type of aluminum known for its lightness and strength. The patented front flap includes a SureSeal tailgate seal, and the Weather Tite technology is specially designed to keep moisture out. Vinyl cleaner, gloves, and an LED bed light are included, and Tonno provides accessories and parts online with its generous warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best F150 Truck Bed Cover?

Whether you use the bed of your pickup for hauling your shopping home or keeping your tools, you can always redefine its look and make it more stylish. With a nice truck bed cover, your truck will stand out from the rest and give you numerous advantages. With a truck bed cover, nature’s tantrums won’t be a problem anymore. Trust us, it even keeps sticky fingers off your stuff!

And by the way, if you’re the fun and adventurous type, there’s no limits on what you can do with your truck. We’ve also discovered that fuel will be the least of your concerns with a truck bed cover because it improves the efficiency of your vehicle. Awesome, right? Pair this with some great truck tires and your pockets will thank you.

When you go camping, you don’t have to rush to the nearest motel at the end of the day. Simply convert your truck bed into your camping site. Open up your truck bed cover to reveal your nice camping mattress and truck tent. You’ll be just as comfortable and safe as in your home because you won’t have to worry about the crawling animals. Safe above ground is the best place to be!
While picking a truck bed cover, keep in mind you’re getting exquisite appearance, security, and efficiency – all in one. We’ve found that, though there are cheap ones out there, paying for a high-quality truck bed cover is the best course of action to take.

The price of truck bed covers ranges from $200 to $1400. The difference lies in the uniqueness of the features it comes with. That’s why you benefit more when you spend extra on a retractable cover, something that doesn’t come with the very low-priced ones. The same goes for one with tailgate that offers extra security for your cargo.

We recommend you spend on something that will match the value you want. Try to avoid those dirt cheap truck bed covers you find. Instead, buy a more expensive one that’s worth the investment.
A great truck bed cover gives you looks, security, and efficiency in one package. However, that’s not all that makes them unique. Here are some other features to consider while shopping for one.
  • Material - Truck bed covers are made of vinyl and aluminum, which are strong and give your cover a soft feel
  • Remote Control - Some covers are remote controlled for your convenience
  • Security - Some have a tailgate lock that gives you extra security
  • Warranty - While most of these covers have a lifetime warranty, some are covered for three years
  • Installation - Most come with mounting hardware that make them easy to install
  • Compatibility - You can find covers that are retractable, making them compatible with different bed sizes
  • LED Light - Some truck cover beds come with LED lights that help you see in the dark
Construction and Design
Truck bed cover manufacturers keep you in mind when they set durability as a top priority. That’s why you’ll find most of these covers are made of vinyl and aluminum, making them tough enough to last long. As strong as they are, the material is soft to touch.

What about compatibility? No problem there! The retractability of some of these covers allows you to change the size to suit your needs. You can use it for more than just an F150 – They’ll fit on your other trucks as well. Flexibility like this is to die for.

The simplicity of a truck bed cover’s design means installation will be a breeze (and cheap). That’s why most of them come with a mounting hardware, eliminating any struggle. Just follow the simple steps and you’re done. Enjoying the tonneau experience is easy!
Performance and Ease of Use
Ease of use is the most crucial factor we consider while purchasing truck parts. That’s why we recommend you buy a tonneau that comes with a remote control so you don’t have to open it manually. Simply press a button and your cover welcomes you. Hey, it’s great showing off occasionally, too.

Finding an item in a packed bed at night can be hectic. Thanks to the advanced truck bed covers, this is a problem of the past. Now you can comfortably spot what you’re looking for because the LED light in some of these tonneaus has you covered.

It’s quite disappointing when you lose valuable items to a couple of thieves. With a top-quality truck bed cover that comes with tailgate locks, you don’t have to worry anymore. Your items will be safely secured. Going for a cover with this feature will save you from occasional cursing and frustrations. We know it’s spiritually unhealthy, and that’s why we dislike it as well.

No one likes re-spending money on the same item. That’s why we all value warranties! They save us the pain of spending more money on repairs. We’re sure you’ll be excited when you find out most of these covers have a lifetime warranty. Seriously, who hates lifetime warranty?

Get the Best F150 Truck Bed Cover of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found a bed cover you can depend on in the rain, shine, sleet, and snow. From the most flexible vinyl to the hardest aluminum, the best cover for your truck depends heavily on personal preference. Remember these companies are trusted vendors of tonneaus for multiple truck types and makes. If you didn’t find the exact match you were looking for, they have plenty of other options to choose from!

Our Top Choice
Rugged Liner F150 Hard Bed Cover
Best Value
Tyger Auto Vinyl and Aluminum Bed Cover
Roll-N-Lock Retractable Bed Cover
Bestop EZRoll Soft Bed Cover
Tonno Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover