Best Fabric Shaver Reviews 2022

Did you know that you don’t have to throw away your garments just because some ill-looking pills have formed on them? In the market are magical gadgets known as fabric shavers which, at the flick of a switch, give your clothes a like-new appearance. Since we at Top Products know how much you treasure your apparel, we have taken the liberty of compiling 5 amazing products from some of the best fabric shaver brands in the industry, which will not only take care of your garments but also your pockets.
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Our Top Choice
Philips Fabric Shaver
Philips is not a stranger to customers around the planet, for it has provided the world with groundbreaking innovations since 1891.
Quick rotation rate of up to 8800 rounds/minute ensures quick removal of pills. Has three mesh holes of different sizes which suck up pills of any dimension.
Lint cover needs some improvement since it may slide off when in use.
Strong velocity blade
4 x 3.3 x 6.8”; 6.9 ounces
8800 rounds/min
Battery powered
Best Value
Evercare Small Fabric Shaver
Evercare came into being when its founder, Nicholas McKay, invented a lint roller back in 1956 which gave fabric a like-new appearance.
Heavy duty motor with triple blade action that removes unseen fuzz on your fabric. Comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning of your appliance.
The shaver may overheat when left running for too long.
Triple blade action
2.5 x 4.9 x 7”; 1.6 ounces
8800 rounds/min
Battery powered
White with blue parts
Sunbeam Deluxe Fabric Shaver
For over 100 years, Sunbeam has been trusted by people around the globe to offer them with solutions to their everyday lives.
Motor driven rotating blade removes fuzz from your garment. Stainless steel shield to keep your blade safe.
May take quite some time to shave all the pills from your garment.
Powerful rotary blade
3 x 5 x 7.5”; 32 ounces
High-speed motor
White with grey parts
Conair Fabric Defuzzer
Founded in 1959, Conair is a leading manufacturer of beauty and grooming appliances as well as home care appliances.
It adjusts to accommodate various types of fabric. Has a detachable lint catcher that can be removed easily to empty the waste.
Requires constant emptying of the catcher to prevent jamming.
Comfortable grip handle
2.8 x 4 x 7.8”; 3.5 ounces
3-setting speed control
Battery powered
5 colors
Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver
Since 1937, Remington has helped men and women around the world get ready for any occasion by providing them with grooming products.
Precision T blades make your shave fast and easy. Detachable storage compartment for the shaven off pills.
A bit pricey due to its remarkable features.
Precision T-blade
2.1 x 2.2 x 5”; 3.2 ounces
2-setting speed control
Battery powered
Blue and white

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What is the Best Fabric Shaver?

The speed of the blade as well as the size of the shaving head is crucial in ensuring that you have a smooth removal of pills. Let’s delve further into many other pointers that will guarantee you the best fabric shaver the market has to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Philips Fabric Shaver has a large blade surface area which means you require fewer strokes to cover a large area. Not digging the blue color in this product? Then how about the Philips GC026\/30 Fabric Shaver that comes in a purple color?

Philips Strong Velocity Lint Remover/Fabric Shaver

Philips is a technology company that seeks to improve people’s lives every day by bringing them innovative products. Philips is a leader in the fields of cardiac care and home health care. Their energy-saving solutions contribute to ensuring a sustainable environment. The company’s male grooming appliances are loved by men around the world and dentists often endorse their oral healthcare products.

The Philips Fabric Shaver is a battery-powered lint remover that boasts of a large blade area that ensures you cover a large area when removing pills from your garment. In this way, fewer strokes are needed to remove the pills, saving you time and energy.

Here are some amazing features that come with the Philips Fabric Shaver:
  • It has 3 mesh holes of varying sizes
  • Includes 2 AA batteries from Philips
  • The blade rotates at a rate of 8800 rounds/min
  • Comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean the appliance
  • Has a removable pill container to store the shaved-off pills
  • The cap allows for height adjustment for more delicate fabrics
  • Its compact size allows you to carry it around as you travel or even for emergency fixes
  • It’s suitable for all types of garments including blankets or sweaters
Best Value
. The Evercare Small Fabric Shaver boasts of a safe trim system that cautiously removes pilings on your garment without damaging it. Do you prefer a larger fabric shaver with high-end features? Then we believe you will love the Evercare Fabric Shaver Large.

Evercare Small And Portable Fuzz Remover/Fabric Shaver

Evercare, formerly known as Helmac, provides lint rollers that help people meet their cleaning needs without too much hustle. Their range of products includes pet care solutions that help pick up pet hair in an easy manner. The company also provides laundry solutions that pick up extreme stains on your garments. Evercare is loved by customers around the globe for its simple yet effective products.

The Evercare Small Fabric Shaver is a tiny but impressive fabric shaver that boasts of a safe trim system that uses triple blade action to cautiously remove fuzz from your garment. With a soft purring sound, this fabric shaver moves around your garment with ease, removing fuzz in a remarkably short time.

What features can you expect once you buy this wonderful lint roller? Here they are:
  • Has a comfortable and firm grip handle
  • Boasts of a heavy duty motor for effective pill removal
  • Comes with a removable waste bin to easily pour the shaven pills
  • Included is a cleaning brush to maintain the motor
  • Requires 2 AA batteries that are bought separately
The cordless Sunbeam Deluxe Fabric Shaver sports a 2 ½ inch shaving head and a comfortable firm handle that gently shears pills from your fabric. Are you looking for a heated throw that comes with an auto-off feature? We believe that the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw in Royal Blue is a perfect choice.

Sunbeam Deluxe Motor Driven Clothes Shaver

Throughout generations, Sunbeam has offered people with practical solutions that enhance their daily lives. One of the brand’s hallmarks is its irons, which have won recognition for being reliable and efficient. Their Mixmaster kitchen appliance is loved worldwide and highly rated on review sites. When it comes to heating solutions, Sunbeam is not left behind since it offers a number of related products, including warming blankets, heating pads and humidifiers.

The Sunbeam Deluxe Fabric Shaver has a rotating blade that is driven using a motor to gently shave off any pills that your garment may have, leaving your fabric looking new.

Below are some features that accompany this deluxe appliance:
  • Has a firm handle that comfortably fits in your hand
  • Has a stainless steel shield that keeps your blade safe
  • Includes an UL-approved adapter
  • Can use a cord or operate cordlessly
  • Includes a cleaning brush to maintain the blade
  • Allows you to remove pills, fuzz as well as lint
  • Great for fabrics such as polyester and wool
  • Has a huge 2 ½ inch shaving head
The Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer has a 3-setting distance control that allows you to customize it to achieve your desired shave. Are you looking for a fabric steamer instead? Check out the Conair GS38 Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer that takes only 40 seconds to heat up.

Conair Clothes’ Defuzzer – Available in 5 Colors & 2 Styles

Conair is a leading manufacturer of salon appliances such as hair dryers, hair setters, curling irons and many more grooming appliances. It has also diversified into kitchen and home appliances such as irons and fabric steamers, and now runs a private label program to custom-brand products for retail store giants.

The Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer is a versatile product that comes with three settings to control distance, allowing you to ‘customize’ your shave.

Here are some features that come with this efficient fabric defuzzer:
  • Has an enormous shaving head of around 1 7/8 inches
  • Has a comfortable and firm handle
  • Comes with a detachable lint catcher to empty the waste
  • Made of durable hard plastic
  • Safely removes any fuzz or lint from your garment
  • Requires 2 AA batteries that are bought separately
  • It adjusts to accommodate different types of fabric
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty
This fabric shaver comes in either a battery operated style or a rechargeable style. It’s also available in 5 beautiful colors.
The Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver removes pills at the touch of a button, preserving your garments and helping the fabric look brand new. Do you prefer an older model of this product that has a compact size and allows you to travel with it? Then go for the Remington RTFS-1 Travel Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver instead!

Remington Battery Operated Fuzz Away Garment Shaver

Remington is focused on helping its customers get ready, go out and look good when they do so with a wide range of products such as personal care items for men and women, spare parts and health products. Remington is so customer focused, they offer tips on their page on how to get ready and look good anytime the customer steps out.

The Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver boasts of Precision Safe T blades which quickly and cautiously remove fuzz and pills from your garment regardless of the fabric. At the touch of a button, this defuzzer gets to work, leaving your garment looking brand new.

Here’s what you get once you buy this fabric shaver:
  • A removable storage compartment that holds the waste as you shave
  • Has a stylish sleek design that fits comfortably on your hand
  • Requires 2 AA batteries that are bought separately
  • Perfect for touch-ups that leave your garment fresh
  • Has a metal blade guard to keep your garment safe
  • It’s light in weight, making it easy to use

How Do I Choose the Best Fabric Shaver?

Doesn’t it hurt when your favorite tea cup falls and breaks into a thousand pieces? How about when you run over your son’s skateboard that was left lying carelessly on the driveway? It hurts, right? Now, let’s talk about something that makes your heart really ache every time you look at it—the pills on your pricey dress coat. Well, you can say goodbye to those pesky pills by gently removing them using a fabric shaver.

A fabric shaver transforms your favorite garment from old and drab looking to one that looks like it’s just been taken off the rack at the shop. Pills, lint and fuzz are an eyesore and make most people banish their favorite clothes to the farthest corner of their closets. A lint remover works in a similar way as a hair clipper by shaving off the pills as you gently run the machine on your fabric.

Fabric can be tricky to maintain, which is the reason why you should get the best fabric shaver that won’t leave your garment with holes. The speed of the shaver as well as the type of blade present is critical in determining the end result. A fabric shaver that comes with a removable compartment to store the shaved-off waste is favorable. This will prevent the pills from jamming your machine.

By investing in a fabric shaver, you will proudly step out wearing your old garments or sweaters looking brand-new and revived. If you get a battery-operated model, don’t forget to check out our review on best AAA batteries. Trust us – they will prove to come in handy!
Fabric shavers are fairly inexpensive; with as low as $10, you can get a quality lint remover that will get rid of all types of pills including the stubborn ones. The more expensive ones cost around $35 since they have advanced blade technology as well as powerful motors to drive them. You may also have to buy batteries separately in case they are not included in the package.

Some of your fabrics may have cost you a fortune, which is why you should stay away from cheap fabric shavers. These mightend up poking holes in your garment or even tearing it completely. Such shavers are also hectic and time consuming to use since the pills may end up jamming the blade.
So exactly what should you look out for when purchasing a fabric shaver? Here are some features we thought important for you to have in mind:
  • Design - Most of the fabric shavers have blades operated by a motor. For ease of use they also have a handle which gives you a good grip as you shave.
  • Speed - A fabric shaver with a high rotation blade rate is ideal since it makes the lint removal fast and easy.
  • Size - What is the size of the shaving head? A lightweight lint remover with a large shaving head makes your work much easier.
  • Power - Is it battery charged or electric? Does it come with a cord or is the machine cordless?
  • Waste removal - The majority of the fabric shavers come with a removable compartment that stores the shaven off pill.
Construction and Design
Most fabric shavers are designed with a rotating blade that applies a shaving technique similar to the device used to buzz someone’s hair. The size of the shaving head may vary, with some being as large as 2 ½ inches which makes removing the pills fast and easy. To keep the blade safe as you shave, some products may have a safety shield covering the blade area. The shavers also have a comfortable handle with a firm grip which allows you to leisurely remove lint and fuzz from your garments.

Fabric shavers have mesh holes to release the shaven pills, and some advanced ones have varying mesh hole sizes which enable you to remove stubborn pills from delicate fabrics. So where do the pills fall once they’re shaven? Well, the majority of shavers come with a removable compartment to hold the shaven pills. Depending on the size of the shaver, some of the compartments may require constant emptying to prevent the pills from jamming the blade.

Fabric shavers are powered using batteries or electricity. You may find that the batteries are included in the package but in the event that they are not, you may easily purchase them. The shaver can have a cord which you plug into your power source. In case you need to regularly use your shaver as you travel, you may opt for a cordless lint remover.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your fabric shaver depends on the speed of the blade in that the faster its rotation rate, the more efficient the device will be. Fabric shavers are easy to use and often come with a manual that guides you on what fabrics the lint remover can handle. It’s important to pay attention to the instructions; you don’t want to ruin your precious garment, do you?

You may find that a cleaning brush is included in the package which you use to clean the blade. Regularly removing jammed pills from the blade allows your shaver to work better. Some shavers allow you to adjust the height for the blade in order to accommodate more delicate fabrics. All in all, a fabric shaver is a must-have since it transforms your garments into looking brand new in a short period of time.

Get the Best Fabric Shaver of 2022!

Now that you have made it to the end of this worthy review, we believe that you are set to go out and get the best fabric shaver for your garments. Better yet, it’s our hope that you have zeroed in on a fabric shaver featured in this review which will transform your garments. If not, these expert brands have various other designs of fabric shavers that will not disappoint you!

Our Top Choice
Philips Fabric Shaver
Best Value
Evercare Small Fabric Shaver
Sunbeam Deluxe Fabric Shaver
Conair Fabric Defuzzer
Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver