Best Face Painting Kit Reviews 2023

Numerous types and brands of face painting kits abound in the market today due to their popularity amongst kids. Thus, choosing the best face painting kit can be quite challenging. We’ve taken out time, as usual, to investigate many brands and bring to you the top 5 brands which we’re sure have everything it takes to make great face painting designs. One face painting kit from each of the 5 brands was reviewed, but you should also note that the featured brands have other great face painting kits apart from the reviewed ones.
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Our Top Choice
Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack
Snazaroo helps you paint a smile with great face painting products, easy-to-follow fun guides with inspirational themes and face painting ideas.
Its water-base nature makes it easy to put on and wash off with minimum effort and its made in the UK with FDA compliant ingredients safe for all skin types.
The pink and purple colors are too translucent.
3 pieces
12 colors
7.9x1.3x10.6 inches; 0.15 pound
Best Value
Create A Face Face Paint Kit
Create A Face, since its inception, has lived up to its name by helping numerous children and their parents to create different faces.
Its hypoallergenic colors are safe to apply on all skin types and sensitive skins and the e-book contains 18 face paint designs for great, fun design ideas.
The instruction to add a little bit of water to the paint before applying was omitted in the guide.
6 pieces
12 colors
7.8x1.1x6.1 inches; 0.24 pound
Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids
Blue Squid manufactures one of the best and hottest selling cosmetic grade paint kits in the market. Its products are carefully produced with non-toxic and FDA compliant materials.
Its vibrant colors come in 10 millimeter pots which give more value for money and the plastic case is strong and reusable as the color pots are removable.
The white color seems to require more layering before a good coverage is obtained.
5 pieces
12 colors
8.7x4.1x0.8 inches; 0.63 pound
Paraben free
Bo Buggles Original Buggly Face Paint Kit
Bo Buggles Company manufactures water-based face painting kits that are lead and paraben-free, FDA approved, non-toxic and safe to use on different skin types.
Its silver and gold glitters add more sparkle and fun to the face designs and the paraben and lead-free makeup ensures safe usage on sensitive skins.
Paint can be difficult to wash off.
4 pieces
9 colors
7.8x0.9x6.1 inches; 0.21 pound
Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint
Dress Up America has a great collection of superior Halloween and fancy dress costumes for all occasions for toddlers, boys, girls, teens, men and women.
Its 12 vivid colors are in crayon form that is easy to use and its big enough to comfortably paint a good number of faces.
On the other hand, the crayons may be too soft and easily broken.
2 pieces
12 colors
11.8x1.6x7.9 inches; 0.15 pound

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What is the Best Face Painting Kit?

Despite the various types of face painting kits available, our review covers a good number of features possessed by most face painting kits. So, having read our buying guide, we assume that you’re now well informed to make a careful selection of the best face painting kit. Let’s go on to our product review section now…
Our Top Choice
The Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack is great for any occasion as it comes with 12 vibrant colors and accessories. Looking for a face painting starter kit for beginners? Then you might like the Snazaroo Face Paint Mini Starter Kit.

Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack – Available in 2 Different Sets


Snazaroo provides whatever it is that’s needed to paint a smile on the face. A fun world of color and inspiration, it’s seen as the “world’s favorite face paint” maker by parents and children as it celebrates childhood by providing tools of fun transformation into anything you can imagine; from a sassy princess to a swash buckling pirate or any animal of your choice. Its products are manufactured to high standard and safety measures to give a lasting face painting experience for your kid without any form of health hazard.

The Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack is a great face painting kit for any occasion, with its 12 vibrant colors and accessories. It’s manufactured in the UK with ingredients fully compliant with FDA regulations and has a paraben-free and skin friendly formulation that’s well suited to most skin types. The colors are easy to apply, dries quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the face. It’s water based which makes it easy to wash off with just warm water and soap - no scrubbing required!

Here are some other face painting kits from Snazaroo that you might like:

  • Snazaroo Adventure Face Paint Kit contains 8 vibrant colors of 2ml each, a guide to help you create pirate, animal and superhero characters and one sponge applicator
  • Snazaroo Halloween Face Paint Kit is specially crafted for Halloween parties with 8 spooky colors and a guide to help you design spooky little vampires, monsters and witches using the kit’s sponge and brush applicators
  • The Snazaroo Professional Face Painters Kit contains everything a professional face painter will need for a face painting job of up to 1,500 faces, for a wide variety of different occasions
  • Snazaroo Face Paint Palette is an extra-large paint palette containing 8 vibrant colors in 18 millimeter removable individual pots; it can be used by both professionals and novices to create pirates, princesses, animals and other character designs in a reusable palette tray
  • Snazaroo Small Face Paint Gift Box is the perfect gift set in a pink jewelry box for girls. It features 12 vivid color tones in 1ml removal pots, white and black colors in 2 millimeter pots, 4 different colored crayons, sponges, brushes, 2 sheets of girls’ stencils and a step-by-step design guide
Best Value
The Create A Face Face Paint Kit has hypoallergenic colors, 32 popular stencils, enough paint for 50-80 face designs in vibrant colors and a money back guarantee. For the black tie edition of this kit, see the Create-A-Face Face Painting Set & Stencils, which comes with 47 pieces, including brushes, glitter, applicators, and much more!

Create A Face FDA Compliant Non-Toxic Face Paint Kit with 32 Stencils


There are few companies that can rival Create A Face in the creation of healthy and lasting face paints for kids. Founded with the singular purpose to make playtime more fun for kids and to do so in the most healthy manner, Create A Face has continued to create many happy faces since its inception. With Create A Face brand of face painting kits, your child can now wear the face of his or favorite superhero or animal in style.

The Create A Face Paint Kit is a great choice when it comes to stylish, colorful and fun face paints and transformations. It features a wide array of non-toxic colors to achieve that particular whimsical character you wish to portray with professional perfection.
Here are more of its notable features:

  • Made from completely safe, paraben and fragrance-free ingredients that go with all skin types. It’s hypoallergenic and laboratory-tested to ensure compliance with FDA standards
  • The paint content is enough to design a good number of faces, between 50 to 80, depending on how much paint you use and the designs you choose for each face
  • Easily blending colors that give you limitless opportunity to custom create your own palette from the base colors according to your needs
  • The colors are all water based, go on smoothly like oil based paints and dry real fast to give a natural feel without any form of heaviness or caking for hours of fun
  • As easy as it is to put on, it’s also super easy to remove with just water and soft sponge or baby wipes
  • Fully loaded with 32 popular demand stencils, 8 vivid colors, a two-sided application pad, 2 bottles of glitter gel, 2 brushes and 2 sponges
  • A complimentary e-book containing 18 face paint designs so you don’t run out of design ideas again
  • A full money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase
The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids 12 Color contains 11 vibrant colors, 3 long handled brushes, and a video guide with face painting ideas. If you need more color variety with 4 sponges and 2 glitter gels, check the Blue Squid Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack, which is a water-based body painting kit that comes with 14 colors.

Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids with 12 Colors & BONUS Glitter Gel, 3 Brushes, Stencils & Online Tutorial


Blue Squid manufactures one of the best and hottest selling cosmetic grade paint kits in the market. Its range of products are carefully produced with safe, non-toxic, FDA compliant food grade pigments and other materials and can be used by both professional face painters and beginners alike to create amazing face designs. Its products are mild and gentle on all skin types and can be used for children as young as 3 years old.

The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids 12 Color is a professional and cosmetic-grade painting kit that can be used by both professionals and novices. It comes in a sturdy and completely reusable plastic carry all case that can be used for other purposes.
The features of this paint kit include:

  • 11 bright and vibrant base colors in the palette that’s as good as painting with a rainbow plus a glitter gel
  • Unlike other products in its category, each color is contained in a 10 millimeter removal pot with enough quantity to paint hundreds of faces, giving you more value for your money
  • The kit is completely outfitted with 3 long handled brushes – one thick brush for broad and maximum coverage application, one fine brush for drawing outlines and one ultra-fine brush for applying the tiniest details to your work and also stencils to get you painting in no time
  • Made from non-toxic, paraben and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic cosmetic-grade pigments that are FDA-compliant and laboratory-tested to ensure suitability for all skin types and sensitive skins
  • Water-based paints that are easy to apply, dries in seconds and also easy to take off with just a wet, soapy washcloth or baby wipes
  • Comes with a step-by-step video guide with many child face painting ideas to help you concoct different and imaginative face designs that’ll have the kids giggling and having fun in minutes
  • A worry-free, lifetime, no questions asked money back guarantee to assure of highest quality product
The Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit, featuring 30 larger stencils, a silver glitter and a gold glitter and vivid, non-smearing colors, is truly top of the line. Do you need a larger kit? See the Super Buggly Face Paint Kit, which has 50 stencils, 14 paints, and 2 glitter gels.

Bo Buggles Original Buggly Kit Face Paint Kit with 30 Stencils, 9 Paints, 2 Glitters, 2 Brushes & 2 Sponges


Bo Buggles Company manufactures water-based face and body painting kits that are lead and paraben-free, FDA approved, non-toxic and safe to use on different skin types. Its products are great for children’s birthday or theme parties and also for Halloween. With the attention Bo Buggles pays to the health of the kids that use its face paints, every parent can trust that his or her kid is safe with these face paints.

The Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit is a top notch, easily applied water-based, professional grade painting kit for party pack kit for the most amazing and fun face painting experience for kids. Its colors are vibrant and non-smearing, with up to 4 grams of each paint in the palette to give you greater quantities. It comes with 30 stencil sheets which are bigger, flexible, reusable and adhesive and follows the contours of the face for a professional paint design, a pot each of silver and gold sparkly glitters, 2 brushes and 2 sponges for smooth applications. Above all, the paints are safe, non-toxic, paraben and lead-free and FDA approved and can be used on all skin types and even on sensitive skins. Its 100% money back guarantee adds to its appeal as a product you can rely on.
Here’s another face painting kit from Bo Buggles that might interest you:

  • The Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit + 50 Stencils By Bo Buggles Professional is a professional kit of top quality featuring twelve 10 millimeter extra-large paint colors in removable pots, 4 glitter colors, brushes and 50 assorted stencils for easy face painting designs and applications.
The Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint features 12 bright colors in crayon form, easy to apply, long lasting and comes off easily, safe for all skin types. For a face paint crayon with more colors, check out the Dress Up America Fun Stix Face Paint Mega Pack, which has 32 vibrant colors in non-toxic face and body crayons.

Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons


Dress Up America has a lovely collection of superior Halloween and fancy dress costumes for all occasions for infants, boys, girls, teens, men and women. Its costumes are top quality, realistic and durable with designs ranging from costumes for all holidays to full and charming animal mascots and costumes used for any type of gig, dress up party or drama productions. Its products are expertly crafted by personnel skilled and knowledgeable in the garment world and sold at competitive prices that are hard to beat.

The Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint is an amazingly budget friendly and top selling face painting set used by professionals and beginners. It features 12 vibrant crayon-style color sticks that’s easy to put on and easy to wash off. It comes with a hard plastic storage case for convenience and is safe and non-toxic for use on all skin types. It’s a better option to use for drawing on wiggly or autistic kids’ faces instead of the more common creamy face paints. The crayon size is about 2.25 inches and paints a good number of faces.
Here’s another face paint kit from Dress Up America that you may like:

  • The Dress Up America Face Paint 6 Color Crayon - Color Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack that features an easy to use 6-color crayon sticks made up of vibrant and bright colors including yellow, red, blue, green, white and black which comes at an unbeatable price.

How Do I Choose the Best Face Painting Kit?

Kids love to play and these days there are many ways to add more fun to their play time. While getting a tablet or a bicycle for kids to learn and play with surely makes for great fun for children, face painting has become the new fad. Face painting is now a booming art and an integral part of most parties, and not only children’s parties, but also dress up or costume parties, Halloween, and more. It’s a favorite part of every party to have the faces of kids transformed, almost magically, into their most imaginative and whimsical characters, animals and superheroes. Kids have keen and vivid imaginations and face painting is one of the easiest ways by which their imaginations are brought to life.

If you’re looking to spice up your kid’s birthday party or even an adult party, you might want to engage the services of a professional face painter or even get the face painting kit and do the face designs yourself. You can also have an amazing theme party where a face painting kit is used to draw the party themes unto faces. Using a face painting kit is easy. If you just want to have some fun paint time with your kids, you need not worry yourself as most kits come with video guide tutorials and stencils to get you whipping up some fantastic face designs in no time which your kids will totally love.

Having realized some of the reasons you might want to get a great face painting kit, you may want know a few things about the features and components that make a great face painting kit. Some of these features include the type, size/quantity, paints, pieces and the cost. Our product review looks at these features in great detail, so we urge you to read on and then make an informed choice.


Whatever item you wish to buy, taking into consideration the price and then your budget is a great way to start. For most products in the market, their prices are always a function of the type of features they come with. This means that the more features, the higher the price, although a highly priced product doesn’t necessarily translate to a high quality product, and vice versa. The main thing here is to find a product that best suits your budget range and which would deliver the best results to you.

The price of face painting kits covered in our review ranges from $8.99 to $44.99, which is a reasonable and affordable range for top-notch products and brands such as the ones we included in our review. During our research, we came across many cheap face painting kits, but we figured you’d want only the best and, since those didn’t meet up with our quality check, we decided to ignore them.


There are some features that you may want to consider carefully if you want to have a great face painting experience.
These features include:

  • Type of face painting kit (water-based paint or crayon)
  • Size or quantity
  • Number of Pieces
  • Paints
  • Types of brushes included
  • Extra features
Construction and Design

Face painting kits are classified into two types – the paint and the crayon types. The paint type is the more common out of the two, with its colors contained in small color pots in a creamy form, most often requiring you to add just a tiny bit of water before you can start applying the paint. The crayon type comes ready to use in a crayon form which is easy to use without using additional applicators. The paint type gives more versatility in terms of customizing and blending colors so you might want to consider the type that’ll be most suitable to the main purpose of purchase.

Face painting kits are often accompanied by accessories such as brushes, pads, sponges, stencils and painting guides. Brushes, pads and sponges are the applicators and are used to apply the paints to the face and to draw the different designs. A brush can be either thick, fine or ultra-fine and each has a specific function and use in the face design work. Stencils are pre-designed shape outlines that can be used by both professionals and novices to easily draw in shapes of objects or characters on the face. The painting guides are almost always a bonus addition to any face painting kit. It usually contains ideas for great face painting designs so you can easily have your pick and easily draw it on a face in just a little time.

Different face painting kits come loaded with different color schemes. A great face painting kit should have a good array of bright colors, a few spooky colors for stuff like Halloween designs and of course, the silver glitter that gives that special, sparkly and fun touch to the designs. Some brands, in addition to the silver glitter, also have a gold glitter which adds more class and panache to your face designs. These colors come in different quantities and depending on what you want to use it for, or how often you’ll be using it, you might want to take a closer look at the quantity of the paints.

Performance and Ease of Use

Face painting kits are, for the most part, easy to use, since they don’t require any special skills or knowledge and can be used by anyone who is ready to have fun. The stencil that comes with the kit makes the task a whole lot easier, just stick the desired shape unto the face, draw in the details with your paint and presto! You have your perfect face design created in no time at all.

Most face painting kits come with a step-by-step e-book or video guide that often contain several face painting designs with instructions on how to draw them or create your own design. This guide is helpful especially for beginners who just want to be able to paint their little ones’ faces for home plays or parties.

Some brands have their colors contained in small covered pots that are removable from the main plastic casing. This makes it easy to move individual colors about, especially in situations where there is more than one user. In such cases, you might want to share the colors so each painter can comfortably design at a different location and then swap the colors if need be. Also this feature means that you can reuse the plastic case for any other purpose if you wish.The base colors in the face painting kits can be mixed together to give customized color shades and tones to suit whatever face painting project you are working on.

Almost all face painting kits have water-based paints. This makes it easy to apply and to remove with just a soapy wet sponge. It also reduces the risk of any allergic skin reaction that may arise due to oils and thus increases the kit’s suitability for different skin types. A good face paint should be paraben and fragrance-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. A few brands use cosmetic grade pigments for increased quality and safety for their products, like one of the products featured in our review. You might also want to check if the product has a money back guarantee on it, as this is also a measure of the manufacturer’s level of trust in its product.

Get the Best Face Painting Kit of 2023!

Having gone through our product review and armed with relevant knowledge, you should be better placed to make your choice. So, go on and place that order now.

Our Top Choice
Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack
Best Value
Create A Face Face Paint Kit
Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids
Bo Buggles Original Buggly Face Paint Kit
Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint