Best Fajita Pan Reviews 2023

Fajitas are a colorful combination of American Southwest and Mexican cuisines. They're made from beltlike strips of chicken steak topped with different types of vegetables. Since they're generally served sizzling in a skillet and soaked in their own juices, the presentation of this Tex-Mex classic is yet another reason they are considered mainstream fare in several upscale and fast-food restaurants. Now you can make the same fajitas right at home with a fajita pan. These specially designed skillet sets are hot items these days, so there are several different options to choose from. But we’ve done the homework, and now we can bring you the info on five of the best fajita pan sets out there.
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Our Top Choice
Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set with Mitt
Lodge has been in the cast iron business since 1931, and its product range includes vast iron griddles and camp ovens.
Weighs 3.8 pounds. Chili pepper patterned handle mitt to protect your hands.
Wooden base is an odd color.
Pre-seasoned griddle surface
15.6” x 9.3” x 1.9”/3.8 lbs
Cast iron, hardwood trivet
Handle mitts
Hand wash with warm water
Best Value
Tramontina Fajita Pan Set
Tramontina was founded in Brazil in 1911. It's a top player in kitchenware and has a footprint in over 120 countries.
Includes two fajita pans, two hardwood trivets and two handle mitts. Pans are heat-resistant to 450°F.
Wood of the trivets could be sturdier.
Heat retention/450F resistance
13.9” x 9.3” x 4.6”/8.1 lbs set
Cast iron, wooden trivet
2 handle mitts
Hand wash for longevity
Cuisinart Pre-Seasoned Grilled Fajita Set
Cuisinart truly needs no introduction. It is perhaps the biggest designer and manufacturer of home and kitchen products in the world.
Comes with skillet, serving tray and handle holder. Pre-seasoned for easy maintenance.
Slits in pan means the juices run out
Heat retention/500F resistance
17.3” x 2.6” x 10.2”/6.2lbs
Cast iron with birch wood base
Handle holder
Hand wash only
Mr. Bar-B-Q Ribbed Fajita Platter Set
Mr. Bar-B-Q is one of the world’s most innovative leaders in barbeque accessories. Its catalog has everything a backyard grilling connoisseur needs.
Cast iron skillet and wooden trivet. Handle holder to prevent burns. Ribbed design skillet surface with side indents. Five-year warranty.
Not factory preseasoned, but that can be done by using the fajita pan often.
Pouring lip/ ribbed surface
2.3" x 8" x 15.9"/4 lbs
Cast iron with wood base
Handle holder
Hand wash only
Grillmark Cast Iron Grill Fajita Set owns several prestigious brands, including Grillmark, Broilmaster and Charbroil. It's been in business for the past 40 years.
Includes skillet, hardwood trivet, and cotton handle glove. Ribbed surface. Lips to drain excess grease and fat.
Trivet is not of the best quality.
Pouring lip/ ribbed surface
8” x 2.1" x 17.8”/3.6lbs
Cast iron with hardwood base
Cotton handle holder
Hand wash only

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What is the Best Fajita Pan?

There are few everyday dishes as fabulous as fajitas. Make them properly, and the payoff is big! Cooking them is easy, as long as you connect your ingredients with the right equipment: the fajita pan. Now that you’ve read our fajita pan buying guide, you should have the insight to select the best one from among our top five picks.
Our Top Choice
The Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set weighs just 3.8 pounds. The cast iron surface offers better performance compared to other metals. If you’re going to be cooking sizzling hot fajitas, try the Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder. This skillet handle holder boasts high heat resistance of up to 450° F, offers a comfortable grip, and is dishwasher safe.

Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set with Chilli Pepper Design Handle Mitt

Lodge is one of the most esteemed names in cast iron cooking items. It not only makes great cast iron products, such as deep skillets and Dutch ovens, but also designs and manufactures seasoned carbon steel skillets, elegant pieces of stoneware, and indoor and outdoor accessories.

The Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set is made from seasoned cast iron, and offers optimal heat flow compared to other materials. This 10-inch fajita skillet is compatible with all ovens, stovetops and grills. It's made in the USA, and comes with a red-stain wooden base to launch the griddle. It also includes a mitt to protect your hands from sizzling temperatures. Although this skillet comes pre-seasoned, it is recommended that you coat it with oil or spray for great results. For maintenance, simply hand wash using warm water, and its ready to cook up another round of juicy and succulent fajitas.
Best Value
The Tramontina Fajita Pan Set comes with six pieces: two 10-inch cast iron fajita pans, two 12-inch hardwood trivets, and two handle mitts. For extra safety while cooking, get the Tramontina Pro Line Stainless Steel Food Tongs. This four-pair set of tongs comes in two different sizes, making them a handy tool to cook several different types of foods.

Tramontina Fajita Pan Set with 2- 12” Hardwood Trivets and 2 Handle Mitts

Tramontina started as a household name in kitchen and home appliances in Brazil, but today it has a presence in over 120 countries. What truly sets it apart is its mission to design products that greatly improve people’s lives, and it is perhaps this endeavor that has resulted in its massive product lineup of over 18,000 items.

The Tramontina Fajita Pan Set comes with two superior quality 10-inch cast iron pans, two 12-inch hardwood trivets and two cotton made handle mitts. Each pan can handle a heat temperature of 450°F (232°C), so you'll get sizzling hot fajitas each time. If you’re looking to cook mouthwatering Mexican-style fajitas for everyday meals and parties, this fajita pan set is what you should buy.
The Cuisinart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grilled Fajita Set comes with a skillet, a wooden serving tray and a 100% cotton handle holder. If you’re going to handling a hot pan of this size, get the Cuisinart Oven Mitt with Non-Slip Silicone Grip. It is both waterproof and heat-proof up to 500° F.

Cuisinart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grilled Fajita Set with Wooden Serving Tray and Handle Holder

Cuisinart is owned by the Conair Corporation and opened in 1971. This American brand of home appliances started out with the Mini-Mate chopper/grinder, but today it has several product lines. These include rice cookers, slow cookers, countertop blenders, food processors and hand mixers.

If you’re looking to impress your family and friends with authentic, tantalizing fajitas, the Cuisinart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grilled Fajita Set will do the trick. It comes with a preseasoned cast iron pan that retains heat from open flames. This helps the meats and vegetables absorb the flavor while removing excess grease and fats for healthier yet still tasty fajitas. The large 10-inch skillet is easy to maintain, and features a cotton handle holder to prevent your hands from burning when you move it to the included high-quality birchwood tray.
The Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set includes a cast iron skillet and high-quality wooden trivet, and is backed by a five-year warranty. You need a pair of tongs to cook fajitas, so invest in the Mr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set. It comes with tongs, a fork and a slotted spatula.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set

Mr. Bar-B-Q opened in 1972, and is now one of the biggest names in grilling. It provides a massive range of items designed for the enthusiastic backyard griller, from deluxe brushes and tool sets to accessories such as stone pizza sets. Today, Mr. Bar-B-Q's expansive product lineup includes over 400 products that are suitable for use on charcoal, gas or electric grills.

The Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Ribbed Fajita Platter Set comes with most things you need to get started with cooking terrific fajitas, including a robust built cast iron skillet, a lacquered wooden trivet, and a protective holder for the handle. The fajita pan features a ribbed design surface for well cooked meals, and there's a lip on each side to pour out any excess grease. The handle is fitted with a holder to help keep you from burning your hands in the midst of the excitement that can come about when cooking with Tex-Mex flair. It is even backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty, so you can be assured of long service life.
The Grillmark Cast Iron Grill Fajita Set includes a cast iron 7" x 9" skillet, a hardwood trivet, and a cotton handle glove to help prevent burns. If you don’t have a pair of tongs, consider the Grillmark Grilling Combo Basket Set as a great addition to your home kitchen. It comes with a pair of stainless steel tongs, a rectangular roasting basket and a round grilling basket.

Grillmark Cast Iron Grill Fajita Set with 7" x 9" Skillet, Wooden Trivet and Handle Cover

Grillmark is a leading name in the grilling and outdoor cooking arena. It has a large portfolio that includes tongs, burger presses, steak grill presses, igniters and grill knob controls.

The Grillmark Cast Iron Grill Fajita Set is a great choice if you’re looking to cook tantalizing fajitas and other items on the grill. It includes a heavy-duty 7” x 9” cast iron skillet, a durable hardwood trivet to serve your sizzling fajitas, and even a handle cover made of cotton to protect your hands. The surface of the fajita pan has a ribbed surface, while its sides have a lip each so you can pour out excess grease and fat easily. If you’re looking for a fajita pan set that will help you cook the best fajitas on the block and possibly be a reason for uninvited guests, this Grillmark fajita pan set is worth a second look.

How Do I Choose the Best Fajita Pan?

Tex-Mex cuisine is terrific, but it is also often high in calories, and in saturated fat from ingredients such as cream and sour cream. Fajitas, however, can be an exception. You can make them healthier at home by making the sauce from scratch in a decently sized mixing bowl, then sautéing your vegetables and your choice of meats using a great pair of tongs in a fajita skillet over low heat on your gas stovetop. Since the skillet is where all the magic happens, you should choose the right fajita pan set to wow your audience. As easy as this may seem, it can also be tricky, but read on to learn more on what to look for in the best one.
Shopping for the best skillets can be confusing. Cheap fajita pan sets start at roughly $15, but only buy them if you can handle disappointment both in quality of the food cooked and longevity of the appliance. The price of a fajita pan will depend mostly on the material the pan is made with. For example, copper skillets are great are conducting heat and look pretty as well, but generally cost upwards of $1000 and are used by pro chefs.

Aluminum options typically occupy the lower part of the price table. Most come coated with Teflon, which is great for keeping your food from sticking, but can peel and flake off over time. Cast iron is the most popular option, and offers the best of both worlds: heat resistance and durability at highly affordable prices. Most fajita pans also come with a wooden serving tray, and a pair of mitts or handle holder. This is a cost-efficient option compared to buying these items separately. You can expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $50 for a fajita pan that will surely impress you and your guests.
Though the concept of making fajitas is the same regardless of equipment, the pan you use can make a world of difference. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best fajita pan set:
  • Material – Two common options are aluminum and cast iron
  • Size – Most fajita pans won’t provide you with the cooking space you need to fry a big fish, but will have enough space to grill 10 ounces of skirt steak or chicken breast
  • Shape – These pans are generally or should be oval with some round designs available as well
  • Wooden Base – Also known as a trivet, this provides optimal support for the fajita pan and is generally made from birch or other high-quality wood
  • Heat Resistance – Cast iron can resist heat better than other materials. Iron pans can sometimes endure heat as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Protection Against Heat – Cast iron specifically offers even heat distribution, so look for fajita pan sets that come with a pair of mitts or handle holder
  • Maintenance – Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, but most fajita pans are hand wash only
  • Warranty – It's great if one is available, but with proper care, a fajita pan should last you for years to come
Construction and Design
Most of the best fajita pans are made from cast iron, because it offers even distribution on low, medium and high heats and superior service life (with the right care of course). They usually have an ovalish shape, with a flat bottom for direct contact with the food. These pans arrive factory-seasoned to prevent them from rusting, and to keep food from sticking to the surface. This preseason is not permanent, but you will continue to enjoy rust-free and non-stick patina as long as you use the fajita pan regularly (another great reason to make them). Maintain it with the right techniques, such as rubbing olive oil all over the surface prior to cooking. The trivet that comes with most fajita pans is generally made from wood, and is used to place the hot skillet on at the time of serving. Hardwood trivets are stylish, make beautiful additions to your dining table and kitchen, and are easy to maintain by wiping them clean.
Performance and Ease of Use
A cast iron fajita pan will not rust, chip or crack easily, unless, of course, you use it as a baseball bat! Since most come preseasoned, you can start creating delicious fajitas right out of the box. It goes without saying that the more you season a pan, the more non-stick it will be. Avoid washing your fajita pan with soap, in order to maintain its seasoning. Is it okay to use metal utensils with your cast iron pan? Yes! The seasoning doesn’t just stick to the surface like tape; it chemically bonds with the metal over time, making the pan highly resilient. You may notice some scaling if you do not re-season it by using it often, which we doubt will be the case once you indulge in your homemade, healthy fajitas.

Get the Best Fajita Pan of 2023!

We’ve provided you with premium fajita pan buying advice along with reviews of some of the best ones available. Now you can go find the fajita pan for you!

Our Top Choice
Lodge Cast Iron Fajita Set with Mitt
Best Value
Tramontina Fajita Pan Set
Cuisinart Pre-Seasoned Grilled Fajita Set
Mr. Bar-B-Q Ribbed Fajita Platter Set
Grillmark Cast Iron Grill Fajita Set