Best Family Board Game Reviews 2022

We know how stressful trying to find classic family board games can be, what with the thousands of options out there in the market. This is the reason we’ve come up with a list of five top family board games, from some of the best board game brands there are. We carefully selected these brands to relieve you of the stress of surfing through so many options. All you need to do now is peruse this review and you’ll be fine. Just in case you don’t like any of the games we featured, feel free to check out other family board games from our featured brands.
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Play Time
Our Top Choice
Winning Moves Games Monopoly
Winning Moves USA, also known as WMUSA, is one of the foremost producers of card and board games, with a focus on the classic and retro to give you that throwback feeling.
Learn some important life skills. Have fun while playing it. Can be played by at least two people and at most eight people. Comes with the authentic rules of the game.
The board is folded in half and, while it makes for better quality, it could be quite bulky.
Finance education
Make money
8 years and up
2 to 8
1 hour +
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game
For over 25 years, Melissa & Doug has been dedicated to the production of toys that encourage kids to be, to explore their environment and to play too.
Hone your strategic thinking and logic skills. Improve your hand-eye coordination. It’s more about teamwork than competition. Enjoy building something as a family.
The wire pieces might poke through the package.
Hanging balance
Maintain balance
5 years and up
1 to 4
30 minutes +
Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game
With over a hundred different games in the market, Z-man Games gives you an eclectic array of options to satiate every hunger for game.
Get the hang of doing a fantastic job even under pressure. No winner and loser; you either win together or lose together. Bask in the euphoria of saving the world.
Kids who are not yet teens might not be able to share in the experience.
Save the world
8 years and up
2 to 4
60 minutes
PlayMonster 5 Second Rule
With play as the primary aim of PlayMonster, you get products that not only help kids play, but also help you let out that inner child and just play, irrespective of how old you are.
Comes with a fun timer that makes a zooop sound. Countdown isn’t quite so ominous. It should be fun whether you know the answers or not. Enough questions to go around.
Some adults might get a tad embarrassed if they don’t know what they should know.
Answer questions
10 years and up
3 or more
30 minutes +
Hasbro Chutes and Ladders Game
Hasbro is a brand committed to its craft, which is the manufacture and provision of play and entertainment media. It promises to create the ‘World’s Best Play Experiences.’
Instructions are written in English and Spanish. A fun and engaging way to help kids learn consequences. Teaches kids the importance of taking turns.
While this game is for young children, it can take a long time to play.
; Board with pieces
Race to the end
3 years and up
2 to 4
30 minutes +

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What is the Best Family Board Game?

Playing board games is a great way for the whole family to get together and have some fun, but getting one for your family is not as easy as all that. Actually, it is now, with all the information we’ve put forward in this review. Go ahead and pick the right one.
Our Top Choice
In this brain-tasking game, Winning Moves Games Monopoly, you have to own as much property as you can, buy out other people and sell some of yours if need be. Don’t forget to obey all the laws or risk going to jail! If you like this game enough to spend $1000, we recommend you check out Monopoly The Mega Edition.

Winning Moves Games Monopoly Classic Edition

1995 is the year that Winning Moves USA (WMUSA) came into existence and, from that time, Winning Moves has not looked back nor gone back on its promise to provide some of the very best in games. Winning Moves’ line of products embraces board games, card games and even puzzles, and everything it touches just has the Winning Moves effect. Four words that are quite important to this brand are ‘classic,’ ‘retro,’ ’cool’ and ‘fun,’ and they occur in all Winning Moves products, bringing back memories of your childhood and helping you share them with the younger generation.

Winning Moves has repackaged Monopoly, the world’s most popular game, and serves it to you the way you used to know it. Remember how you used to play monopoly with the bi-folding board and those rules? Remember how much fun you used to have? Winning Moves Games brings you that nostalgic feeling with the Winning Moves Games Classic Monopoly, allowing you let your kids into your childhood memories.

This game is sure to bring fun to family game nights as everybody plots, schemes and develops plans and strategies on how to buy out other people’s property. You can own some of the most famous buildings around the world, make a lot of money, spend a lot of money and, unfortunately, lose a lot of money too. It is a game of strategy and everything happens at the roll of a die.

You can take a drive through Reading Railroad, build your home on Baltic Avenue, or just go wild and buy the whole neighborhood; it’s your money and it’s yours to spend. Be careful, though, that you don’t make the wrong choice and lose everything you worked for. That could happen in the blink of an eye. Also, make sure that, whatever you do, whatever risk you take and whatever decision you make is within the confines of the law, or else you may be asked to pay a fine or thrown in jail.

This game is not just a way to bring the whole family together to have fun away from electronics and gadgets, it is also a means of harnessing some important life skills, including decision making and bearing the consequences of a wrong decision, strategic thinking, logic, negotiation and compromise.
Best Value
The Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game is about building with wires and a thin stand. Place wires in and remove wires from the right places to create something. Just be careful; your beloved structure could fall apart. If you want something different for your family game night, but which brings as much fun and bonding to the whole family, you could check out the Melissa & Doug Classic Pick-Up Sticks Game.

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game - 31 Pieces

From business partners to life partners, Melissa and Doug have been creating kids’ products for over 25 years now. The duo believes that every child – and, in fact, everyone – has a boundless imagination and, given the right push here and there, can make that deep well of imagination burst forth. Hence, their production of wooden toys, pretend play sets and board games. The plan’s to encourage kids to discover and be whatever they want to be in a non-threatening atmosphere. So, kids aren’t pressured into planning for the future, but just bump into it in the course of play.

The Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game is basically about balance. It includes a thin tabletop stand and 31 wire pieces with rubber tips. The aim of the game is to fix the wires to the stand without causing other pieces on the stand, or the stand itself, to fall. That’s not all; to keep the game going, you have to remove wires from the structure and add them to the top.

The aim is to see how high you can go before the whole thing comes crashing down. Be careful where you remove your piece from, so the whole structure doesn’t come tumbling down on you. There is need for a lot of nerve control, because a little shaking of the hand and you might shake the whole stand. Strategic thinking also comes into play as you decide which area of the structure is best to remove a piece from and which area is best to add a piece to.

The Suspend Family Game is not a competition; everyone in the family has to contribute his or her own effort to ensuring the Suspend Game does not crash. Everybody contributes something – ideas, motor skills, words of encouragement, whatever. With something as simple and non-threatening as a game, families can learn and reap the rewards of working together as a team.

The brand Melissa & Doug has quite a broad portfolio of games, some of which are:
  • Melissa & Doug Classic Pick-Up Sticks Game – 41 sticks in a wooden box that comes with instructions inside the box
  • Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse with Drawbridge and Turrets – for your little princess
Melissa & Doug has something for every child and every kind of play, including pretend.
Learn team spirit with Z-Man Games Pandemic, as you and three other players use your characters’ expertise to find the cures for four terrible diseases before the entire world is wiped out. The world depends on you. If you like the workings of a hotel and would love to run yours, there is a provision for that in Z-Man Games Hotel Samoa.

Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

Z-Man Games, born in 1999, is currently one of the best companies in gaming, transcending both time and taste. It has introduced into the market over a hundred different games, with different themes to meet the different gaming needs of practically everybody. Furthermore, it has partnered with some international game publishers to release English versions of their games, giving those already-published games an even wider market. Top-notch materials, visual aesthetics and overall fantastic design are some of the things Z-Man promises for every Z-Man game you get.

So, there is a disease outbreak ravaging the whole world and killing fellow earth members one at a time. You and three other teammates are the only hope the world has of surviving this deadly outbreak. In your team of four (or less if there aren’t enough players, but at least two), each member has a different strength and specialization. The plan is to work as a team, pool your resources, experience and expertise together and come up with a solution to this disease problem before time runs out. This is the story of the world of Z-Man Games Pandemic.

You and three other friends or family members will pick a character each, and you are to work according to the strengths, expertise and weaknesses of your chosen character. This is not a competition and, even if it is, your only competition is time. You must race against it and beat the clock by providing a cure before the whole world is wiped out. Actually, the whole world would be wiped out in 60 minutes, so, what that means is that you have 60 minutes to save the world. Sounds challenging, right?

This is one game that will keep you engaged for the full duration, seeing as it follows a storyline that is not just riveting, but challenging also. Everyone loves a good challenge now and then. Now, when that challenge is to save the world, it’s all shades of yes. You learn to make critical decisions in the heat of the moment with the world seemingly on your shoulders, and you do this in a non-threatening environment. There can’t be both winners and losers; you all win or you all lose, so all the sore losers will so love this one.
Broaden your knowledge and remain on your toes as you prepare to answer as many questions as PlayMonster 5 Second Rule will throw at you. You have five seconds to answer each question. You time starts now. Is your family into movies and fake accents? Then you will love the PlayMonster Accentuate Game. It doesn’t just test your knowledge of movies; it also expects you to give your answers using different weird accents.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Just Spit it Out Game

The name of this company already suggests to one that PlayMonster considers itself the grandmaster of play. It believes quite strongly in play, its importance and life-changing qualities. The plan is to push for play – not just for kids, but for everybody. Its range of play things makes this possible so that even the most stuck-up of adults will not have an excuse. With over 30 years of experience in this play business, you can trust PlayMonster to meet your play needs. In the world of play, leaving you with PlayMonster is leaving you in capable hands.

How much about everything do you know? You think you know something about everything, like a well-rounded individual? Then you will sure love The PlayMonster 5 Second Rule. With 576 questions, there are enough questions to go around. The questions are on anything and everything – from questions about famous pets to questions on soccer and even dog breeds.

But there is a catch; you have just five seconds to answer any question, irrespective of how long the answer is. For instance, if you are to give five different dog breeds, you are to think about and say the five in five seconds. Easy, right? Relax though, it’s not a do-or-die affair; after all you are playing with family. If you don’t know the answer to any question, just say the first thing that pops into your head; it is a family game, not a Super Bowl competition.

The PlayMonster 5 Second Rule game shouldn’t just add to your knowledge, it should elicit laughter and excitement around the table. So, go ahead and deliberately fail a question; say something silly, that’s the fun of it, but don’t do it too often – you still do not want to look stupid.

To emphasize the lightness of the situation, PlayMonster has constructed the timer to diffuse built-up tension with its playful zoooop sound. Counting down five seconds has never been more interesting.

PlayMonster is not new to board games; it has some others that you might like to try:
  • PlayMonster Accentuate – for all the lovers of movies and fake accents
  • PlayMonster Classic Stratego Game Board – so you can do battle and probably win
PlayMonster games are designed to appeal to different kinds of kids and adults; PlayMonster sure knows how to get people playing.
How many good deeds can you amass and how many wrong moves can you avoid? This is what Hasbro Chutes and Ladders Game is about. It’s a fun way to teach kids the reward of good deeds. If you want a game that teaches the kids a few things and is fun at the same time, you might like Hasbro’s Toilet Trouble. It teaches kids how to properly use the toilet, while keeping it fun.

Hasbro Chutes and Ladders Game - Amazon Exclusive

Hasbro offers a wide variety of play and entertainment media in the form of toys, digital and board games, movies and television. Hasbro offers gaming options to everybody, young or old, man or woman, blessing us all with its great wealth of expertise. When it comes to producing the best in play and entertainment, Hasbro doesn’t shirk its responsibilities. Rather, it dives headlong into the manufacturing process and comes out with something that that has been designed to blow your mind. The plan is not just to blow your mind, however, but to also create the ‘World’s Best Play Experiences.’

There is a 100 square you have to get to but, unfortunately, the road is not all rosy. There are roadblocks that could get you stranded or take you as far back as where you started from. You don’t have all the time in the world, because you’re racing against other people and there is only one winner. But there is good news – you can pick up speed by being nice here and there and doing good deeds. There is always a reward for good deeds, and in the Hasbro Chutes and Ladders game, your reward could be moving a few steps faster or being rescued from a previous predicament.

Well, you don’t exactly ‘do’ the good deed, but you ‘land’ on the good deed. Here is how it works: you spin a spinner and that tells you how many steps you can move. If your new square has a good deed written on it, you might be asked to take a few more steps forward or even climb a ladder, but if it is something bad, then sorry, down the chute you go.

This game is really all shades of awesome and a very interesting and fun way of subtly teaching kids the importance of good deeds and the consequences of bad ones. Some of these salient truths are registering in their subconscious even as they ride high on the adrenaline caused by the need to get to the finish line first.

Other awesome games that can only be Hasbro include:
  • Hasbro Games Toilet Trouble – so you can subtly teach your kids the proper use of a toilet
  • Candy Land the World of Sweets (Amazon Exclusive) – because kids can never have enough sweets
The instructions for the Hasbro Chutes and Ladders game are written in English and Spanish.

How Do I Choose the Best Family Board Game?

Thinking about getting the whole family together but don’t know what to do once they are gathered? Well, you could go the old-fashioned route of sitting around a fire with mum playing the harmonica, dad playing the accordion and every other person nodding like they are really into it. Or you could do something different – play a game. No, not the kind where two people sit in front of a large screen pressing buttons, but the kind where everyone sits around a table and participates. Obviously, buying a board game is the solution to your dilemma.

Some people might be going, ‘Who plays board games in this day and age?’ or ‘Playing board games is a dying art,’ but we dare you to think again. You obviously haven’t seen the board games out there in the market. They can be so captivating and riveting, one begins to wonder why one waited so long to get a board game. The fun transcends age and generations and most of them are largely uncomplicated.

Hold up! Don’t break your piggy bank just yet; you might not need to. Most board games are pretty inexpensive, probably so that the fun of playing can be enjoyed by all and sundry. We hope you now agree that a board game is the way to keep every member of the family involved and excited during family game nights and family get-togethers.

This isn’t all the information you need to go get yours; there are still a few more things that you need to know, and that you can only get if you keep reading. So, yeah, keep reading.
Though there are a lot of board games for families, the prices do not vary too much. You can get fun family board games for as low as $15 or as high as $35. The price range is basically within the same corridor, so every family should have a board game or two. We should tell you, however, that this review has deliberately left out the very cheap family board games we came across, since we can’t guarantee you of their quality and durability.
Here are some features for you to bear in mind when making your choice of family board game:
  • Aim
  • Size(s)
  • Age
  • Play Time
  • Number
Construction and Design
The first question you should ask yourself before deciding on a board game is not necessarily ‘how much?’ but ‘why?’ By ‘why?’ we mean what is the aim of the game? What do you hope to achieve by playing the game? The thing is, board games don’t have the same underlying themes; there could be one about being the first to get somewhere, while the other could be about answering the most questions. Also, some games encourage competition, while others embrace teamwork. So, decide what you want from your game nights before you go pick up a game.

Board games come in different sizes and weights. Now, if you are certain that your board will never leave your house, then you could go for the ones that are big and heavy; it’s not moving anywhere. However, if you know that, as the social butterfly you are, you must carry your board game to every gathering or function, then look to the portable ones – the small and lightweight. Unless, of course, you want to carry the heavy ones around and build muscles. If that be the case, then by all means go right ahead.

Who the game was created for is something else you should consider. Is it a family board game for adults, or a family board game for kids or a board game for anybody and everybody? This is essential, because you don’t want to introduce your kids to games that are too advanced for them or games that they are too innocent for. At the same time, you don’t want to bore adults to death with kid games. So, be sure to choose your game based on the age recommendation for the participants.
Performance and Ease of Use
How many people will be gathered for the party or get-together, or how many people are in the family? How many people can play the game at the same time? These are two critical questions you must know the answers to before you pick a game. There are games that can support up to eight people, while others have a limit of four players per game. If you really want a particular game, but it can’t support the number you have in mind, remember you are not restricted to buying one. So, you could buy more than one and then divide the gaming party into sections. Or just get a game that supports your number.

Young kids can’t concentrate on playing a serious game for long – they don’t see the reason, so why should they? If you have younger kids in the mix and want to get them involved, you should try getting a game that won’t take too much time to complete. It could be that the game is played in short bursts, or is not too lengthy, but nothing that requires diligent listening and attention. That you should consider the kids does not mean you should buy strictly kids games – just choose something that neither the adult nor the younger kid will doze off doing. If there are no younger kids, you can go wild and buy whatever tickles your fancy and spend as many days as you’d like completing the game.

Get the Best Family Board Game of 2022!

The result of all this information should be purchasing the right board game for you and yours. Go right ahead.

Our Top Choice
Winning Moves Games Monopoly
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game
Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game
PlayMonster 5 Second Rule
Hasbro Chutes and Ladders Game