Best Family Tent Reviews 2022

Family tents are the perfect home away from home when you are climbing up a mountain, trekking through the forest or even having a midnight picnic in the garden. To help you choose the ideal family tent for you, we have selected five of the best family tent brands on the market, and a tent from each, so you can learn about the different types of tents available to you.
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Our Top Choice
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Two-Room Tent
ALPS Mountaineering has been creating durable, camping products for years, including the Meramac Two-Room Tent.
Holds up to six people. Weatherproofed for all conditions. Ventilated. Strong, durable design.
Prone to occasional leaking.
10 feet x 12 feet
21.95 lb.
6 Person
Mesh/ Urethane / Aluminum
Best Value
Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent
Wenzel believes that by putting more time into making its products easy to use, the more time its customers have to enjoy all that nature has to offer. This shows in the Great Basin Family Dome Tent.
Comes with storage duffel for easy storage. Easy to set up.
Not ideal for windy conditions.
18 feet x 10 feet
22.85 lb.
7 Person +
Storage Duffel
Fiberglass/ Polyethylene/ Mesh
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent
Big Agnes brings families together through its products that allow people to enjoy Mother Nature in style and comfort, such as its Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent.
10 mesh storage pockets. Briefcase-style carrier bag included. Reflective guyline for nighttime visibility.
It says it’s an eight-person tent, but it can hold three to four people more comfortably.
123 Square Feet
22.2 lb.
8 Person
Aluminum/ Nylon/ Plastic
Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent
Ozark is the top brand for high-quality camping gear that will stand the test of time. This is evident in its Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent.
10-person tent. Ventilated. Room dividers for privacy. Panoramic view doors. Taped sly seams.
Not for purchase for California residents due to state restrictions.
20 feet x 10 feet
27.6 lb.
7 Person +
Zippered Carrying Bag
Polytaffeta, Fiberglass, Steel
Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent
Coleman's products bring people together but also allow privacy. Its 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is a quality example.
Available in three colors. Ventilated with Variflo venting system. Dividers can create up to three separate rooms.
Not as durable as other, more expensive, brands.
17 feet x 10 feet
22.4 lb.
8 Person
Exclusive WeatherTecTM System

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What is the Best Family Tent?

Our handy little buying guide should help you decide what type of family tent is most suitable for your needs, as well as what features you would like in your new product. You can narrow down your options and get the ideal family tent for your next adventure! Now let's take a closer look at our five selected tents.
Our Top Choice
The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Two-Room Tent is the ideal choice for families or friends looking to get away from it all and enjoy nature in a comfortable, weatherproof environment! If you need a smaller four-person tent, take a look at the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Person Tent instead!

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Two Room Tent - Fiberglass Poles and Oxford Floor

ALPS Mountaineering started out as a small company that offered more gear for more people, such as performance oriented packs, tents, sleeping bags, furniture and air beds. All its products are designed with the consumer in mind, for comfortable, enjoyable outings year round, time and time again. Price also plays a large role in ALPS' manufacturing, with the brand believing that decent camping equipment and gear shouldn’t cost the earth. This is why ALPS products are some of the most affordable on the market today.

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Two-Room Tent has a free-standing two-pole system, with shock corded fiberglass poles, adding to the durability and stability of the tent as a whole. It has a hooded fly at the front and rear of the structure to ventilate the tent in a variety of weather conditions. The two large mesh windows also aid in ventilation, as well as creating visibility, so you can look at the stars from the comfort of your sleeping bag! This tent also has a multi-pass urethane coating on both the fly and floor of the tent for increased weather protection (which also makes it easier to clean). This family tent can hold up to six people at a time and has a divider in the middle, making it perfect for families or for multiple couples.
Best Value
Wenzel’s Great Basin Family Dome Tent is a great choice for larger families who want to spend more time enjoying the world around them and less time trying to pitch a tent! If you need an even larger tent, try Wenzel’s Great Basin 10 Person Tent instead.

Wenzel Great Basin 9 Tent – Family-Sized Dome Tent, Fiberglass Poles, Curtain Divider

Wenzel has been bringing families together for over 120 years and helping them create memories that will last forever. This company creates the modern tools families need to escape their hectic 9 to 5s and discover a world beyond their computer screens. Wenzel makes sure its products are easy to use, easy to set up, comfortable and roomy, so you have more time to spend with your loved ones, experiencing and enjoying the outdoors.

Wenzel’s Great Basin Family Dome Tent is made from shockcorded fiberglass poles with a pin and ring system. This tent is super easy to set up and pretty darn durable too! It has a hooped fly over the front door of the tent and over the rear window, to make sure your new tent can withstand a number of different weather conditions. It has a hanging divider curtain that goes through the middle of the tent in order to create two separate rooms, ideal for large families and couples. The tent also features two mesh doors, windows and roof vents for ventilation and cross breeze. It includes stakes, gear loft, two hanging pockets and even a storage duffel for easy portability!
Big Agnes’s Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent is a durable tent that can withstand all weather conditions. If you want a slightly smaller tent, get Big Agnes’s Big House 6 Person Vestibule instead!

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent – Lightweight Aluminum Poles, Four Season Tent, Optional Footprint Sold Separately

For over 15 years, Big Agnes has searched the globe in search of the best fabrics and materials to make the perfect gear for its customers. By using gear that its designers have personally used themselves, Big Agnes brings its customers tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment that really works. It understands its customers' urges to sleep under the stars and enjoy fresh mountain air, and creates products that make this dream a reality.

Big Agnes’s Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent is a four-season, freestanding tent perfect for use as a base camp tent or for deluxe car camping. It’s built from DAC combination lightweight aluminum poles that come with press fit connectors, making the tent durable and easy to put up too! The pole ends are also color-coded to make setup easier, and the tent comes with webbing and buckles too. It's waterproof and polyurethane-coated, and comes with durable polyester rip-stop. The body and floor of the tent are made from polyester, which allows the tent to breathe and ventilate, and also makes it easier to clean as well.
Ozark’s Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent is ideal for big get-togethers, whatever the weather! If this tent is still not big enough for your camping needs, consider Ozark’s Ultra Spacious Split Plan Instant Cabin Tent instead. It holds 15 people.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Extra Large Family-Sized Cabin Tent – Fiberglass Poles, Removeable Dividers

Ozark's camping products are specifically designed to be able to take whatever nature has to throw at them (and that can be quite a fair bit). It tests its products so they really work in actual camping situations, which is always nice! If you are looking for a reliable brand that doesn’t settle for less, Ozark has what you’re after!

Ozark’s Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent comes with one center down door and two side doors, to offer separate entrances and privacy. This tent also includes six windows for ventilation and light purposes, as well as panoramic views! The taped sly seams prevent leakage, so the tent can be used year round, no matter how terrible the weather is. It can also hold three queen-sized mattresses and still have room to spare!
Coleman’s 8-Person Red Canyon Tent accommodates large families that are after a little privacy too. If you aren’t a fan of the style of this tent, have a look at Coleman’s 8-Person Instant Tent instead.

Coleman Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Family Sized Tent – Exclusive Weathertec System, Removeable Dividers, Available in 3 Colors

Coleman offers inspired products that can be used in a variety of outdoor settings. Globally, Coleman is encouraging more and more people to venture outside, and creating a multitude of innovative products to help with this too! Whether you are hiking up a mountain or going for a relaxing stroll with friends, Coleman has you covered … quite literally!

Coleman’s 8 Person Red Canyon Tent includes room dividers that allow you to create up to three separate rooms! This tent is built with Coleman’s exclusive Weathertec system, which will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what weather decides to show up! This tent is super easy to set up, with its shock corded poles and easy-to follow assembly instructions, so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors! It also has a cool-Air port and Variflo venting system that allow you to adjust the level of air flow in the tent.

How Do I Choose the Best Family Tent?

Camping is a great way to get the family together and enjoy outdoor activities at a fraction of the cost of expensive vacations. Camping is also a great way to educate your little ones about the great outdoors and get away from all the hustle and bustle of city living. One of the most important factors in camping, however, is finding the perfect family tent.

As camping has become more popular, the quality of camping supplies has increased too. These days, camping brands offer a variety of products, including kids' tents, camping tents, air mattresses and even camping toilets! Family tents differ from standard camping tents in that they have handy features to make your trip more enjoyable, and are much larger in size too, accommodating 6 to 10 people at a time. Family tents come in lots of different designs. The one to get depends on your environment and what you want to get out of the product. Here are some of the different options:

  • Tunnel Tents - These tents usually consist of a long tunnel that’s raised in the middle via poles, which create a cute little living area within the tent itself. Tunnel tents provide a lot more headroom in comparison to other similar-sized tents, so you have more freedom to move, dance and spin around! Many parents prefer this style of tent, as it allows them to clean and change their little ones without bumping their head or crouching down. These tents, however, are only usually available in a three-person size, which may not be suitable for larger families.
  • Dome Tents - Dome tents are a fairly new part of the tent family and are very popular too! Dome tents are super easy to set up, reducing the amount of time you spend pitching your tent. They are also incredibly lightweight, making it easier to carry the tent to your perfect spot along with all your other luggage.
  • Semi Geodesic Tents - Semi and fully geodesic tents are at the higher-end of the tent scale and are often a bit pricier in comparison to tunnel and dome tents. Semi geodesic tents come with three intertwined tent poles, which provide a sound and sturdy structure in comparison to other two-pole tents. They also provide a lot of space, which makes them ideal for larger families.
  • Fully Geodesic Tents - These tents come with four intertwined tent poles instead of three, making them even more stable and secure. Fully geodesic tents are the strongest tents available on the market today, and will remain standing whatever the weather. If safety is an important factor to you, a fully geodesic tent may be just what you’re looking for.
Prices of family tents range from $140 all the way up to $700. Family tents at the higher end of this scale tend to be much larger in size (around 100 to 120 square feet), and hold around 8 to 10 people. If you have a larger family, then you can expect to pay a little extra for your tent.

Tents that include steel or aluminum poles tend to cost more, as they are a lot more durable than plastic-poled products. Metal pole tents are designed with safety in mind, and are suitable for a variety of terrains and weather conditions too. If you have opted for a semi or fully geodesic tent, you can expect to pay more than if you purchased a simpler dome or tunnel tent. Tent products at the lower end of this scale are just as good; they just tend to be smaller in size and made from less durable materials with fewer features. Cheap family tents are available ($100 or less) but they may not last as long, and may not keep you as warm and dry in harsher weather conditions.
The features you will want included in your new family tent will depend on your preferences, as well as your family size and where you plan on camping. However, certain features are almost always useful, such as sleeping chambers, canopies, and multiple entrances.
Construction and Design
We recommend tents with separate sleeping chambers. This is a fairly new feature that’s found in more modern family tents, enabling users to have separate, private areas to sleep and chill out in. Sleeping chambers can usually hold one to two people, and connect onto a larger living area within the tent that works almost like a living room or kitchen. Most tents with a sleeping chamber feature can hold up to eight people, making them ideal for larger families, weekends away with friends and families with older children.

Another useful feature to look for in your new family tent is a canopy. A canopy is normally found at the front of the tent and provides protection against wind, rain and sun. This allows users to sit just outside the tent to enjoy the fresh air, no matter what the weather. If you are camping during the winter or planning a trip to a colder climate, this will be a handy feature to have.

Consider family tents that include multiple entrances. This is a great feature to have if you have a larger family, as it will allow you all to move in and out more freely, without bothering others. (Think about getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and you will understand what we mean.)
Performance and Ease of Use
Tents are made from waterproof materials such as nylon and polyethylene. This means they are easy to clean. Many tent products can go straight into the washing machine (as long as it’s on low heat). It also means they are quick drying, so you won’t be hanging around for ages waiting for them to dry either. If you simply want to wipe some mud away from the tent, you can hose it down or hand wash it.

Pitching your tent shouldn’t be too much hassle, but allow yourself a good 20 minutes to get the job done. Almost all tents will come with a handy instruction manual informing you how to set up your tent, but you can always pop onto the manufacturer’s website for more help if needed. If you want a particularly easy-to-pitch tent, we recommended opting for a dome style family tent. Tents that come with a storage duffel or carry case are much easier to transport, and are easier to store too.

Get the Best Family Tent of 2022!

This guide will give you a better understanding of what types of family tent are on the market today. If the particular products we featured don't work for you, all these companies have many tents to choose from. View their other collections to find something you love!

Our Top Choice
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac Two-Room Tent
Best Value
Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent
Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent
Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent