Best Fan Heater Reviews 2023

You’ve decided to add warmth to your home on cold days and the idea excites you already, but the thought of choosing the best fan heater from a plethora of options is proving quite a challenge. Our research findings are here to make it easier for you, because we have come up with five top brands that produce the best fan heaters that will give you optimum satisfaction. Keep in mind that these brands have more fan heaters to offer apart from the featured ones, so kindly check them out if you need to.
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Max Wattage
Our Top Choice
Lasko Automatic Air-Flow Heater
For more than 100 years, Lasko has been manufacturing top-quality comfort appliances, with customers’ needs in mind.
Automatic overheat protection. Tip-over safety switch. Illuminated power switch. Easy-to-use thermostat regulator.
It doesn’t go off when the room reaches the desired temperature.
750 – 1500 watts
On, low, medium, high
14 x 6 x 11.5 inches; 7lbs
Heat limiting
Automatic overheat protection
Best Value
Holmes Compact Personal Fan Heater
Since 1982, Holmes has been manufacturing reliable and convenient home appliances, which ensure that clean, natural air is circulated in the home.
Easy-to-use manual controls. Adjustable thermostat. Automatic overheat protection. Cool-touch housing plastic.
No on/off switch, so it has to be turned off from the socket.
Up to 1200 watts
On, low, high
4.5 x 7 x 9.5 inches; 2.2lbs
Auto shut-off
Dyson Hot & Cool Fan Heater
Dyson is all about inventing home improvement products that work. The firm has grown from a one-man outfit to a large enterprise full of new ideas.
Wide projection. Mixes the surrounding air. Long-range airflow. Sleep timer.
This fan heater is a tad pricey.
Up to 1600 watts
On, remote control
8 x 6 x 23.4 inches; 5.9lbs
Automatic cut-out
Optimus Portable Oscillating Fan Heater
For many years, Optimus has been designing and manufacturing top-quality comfort appliances, including fans, heaters, and air purifiers.
Electronic thermostat knob. Four-position function switch: hi, low, off, and fan. Overheat protection circuit. Overturn circuit safety switch.
Reported as being loud when in use.
750 – 1500 watts
On/off, fan, low, high
8.1 x 12.4 x 9.1 inches; 3.8lbs
Heat limiting
Thermal cut-off
Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater
Pelonis designs and manufactures quality products and electronics. Its appliances are well-known and used all over the world.
Self-regulating. Has a fan-only mode. Overheat protection. Safety automatic shut-off feature. Cool to the touch.
This fan heater is a tad noisy in its operation.
1200 watts
Low, medium, high
10 x 8.6 x 5.4 inches; 2.8lbs
Heat limiting
Auto shut-off

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What is the Best Fan Heater?

To pick your best fan heater, you need to be sure of which product has the power capacity to suit the area in your house or office. The information gleaned from our buying guide should have helped you become more certain of this, so let’s go through the individual products in our review.
Our Top Choice
The Lasko Automatic Air-Flow Heater uses 1500 watts to produce heat, and it has a heat regulator that adjusts the heat output as the temperature is changing. If you want a portable fan heater that operates quietly, you could check out the Lasko Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat. It also has an overheat protection system for safety.

Lasko Automatic Temperature-Regulation Air-Flow Heater – Available in 2 Package Quantity Options

Lasko was incorporated in 1906 in Philadelphia. The founder, Henry Lasko, came up with a product line that was based on the ever-changing needs of consumers. Its main focus is the designing and manufacturing of top-quality items that are geared towards home improvement. Lasko products are purchased and used by different types of people worldwide, and are generally known to be highly reliable.

The Lasko Automatic Air-Flow Heater is a simple and functional heater. Its power range is between 750 and 1500 watts, for heat creation, and it also has a heat regulator that adjusts the level of heat output as the temperature is changing. The heat emanated is continuous and at floor level for constant warmth and comfort. It’s a small heater (14 x 6 x 11.5 inches and 7 pounds) so it doesn’t need a lot of space and can easily be placed on the wall in a corner.

It has various built-in safety protections like an automatic overheat protection and a tip-over switch. It also has an illuminated power switch, and it comes fully assembled so you don’t have to stress yourself putting it together. All in all, this fan heater is reliable and functional. In the less-than-likely case anything goes wrong, this heater also has a three-year limited warranty.

Here are some other fan heaters by Lasko:
  • Lasko 675945 Stanley Ceramic Utility Heater - It has user-friendly knobs and quiet operation, as well as an adjustable thermostat.
  • Lasko 5622 Low Profile Silent Room Heater - It has a maximum heat power of 1.50 kilowatts, and features an overload protection system.
  • Lasko Ultra Slim Ceramic Desktop Power Heater - It has a push-button operation that makes it easy to operate.
  • Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater - It uses 1500 watts and has a rubberized grip comfort handle for easy portability.
  • Lasko 5409 Oscillating Tabletop/Floor Heater with Thermostat - It has three quiet settings, low and high heat, and uses only 1500 watts.
Best Value
The Holmes Compact Heater has one heat setting that uses 1200 watts. It’s lightweight and easy to carry with its integrated carry handle. If you want a heater fan with auto safety shut-off and dual heat settings, we recommend the Holmes Portable Desktop Heater.

Holmes Compact Personal Heater Fan with Manual Controls

For more than thirty years, Holmes has been manufacturing high-quality comfort appliances that can be used in the home and office to create an inviting atmosphere for the occupants and guests alike. Its appliances are made with the best materials, and are also affordable and used worldwide. A number-one priority with Holmes is maximum customer satisfaction, which is why it takes its customers’ feedback very seriously. If you want a top-quality fan heater, Holmes is definitely a great place to look.

The Holmes Compact Heater is easy to use and has manual controls. It also has only one heat setting that uses 1200 watts, along with an adjustable thermostat. This fan heater has built-in safety features, such as cool-touch housing and overheat protection. It’s lightweight and has an integrated handle for increased portability. Further, it measures 4.5 x 7 x 9.5 inches, so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and is comfortable to use.

Holmes has some other fan heaters in its collection:
  • Holmes Slim Heater Fan - It uses 1500 watts and occupies very little space.
  • Holmes HFH563-BM Personal Heater Fan - It has double heat settings and a fan setting. It also has an adjustable thermostat and easy-to-use controls.
  • Holmes Energy Saving Heater with Thermostat - It has LCD digital controls and 2 heat settings. It uses 33 percent less energy than an ordinary space heater for the same amount of heat.
  • Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre Heat Timer - It has easy-to-adjust digital controls and one heat setting.
  • Holmes Heater with Viziheat Grill Guard - This fan heater changes color when it’s hot for security reasons. It also uses a 1500-watt maximum.
  • Holmes Compact Fan Heater - It has variable temperature settings and manual controls.
The Dyson Fan Heater has both heating and cooling airflow. It features a unique jet focus control, has no visible blades, and is engineered to be 75% quieter than regular fans. If you want a fan that has a long-range heat projection, you should check out the Dyson AM05 Hot & Cool Fan Heater. It acts as both a heating fan and a cooling fan.

Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater – Available in 3 Colors

Dyson was initially founded in 1978 when James Dyson, who was frustrated by his vacuum cleaner’s unsatisfactory returns, invented a bagless vacuum cleaner. Dyson is all about improving and inventing. Like everyone, it “gets frustrated when products don’t work properly” and it tries its best to prevent that from happening with any of its products. Dyson’s creations are used in over sixty-five countries in the world; the company has greatly expanded and is much more than one man with an idea. It has over a thousand engineers in different countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Chicago. Dyson keeps rising each day as its products are known to be highly effective and durable.

The Dyson Fan Heater is a fan that perfectly combines style and function. It has a patented air multiplier technology, which means that it draws in air from its surroundings and then amplifies it. It creates a strong stream of constant airflow, and has a wide projection which helps it mix the surrounding air. Further, it has a long range so it can reach a lot of people—that means no one has to sit directly in front of the heater. This is one of the only fan heaters with jet focus control.

This fan heater is engineered to be 75 percent quieter than conventional fan heaters, and even has some built-in safety precautions such as a tip-over automatic cut out and no visible heating elements. It also has a sleep timer which programs it to go off after preset intervals, from 15 minutes to 9 hours. It also comes with a remote control that makes it easy to regulate, even if you’re not quite near it. Its temperature setting is from 33 to 99-degree precision. It has oscillation control and an easy tilt, making it functional, reliable, and stylish. And best of all, it’s backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are some other fan heaters by Dyson:
  • Dyson AM09 Fan Heater, Black/Nickel - It has patented air multiplier technology and efficient air circulation.
  • Dyson 300097-05 Hot and Cool Fan Heater - It has air multiplier technology, which means that it draws in air from its surroundings and amplifies it.
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifier with Remote - It has an easy filter change, and is an air purifier, a fan, and a filter.
  • Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan - It’s 60% quieter than conventional fan heaters, and has a sleep timer.
The Optimus Portable Oscillating Fan Heater has dual heat settings: 750 watts and 1500 watts. Further, it has a motor-operated oscillating base that rotates 90 degrees. If you prefer a fan heater with three heat settings, you could check out the Optimus H-1322 Fan Heater with Thermostat. It has two speeds and a five-position function switch.

Optimus Portable Oscillating Fan Heater with Thermostat – Available in 3 Pack Size Options

Optimus has been designing and manufacturing top-quality fan heaters for many years now. Its products are known to be highly efficient, durable, and reliable, and are used worldwide by thousands of people. Optimus’ number-one priority is its clients, which is why maximum customer satisfaction is very important to it. The company takes all the feedback from its customers seriously and tries to look for more ways to improve its products. If you’re looking for a top-quality fan heater, you should definitely check out Optimus.

The Optimus Portable Oscillating Fan Heater is an effective and easy-to-use fan heater. It has dual heat settings that use 750 watts and 1500 watts in power, respectively. It also has a four-position function switch for: hi, low, off, and fan. Its rotating oscillating base swivels ninety degrees, so it can heat up just about the whole area. This oscillating fan heater also has an automated thermostat regulator, thermal cut-off, and internal heat reduction thermostat. Finally, it has an overheat protection circuit and an overturn safety knob. In a nutshell, this fan heater is highly reliable and functional.

Here are some other fan heaters by Optimus:
  • Optimus Digital Oscillating Heater and Fan - It has dual heat settings and an oscillating base that rotates 75 degrees.
  • Optimus H-7247 Portable Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Thermostat - It has an internal heat-impeding thermostat and automated thermostat knob.
  • Optimus H1410 Heater Fan Digital Oscillating Touch Screen LCD - It has two-way heat settings and a motorized base control that rotates 75 degrees.
  • Optimus H-3013 Portable Utility Heater with Thermostat - It has a tip-over safety switch and a four-position function switch.
  • Optimus H-5232 Tower Quartz Heater - It has an overheat thermal cut-off and a tip-over switch.
  • Optimus H-7004 Portable Ceramic Heater with Thermostat - It has an overheat protection circuit and dual heat settings that use 750 watts and 1500 watts.
The Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater is lightweight and has three distinct heat settings. It even comes with a variable thermostat which gives you maximum control of the heat being emitted. If you want a fan heater with a five-position power switch, we recommend you check out the Pelonis HB-211T Space Heater. It comes with three temperature controls and auto safety cut-off.

Pelonis Portable Space Fan-Forced Heater – Available in Black and White

For more than 25 years, Pelonis has been manufacturing exceptional appliances and home care products. Pelonis is a brand owned by Midea, and is committed to product innovation, exceptional quality, and service all at affordable prices. Its aim is to improve existing products and create revolutionary ones. Its products change daily to fit customers’ ever-changing needs. Pelonis’ products are generally known for their quality and creativity, and are used by thousands of people and in thousands of homes all over the world.

The Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater is highly effective and is able to heat up any room with its three heat settings which are low, medium, and high; it also has a fan-only mode. It also has a variable thermostat so you can control the flow of heat to your satisfaction. This fan heater has a built-in safety automatic overheat shut-off feature and is also always cool to the touch because of the material used in its construction. Further, it’s portable with a built-in handle, dimensions of 10 x 8.6 x 5.4 inches, and a weight of only 2.8 pounds.

Pelonis features an array of other fan heaters:
  • Pelonis Ceramic Heater Model Energy Efficient Temperature Control Adjustable Thermostat - It has four power switch knob settings and dual heat settings of 1000 and 1500 watts.
  • Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Small Room - It has thermal overheat protection and three heat settings.
  • Pelonis 1500 Watt Digital Fan Forced Heater - It’s easy to use and it oscillates.
  • Pelonis NT15-13C Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - It has a dual heat setting and a digital LED display.

How Do I Choose the Best Fan Heater?

With the services of outdoor fans and patio heaters, many outdoor-lovers have come to enjoy both the cold and hot weather. It’s wonderful to know that the weather no longer controls your activities, and fun is possible in all seasons. With a fan heater, your indoor is taken care of as well, because they’re a more-affordable alternative to oil or infra-red heaters. Even when you have an apartment with well-regulated central heating and air, there are moments when you may want to restrict heat to a certain part of the room, and this is one of the strong points of the fan heater.

Truth be told, it’s not all the time that you wish to snuggle up under your electric blanket to watch your favorite TV series after a long day at work. Some days, you may desire to sit on your couch, a snack beside you and your feet soaked in a tub of warm water. On a day like this, the fan heater keeps you adequately warm, blowing refreshing heated air all over you as you give yourself some evening pampering.

You should consider what area of the house your fan heater will be needed. This will guide your choice of a mountable model or just a tabletop. A vertical fan heater releases air in a downward manner and as such, if mounted, makes it more ideal for a bathroom than a horizontal fan heater. This feature even helps to distribute hot air faster and more evenly. Remember also that they come in varying sizes, with some products built with carrying handles which make it easy to move them from one room to another.
We’ve featured a variety of fan heaters which cut across the range of $12 to $360. You may be wondering what accounts for such a wide difference, so we offer some explanations for this.

Aside from the fact that they’re from diverse brands, the size and features play a major role in their prices. If you require a smaller model, you may not have to pay as much as someone who goes for a larger one with more advanced features.

Products with air-multiplier technology and precise temperature settings cost more. Further, a comparison between products that have fast-spinning blades with those that have no visible heating elements shows that the price of the latter is higher.

There are cheap fan heaters, no doubt, but you may not be guaranteed durability or optimum service from these, so we simply left them out of this review.
Your fan heater should come with function switches for powering on and off, adjusting temperature, and possibly for focusing intensity. Here are some other features you should pay attention to as you scout for your preferred product:
  • External casing
  • Type
  • Size
  • Variable thermostat and auto control
  • Power capacity
  • Auto overheat protection
  • Extras such as remote control and timer
Construction and Design
There are two major types of fan heaters: the stationary and the oscillating. The effects of an oscillating fan heater are more intense than those of the stationary, because their rotational mechanism makes them push air out in a greater arc. They come in different designs and varying capacities, such that some can heat up just a small sitting area while some are efficient in larger rooms. You can find fan heaters with an oscillatory base that can rotate up to 90 degrees, giving a wider reach for a room sitting a number of people.

Fan heaters come in different sizes, with the average small products having dimensions of about 4.7 x 7 x 9.7 inches and bigger models standing out with dimensions of about 8 x 6 x 23.4 inches. It’s pertinent to say that their weights vary too, as some weigh as little as 2.5 pounds, while you’ll find others that weigh up to 10 pounds. If you need travel companions, the compact products will do you good, but it also seems that size is a large determinant in the area a fan heater can cater to; most of the larger products are ideal for large rooms and basements.

Fan heaters are built with power capacities ranging from 500 watts to 3,000 watts; the more the power capacity, the greater the energy that’s required to run the appliance. They also have heat settings and a cool-blow function, so you have a double investment for warmth on winter nights and coolness during summer days.

Generally, fan heaters are made with sturdy plastic casing that protects you from direct heat if you need to touch it. This feature is also important for households where there are children who could get close to such a centrally-placed appliance. On the body of most fan heaters, you’ll find knobs for control purposes. Some sophisticated models, on the other hand, have a remote control so you can be in charge of the temperature settings from a distance, any time you choose. The remote control can also be used to focus the intensity or to blow air around the room.

Fan heaters come in a variety of colors, although black and white seem to be the colors common to most brands.
Performance and Ease of Use
Knowing that fan heaters provide a convenient and affordable way of keeping warm in your home or office, you should also keep in mind that a number of them can be a bit noisy when in use. If you’re easily disturbed by sounds in the room, then it will be advisable to go for a product that has a whisper-quiet setting.

The cost of running a fan heater is affected by the settings applied and the length of time it’s used. This way, you’re flexible and don’t need to pay bills for energy you didn’t need. There are models that make it possible for you to set at 1 or 2KW upon installation. Also, they can be restricted to small areas of the home or office that are used more often, which is a great way to conserve energy.

You should consider a product with a heat-limiting thermostat and an automatic control. The automatic overheat protection ticks off the heater once it senses the room is heated enough, and this is ideal for safety. We all want to rest assured that when we doze off, there will be no hazards, don’t we?

Your fan heater requires conscious care to stay in good condition and last long. When used in a bathroom, they should be placed far from where water splashes could occur. They’re never to be cleaned while connected to the power outlet, and only the external surfaces are to be cleaned. This should be done using a clean, dry cloth. A qualified service agent should be contacted to handle the cleaning of the interior parts. Finally, when you wish to store it away, the fan heater’s original box is always the best option.

Get the Best Fan Heater of 2023!

As we come to the end of the review, we’re confident that you found this enlightening and have unearthed the fan heater that fits what you want. Why say more? Make your purchase right away and stay warm.

Our Top Choice
Lasko Automatic Air-Flow Heater
Best Value
Holmes Compact Personal Fan Heater
Dyson Hot & Cool Fan Heater
Optimus Portable Oscillating Fan Heater
Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater