Best Fantasy Board Game – Immersive, Strategic, and Role Playing Adventure Board Games for Adults and Kids

The human mind is an alternate world, filled with the most amazing scenarios and make-believe stories. To share these exciting worlds with others, different genres of entertainment were birthed, including fantasy board games. There is an unbelievable array of these board games out there. And to make things easier for buyers, we investigated five of what we believe to be the best fantasy board games brands.

These brands were chosen because they all have a wide range of options available. We picked one fantasy game to review from each one, but don’t hesitate to look at other fantasy board games from these brands; they are all awesome. Additionally, we have a review for fantasy role playing games to provide you with additional options for game night! And to make things even better, further down we showcase a few more of our top picks!

We also want to give a shout out to Brotherwise Games whose Call to Adventure series allows you to create your ultimate fantasy hero, facing challenges and crafting your destiny. While it’s not a board game, this card deck game is a fan favorite!

And finally, if you want a truly immersive fantasy experience, we recommend checking out Hunt a Killer. This unique murder mystery game told over the course of six “episodes” or boxes. Your job is to catch the killer by examining the clues, physical items, autopsy reports, witness statements, and more.

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Suitable Age
No. Players
Game Length
Our Top Choice
USAopoly - Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game
As a leading developer and manufacturer of board games and puzzles for over 20 years, USAopoly is a great guide in the competitive world of toys and games production.
Offers different levels of difficulty. Opportunity to handle potions and spells. Suitable for any age range. Helps you gain mastery of board games, especially fantasy board games.
Deck cards fray easily at the edges.
Harry Potter
11 years+
2 – 4 players
7 levels
Best Value
Wizards of the Coast - Lords of Waterdeep
Wizards of the Coast has been in the business of bringing fantasy to life for over 20 years with resilience, dedication, and innovative products.
Allows up to five players per game session. Can be played by both teenagers and adults, or an entire family. Poses no difficulty in understanding the technicalities.
The length of one game session may be too short.
D&D Lords of Waterdeep
12 years+
2 - 5 players
Acquire properties
1 hour
Fantasy Flight Games - A Game of Thrones Game
Since 1995, Fantasy Flight Games has developed and produced a huge number of role-playing and card games. It constantly improves on the fun you have with its products.
Takes multiple players at once. Long game time to draw out suspense and chances to win. Suitable for young and older people. A chance to play your favorite character.
May be a little too complex for new players.
Game of Thrones
14 years+
3 - 6 players
Acquire lands
2 - 4 hours
Avalon Hill - Betrayal At House On The Hill
For six decades, Avalon Hill has led the gaming industry with terrific products, including its war game, Tactics. Avalon delivers experienced innovation in all its board games.
Suspense-filled game sessions. Accommodates many players or a few. Can be played by any age group, old or young. Easy-to-understand instructional guidelines.
Figurines are low-quality, with slightly inferior materials.
Betrayal at House on the Hill
12 years+
3 - 6 players
1 hour
Hasbro - Candy Land: Disney Princess Edition
Hasbro is the world’s third largest producer of toys, with its name on globally known products, including Transformers toys and Monopoly.
Builds cognitive abilities in children. Affordable. Takes two or more players at the same time. Colorful and interesting enough to hold kids’ attention.
Playing board may come apart easily.
Candy Land Disney Princess
3 years+
2 - 4 players
3 different play levels

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What Is the Best Fantasy Tabletop Game? Read Our Fantasy Board Game Reviews!

Because of the genre's exciting and diverse nature, picking out the best fantasy board game can get really confusing. Each one of us has our own personal preferences when it comes to game play and themes. Our reviewed products are available for you to go through and choose a fantasy board game that will give you the most satisfaction. And just in case, we went ahead and showcased a few more of our favorites!

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Our Top Choice
The USAopoly Harry Potter Hogwarts Deck Building Game offers you the room to play any of your favorite Harry Potter characters. For more excitement and more levels, you get a chance to continue with USAopoly's Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion Card Game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Card Game from USAopoly - Official Harry Potter Licensed Fantasy Board Game


When authenticity meets passion, you can be sure the results will be phenomenal. USAopoly can easily boast of these two qualities as the foundation upon which it manufactures its products. It's been a top developer and manufacturer of puzzles and games for over 20 years. USAopoly is yet to back down since it began its journey in the competitive world of toys, games and hobbies. It partners with major players in the field of animation and fantasy movies, including Warner Bros., Disney, and Nintendo, to give the best advice and items in order to boost output.

It also has bragging rights to some original games, such as CrossWays, Telestrations, and Ratuki, which have won the hearts of the young and old alike. It further strengthens its roots in this industry by promoting customer satisfaction, integrity, dedication and fairness to all. Look no further than USAopoly for that unique and satisfying experience in the fantasy worlds your heart has craved for a long time.

The USAopoly Harry Potter Hogwarts Deck Building Game lets you play any of your favorite Harry Potter characters. Any lover of the books and TV movies can attest to the success of the franchise, and this game is no different. You play the wizard of your choice and feel all the excitement, suspense, horror, and joy they went through at different stages of their journeys. You also get to dictate the outcome of already-existing scenarios, or create your own scenarios. There are likely scenes where you wish some of the characters had done things differently, and wished you were in their shoes to turn things around. This game gives you the opportunity to fit into those situations and handle things better.

Here are other features you can expect from this awesome game:

  • Offers different levels of difficulty in ascending order. You are not offered one level of difficulty throughout the entirety of the game; the more hurdles you cross, the better the chances of opening extra levels and getting more suspense. There is no end to the thrill.
  • Opportunity to handle potions and spells that you probably thought your favorite characters handled wrongly. Use these potions and combination of spells to save loved ones and defeat villains that are hard to deal with.
  • Several players can play at once. You can either use four players, or use two who can play two different characters of their choices, each. However, you'll probably get the best out of this game if the maximum number of players is used.
  • Room to adjust the timingof one game session without losing your place or the thrill. Draw out your enjoyment and suspense for as long as you can by adding twists and turns. Or shorten it to get in as many game sessions as you can within a specified period.
  • Any age range can play this game because of the levels of difficulty and, probably, the villains you encounter. It is not boring or simple in any way, but it has no element of goriness or nightmarish characters to haunt children. It is suitable for enjoyment for your whole family.
  • Gain mastery of board games generally and fantasy board games specifically. When you understand the intricacies of this one and master them, every other one you come across will pose little difficulty to you.
Best Value
The Wizards of the Coast Lords of Waterdeep Board Game accommodates several players at once. You get to role-play as a leader alongside others, and compete to become the supreme lord, honing your leadership skills. Need a continuation of the game with higher levels of difficulty? Get what you want with the Wizards of the Coast Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion Board Game.

Lords of Waterdeep: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game from Wizards of the Coast - Immersive Fantasy Board Game


Wizards of the Coast has brought fantasy to life for nearly three decades. It presents board games and toys that stand the test of time, pulling its weight in the ranks of time-tested games. These qualities have also made it into one of the companies with the fastest-selling collectors’ cards and games. You are not putting your gaming in the hands of people without knowledge or experience. This is one of the sweetest deals you can make.

The Wizards of the Coast Lords of Waterdeep Board Game has a design that accommodates several players at the same time. This means that you get the chance to role-play as a leader and recruit minions to serve whatever agenda you have, aiming to become the supreme lord. This feature gives you the opportunity to test your skills as a leader and a decision-maker, and hone your already existing skills. It is as educational as it is entertaining. It's also a great starter kit for new gamers who wish to learn. The maneuvering isn’t hard to master, and once you do, other fantasy board games become very easy to play. It can even increase the competitive levels of gamers who don’t have much to go by in that department.

Other features of the game include the following:

  • Allows for up to five players – We all know that the more players there are, the more complex it gets and the merrier. Not that two or three players can’t play, but you derive the most enjoyment when you play with the maximum number of players.
  • Can be played by both the young and the old – Nobody is left out of the fun. Some games may allow this, but the adults may lose interest after some time, or the younger ones drift away in boredom. However, this one is different. It holds the interest of everyone form beginning till the end.
  • Not difficult to understand – You won't spend time setting it up or trying to understand technicalities when you should get down to the fun you bought it for.
Fantasy Flight Games' A Game of Thrones: The Board Game takes on a life of its own. People who didn’t previously read the novel or watch the show can still enjoy the game. Are you a Lord of the Rings Fan? Then you will love Journeys In Middle-Earth. It’s a fully cooperative, app supported fantasy board game set in J.R.R; Tolkien’s iconic Middle Earth.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games - Great Houses of Westeros Fantasy Board Game


There’s nothing like being included in the scheme of things from the word "go." Fantasy Flight Games makes sure to include non-English-speaking players all around the world into the mold when setting out to produce entertaining board games. Since setting up shop in 1995, Fantasy Flight Games has developed and produced a huge number of role-playing and card games. It goes back to the drawing board constantly to map out creative ways to produce subsequent editions of already-existing games and create fresh ones. Its customers already feel welcome and satisfied due to the company’s friendliness and service-oriented values.

The Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is based on the very popular novels turned TV series. However, this game takes on a life of its own, so people who haven't read the novels or seen the show can still enjoy it. You can play in scenes which are not even in the books or show. The thrill comes not only from its surprise and partial originality; it also comes from the strategic gameplay and the details of events. Even the punishments meted serve the purpose of making the defaulting party sit up. You not only relive the novel and the series; you become a part of it. Detail is everything.

And to disperse lingering doubts, here are more features:

  • Takes multiple players – Because the game has seven houses that are competing for the iron throne, it would serve you best if you play with a complete seven. However, three or four can still suffice.
  • Long game time – To draw out the suspense and chances to win. Short game time doesn’t usually satisfy fantasy game players, because of all the levels and difficulties involved. Enjoy your game with this advantage added to it.
  • Suitable for young and older people – It is a great way to bond with your family, friends, and neighbors.
  • A chance to play your favorite character – And settle scores, if you wish! Even though the storyline is not entirely based on the books or the series, most of it is. You may find that you want to turn around outcomes you didn’t think went well in either the books or the show. There’s freedom to dictate the flow of events.

The Avalon Hill Betrayal At House On The Hill game is very dynamic. No matter how many times you play it, you never experience the same haunt as before. In the event you want more haunts and even more excitement, check out the Avalon Hill Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk Board Game.

Betrayal At House On The Hill Board Game 2nd Edition from Avalon Hill - Cooperative Haunted Mansion Fantasy Board Game


Being a pioneer of something is priceless. Avalon Hill can boast of being one, because it was the first company to venture into the publishing of a new kind of board game considered as a war game, with its Tactics game. The success of this game worldwide set up Avalon Hill as a leader in the development and manufacture of strategic board games and war games, and set it on the path to global accolades and recognition. Added to these feats is the fact that this company has been operating for 60 years; we all know that experience is everything, and it comes with age.

The Avalon Hill Betrayal At House On The Hill game is dynamic. No matter how many times you come back to play it, you never experience the same haunt. Just about everything keeps changing. For lovers of horror, this is a treasure, because horror-themed movies and games tend to get monotonous and boring, following the same lines over and again. But not this one; you get a fresh thrill every time. And that takes us to another great feature: you can replay a game session as many times as you want. This replay value is an attraction, because you have a chance to do things differently without losing the whole point of the game. Enjoy the shivers of dread, the shrieks of terror, and the ghouls and mummies at every new turn.

This game also features the following:

  • Suspense-filled game sessions – Not just because the theme is horror, but also because the layout and finishing are phenomenal. You would hardly believe that you are just playing a game.
  • Room for multiple players – This game can also be played with a few people, but you know that the more, the merrier. You never know what is coming right around the corner, so you need as many allies as you can get, even though some of them can turn around and become your enemy without warning. They just pounce. The horror!
  • Can be played by any age group – Children are not excluded from the fun. This game could actually help them overcome the fear of the boogeyman if they see that there’s nothing to fear after all.
  • Easy-to-understand instructions – Clear enough that you don’t get confused, put things in the wrong places, or spend too much time trying to figure things out.

In the event you want more haunts and even more excitement, check out the Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk. Or one of the many other expansions.

The Hasbro Candy Land: Disney Princess Edition is a fantasy twist on the classic kids’ game. Not only will your little princess be able to play with it as a fantasy board game, they'll also be able to separately play with the Disney Princess figures. Hasbro also has a fantasy spin on other classics, like the Monopoly Disney Villains Edition Board Game. Forget the dog, hat, thimble, and racecar! Instead you get to play as a classic villain - each with their own special powers!

Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Edition from Hasbro - Children's Fantasy Board Game


When you hear the company name Hasbro, think experience, quality, durability, customer satisfaction, and renown. It opened as a toy company in 1942, and is now the world’s third largest producer of toys. It has its name on globally known products such as Monopoly, Transformers toys, G.I. Joe figurines, and so on. It even created the popular animated series My Little Pony. Hasbro isn’t confined to just one area of production; it produces both board games and TV shows. Diversity in production sometimes makes for inconsistency, because many companies find that they can’t focus on many different products and give them the same level of quality. But this isn’t so with Hasbro. With the level of success it has attained worldwide, it goes without saying that anything that comes from this company is top-notch.

The Hasbro Candy Land: Disney Princess Edition is a game made entirely of toys. This is a great feature because, not only will your children be able to play with it as a fantasy board game, they'll also be able to play separately with the Disney Princess figures. This game is not restricted to just three-to-five-year-olds; children as old as seven and eight can play with it, as well as one- and two-year olds. It is colorful and interesting enough to hold their attention. It'll also help keep them busy for a while to enable you attend to other things.

Here are more reasons you should go pick up this game:

  • Really affordable – You don’t have to worry about spending too much on a game that may end up being mangled by your children in a very short time. It is a great bargain because of the already mentioned dual purposes it can serve.
  • Builds cognitive abilities in children – Due to the tasks they have to perform, playing the role of one princess or another, in order to dance at the ball. It helps them learn strategy and make intelligent decisions, in a fun way. And when they play with other children, it can help strengthen the bonds between them.
  • Takes two or more players at the same time – There are up to four princesses to play, so your children and their friends can play together and build friendships.

While this particular board game is geared for the younger ones, Hasbro Gaming has put a touch of fantasy into lots of classic games for the older family members too. For example, there's Harry Potter Clue and Trivial Pursuit, Star Wars Operation, Risk and Trouble, Game of Thrones Monopoly, the Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Game and many, many more!

They also have unique fantasy board games such as the Magic The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Game.

Best Fantasy Adventure Board Game Guide – How to Choose the Best Fantasy Board Game for Beginners

Board games are as old as time, and as the world has developed, so have these games. A chess set used to be just a conglomeration of pieces, with none of the finesse we see in one today. In the same vein, a table with crudely inserted sticks and figures would have passed for a backgammon set a long time ago, but not anymore.

A board game is played with pieces that match the set-out theme, on an equally matching flat surface. There are usually rules and goals to guide the players. These vary, depending on the complexity of the game. Even trivia games don’t come without rules, as fun as they are. A fantasy board game is usually different and more intricate than most board games, due to its role-playing nature and the virtual dangers involved. There are lots of genres of fantasy board games out there, so before you settle for one, consider the theme you want and the number of players who are interested in the same theme, so that the allure is not lost.

The goal set for such a game makes all the difference. Therefore, it's necessary to have an enticing one, so that all players put their best foot forward. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; sometimes, just having the bragging right of champion within your clique for one week is enough. And don’t push your luck too far with the length of time spent on one game. Consider the time you would spend completing one round of the game, because even game lovers with the biggest imaginations get tired. The detailed descriptions here can further guide your choice of a fantasy board game.

Video: Hunt A Killer: Mystery - Curtain Call Season

Immersive Mystery Fantasy Game for Family and Friends Game Night | Learn More

The best things in life are free, they say. Well, fantasy board games aren’t exactly that, but they are really affordable. Note that some features affect the price: the more popular and in demand a theme is, the costlier that particular fantasy board game becomes. The age range of the players also affects the price. These factors and more should be at the back of your mind when looking at games the next time you go shopping. The range of prices for our reviewed products falls between $20 and $60. Don’t push for lower prices, though; getting cheap fantasy board games is not necessarily a bargain. That it has a theme you have been looking for, at half the expected price, may just be a ruse to sell inferior products to you.


The elimination process you go through to reduce your choices of fantasy board games to buy will be easier if you check the necessary factors. Below are some of the most important ones:

  • Theme
  • Aim
  • Number of players
  • Game length
  • Suitable age range

You are sure to choose well if you stick to these factors.

Construction and Design

There are fantasy board games for everyone, regardless of your age or theme choice. Choose a game that is designed for the adult mind, if you are buying it for yourself. If you are buying it for your children, don’t pick one that will scare them or impede their cognitive growth. No matter how smart your kids are, there are some fantasy board games that are strictly meant for adults.

You may not mind playing a game meant for younger people, but are you doing it alone or are you forming a team? Not that you can’t play alone, but you have to think about anyone else you bring in. Others may mind the age suitability. Some of these games are made to accommodate lots of players, and if you don’t have an adequate number, the fun is ruined. Check the instructions to be sure of how many people you can invite to play.

Is it a tough job to set up the game? Is the construction so intricate that you have to think twice before bringing it out if you buy it? With the figures, mazes, and forests, it may be confusing to put everything in its place, at least the first few times. For some people, these complexities are part of the fun, but you know yourself best, so you know what irks you and what doesn’t. Check these things before picking out a game.

Video: Easy and Cheap Fantasy RPG Rules for Solo Play

Fantasy Rulesets for Solo RPG Sessions. | Courtesy of Geek Gamers
Performance and Ease of Use

To get the best out of a fantasy board game, you have to have a goal in sight. Nobody plays a game without first having an interest, but when there is an aim to it, or a prize, you’d be surprised at how much more interest it sparks and how much skill the players can use. Don’t take this factor for granted. It is also necessary to pick a theme that excites the imagination and builds suspense, instead of just buying games based on the popularity of the theme. You may lose interest after a very short time. Be sure the theme is all it’s made out to be before you buy.

A fantasy board game that is too difficult to understand or master is a sure-fire way of losing interest and throwing away money. The game may be all the rage, but others may not bother to tell you that getting around it is a journey on its own. It’s just a game, albeit a virtual live one, and is meant to be enjoyed; why bother with it if mastering its usage alone sucks all the fun out of it? If you won’t get the best satisfaction from one game, pick another one. Some of these games live off media hype but lack in performing to capacity. In all, though, fantasy board games aim to please, and more times than not, they do exactly that.

Get the Best Fantasy Board Game of 2022!

We appreciate your reading to the end of this review. We believe you now have the necessary information to guide your purchase of a fantasy board game. Don’t hesitate to look through more options from these brands, using the provided navigation links, as you make an order.

Our Top Choice
USAopoly - Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game
Best Value
Wizards of the Coast - Lords of Waterdeep
Fantasy Flight Games - A Game of Thrones Game
Avalon Hill - Betrayal At House On The Hill
Hasbro - Candy Land: Disney Princess Edition

Fantasy Board Game FAQs

What is a fantasy board game?
A fantasy board game is a card game in which players compete by collecting fairy-folk in their respective forests. When a folk is played, he or she triggers a special effect, tilting the game's balance. The game may also take other forms depending on the manufacturer's design. Have a look at our review on fantasy board games for more details.
What is the best fantasy board game that can be played solo?
The best fantasy board game that can be played solo doesn't depend on other players' actions. It should be easy to play since you will be handling it alone.
Where to buy a fantasy board game?
You can buy a fantasy board game from Amazon, the largest online retailer with the best deals and a wide variety of products. If you are looking for a fantasy board game to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.