Best Faux Ivy Privacy Fence – Expandable Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Hedging for Your Home and Yard

Getting a faux ivy fence is a great way to get your much-needed privacy. Plus, it is very easy to install and relatively affordable. But you don't want one that will shed all its leaves in one week, do you? Of course not. So, you have to pick carefully. To help you, we have made a list of our top five brands with some of the best faux ivy fences after an extensive research. Though we featured only one fence per brand, the brands have loads of other fences you can check out, we’ve included navigation links so you can easily get to them as well.

In addition to our 5 featured brands, we also want to give a shout out to ColourTree and DearHouse who also have some realistic looking artificial ivy privacy fences to choose from. Check out their Amazon stores if you don't find what you need in our featured reviews.
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Our Top Choice
Zeny Artificial Faux Ivy Fence
Zeny is a dedicated brand that works hard to deliver high quality fences at affordable prices. It is a family oriented company that values all its workers and treats them well.
It is made with fade-resistant polyester, is light, easy to install and has no gaps.
It does not come with zip ties.
39 x 94 inches
3 lbs.
Rinse off with garden hose
Fade resistant
Best Value
Aleko Privacy Fence Screen
Aleko is a well-known manufacturer of gate and wall accessories with a reputation of outstanding customer service. It strives to exceed its customers’ expectations.
It's leaves look realistic. It is easy to attach to a fence, takes a short time to set up and is easy to maintain.
Its leaves are not very dense.
39 x 94 inches
2.5 lbs.
Rinse off with garden hose
Weather resistant
Windscreen4less Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence
Windscreen4less is a professional fence sales company with an efficient sales team that ensures that all customers receive top-notch products and service.
It has a mesh backing with snap-panels for attachment. It is UV treated and requires no maintenance.
It is expensive when compared with other faux ivy fences. That said, you get what you pay for with this one.
39 x 156 inches
6 lbs.
Can be cleaned with water
UV protected
Natrahedge Dark Green Ivy Roll
Natrahedge is a trusted company that is committed to making first-class artificial hedges that suit many needs. Its hedges are sometimes hand crafted for intricate details.
It is light but has a sturdy construction and takes little time to install. It is also 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.
Its leaves are not very realistic.
39 x 94 inches
3.25 lbs.
Rinse off with garden hose
Fade resistant, comes with zip ties
Best Choice Products Faux Ivy Privacy Fence
Best Choice Products is an e-commerce retailer with a friendly customer service team to ensure product satisfaction with every purchase you make.
It is light, simple to install and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, its leaves are made of fade-resistant polyester.
It does not look very real and does not come with zip ties.
39 x 94 inches
3.4 lbs.
Rinse off with garden hose
Fade resistant

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What Is the Best Artificial Faux Ivy Fence for Home Privacy? Read Our Reviews for Great Fake Ivy Hedges

Many brands parade their faux ivy fences as the best but some of them are actually not that good. The following reviews are to help you ensure that you actually get a faux ivy fence of great quality while putting into consideration your budget and taste. So, knock yourself out and pick the one that best catches your fancy as you go through our individual product review section.

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Our Top Choice
If you need to cover an eyesore on your property or just keep prying eyes away, you should check out the Zeny Artificial Faux Ivy Fence. It has no gaps, thus giving you increased privacy in your home. If, however, you are looking to cover a larger area, we recommend another ivy fence from Zeny—the Zeny Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, available in 2 sizes.

Zeny Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen – Available in 2 Sizes


When it was founded in October 2009, Zeny sold only outdoor canopies. But now, it has expanded and now offers a wide variety of products from pet items to household necessities.

The ZENY Faux Ivy Fence is a 39" × 94" privacy screen made from artificial ivy leaves, with no gaps so prying eyes will have a hard time seeing through it. The leaves are realistic and are made with fade-resistant polyester to keep them looking fresh all year round. More so, it is super easy to install.

Best Value
If you want to improve your home’s privacy while enhancing its look, Aleko will be of great help to you. The Privacy Fence Screen is well-made and will be a beautiful addition to your home. It’s possible you like the idea of faux ivy but don't want a fence. Then you can check out Artificial Ivy Garland which is primarily for decoration.

Aleko 94 X 39 Inches Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen Artificial Hedge Fencing or Wall Outdoor Décor


Aleko was established in 2005 as a small family business. In recent times it has grown, and its motto is to provide gate products and other related accessories at affordable prices without compromising quality standards.

The Aleko Privacy Fence Screen is a high quality 94" × 39" faux ivy fence. With realistic-looking leaves made from fade-resistant polyester, it is great for backyard events. It takes a short time to set up, is easy to attach to a fence and is also easy to maintain.

If you want to reclaim your privacy and add some greenery to your premises without maintenance, check out Windscreen4less Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence. This fence adds nature-like beauty to your home. If you are looking for something more flexible, then go for the Windscreen4less Expandable Faux Ivy Fence.that is very expandable. It can be stretched across any wall or balcony.

Windscreen4less Artificial Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence Screen Decoration Panels Windscreen Patio – Available in 4 Sizes


Windscreen4less is a fence manufacturing company that is currently located in Pomona, California, with its manufacturing facility in China. Its motto is to achieve superior customer satisfaction and promote growth for both the brand and its customers.

The Windscreen4less Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence is a strong and durable artificial ivy screen. It is light and easy to install on any wooden or metal fence. Other features include:

  • Mesh backing for added privacy
  • Snap-on panels for ease of connection
  • UV treated to prevent fading due to sunlight
  • No watering required for ease of maintenance

It has a one-year warranty for manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Want more privacy when you lounge in your backyard? Natrahedge has many great products to help you. Its Dark Green Ivy Roll provides more privacy and adds beauty to your property. Natrahedge has a wide variety of different styles to choose from ,not just ivy. For example, if you want a pop of color, you may love the NatraHedge Artificial Lavender privacy panels with RealLeaf Technology that provides unmistakably lifelike appearance.

Natrahedge Artificial Dark Green Ivy Roll – 94” x 39”


Natrahedge has a reputation for upholding quality and creativity. It strives to improve its products constantly with the main mission of manufacturing the best artificial hedges in the world.

The Natrahedge Dark Green Ivy Roll is made with UV-proof, fade-resistant polyester ivy leaves. It takes only a few minutes to install and is perfect for front yards, backyards, balconies, special events and many more. It is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

If you don't like how your fence looks, you should check out Best Choice Products for fencing decorations. The Faux Ivy Privacy Fence is great for covering an unattractive fence. Need some privacy inside? Best Choice also offers Folding Freestanding Room Divider Privacy Screens.

Best Choice Products Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen 94" X 39" Artificial Hedge Fencing Outdoor Décor


Best Choice Products was established in 2002 and is based in Ontario, Canada. It has over 1,400 stock keeping units, and its mission is to manufacture merchandise and sell high quality products at competitive prices while ensuring impeccable customer service.

The Best Choice Products Faux Ivy Privacy Fence is a light, artificial ivy fence. Its leaves are made of fade-resistant polyester and it is very easy to install. It does not require watering. This artificial hedging provides realistic greenery for your indoor or outdoor space. You can choose from 94x39-inch, 94x59-inch, or 96x72-inch rolls of leaf and vine privacy fence wall screen.

Expandable Faux Ivy Privacy Fence — How to Choose the Best Artificial Hedge Fence for Your Home

Most of us value our privacy, and while the interior of our homes is often shielded from prying eyes, our yard, porches and gardens are exposed. Building a brick wall takes a lot of time and money, and threading metal wire around the property doesn’t do much for the aesthetics, so what do you do?

Since you cannot build a high wall fence around your property (takes lots of time, money, not to mention the legal headache) but must have a form of demarcation between you and the neighbor, what better way to maintain your privacy than to get a faux ivy fence installed around the perimeter of your house?

The faux ivy fence is a synthetic vegetative hedge that beautifies and protects your property from nosy neighbors who’d likely be spying on your outdoor grilled barbeque party, especially when they didn’t get an invite. With a faux ivy fence, you can indulge in whatever recreational or exercise activity you like away from prying eyes of the neighbors. It’s also a great way of covering unsightly chain links or metal wires that may have been used for fencing.

With the faux ivy fence, you don’t have to dig up the ground just to plant some greenery and wait for years for them to grow.

When it comes to faux ivy fences, you need a quality product that will adequately cover your property and last for a long time. Things like the material, leaf hanger, type and care are some factors to consider when shopping for the right faux ivy fence. Checking out the price and comparing with your budget is also an important part of the equation.


Video: Tips & Tricks For Perfect Hedging | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

Tips and Tricks for your Hedge. | Courtesy of Great Home Ideas

Faux ivy fences are pretty affordable with prices ranging from $20.00 for the low-end types to $60.00 for the high-end models. The price is mostly determined by the type of coverage, whether its double-sided or one-sided coverage. You’d expect a double-sided faux ivy fence to cost more because of the additional materials invested in it and the better protection it offers.

Our featured faux ivy fences are from reputable brands and are guaranteed to give you the best value for your money. They all fall within the given price range which means that no matter your budget, you’ll have the privacy you desire. In the course of our research, we came across some cheap faux ivy fences with sparse foliage that wouldn’t afford even a modicum of privacy. Stick with us and you’ll get value and privacy at an affordable price.


A great faux ivy fence for natural-looking privacy is at your fingertips if you follow the pointers given below:

  • Type of coverage offered
  • Manufacturing material
  • Care of the foliage
  • Leaf or foliage hanger
Construction and Design

A faux ivy fence is better if it looks as natural as possible. For this reason, most brands use polyester material to manufacture their faux ivy fence foliage. Polyester material mimics the natural green foliage better than any other material and gives you a natural-looking ivy fence. Even at close quarters, you may not believe that some polyester faux ivy fences are not real green foliage.

Another material widely used in faux ivy fence is polyethylene, but this doesn’t give the same natural look and feel as polyester (although it’s more affordable).

Be sure to confirm the manufacturing material of the desired faux ivy fence, as this also plays an important role in determining how well the product lasts.

Another important feature to consider is the type of coverage you need. If you want total privacy, then you’re better off with a double-sided faux ivy fence.

A double-sided faux ivy fence has foliage covering hung from both sides and gives a much better coverage in terms of privacy and aesthetics. It makes it virtually impossible for a nosy neighbor to get a peek into your property; he’d instead get an eyeful of realistic ivy.

A single-sided faux ivy foliage has foliage hung on one side and offers basic privacy from prying eyes. Depending on the density of the foliage, you can get complete privacy or partial, but it won’t be as full as a double-sided one.

Choosing either depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for your privacy, as the double-sided faux ivy fence costs a lot more than its single-sided cousin.


Video: How to install Artificial Hedges?

Learn How to Install your Artificial Hedges. | Courtesy of Designer Plants
Performance and Ease of Use

Since faux ivy fences don’t require any form of planting to get them started, they’re low maintenance, and once installed, can be left to their own devices for a long while. If you absolutely have to clean them, using the garden hose to wash them is enough for most. For extra shine, you might add some detergent to the water but even this isn’t necessary.

Most polyester faux ivy fences are UV and water-treated so they’re resistant to sunlight and water. This makes them to last longer and resist fading within a short period of time. This means they can be washed as often as you like without fear of the color fading.

Installing a faux ivy fence is easy and straightforward: most of them come with all the required hardware to attach to any existing fence system or pegs. They come with a snap-panel for attachment, zip locks for security or twines for easily tying the strands to the support. All it takes is a few minutes or an hour to get the faux ivy fence in place, depending on the size of your property.

Most faux ivy fences have foliage hung from metal wires, which give plenty of leeway for keen prying eyes. On the other hand, a mesh system foliage hanger ensures that your privacy is secure and effectively keeps away all prying hands and eyes. A mesh foliage hanger system also gives denser foliage covering so if you want a more reliable privacy protective faux ivy fence but cannot afford the double-sided foliage coverage type, then you should ensure that the foliage is hung from a mesh wire system instead.

Get the Best Faux Ivy Privacy Fence of 2023!

We have listed the features of each fence to help you choose what will work best for you. Now that you’ve read through, we hope that you have decided on the features you want and can pick a fence with confidence, giving yourself the privacy you crave.

Our Top Choice
Zeny Artificial Faux Ivy Fence
Best Value
Aleko Privacy Fence Screen
Windscreen4less Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence
Natrahedge Dark Green Ivy Roll
Best Choice Products Faux Ivy Privacy Fence

Faux Ivy Privacy Fence FAQs

What is the most realistic faux ivy privacy fence?
The most realistic faux ivy privacy fence is one that closely mimics a live fence. It resembles a vegetable hedge, even though the material is completely synthetic. As such, it should have leaves as well as flowers to keep away prying eyes from your property. Check out our review for realistic artificial hedges.
Where to erect faux ivy privacy fence?
It would help if you erected a faux ivy privacy fence on the hedge demarcating your house from that of your neighbours. That way, neighbours, visitors, and passersby won’t see what’s going on inside your home.
How much does a faux ivy privacy fence cost?
A faux ivy privacy fence costs anything from $40. The brand and model you choose will determine how much you pay.