Best Fax Machine Reviews 2017

When it comes to shopping for fax machines, there are many options to choose from. There are models where faxing is the primary focus, and there are multi-tasking models which can serve as copy machines and printers too. We’ve picked out a mixture of models to help you on your search to find the best fax machine for your needs.
Our Top Choice
Canon FAXPHONE Laser Fax Machine & Printer
Excellent multifunctional fax machine. Good quality brand name. Suitable for home or business use.
High speed faxing. 450 page internal memory. High print quality.
Some isolated jamming complaints.
Best Value
Brother IntelliFax-2840 Fax Machine
High-quality, multi-tasking, compact machine for an affordable price.
Great value for money. 2.5 seconds per page transmission speed. High-quality printing.
Only small starter cartridge (700 page yield).
Panasonic KX-FP215 Fax with Answering System
A great compact machine for anyone with general faxing needs.
Complete basic fax, copy and answer machine functions.
Slow modem speed not suitable for large business needs.
HP OJ 7612 Wireless Photo Printer, Scanner & Fax
Excellent value for money. Good all-rounder machine for a variety of needs.
Multiple functions. Large-scale printing. Color Fax.
Fax slower than other brands. Not as much memory for faxes.
Brother BR-Fax575 Fax Machine
Great, affordable fax machine with extra features for home use and with a sleek design.
Compact design. 9,600 bps modem. 25 page memory.
15 seconds per page transmission speed.

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How Do I Choose the Best Fax Machine?

Before you can select what fax machine is best for you, you need to ask yourself some questions, the answer to which will have a big impact on the model you eventually purchase.
  • How often will you send and receive faxes? The more you fax, the more you will want to consider factors such as speed and cost per page (as compared to just the initial cost of the machine).
  • Will you be using the fax machines quite frequently and will you need to have a dedicated fax machine with its own phone line? If not it won’t be used all the time, you most likely be able to get a fax machine that can run one of your existing lines.
  • What quality do you need for the actual results? If all you need is the fax machine to receive information, then quality won’t matter as much. But if you need to receive documents that look as good as something you ran off a printer, then you definitely want one with better print quality - most likely an all-in-one style printer and fax combination, maybe even one that does color photo quality.
  • Do you want a machine that can do more than just send and receive faxes? A basic fax machine will also be able to take phone calls, scan and make some copies. But more advanced models can serve both as a real copy machine, but also a printer that can be connected directly to your computer.
Once you know how often you will be using your fax machine and a general idea of what you need it to do, there are several factors that you need to consider to make sure that you get one that will serve your purposes.
When we talk about the “cost” of a fax machine there really are three things to consider:
  • Initial Cost – How much money are taking out of your pocket to buy it?
  • Value for Your Money – Is what you are paying worth what you getting? Will you save money if you purchase a good quality all in one fax machine as compared to buying a fax machine, copier and printer separately?
  • Cost Per Page – Just like a printer, there are expenses associated with using a fax machine. Does it require special paper? For example, if you go with a inkjet fax, how many pages can you print before having to replace the cartridge?
  • Repairs and Maintenance – In addition to the cost to print and receive faxes, repairs and maintenance play a factor in how much you will “spend” over the time period you own your fax machine. For more expensive models, you might even consider extending the manufacture’s warranty or adding a service plan.
In the end, the type, quality and features that a model offers will impact the lifetime cost of ownership of your fax machine.
There are a lot of great fax machines that go beyond the basic extra functions of scanning and taking phone calls. You can get ones that can not only print and copy at the highest quality. In this section we will cover all the things that you can do besides transmitting information over a phone line.
Construction and Design
It goes without saying that your fax machine should be built to last – from good quality materials. The moving parts, like the paper tray, the headset, and the dialing system should work nicely and not break down during normal use. You will also need to consider the size of the fax machine. With all the advances in technology, fax machines in general are smaller than they used to be, but if you are going for a multi-functional fax machine, it will take up space. It doesn’t hurt if this piece of office equipment looks sharp either.

In addition to the actual construction of a fax machine, you also need to consider its functionality. For the purpose of our discussion, we are going to separate the functions of a fax machine into two components -- the features it has that are specific to faxing, scanning and phone calls and the features that it has for other uses. We are doing it this way because this is a review about fax machines, not office equipment that does faxes. This doesn’t mean that when you are shopping for a fax machine you shouldn’t consider whether it is a multi-functional model but if you need to do faxes, then it’s important that a machine do that well.

In terms of the types of fax machines, there are three and you will have to decide what one works best for your needs. They each use a different type of printing technology.
  • Ribbon Transfer Fax Machine – This type of machine is good for people who don’t do a lot of faxes (and who don’t want to spend the money on a fax machine that provides other functions). The print quality and speed are slow but they get the job done. These machines have the lowest initial cost but actually have the highest cost per page. Ribbons do have to be replaced, but if you only use this fax machine once in a while, it is a good way to save money.
  • Inkjet Fax Machine – Just like a printer, this type of fax machine uses cartridges to print – both faxes and if you are using it as a copier or printer. You can get monochrome or color inkjet fax machines. Prices for this type of fax machine fall in the moderate range, as does the cost per page. They produce better print quality at a quicker speed. They are good for businesses or home offices with moderate usage.
  • Laser Fax Machine -- Laser Faxes have the most expensive initial cost, but they have the lowest cost per page. They also print the fastest and produce the best quality print results. While there are some stand alone laser fax machines, when spending the money on a laser machine, most people go for ones that serve more than one function. This helps to reduce the overall cost – especially if you are also in the market for a printer or copy machine.
The other thing that you need to look that is directly related to the fax functionality is the connectivity both in terms of speed for sending and receiving transmissions, as well as how well it serves the purpose of taking calls. Keep in mind that not all fax machines can be used as phones but having a handset on a fax machine is a great convenience because you can talk directly to someone while sending and receiving. They were even more important in the days before mobile phones. We have already talked about print speed and quality a little bit, but there is also transmission speed that needs to be considered. You also want to take a look at how many numbers a fax machine can store in its memory – this is especially important that do a lot of faxing.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to how well a fax machine performs and how easy it is to use, there are several things that you need to consider:
  • Speed – We have already discussed both print and connection speed, but it bears repeating that the quicker a fax machine is, the more efficient it is – and the happier you and everyone in your office will be. In terms of sending and receiving, fax speeds range from about 20 seconds per page to as fast as 2 seconds each.
  • Print Quality – Here’s another one of those obvious ones, but if a fax machine is capable of better quality printing, then you are simply going to get better results. Lower end fax machines produce results that are pretty much just for “informational transfer”– you know, those pages of paper with grey, smeared printing? More expensive machines that are designed to serve as printers can produce super high quality results – some can even do color photos!
  • Paper Tray Capacity – How often do you need to add paper? Unlike when you are using a printer and can see that you have run out of paper, if there’s no paper, you won’t get your fax.
  • Memory – This is the amount of information that your fax machine can “hold” on to. Lower end fax machines hold about 25 pages in memory, which means that if someone wants to send you something longer, they will have to do it in pieces. Memory also holds the information in the event of an empty paper tray or a power outage. It also stores incoming faxes if someone is using the machine as a phone. Higher end, business class fax machines can hold up to 500 pages in memory.
  • Page Yield – Page yield is the number of pages that you can print before having to change the “print medium” source, for example the ribbon or ink cartridge. The higher the page yield, the more efficient a machine will be.
Another great feature that many of the more advanced models have that is huge convenience factor is wireless connection to your computer. Some take it even further and offer a Wi-Fi connection which lets you send documents for printing or sending direct from your mobile device from wherever you are.

In addition to all these factors that will determine both how efficient a fax machine is and the quality of results you get, there is another thing to consider in terms of performance and making your life easier -- after all, isn’t that what office equipment is supposed to do? Simply put, a great fax machine will be the ultimate multi-tasker and will do more than transmit faxes. Today’s modern fax machines are truly pieces of all-in-one office equipment.

What is the Best Fax Machine?

Now that we understand the different factors that are important when selecting a new fax machine, let’s take a look at some of the better options available. Ultimately the fax machine you get will depend upon the functions that you need it to perform.
Our Top Choice
With the multifunctional FaxPhone L170 by Canon you get the performance of a laser printer, the capabilities of a fax machine and a convenient phone handset – all in one – great for any small business or home office. Cannon also has a model that includes a copy machine too.
Canon FAXPHONE Monochrome Multifunction Laser Fax and Printer


The Canon FAXPHONE Laser Fax & Printer has everything you could need in a fax machine, making it our top choice. Whenever we think of faxing, (which we admit, is not that often) we think of standing over a machine for hours, feeding paper through one by one and then receiving a fax back that is hardly readable. Okay, now we realize our view on faxing is clearly from the stone-age. With the Canon FAXPHONE you can print up to 19 Pages per Minute with a 33.6 Kbps Fax Modem Speed. That makes the transmission speed just 3 seconds per page! Canon’s FAXPHONE L170 has a modem speed of 33.6 Kbps and wit up to 32 numbers ready to go on speed dial.

If you’re choosing to spend almost $500 on your new office equipment then we're sure you want to know just what you’re getting for your money. When discussing specs & features of any machine things can get confusing and numbers begin to blur. When deciding that Canon would be our “top choice” for fax machines, considerable research and tirelessly scrolling through information had to be done. We hope that with this list you will never have to do that.

Here’s our comprehensive list of the most important features of the Canon FAXPHONE L170.
  • 19 Pages Per Minute print speed
  • Up to 450 Pages of Memory
  • 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • 33.6 Kbps Modem Speed
  • 100 coded dialings and 32 speed dials
  • 1200 x 600 dpi Resolution
  • 406 x 391 dpi maximum print quality
  • USB Laser Printer
  • Telephone Handset
With all these high quality features outlined, it’s easy to see how the Canon FAXPHONE L170 surpassed all other fax machines to take the medal of our Top Choice.
Construction and Design
Although this review is about fax machines, with the Canon L170 you get so much more. It combines a fax machine, telephone handset and a USB laser printer in one to ensure you don’t need to clutter your home or work office with 3 separate machines. The FAXPHONE L170 measures 20.4 x 23 x 13.7 inches and weighs 24.7 lbs, making it on the larger side compared with some models we will be discussing, although understandable when you consider what capabilities this one machine has.

While it’s not the sharpest looking fax machine we’ve seen, the L170 is durable and easy to use which are both essential factors when you’re considering investing in new office equipment. The handset is set aside from the machine with all the necessary speed dialing buttons close to hand. We particularly like the set up on top of the machine with simple function buttons to switch between fax and copy.
Performance and Ease of Use
When opting to buy a new product sometimes the best judge of its efficiency and value for money are customers themselves. Our research into the Canon FAXPHONE Laser Fax & Printer revealed that 61% of Amazon users would rate it 5 stars. As with any product, some customers had criticism to offer. Overall, some isolated issues with paper jams appeared to be the main cause for concern. In terms of performance and ease of use, the world of fax machines can get confusing, especially when you’re trying to compare them all at once to get the best product possible.

In this section, let’s focus on the 5 most important features of your new fax machine.
  • Speed- As mentioned before the Canon FAXPHONE Monochrome (B/W) Laser Multifunction Fax Machine and Printer (don’t worry, we won't say that again!) has an excellent fax speed of 3 seconds per page meaning you won’t have to worry about spending your valuable time standing over a the machine.
  • Print Quality- This particular fax machine will produce 1200 x 600 dpi quality when printing. Canon offers different fax resolution settings with the L170, depending on what quality you need for each fax. You can choose among Standard: 203 x 98 dpi; Fine: 203 x 196 dpi; Super Fine: 203 x 391 dpi; Ultra Fine: 406 x 391 dpi or UHQ (Ultra High Quality) Enhanced Imaging. Having the freedom to decide what quality your fax will be is a great advantage both in terms of quality, speed and cost per page. Now, if like us, your head hurts already from all those numbers and abbreviations, it might be easier and more constructive for you to know that customers felt ”the print quality is superb”.
  • Paper Tray Capacity- With a 250-sheet cassette tray capacity the L170 is sure to be able to handle your large scale needs. In terms of ease of use, the 50 sheet automatic document feeder could save you heaps of time and effort; making this model stand out from the rest.
  • Memory- Ok, this is another area where the FAXOHONE L170 leaps out from the page at us (slightly scary thought!) with a 450 page transmission reception memory. Basically, you don’t need to worry about a power outage or empty paper tray, you will always receive your faxes.
  • Page Yield- The Canon L170 uses the S35 monochrome laser cartridge which Canon claims has a yield of 3,500 pages but only using 5% coverage documents. In reality, reviews are understandably mixed based on individual usage.
In conclusion, the FAXPHONE performs like any business class fax machine should, producing high quality faxes in a reasonable time. But ultimately, what do we really want from our fax machines? We think ease of use would be top on most people’s list, and in this respect, the L170 excels with a manual that is ”clear & easy to follow” and large, simple function buttons on top of the machine definitely has that covered.
Best Value
Just right for your home office or small business, the compact sized IntelliFax-2840 by Brother sends faxes, scans and copies clearly and quickly.Brother also makes a business class laser fax it you have higher demands.
Brother IntelliFax High Speed Monochrome Laser Fax Machine

Brother FAX-2840 Fax Machine

As opposed to the Canon L170 we previously discussed, the Brother IntelliFax-2840 Fax Machine is sleek in its compact design. The machine measures just 14.7” x 14.6” x 12.2” and weighs 19.8lbs. It seems to be the ideal size for home or small-business use. Brother’s energy efficient fax machine can be use for both voice calls and faxes on the same phone line.

When it comes to a bargain, most customers are understandably skeptical. Why is it so cheap? What’s wrong with it? What is it missing? These questions spring to mind when we find a product that seems too good to be true. When choosing our Best Value product we do not look at price alone but at the combination of price for the features you receive.

Take a look at this list of just what you will be getting with your Brother FAX-2840 Fax Machine.
  • 222 auto dialing stations
  • 272 broadcast locations
  • 250 sheet paper tray capacity
  • Auto document feeder up to 20 pages
  • Fax memory up to 400 pages
  • 33.6 Kbps modem speed
  • 50 timers for delayed fax transmission
  • Great value replacement toner cartridges
  • A fax machine, printer, copier and scanner in one compact machine
There it is. It’s easy to see how the IntelliFax 2840 was crowned the Best Value fax machine in this review offering copious great features at a reasonable price.
Construction and Design
The size of the 2840 does not detract from its functionality. The IntelliFax can handle all your faxing, scanning, copying and printing needs in one solid, energy-efficient model. Having a telephone handset is a standard asset of most fax machines, however, Brother has gone one step further into incorporating a phone which can receive voice calls and faxes on the same line. The IntelliFax-2840 has 22 one-touch keys, 200 speed dial locations and 272 broadcast locations.

One major consideration when buying a fax machine is not only the initial cost, but how much it costs to maintain and run. We have chosen the Brother IntelliFax High Speed Monochrome Laser Fax Machine as our Best Value product for a number of reasons. After buying your fax machine it’s safe to say the highest additional cost you will incur is for the ink cartridge. Brother IntelliFax offers a free starter cartridge with a yield of up to 700 pages. Depending on the frequency you use your fax machine this could last for months or just weeks. When it comes to replacing the toner cartridge, Brother exclusively offers a high capacity solution with the TN450 High-Yield Toner Cartridge (2,600 pages), a perfect solution for those with higher faxing requirements.
Performance and Ease of Use
Based on the 212 reviews given on Amazon for the Brother FAX-2840 High Speed Mono Laser Fax Machine, 84% gave it a 4 or 5 star review, giving the product an overall impressive score of 4.5 out of 5. As we know, no product is perfect. A recurring complaint of the product’s DEEP SLEEP mode was a cause for concern, however, it was soon established that this function could simply be turned off with no resulting problems.

For those who aren’t all that tech savvy, the task of having to set up a fax machine can be daunting. Never fear, with the Brother 2840 several customers stated that ”setup was super easy” so no need to worry! To make it as easy as possible for you to compare, let’s stick to the same format as before when we evaluate performance and look at the 5 top specs.
  • Speed- With the Brother IntelliFax 2840 you can expect quick fax speed at approximately 2.5 seconds per page. That narrowly outstrips the Canon L170. However, with the same strength 33.6 Kbps fax modem speed you can perhaps expect a similar faxing speed in reality.
  • Print Quality- When it comes to quality, this model excels. Boasting a maximum print quality of 2400 x 600 dpi, customers really notice the difference with the ”superior quality” of the 2840.
  • Paper Tray Capacity- Offering a capacity of up to 250 sheets, the Brother IntelliFax really is great value for money. The only downfall possibly is the limited 20 page automatic document feeder capability, however, whether this is a major draw-back depends on your personal needs and requirements.
  • Memory- With up to 400 page fax memory, it seems the Brother 2840 model just keeps on delivering. However, it’s been noted that this machine will not save faxes in the event of a power outage, definitely something to consider when thinking of purchasing this model.
  • Page Yield- The page yield per toner cartridge is an excellent indicator of value for money and perhaps why IntelliFax 2840 stole the spot as Best Value in our review. Brother provides a free starter cartridge with each purchase that has a 700 page yield. To provide its customers with the best chance at value for money Brother offer the TN420 Standard Yield Toner Cartridge (1, 200 pages), or the TN450 High-Yield Toner Cartridge (2, 600 pages). With an estimated cost of $43.19, this can put the cost per page to as low as 1.6 cents.
Ultimately, for the cost of this machine, the performance rates are excellent and definitely surpass requirements for home or small business use.
The compact sized Panasonic KX-FP215 won’t take up much space but it does a lot – faxes, copies, collates, makes phone calls and records messages too! Panasonic also makes laser fax machines as well.
Panasonic Compact Plain Paper Fax Machine and Copier with Digital Answering System

Panasonic KX-FP215 Fax - White

The Panasonic KX-FP215 Fax with Answering System is a compact fax machine, which can also receive calls and record messages. Panasonic has used digital compression technology to improve the call quality and reduce echo or clipping. At just 7.9 x 14 x 4.2 inches and 7.7 pounds, the KX-FP215 is about as compact as they come, easily fitting into any office setting.

Fax and copying services are interchangeable with easy-to-use function buttons on the top of the machine. By including an all digital answering system, the Panasonic Compact Fax Machine can receive calls, messages and faxes, all while you’re away. The LCD display is 2 lines x 16 characters and will display memory contents, time/date, number dialed and operating mode.
The KX-FP215 Fax Machine by Panasonic uses digital compression technology so can enjoy natural sounding phone calls.

For basic needs, the Panasonic KX-FP215 Fax – White is a great addition to your office equipment with many extra features to better your faxing experience. Some of these features include:
  • Digital Answering Machine
  • Digital Compression Technology
  • LCD display
  • 25 page storage memory
  • 14.4 Kbps modem speed
  • Copier functions (enlargement, reduction, collation and multi-copying)
  • Thermal Transfer Printing
  • 20 sheet capacity
  • 10 sheet auto document feeder
  • 18 greetings for answer machine
  • 20 broadcast locations
With all these features the Panasonic KX-FP215 Fax and Answering Machine is a great choice if you need something small, but able to perform multiple functions including copying and recording and storing phone messages.
Construction and Design
The Panasonic Compact Plain Paper Fax Machine and Copier with Digital Answering System (please, why do they have to make these names so long) is a ribbon transfer style fax machine. Once the ink has run out the roll will need be replaced with the appropriate Ribbon Refill for Panasonic KX-FP215. Unfortunately, the yield per roll is just 80 sheets (not great when we compare it to the 2,600 pages of the Brother 2840). However, this is perfectly acceptable for personal use, or a small business that doesn’t need to use the faxing function that often – and that has a separate printer.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you know, we like to provide you with quality informative reviews that should help you make a decision as to which fax machine is right for you. From 108 reviews, 72% of users gave the Panasonic Machine 4 or 5 stars. Some vague criticisms were shared about paper tray size with some isolated paper jam issues.

When it comes to performance, the KX-FP215 Fax Machine will operate all basic faxing and copying needs essential for personal use.
  • Speed- This compact machine offers a 14.4 Kbps modem speed which equates to 8 seconds per page transmission speed. Although this is the lowest transmission speed we’ve seen so far, it would be more than acceptable for infrequent use.
  • Print Quality- With 64-level half-tone resolution the Panasonic Fax & Answering Machine offers high enough quality for regular faxes. Ultimately, if all you need a fax machine for infrequent faxing where quality isn’t essential, this machine can provide that at an affordable price and in a compact exterior.
  • Paper Tray Capacity- A 20 sheet input capacity that the Panasonic provides should be sufficient for any low level faxing needs. Without the need for a large paper tray, the Panasonic Fax Machine can retain its compact design and light weight.
  • Memory- For a small machine, a 25 page built in transmission memory is relatively impressive. You won’t have to worry about missing a fax while you’re gone or the paper tray is empty (a nifty way to save space).
  • Page Yield- Each refill cartridge will yield 80 pages. Not a phenomenal number but a perfectly reasonable expectation for this size machine.
Overall, the functions and performance of this model are exactly as we would expect; not as amazing as the high-end (more expensive) multi-functioning machines by Canon and Brother, but definitely good enough to serve as a sturdy fax, answering machine and copier.
The HP Officejet 7612 Wireless e-All-in-One is at true multi-tasking piece of office equipment – it faxes, scans, prints and copies – in black & white, or super eye-catching color! You may also want to check out the newer model, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610.
HP Officejet Wireless Wide Format e-All-in-One – Color Photo Printer & Fax

HP OJ 7612 (G1X85A#B1H)

The HP Officejet 7612 Wireless Photo Printer, Scanner & Fax is by far the most professional and sleek looking machine we’ve evaluated.With the Officejet Wireless Photo Printer, Scanner & Fax Machine by Hewlett-Packard you can print amazing quality photos and documents in a wide range of sizes.

Where to start? It could take me until tomorrow if I tried to tell you all the specific features the 7612 offers. So we will try to limit it to the most prominent features.
  • Print, copy, fax, scan, web
  • Up to 100 page fax memory
  • Black & White and Color Fax
  • Up to 300 x 300 dpi fax resolution
  • broadcast in 48 locations
  • ENERGY STAR 2.0 qualified
  • 24.29 x 19.89 x 11.69 inches
  • LCD Touch screen display
  • Up to 12,000 pages monthly duty cycle
  • Up to 33 ppm print speed
  • HP Thermal Inkjet Print Technology
  • Up to 99 copies at one time
Like we said, we could go on for days. The essential factors depend on what you specifically want your fax equipment to do. If you need a high quality, fast, efficient fax machine for regular use and you already own a printer, you might not want to spend the extra dollar for this all-in-one machine but opt for equipment that focuses solely on faxing.
Construction and Design
The smooth, glossy black finish of the HP Officejet 7612 gives it a bold look; that as well as its imposing size! Stretching 24.29 x 19.89 x 11.69 inches, the Officejet 7612 will not just fit in anywhere in your office. And once you’ve found the perfect home for your new Printer, Scanner, Fax Machine you’ll probably be inclined to leave it there as it weighs in at an impressive 38.8 lbs.

A true All-in-One machine, the HP boasts functions to print, copy, scan, fax and use the web. Its printing capabilities include eye-catching color prints in a range of sizes and water resistant documents (if using specific ColorLok paper). Combined with the large 11 x 17 inch copying station and an extra large 250 sheet paper tray you needn’t worry, all your printing and copying needs are covered with the e-all-in-one HP OJ 7612.

A function we have not seen yet in the models that we have discussed, the OJ 7612, is wireless and using its 2.65” LCD display with TouchSmart Frame, you can connect to business apps where you can print, store and access documents right from the display. Another aspect of having wireless technology is being able to print from a smart phone or tablet, wherever you are, with no need to worry about accessing your computer or untangling endless cables.

We need to point out that the HP OJ 7612 is more of a printer with fax functions, than a fax machine with printing function. What that means is that it goes above and beyond regarding what it can do as a printer, but the faxing functions are more on the basic side (which might be exactly what you need). Also, the lack of telephone handset is worth noting if this is an important factor for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
From 132 reviews 50% gave the HP Wireless Printer 5 stars. Combining this with all other reviews, Amazon users rated this product an overall 4.2 out of 5. Some criticisms included not being able to print borderless pages and other unique discrepancies regarding specific functions. But the reality is, when a single product offers so many functions, it will never be perfect.

As opposed to previous machines we have discussed, the HP model performs the most functions, some very specific. This is great if you need to print business cards, brochures or leaflets, all at different sizes and paper quality (are willing to sit and read through the manual to learn about just how to complete those functions). If you are not a technology expert and just want a machine for simple printing, copying and faxing, the Officejet 7612 might be a bit too technical for your needs.

According to reviews, the HP Officejet Wireless Wide Format e-All-in-One – Color Photo Printer & Fax performs almost flawlessly. If you are looking for a machine specifically to fax, but enjoy having the added extras to print and copy too, you will want to assess the specific performance of faxing alone.

Here’s a comparable list of how the fax functions work on the OJ e-All-in-One.
  • Speed- As the HP 7612 is primarily a printer/copier the faxing seems to have taken a back seat. At 4 seconds per page, it performs mediocre compared with other brands.
  • Print Quality- The fax resolution can reach up to 300 x 300 dpi. This as well is fairly average; however, what is not average is the color fax option. The HP fax function can also fax in color up to 200 x 200 dpi, great if this is one of your faxing requirements.
  • Paper Tray Capacity- With the imposing size it can be expected the HP model will have a large paper capacity. The 7612 has the standard 250 page paper tray with no capability for an extra tray (a little disappointing). However, it can hold up to 30 envelopes and has an automatic document feeder.
  • Memory- Overall, the HP Officejet has a memory of 256MB, however, it has just 100 page fax memory, a little underwhelming compared with the Canon and Brother competitors.
  • Page Yield- The page yield is relatively disappointing on this model. The standard black ink cartridge yields just 400 pages, with the XL Black Officejet Ink Cartridge yielding 1000 pages. Of course, this all depends on what documents you are printing and their quality.
The HP Officejet Printer is clearly a great multi-functional machine if you are not concerned about losing out on some fax capabilities along the way.
With its compact and stylish design, the Brother’s Personal Fax Machine, Phone, and Copier is a great choice for personal use, home office or small business with light volume fax and copying needs. Brother also makes models designed for the higher volume needs of bigger businesses.
Brother Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier - Thermal Transfer 50-Sheet Input Capacity 9, 600 Bps

BR-Fax575 Fax

The design of the Brother BR-Fax575 Fax Machine is simple and compact whilst still incorporating many essential faxing features. This fax device allows you to take calls and fax on a single phone line – and its compatible with many caller ID and distinctive ring detection services offered by your carrier.

Considering this machine was created to be a simple, affordable faxing machine, it can perform a variety of functions that can also be seen on the high-end equivalents. Here are some we thought worth noting.
  • Ribbon Transfer Technology
  • B/W Fax
  • 3 delayed transmission timers
  • Up to 25 page memory
  • 15 second transmission speed
  • 9,600 bps modem
  • 10 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Broadcasting in 104 locations
  • Copying up to 99 sheets
  • Copy reduction and enlargement 50% - 150%
  • 11.9"x10.5"x13.4"
For the incredible price of $43.92 we think Brother provide some excellent features in their BR-Fax575 model. If you need a small fax machine that can handle day to day faxing, phone and copying needs this could be the fax machine for you.
Construction and Design
The space saving design of the BR-Fax575 Fax allows it to fit effortlessly into your home office or small business location. With the added benefit of fax and voice calls on one line you don’t need to worry about the additional cost an extra phone line could incur. Using Ribbon Transfer Technology you could be worried about changing the printing medium. Luckily, Brother is one-step ahead and has ensured all print cartridges are fully assembled and easy to change.

With unit dimensions of 11.9"x10.5"x13.4" and weighing just 5.5 lbs this is the smallest model we’ve seen – but it still incorporates so many functions. The BR-Fax575 includes a telephone handset with the option of connecting an answering machine as well. The telephone sports speed dial to 100 locations, redial, distinctive ring detection and caller ID. It seems Brother has successfully included all the essential workings of an excellent fax machine into a little piece of equipment.
Performance and Ease of Use
No matter what we think of a product we always try to provide a comprehensive overview to give you all the information you need to make a purchase. According to our trusty reviews on Amazon, the Brother BR-Fax575 Fax Machine is worth 4.2 out of 5 stars – and is one of their top selling fax machines! An encouraging 59% of reviewers gave this product a 5 star review. There were some reports of inadequate fax quality however no consistent problems appeared throughout the reviews.

We know the Fax 575 uses Ribbon Transfer Technology therefore we can assume it will be slower than the laser and inkjet machines we have compared here. However, this is not necessarily a limitation as the Brother Personal Fax Machine makes up for it with style and other capabilities.
  • Speed- The best speed recorded by Brother was 15 seconds per page, a world away from the 2.5 seconds per page seen by its brother (excuse the pun) machine, the IntelliFax 2840. Surprisingly, the 575 does have a 9,600 bps Fax modem speed.
  • Print Quality- The maximum quality you can expect from your faxes is 203 x 392 lpi, not a bad output for such a small, affordable machine.
  • Paper Tray Capacity- With a 50 sheet input capacity and 10 page automatic document feeder, you will not have to worry about missing a fax. The Brother BR-Fax575 can handle all your faxing needs for home or even a small business.
  • Memory- In this respect the Brother matches its counterpart Panasonic KX-FP215 with up to 25 page memory storage, again impressive for a compact fax machine.
  • Page Yield- The replacement refills for this model offer up to 150 page yield per refill, almost double that of the Panasonic. However, disappointingly, Brother only provides a starter cartridge with a 30 page yield.
The idea of this model is it is small, compact and easy to use. If you want to fax, you can, if you want to receive calls, you can and if you want to copy, you can. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, if your priority is to find a higher quality printer, that also faxes, one of the other models might be a better choice for you.

Get the Best Fax Machine of 2017!

We hope that this information has given you a good overview of the different types of fax machines available on the market today. We know that any one of these would be a good, affordable choice for your small business, home office or just for personal use.

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