Best Fillet Knife Reviews 2022

Every one of us enjoys a good meal that consists of some succulent juicy meat, and most times we don’t even think about the process of it getting to our table (especially at a restaurant). But the truth of the matter is that someone has to turn that fresh, slimy salmon into Lemon Dill Salmon with Garlic, White Wine, and Butter Sauce or the bloody cut of beef to tender fillet mignon. These transformations cannot be possible without the use of a good fillet knife. Whether you’ve been using one for a long time or you’ve just decided to buy one, the process of choosing one can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve carried out extensive research and have come up with a list of five top brands, with a product from each. We assure you that any product chosen based on this review will deliver as advertised.
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Blade Length
Our Top Choice
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife
Morakniv has a legacy of generations of excellent craftsmanship. It draws from years of experience to make knives for every conceivable activity/chore at affordable prices.
Ergonomic handle. Comes with a plastic sheath. Two belt clips that can be interchanged. Sharp, rust-resistant, and extra-strong blade made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.
Plastic sheath looks cheaply-made.
3.5 inches
PTE rubber; with belt clip
Stainless steel; straight
Store in sheath; dishwasher-safe
Best Value
Victorinox Pro Boning Knife
Victorinox is the maker of the legendary Swiss Army Knife. All its products follow the same standard, and customers are assured of top quality at affordable prices.
Narrow and firm blade. Strong and rigid design. Long-lasting, anti-slip Fibrox handle. Blade is made of high-quality carbon stainless steel. Easy to use.
Needs constant sharpening.
6 inches
Fibrox; black
Carbon steel; curved; flexible
Hand washing recommended
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
Rapala, a fishing tackle firm, offers a wide range of products that cover all things fishing, providing all that’s needed for a successful fishing expedition at affordable prices.
Long power cord. Comfortable and easy-to-grip handle. Durable and noiseless heavy-duty motor. Replaceable blade. Great for larger fish.
No carrying case or cover.
7.5 inches
Stainless steel; straight
Dishwasher-safe without the cord
Kershaw Fillet Knife with Sheath
Kershaw is an expert producer of knives. Known for top quality and craftsmanship, its products are designed for lifetime performance and customer satisfaction.
Blade is manufactured from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel. Anti-rust blade. Durable, ergonomic handle. Luminous accents on handle. Hand protectors on either side of handle.
Doesn’t fit well into sheath.
7 inches
Co-polymer; central contour
Stainless steel; straight
Mercer Culinary Millennia Fillet Knife
Mercer sees itself as synonymous with premium-quality cutlery. It offers products with cutting-edge technology that enhances the kitchen experience of its customers.
Semi-flexible and narrow blade. Top-quality material is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. Comfortable and slip-resistant handle. Finger guards.
May become dull rather quickly.
8 inches
Stainless steel; narrow; flexible
Easy blade maintenance

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What is the Best Fillet Knife?

It’s an erroneous statement for anyone to say that a particular product is the best fillet knife available. Products are considered best based on it meeting the requirement of the user. To be able to get the best fillet knife for you, you need to pay attention to the features reviewed below to see which one fits the bill now that you have an understanding of what you require.
Our Top Choice
The Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade is perfect for deboning meat and cleaning and filleting fish. You no longer have to struggle to clean out your catch! If you’re looking for something different at a lower price, check out the Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife.

Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade - Available in Two Sizes

Morakniv is a brand with a heritage that spans long generations of craftsmen; it can trace its history to as far back as 1891. A brand with such a history should know something about knives, don’t you think? The business is owned by a family and has a name to protect; that’s why its knives and other outdoor products are of premium quality. Because it isn’t in the business to make a quick buck, but to maintain a legacy that has taken generations to build, it consistently churns out knives and other products that it can proudly identify with. It has knives for every occasion and activity that you can think of, and every one of them is reputed for high performance. And what’s more, they’re all reasonably priced!

The Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife is perfect for deboning meat and cleaning out and filleting fish. The longer one is capable of filleting almost any size of fish, while the shorter length would work well on smaller fish. You no longer have to struggle to clean out your catch with your regular kitchen knife. This specially-designed knife removes the hassles from your fish preparation and gives you the perfect cut that you desire.

It has more great features that include the following:
  • Ergonomic Handle - This enables the user to have and maintain a firm grip on the knife, even with all the slime when cleaning out fish.
  • Comes with a Plastic Sheath - This simple yet strong cover is easy to clean and doesn’t retain odor.
  • Two Belt Clips that Can be Interchanged - This enables the user to either attach it to a belt or pass it through the loop, which makes it quite convenient and safe to carry.
  • Blade is Made of Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel - It’s razor-sharp, stable and firm, extra-tough, and rust-resistant.
  • Comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty – Only a manufacturer that’s confident of its product backs it up with a warranty.
Best Value
The Victorinox 6 Inch Curved Fibrox Pro Boning Knife will make you look like a pro in your kitchen, enabling you to efficiently separate meat from bone with precision for professional and home use! If you’re looking for a good kitchen knife set, the Victorinox 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set is highly recommended, which are quite sharp and made in Switzerland.

Victorinox 6 Inch Curved Fibrox Pro Boning Knife - Available in Two Styles

Victorinox was established in 1884 by Karl Elsener, who is the developer of the "Original Swiss Army Knife". It continues to make exceptional products to this day, which cover a wide range of human endeavors. These products include the renowned and celebrated Swiss Army Knives, watches, fragrances, cutlery, and travel gear. Many customers swear by these products because they have proven their quality and top performance. Its products are guaranteed to satisfy the highest code of excellence, and no matter where they’re made, this code remains uncompromised (however, a good percentage of its products are made in Switzerland). Customers who purchase its products are assured of not only sophisticated designs, but functional and versatile performance at reasonable prices.

No matter your cooking proficiency, the right knife makes any culinary task easier. The Victorinox Pro Boning Knife is one of those task-specific knives that makes you look like a pro in your kitchen. It enables you to efficiently separate meat from bone with precision, and is not only ideal for deboning poultry, fish, and meat in restaurants and professional kitchens, but works perfectly for the home cook. This wonderful kitchen utensil has other great features that include the following:
  • Narrow Blade - This facilitates making deep holes and cuts on meat.
  • Strong and Rigid Design - This makes it easy to use for penetrating tough parts of meat or deboning pork and beef.
  • Long-Lasting Fibrox Handle - The anti-slip feature of the handle makes it easy to use without it slipping out of your hands, while reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Blade is Made of Carbon Stainless Steel - The blade is sharp and of a quality that won’t change color or rust.
The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is powerful and has amazing control for filleting large-sized fish. Compared with standard electric fillet knives, it has two times the blade speed and triple the power. If you’d rather have a manual fillet knife, we recommend the Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet Knife, which features a comfortable handle and a sheath.

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala is one of the leading fishing tackle firms. It’s a worldwide distributor of everything that has to do with fishing, with operations worldwide and products that are designed to equip both the professional fisherman and the hobbyist with everything needed for a successful fishing expedition. Further, it boasts an all-encompassing repertoire of products that can be trusted and are high-performing. Over the years, it has perfected the science of combining functionality, design, and good quality with budget-friendly prices.

The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife has so much capacity that results in amazing control when you have to fillet big fish. The blade has twice the speed and thrice the power of regular electric fillet knives, making it easy to cut backbones, rib bones, and all types of large-sized fish.

It has other features, including the following:
  • Long Power Cord - The cord is eight inches long, which allows you to maneuver around your work table.
  • Comfortable Handle - This makes the knife comfortable to hold and allows you to use it for a long time without fatigue.
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Motor - The motor is strong yet not noisy, and the advanced air flow design helps to cool the motor and keep vibration low.
  • Replaceable Blade - The blade can be alternated with either the long one or the short one, which makes it adaptable to different tasks.
The Kershaw Fillet Knife with Sheath helps you to fillet medium- and large-sized fish without stress. Further, the flexibility of the blade allows it to be maneuvered through fish without breaking. If you need a good pocket knife for the outdoors, we recommend you check out the Kershaw Link Heavy Duty Utility Pocket Knife.

Kershaw Fillet Knife with Sheath - Available in Two Sizes

Kershaw was started in 1974, and it designs and manufactures tools that can be proudly owned and used by anyone who makes use of a knife. It has built a reputation of excellent craftsmanship and good quality over the past forty years, and continues to choose top-quality materials with a dedication to thorough craftsmanship in combination with cutting-edge manufacturing technology. This results in knives that provide high performance for a lifetime; this is why its products have a limited lifetime warranty. Kershaw has remained on the cutting-edge of innovation and revolution in the tools manufacturing industry. It seeks to always be the first to introduce a groundbreaking product for a higher level of ease, convenience, and functionality to its customers. For every Kershaw knife you get, you’re assured of lifelong satisfactory performance.

The Kershaw Fillet Knife helps you fillet medium- and large-sized fish without stress. The flexible design of the blade allows the blade to be maneuvered through fish without breaking to produce the perfect fillet. You no longer have to struggle to clean your catch after a successful fishing expedition! The right tool makes the whole process easier. This wonderful fillet knife has other great features, which include the following:
  • Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel Blade - It’s a high-quality steel that’s highly corrosion-resistant—a feature that’s vital for a utensil often in contact with water.
  • Durable Ergonomic Handle - This allows you to grip the handle comfortably for a long time.
  • Extra Features of the Handle - These include luminous accents that make it easily spotted, especially when fishing. Further, its mixed polymer material makes it slip-resistant, while the hand protectors at either end enable the hand to fit well for a very comfortable grip.
  • Comes with a Sheath – This makes it easy to store or carry.
The Mercer Culinary Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife offers a unique design combined with durability and functionality. It’s ideal for filleting fish, deboning poultry, and shaping and seaming lamb. If you need a Chef’s knife instead, the Mercer Renaissance Chef's Knife is highly recommended, as it’s easy to sharpen and use.

Mercer Culinary Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife

Mercer is a manufacturer of a wide range of culinary utensils that are fabricated to surpass the demands of even the most discriminating of veteran chefs. Its products are of one-of-a-kind designs, made with top-quality materials, and demonstrate committed craftsmanship with a keen attention to detail. This is what endears it to its customers. Mercer is a brand that can be trusted and prides itself in being synonymous with premium-quality cutlery. With three decades in the culinary utensils industry, it’s one of the principal suppliers of culinary tools to over ninety percent of the culinary institutes in North America.

The Mercer Culinary Millennia Fillet Knife is described as semi-flexible and offers a unique design combined with durability and functionality. It’s ideal for filleting fish, deboning poultry, and shaping and seaming lamb. It has the capacity to withstand extreme temperatures in the kitchen and carry out multiple chores, as well. The blade is made from the best-quality Japanese steel and has an edge that’s razor-sharp, providing unrivalled performance. This great tool has some other features, and they are listed below:
  • Semi-Flexible and Narrow Blade - This makes for ease of use for chores that are delicate and require precision.
  • Top-Quality Material - The blade material is also stain-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.
  • Comfortable and Slip-Resistant Handle - The handle is made with material that’s soft and provides a non-slippery grip. This allows you to use the knife safely, as it won’t slip from your hand no matter how slimy the chore.
  • Finger Guards - This protects your fingers and keeps your hand out of the blade's way as you work.

How Do I Choose the Best Fillet Knife?

What could we have ever done without a good set of knives in our kitchen? How did they ever cope in the stone ages? Aren’t you glad you only have to refer to history books to find out? Sure you are! We’re so thankful for all those kitchen utensils that make life easier for us and make meal preparation less stressful than it would be without.

We have so many scrumptious recipes with fancy names such as fillet mignon, Pork Medallions with Autumn Hash, and Grilled Lamb Medallions with Stuffed Bell Peppers. Mouth-watering, right? Yep! We’re already salivating at the thought or imagination of how succulent these meals would be. How possible do you think laying out such fancy dinners would be without the right utensils, such as a good chef knife, food processor, cookware, blenders, cooking thermometers, etc.? It might be possible, but with a high level of stress and effort.

A fillet knife is one of such kitchen utensils that look very basic or ordinary but help you achieve amazing results. You can clean and fillet fish, debone meat, shape and seam your lamb, and generally do all those chores that produce beautiful boneless meat. Whether you’re a Food Network-grade chef or just a home cook who loves to put good food on the table, a good fillet knife is inevitable in your arsenal of culinary tools. There are many designs and styles that you can choose from, and each of them has something to offer.

A professional chef surely knows the value of fillet knives, but some homemakers or novice cooks may think that a regular sharp kitchen knife will achieve the same results; not so! Please continue to read this so that you can find out what makes the difference.
A fillet knife isn’t a budget-breaking item, so one should endeavor to invest in the best that’s available; you can be sure that you get good value for your money. Browsing through the wide variety of fillet knives available, we saw that a good model can be gotten between the range of $10 and $50.

To say that the models in the lower range are inferior would be incorrect. This is because the price of any product is determined by a variety of factors that include material, size, design, and brand, amongst others. However, there are cheap fillet knives lurking the market as well; we don’t advise that you bother to even check them out because most aren’t durable, functional, or versatile.
A fillet knife is different from the regular kitchen knife because it is task-specific. If you were to use a regular kitchen knife to clean and fillet your fish, you would have so much stress and fatigue at the end of the task. There are features that every good fillet knife should have, and some of them are listed below:
  • Type and Size of Blade – Different types of knife blades work well for different tasks. So, determining the most regular chores you’ll need the knife for, should inform you of the type of blade to select.
  • Quality of Blade Material – This affects the functionality and durability of the knife.
  • Sharpness – Check how sharp the knife is or how long it stays sharp, and how often you need to sharpen it.
  • Flexibility of the Blade – This determines the size of fish it can be used for, and the cuts and holes it can make.
  • Handle – This affects how long you can use it comfortably without fatigue.
  • Manual or Electric – This also affects performance and the bulk of task it can perform with ease.
How do these features determine the performance of your purchase? Let’s go into greater detail of the benefits of these features.
Construction and Design
Every knife consists mainly of a blade and a handle, and these two components are the most important parts of the knife.
A good fillet knife should have an ergonomic handle; this is because the handle determines how easy it is to use and how long one can grip it comfortably. Filleting fish or any kind of meat is a slimy chore, so a slip-resistant handle is key for any fillet knife. Most good models have handles that are contoured and patterned to fit the hand comfortably, and are made with soft material that won’t become slippery with use. This design ensures that the knife is stable as you use it and won’t slip from your hand as you work. It also allows you to hold the knife for a longer while without fatigue.

A fillet knife should have a blade that’s flexible so that it can bend to be able to cut through the fish. The size of the fish you most regularly work with should be considered before you choose a knife, as well. This is because the flexible blades are usually better for small fish; the maneuverability is just right for them. But when it comes to large fish, you don’t need a knife that’s too flexible. You’ll need a knife that’s firm enough to cut through the large bulk and rib bones. Remember that fillet knives aren’t used for filleting fish alone; they’re also used for deboning all kinds of meat and shaping/seaming them. So, the firm or semi-flexible blades are ideal for tough and bulky cuts of meat.

A good fillet knife should also have a blade that’s not corrosive, because it will frequently be in contact with kitchen oils, salt, water, and other substances that can corrode metals. So how do you know this from an object that’s shiny on the display shelf? Thankfully, most trusted brands have online sites, and on these there are reviews from verified purchases. This is a good place to get information about vague features like this.
Performance and Ease of Use
The choice between an electric and manual fillet depends largely on the volume of work to be done and the frequency thereof. An electric fillet knife helps you handle a large bulk of filleting, and functions with electricity from either batteries or power outlets. If you’re just an occasional fisherman, a home chef who works with fish occasionally, or one that doesn’t bother with deboning meat of any kind, it’s advised that you get a manual fillet knife. In the same vein, a commercial fisherman or a seafood restaurant would need an electric fillet knife. This is because the electric models help to make short work of that sink-load of fish or other meat that’s needed for the day’s menu. It’s just all about convenience and speed.

The blade of a fillet knife has to be sharp, as this affects the precision and ease of its performance. It’s true that there’s no knife that will remain as sharp as it was at purchase, some weeks or months down the line. But you need to have a knife that doesn’t get dull too soon. For heavy-duty and frequent use, some models have interchangeable blades (they either come with purchase or can be bought separately). This is a good feature because you won’t need to stop your work and go to sharpen your knife; all you do is change the blade and continue your work. As with the issue of verifying the level of anti-corrosion of the blade you’re considering, the longevity of the sharpness can also be confirmed from reviews.

The cleaning and maintenance of a fillet knife is no different from that of a regular kitchen knife. Most knives are recommended for hand-washing only and some brands even go as far as including care and maintenance on their sites. You would do well to read those guidelines, because it will enhance the durability of your purchase.

Get the Best Fillet Knife of 2022!

Whew! We hope this hasn’t been long-winded and that you have gained the understanding we have tried to impart. We’re confident that this information will serve you in good stead as you go shopping for a good fillet knife. Do keep in mind that our featured brands have more than one product in this category, and as you read this review, you may come across another product from the brand that catches your fancy—please go ahead and check it out. Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife
Best Value
Victorinox Pro Boning Knife
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
Kershaw Fillet Knife with Sheath
Mercer Culinary Millennia Fillet Knife