Best Fireplace Insert Reviews 2023

Nothing adds charm and elegance to a room quite like a fireplace. While we all love the ambience and warmth a fire brings to any space, but having a cache of firewood ready and cleaning up afterwards can be a daunting task. Warm up your existing fireplace with a fireplace insert that provides a convenient alternative to burning wood. We’ve researched and compiled 5 of the best fireplace insert brands, and came up with buying advice to help you make the right choice.
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Power Source
Our Top Choice
Dimplex Deluxe Electric Fireplace Insert
Dimplex North America falls under the umbrella of the Glen Dimplex Group in Dublin, Ireland. It supplies a wide range of residential and industrial heating solutions.
Use this electric fireplace with optional heating as an insert to your old fireplace. It provides warmth and ambience with glowing LED logs and embers.
Some users have noticed a background sound when the unit is on.
Faux fireplace insert w/heater
LED lighting with logs
23.2" w x 10.8" d x 19.8” h
Temperature control
Best Value
Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set
Peterson has been manufacturing realistic-looking gas logs for wood-burning fireplaces for over fifty years.
Each Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set is hand-painted by artisans to look just like real burning wood, and it heats up the room with 75,000 BTUs.
It includes four gas logs, not six as advertised.
Vented natural gas oak log set
Natural gas
Hand-painted ceramic oak logs
18”, 21”, 24” width options
Vent-free option available
ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert
ClassicFlame makes great electric fireplaces for the home.
This is a cool contemporary electric fireplace with remote control amber and blue lighting, and optional heating. There are nine modifiable uplights and nine downlights.
The generous width of 36” may not fit into your space. If not, there are smaller sizes available from ClassicFlame.
Contemporary design
LED amber & blue flame lighting
36" w x 7.6" d x 24” h
Thermostat, remote control
Real Flame Convert-to-Gel Fireplace Log Insert
Real Flame makes an extensive line to choose from, including gel-fueled, wood-burning, electric, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces.
This six-piece log set comes with a grate and lava rocks, which give it a more realistic appearance. There is no need for a vent or electric outlet. It's fueled with three gel-cans.
Some assembly is required.
6-piece burning log set w/grate
Real flame gel - 3 cans
Hand-painted cast concrete logs
24.5" w x 13.8" d x 11.5” h
Includes decorative lava rock
AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert
AKDY offers a range of products for your home, including wall-mounted, inserted, and freestanding electric fireplaces.
This fireplace insert comes with a curved glass front, and produces an image of a realistic fire with three heat settings. Simply plug it in and operate it via remote control.
Not available for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.
With burning fire image
Curved glass panel w/image
28" w x 11.5" d x 23.5” h
Thermostat, remote control

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What is the Best Fireplace Insert?

You don’t have to cut down a forest to make a beautiful fire in your home anymore. Imagine not having to clean out the fireplace anymore, too! Our priority is helping you find the right fireplace insert for your home. Therefore, we are confident our buying guide will help you make the right decision. Now, let’s take a quick look at our review of the top 5 fireplace inserts to help you find what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
This is a perfect no-mess solution for your fireplace. Just insert this Dimplex 23” electric fireplace and plug it in for a romantic faux fire with optional heating. If the opening to your fireplace has a more narrow width, you can also select an insert with smaller dimensions, such as the 20” wide Dimplex RLG20 Revillusion Electric Log Set.

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert – Installs in Existing Fireplace

Dimplex North America supplies the United States and Canada with heating solutions. It's part of the large conglomerate of companies that fall under the Glen Dimplex Group, which is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Do you have an old fireplace that you just don’t use anymore, because it is such a hassle to clean? Dimplex has the perfect solution for you with its 23-inch Deluxe Electric Fireplace Insert. It fits into most standard fireplaces, emits glowing embers and offers optional heat. The fireplace can be turned off and on with the remote control, and simply requires a 120-volt electric outlet to use.

Check out the features of this convenient electric fireplace insert:
  • Plugs into a standard electric outlet
  • Round-the-year enjoyment with full, partial, or no heat options
  • Measures 23.2” wide x 19.8” high x 10.8” deep
  • Built-in fan distributes heat up to 400 feet
  • Black trim kit outlines the fire for a more realistic look
  • Fits most existing fireplaces
  • Highly energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Weighs 33 pounds
  • Temperature control and remote control operation
This electric fireplace comes with a one-year warranty on parts.
Best Value
The 18” Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set by Peterson operates on natural gas, and each set is hand-painted for a more realistic look. If you would prefer a larger set of gas-burning logs, the 24” Birch Log Set is another great option.

Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set Natural Gas Only Insert – Multiple Sizes, Vented or Vent Free, Also Available in Propane Versions

Peterson has been manufacturing gas logs for wood-burning fireplaces for over fifty years. Real Fyre gas logs are made to appear as realistic as possible, and come with vented or vent-free options.

The artisans at Real Fyre study natural wood as it burns in order to craft these realistic-looking hand-painted oak logs. These ceramic logs are reinforced with steel rods in a sturdy design, and the radiant heat will warm up the room, and add ambiance to your home.

Look at some of the Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set's features:
  • 18” wide fireplace insert
  • Operates on vented natural gas
  • 75,000 BTU burner output
  • Made of ceramic logs with steel rods
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Single pipe burner
  • All hardware included
  • Easy to install
  • Also available in vent-free, 21” or 24” widths
Warm up your house with a realistic faux fire by Real Fyre, and simplify your life today.
Check out this contemporary 36-inch wide ClassicFlame electric fireplace insert from Twin Star International, with its cool design and ambient amber and blue lighting options. If you want an electric fireplace with smaller dimensions, ClassicFlame also offers a traditional log-burning 28-inch electric fireplace.

ClassicFlame Contemporary Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert, 120 Volt - Also Available in Traditional Style

ClassicFlame fireplaces are made by Twin Star International, a company with headquarters in Florida and China. It has been in business for ten years, making revolutionary designs in furniture for the home, such as home entertainment consoles, electric fireplaces, utility heaters and bathroom furniture.

Check out the cool contemporary vibe you get with the ClassicFlame Contemporary Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert. It puts a modern twist on your old fireplace with the remote-controlled lighting in amber and blue. You can customize the lighting exactly how you like it, with nine uplight and nine downlight options to choose from.

Turn up the heat on this 36-inch electric fireplace, or just use the flame and lighting effect, depending on your needs. Let’s check out the features in greater detail:
  • 4,400 BTU heater
  • Heats a room up to 400 feet
  • Flame effect from LED lighting looks like a natural gas flame
  • Plugs into a 120-volt outlet
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Weighs 60.5 pounds
  • Select amber lighting, blue lighting, or a combination of the two
This fireplace comes with a surround flange that makes it possible to flush mount it to finished wall surfaces. You can also get this model in a traditional log-burning design.
Enjoy the look of a realistic fire without the need to open the flue of your existing fireplace, or use a vent or electric outlet, with the Real Flame Convert-to-Gel Fireplace Log Insert. It's made from hand-painted cast concrete and steel. If you want a full insert that is fueled by electricity, you can also select the Real Flame 24” Electric Fireplace Insert.

Real Flame Flame 24" Convert-to-Gel Log Set In Birch – Other Sizes Available, Also Comes in Oak

Real Flame has an extensive line of different fireplace models to choose from. It makes both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and the fuel options range from gel-fueled to wood-burning and electric. It also has a line of Made in America models that are manufactured in Wisconsin and Tennessee.

The Real Flame Convert-to-Gel Fireplace Log Insert is a great option for those who want an alternative to wood-burning or electric fireplaces. This burning log set operates on gel-fuel, and fits most existing wood-burning fireplaces. It's created from hand-painted cast concrete and steel, so it will last a long time. It looks realistic, and allows you to avoid the hassle of using real wood.

Here are the features in greater detail:
  • Six-piece log set
  • 24.5" wide x 13.8" deep x 11.5” high
  • Burns three cans of Real Flame gel fuel (sold separately)
  • No venting necessary
  • You do not need to open the flue to your fireplace
  • Includes decorative lava rocks and grate
  • Assembly required
AKDY makes creating a fire simple with this 28” wide electric-operated black box fireplace insert with a curved glass front. If you need a fireplace insert with larger dimensions, AKDY also makes a 33" Freestanding Fireplace insert.

AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert Heater in Black with Curved Tempered Glass and Remote Control

AKDY manufactures high-end goods to improve your home. It has a range of products to boost the look of your decor and make life more convenient, including shower panels, wine coolers, sinks, bathtubs and fireplaces. It offers several styles of electric fireplaces, including inserted, wall-mounted, and freestanding.

You can plug the AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert in anywhere that you have an electric outlet. This insert is made to slide into your existing fireplace, and does not require any venting. The curved glass panel reflects an image of a real burning fire, and operation is simple and cost-effective. Just use the remote control to get the temperature and look of your fire exactly how you want it.

Check out the finer details:
  • Plugs into a standard 120V outlet
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Thermostat controlled 1400W
  • Three temperature settings
  • Fan distributes heat throughout the room
  • Weighs 45.7 pounds
  • 28" wide x 11.5" deep x 23.5” high
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty
Help save our forests and reduce your environmental footprint by using an electric fireplace insert. You won’t have to burn wood ever again!

How Do I Choose the Best Fireplace Insert?

We’ve all become so busy, with little or no time to spend with our loved ones. But when the temperature suddenly drops, we get the chance to sit together for long hours if we have a nice fireplace insert. Otherwise, everyone suddenly vanishes to find comfort in their bed under a warm alternative comforter. With a fireplace insert, cold seasons don’t have to seem so dramatic and lonely anymore.

You’ll agree that getting a fireplace insert for your house is a wonderful way to spend more of those chilly days cuddling and sharing joyous moments with your friends and family. While you’re at it, you can use the time recounting the best moments of your life. And what would complete the moment better than a cool shortwave radio playing your favorite jazz music at a low volume!

Since winters can be quite demanding, you shouldn’t forget to complement your fireplace insert by buying a nice space heater or fan heater to keep the rest of your home warm as well. Remember you’ll eventually have to go to bed. You don’t want everything else freezing cold in there.

Don’t forget you don’t have to limit your fireplace insert use for the cold season. Step up and make it your home’s defining feature with a no-heat option. Now, you can enjoy the look of amber flames without heating up your house in the summer.
Staying warm is no question, especially during winter. You can, however, do this in style with the company of your friends and family. Our research found that price is not much of an issue since fireplace inserts are reasonably priced. You can get one in the $140 to $800 price range.

The price of a fireplace insert varies due to its distinguishing features. For example, picking one with a black trim kit to outline the fire will cost you more than one without this feature. Similarly, you’ll expect to spend a fortune on one with LED lighting flames.

You need to understand that the very cheap fireplace inserts may not be worth your investment. We put high value in the quality of a product. With that said, we recommend picking a costlier one because they’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for.
Redefine and warm your house by buying a fireplace insert of your choice. Here are a few features to look for while purchasing one.
  • Description - Fireplace inserts come as LED lighting with logs, hand-painted cast concrete logs, hand-painted ceramic oak logs, LED amber & blue flame lighting, and curved glass panel w/image
  • Control Operations - Some come with elaborate temperature and remote-control options
  • Built-in Fan - Fireplace inserts can come with built-in fans for distributing heat through your house
  • Black Trim Kit - Some have a black trim kit to make the fire look more realistic
  • Installation - Most fireplace inserts are easy to install and fit already existing fireplaces
  • Energy Consumption - Most fireplace inserts are labelled as energy efficient and cost effective
Construction and Design
Fireplace inserts are definitely incomparable to conventional ones. That’s why they come in a range of descriptions for you to choose from based on your preference. If you fancy realistic-looking fires, go for a fireplace with hand-painted oak logs because it is cut out to give you an authentic look. They’re indistinguishable from the real one!

Similarly, some fireplace inserts come with a black trim kit designed to precisely customize the patterns of your flame to give you a realistic look. With this, you won’t have to miss your old fireplace because the new one gives you a better look without the smoke.

Yes, we all want the heat to be evenly distributed through our house. Otherwise we’d be sitting in front of the fireplace all day and night. Well, we need to move around too, right? Choosing a fireplace insert with a built-in fan will do your house justice.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s time to revive or redesign the look of your old fireplace. You shouldn’t worry about the installation because fireplace inserts are built to seamlessly fit the already existing ones. All you must do is make the right choice. With no significant restructuring of your home, you can enjoy the warm and aesthetics of your insert.

Guess what? You don’t have to keep struggling with wood and tuning folks anymore. By going for an energy efficient and cost-effective fireplace insert, you’ll barely notice the change in your energy consumption. Manufacturers of these products keep you in mind when deciding how much power is needed!

If you are the kind of person who loves fine tuning the temperature of your home, buy a fireplace insert with control options. With these, you can comfortably adjust the temperatures as you please. Some have options for full, low, or even zero temperature. You can even do this remotely from the comfort of your couch!

Get the Best Fireplace Insert of 2023!

Liven the ambience of your room with these fireplace inserts that make starting a fire ultra-convenient and safe. Put the axe away - you don’t have to chop wood anymore to enjoy a brilliant night around the warmth.

Our Top Choice
Dimplex Deluxe Electric Fireplace Insert
Best Value
Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Log Set
ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert
Real Flame Convert-to-Gel Fireplace Log Insert
AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert