Best Fireplace Tong Reviews 2023

Fires, we can’t live with them, and we can’t live without them. They keep us warm, cook our foods, and do a lot of other important stuff for us. Fireplace tongs have an important role to play in the correct and safe handling of fires by making sure that the logs are efficiently maneuvered with no injuries or worse yet, flying embers that could spread the fire where you don’t want it. We have done a great deal of research on fireplace tongs, and we’ve brought you the top five brands with some of the best fireplace tongs on the market. For each brand, we’ve spotlighted one of their top products, but keep in mind that they have other great options that you may like.
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Our Top Choice
Panacea Single Fireplace Tong
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, family-owned Panacea Products creates beautifully crafted ornamental metal accessories for homes and gardens.
This tong is durable. It doesn’t bend or wrap. It can be used to maneuver logs of all sizes. It can be used as a poker when left closed and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
It can get too hot to handle with bare hands and may be a bit long for small fireplaces. There are isolated complaints about a slight difficulty with getting log out of its jaws.
Single tong/poker
Wrought iron
30 inches
Best Value
The Perfect Campfire Grill Log Tweezers
The Perfect Campfire Grill is the brand that brought the world the Raised Edge grills and has continued to raise the bar by creating unique and improved grills.
These are heavy-duty tweezers. It’s a versatile tool. It’s a sturdy pair of tweezers. At the tips, the ends touch so you can grab small twigs as well as logs.
It’s a bit stiff when new. There are a number of complaints about these tweezers being covered in black residue upon unboxing but it washes away.
Scissor style tong
31 inches
2.85 pounds
Minuteman International Standard Tongs
Minuteman International creates tastefully designed wrought iron tool sets, and irons, and fireplace screens that are hand-forged by master blacksmiths in Europe.
This is a beautifully made fireplace tong. It’s easy to use and has the right weight. It’s built so users can open and close the tongs easily.
A number of customers have reported that they would prefer if this tong were a bit longer and sturdier.
Rope design tong/poker
Wrought iron
28 inches
2 pounds
Pilgrim Wood Iron Tong
Trusted by countless families, Pilgrim has been a leading designer and distributor of quality hearth and home décor accessories for over six decades.
It is made of strong iron which makes it durable. It has a simple design with just the right weight to be able to move logs easily.
This tool is not designed to lift large logs. Depending upon the size of your fireplace, it may be a bit short. If that’s the case, Pilgrim Home has longer ones.
Single tong/poker
28 inches
3 pounds
Homebasix 26” Fireplace Tongs
With its wide range of products, Homebasix is a brand that provides quality solutions for the everyday needs of the American home.
This fireplace tong is designed to hold small coals delicately. It has a light weight and is foldable making it easy to store.
This tong is not designed for large fires and can only handle small logs. There are some reports that the metal is a bit thin and bends easily
Scissor style tong
26 inches
1 pounds

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What is the Best Fireplace Tong?

Choosing the best fireplace tongs for you depends on how and where you intend to use them. Do you need heavy duty or light ones? Will you be using them outdoors or in your fireplace at home? Your budget should also be a concern for you. As you go through this review, we hope you are able to find what best suits you. Want to take a look at what we’ve found? Come along and we’ll show you.
Our Top Choice
The 30” Fireplace Single Tong is a fireplace tool that meets its makers’ standards of high quality, beautiful and simple design. This black tong is made of strong metal and has a curved handle. For a longer tool, the 40” Black Fireplace Tong is another product by Panacea. It’s a two-handed, 100% powder coated steel construction tong which we also like and invite you to take a look at.

Panacea 30 Inch Single Steel Fireplace Tong

Frank Paniccia started Panacea Products in 1967 and today it is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing excellence. This family-owned company has grown as a manufacturer of high quality metal products which include hearth and garden accessories, home organization products as well as floral arranging products. It also supplies a variety of users’ products made from steel, glass and plastic. It has its headquarters in Ohio with distribution and production facilities located throughout North America and the Far East.

Panacea’s 30" Fireplace Single Tong (Selling for $14.68 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is curved into a hook at its handle end which can be used to conveniently hang this tool on a wall hook. It comes in black and is long enough to reach into a hot fireplace for a few seconds and strong enough to move whole log chunks to where you need them. With dimensions of 30x4x0.5 inches and a weight of 2.3 pounds, this fireplace tong is a functional, reasonably priced wrought iron fireplace tool
Best Value
This Heavy-Duty Log Tweezer is a steel log grabber that can be used either at camp fires or at home for the fireplace. Its scissor action allows you to handle hot burning logs with ease. If you prefer a longer tool, we recommend the Extra Long Log Tweezers. It’s another pair of log tweezers by The Perfect Campfire Grill. It is 40” long and also uses the scissors mechanism.

The Perfect Campfire Grill 31 Inch Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers

Barbecuing had always been a part of the get-togethers Jeff Walker had with his friends and it was while camping that they discovered the need for more features for their campfire grills. Having built a fairly large campfire grill out of expanded metal, he realized it needed improvement as food kept falling off the edge and thus the Raised Edge came to be. More improvements were made and soon his friends and their acquaintances wanted one for themselves. That was the beginning of The Perfect Campfire Grill.

These Heavy-Duty Log Tweezers (Selling for $29.88 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a bit heavier duty than some grabbers you will see as it is made of steel. With this tool, the handling of hot burning logs can be done with ease and precision, and its handles are comfortable on the hands.

Some other features of these tweezers are:
  • Dimensions of 5.8x4x31 inches
  • It weighs 2.9 pounds
  • Made of heavy black steel
  • Longer length when compared to most
The Standard Rope Design Fireplace Tongs is a 28-inch long fireplace tong that effectively combines thrills and frills. It’s made with wrought iron and can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you’re looking for fewer frills in your fireplace tong, we suggest taking a look at the Shepherd's Hook Tong. Made from graphite powder coated wrought iron, this straight poker style fire tool has a hook style handle that can also be used for hanging.

Minuteman International Standard Rope Design Fireplace Tongs - 28 inch

Minuteman International has been serving the hearth, fireplace, and wood stove industry since 1977. It incorporates a variety of design themes and details into its unique heirloom-quality pieces which have been hand-crafted with an eye to the past and a useful life far into the future. A combination of rugged construction and durable finishes lends itself to the production of quality pieces that will withstand indoor and outdoor use for many years to come.

The Standard Rope Design Fireplace Tongs (Selling for $34.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a heavy iron, nicely made and useful fireplace tool. It solves the problem of managing wood that is big and unwieldy, and does that while lending a sophisticated look to your fireplace.

Other features of this fireplace tong include:
  • Has dimensions of 4x2.8x28 inches
  • It weighs 2 pounds
  • it is black powder coated
  • It has a lever below the handle that opens and closes the clamp part
This 28-inch black fireplace tong has a black iron finish that makes it completely at home on any hearth. Its simple design makes it easy to use. The 30” Vintage Iron Tong, another fireplace tong from Pilgrim, is an alternative tool you could also check out if you prefer something longer.

Pilgrim Home and Hearth Alliance 28'' Wood Iron Tongs – Black

Pilgrim’s being a successful designer, manufacturer and distributor of quality hearth and home décor accessories for over sixty years is a feat it has achieved by basing its work on thoughtful design, honest materials, careful craftsmanship and lasting customer satisfaction. This brand has designed, developed and produced hundreds of beautiful décor assortments for partners like RH, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Frontgate, Plow & Hearth, Cabela’s, Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmerher, Orvis, and Balsam Hill.

The Pilgrim’s Wood Iron Tong (Selling for $32.85 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a hand-forged individual fireplace tong. It is made of strong 1/2" iron so that it can hold up to years of rugged fireplace maintenance. With dimensions of 36x17.7x3 inches and a weight of 3 pounds this black fireplace tong makes it easier to maneuver burning logs of wood.
This Homebasix fireplace tong is scissor-shaped to make handling a lot easier. It is made of strong, long-lasting iron. Because of its design, it is also great for camping since it folds compactly to store easily. If you are looking for a longer fireplace tool, or need more than just the tong, we recommend taking a look at the 5-piece Natural Finish 31” Fireplace Set Tools from Homebasix. It comes with a stand, cleaning brush, shovel, poker and tong.

Homebasix 26 Inch Scissor Shaped Fireplace Tongs in Black

The Homebasix brand is in the business of providing home and fireplace solutions for every American home. With its vast range of products that include space heaters, home care products, fans and a lot more, this brand is a popular one with good product reviews on the web.

The Homebasix Black Fireplace Tong (Selling for $15.26 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail; Price) is a twenty-six-inch tool that is composed of strong, long lasting materials so that your tongs serve you for a long time. It is an elegant tool with black finish. These tongs have dimensions of 7.1x12x18.1 inches and weigh just one pound. It is easy to handle and will easily hold chunks of wood to help you re-arrange or rebuild the fire. If you are not into heavy-duty stuff, this fireplace tong might work for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Fireplace Tong?

What’s winter without a great fireplace to keep you warm? And what’s not to rave about the aesthetic touch a fireplace adds to a cold Christmas night when the kids huddle close to grandpa for a Christmas story?

And when you turn off the lights in the living room on the eve of Christmas, isn’t it beautiful how the firelight agrees with the colorful lights on the Christmas tree and emphasizes the beauty of a holiday everyone so eagerly anticipates?

Oh yeah! It’s all shades of sweet and amazing, until the fire goes out because you had no way to adjust the logs. This is why fireplace tongs are so important. They will help you keep your home warm and the atmosphere inviting.

Well, you know about fireplace tongs already or you wouldn’t be here.

Fireplace tongs are tools that come in handy when you need to stoke a fire, adjust the logs in it, and also keep embers from flying around your living room. Most of them also come with hooks like a rake’s for pulling burning materials through the fire. Their handles are also well-insulated for a comfortable and burn-free grip while using them.

And if it’s your first time with a fireplace, you may want to check our reviews on fireplace tool sets. Of course, the set includes tongs.

If you are not interested in the set, you may choose to stick with us now as we show you the best fireplace tongs. You’ll be glad you did.
It is not uncommon that fireplace tongs will cost more with the quality of their construction. And nothing can be as frustrating as owning cheap fireplace tongs that get destroyed in the fire. To take out the broken piece you’ll need to interrupt the heating process by putting out the fire before the piece can be removed. Trust us when we say you are better off without such.

For a good buy, a budget within the price range of $20 and $100 will do just fine.
Making the choice about fireplace tongs should be a walk in the park if you keep important factors in mind. Here are a few we would like you to note:
  • Length
  • Ergonomics
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Life Span
Construction and Design
The material used in the construction of tongs often determines how long they will last. You may also want to zero in on the material used in the construction because of its heating value or conductivity rate. You want to be sure it won’t heat up too fast and end up becoming a hazardous tool especially when you are handling it.

Tongs made from cheap brass material should be avoided because they are known to be quite heavy and uncomfortable to handle. Stainless steel tongs of the modern ilk are preferred choices because they are durable, balanced, lightweight, and assure you a safe user experience.

The length should also guide your choice. Before you make a decision, you need to know how much distance away from the fire the tongs will give you when you are using them. The farther the distance, the safer and the less likely it is that you’ll get your hands covered in black soot and dirt.

And if you are big on precision while moving logs and other pieces of wood, scissor-type tongs would be a good option. They are designed to pick up even the smallest embers in the fireplace and return a log back into the fire in the event that it rolls out of the fire.
Performance and Ease of Use
How easy is it to handle the tongs?

There’s almost no way to tell exactly how easy it is to handle tongs till you actually hold them. But you can make a good guess by the way the handle is shaped. If you have really large hands, you should go for something large and comfortable to hold.

And we strongly advise that you don’t pass up on the ergonomics of the tongs you like for the aesthetic value they offer because when the chips are down, your comfort truly matters.

The weight of the tongs also plays a role in how comfortable handling them will be. If you’ll be using the tongs to lift heavy logs and coals, it makes no sense to do the job with heavy ones. A 15-pound pair of tongs is just about perfect for this purpose. You’ll also do yourself a lot of good if you don’t assume the weight of tongs when the manufacturer doesn’t provide any information about said weight.

You also need to take the life span of the tongs into consideration. You want to be sure that the tongs won’t break after a couple of stokes in the fire. Most online stores backup fireplace tongs sold on their website with a 30-day refund guarantee. But we also advise you to look out for fireplace tongs that come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Tongs like this will assure you of extra security in the unforeseen event that they break.

Get the Best Fireplace Tong of 2023!

You’ve read through this review, and we believe that you now know which fireplace tongs would work well for you. Hurry now and place an order to claim yours.

Our Top Choice
Panacea Single Fireplace Tong
Best Value
The Perfect Campfire Grill Log Tweezers
Minuteman International Standard Tongs
Pilgrim Wood Iron Tong
Homebasix 26” Fireplace Tongs