Best First Aid Kit Reviews 2022

Buying a first aid kit can be overwhelming. Deciding on the number and type of components and the right size for a home, business premises or car first aid kit can be confusing. That’s why we’ve scoured the market to identify the best first aid kit brands for you. The first aid kits we’ve featured in this review are a mix of type, size, and price. This is to ensure that we have a unit for everybody. We’ll also take you through the factors to consider when buying a first aid kit to help you make an informed decision. If you’re specifically interested in trauma bag., we have a separate review for the best fully stocked trauma bag.
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Our Top Choice
Swiss Safe 120-Piece First Aid Kit
Swiss Safe provides select products for emergency preparedness and survival for both indoor and outdoor use.
120 tools and supplies and a bonus, 32-piece mini kit. FDA approved and OSHA compliant. Multipurpose kit. 100 percent money-back guarantee. A high-quality and spacious bag.
No medication included.
Multipurpose kit
Water-resistant nylon
9” x 3” x 6”; 1.2 lbs.
120 and 32 bonus pieces
Best Value
Coleman Sportsman First Aid Kit
Founded in 1900, Coleman is one of the world’s leading brands in outdoor products such as camping gear. In partnership with Wisconsin Pharmacal, they have a line of first aid kits.
Waterproof casing. Glows in the dark for easy identification. 100 pieces of vital first aid tools and supplies. From a reputable brand.
No medication.
 Outdoor kit
Waterproof plastic
2” x 4.9” x 7”; 0.23 lbs.
100 pieces
Dixie EMS First Responder Kit
Dixie EMS carries a full line of over 50,000 medical supplies for emergency care facilities, ambulances, and first responders.
Rubberized bottom. Velcro handle closures. Reflective strips for easy identification. Removable padded liner. Exterior pockets.
Small-sized bag.
Trauma kit
Water-resistant bottom
10” x 8” x 5”; 2.4 lbs.
80 pieces
Be Smart Get Prepared All-Purpose First Aid Kit
Be Smart Get Prepared is a family-owned emergency preparedness and first aid kit brand that has been on the market for over a quarter-century.
Fully stocked with 326 pieces. OSHA and ANSI approval. Folds compactly and can be wall mounted. Easy slide latches and tilting shelves.
Not sufficient during a disaster
Groups and Workplace kit
OSHA and INSA approval
Impact-resistant plastic
0.43” x 0.51” x 0.16”; 3.2 lbs.
326 pieces
First Aid Only First Aid Essentials Kit
With close to three decades of experience, First Aid Only is a brand you can trust when it comes to high-quality first aid kits and supplies.
A wide range of 299 tools. Easy to carry. From a reputable brand. Contains medication. Fairly priced.
Most supplies expire in two years.
7.3" x 9.4" x 2.4"; 1 lbs.
299 pieces

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What is the Best First Aid Kit?

The best first aid kit depends on your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for a hiking, camping, or boating first aid kit, its advised you pick a unit that is waterproof, travel-friendly, and with the basic medication. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best first aid kit for first a first responder, a trauma bag.with all the basic first aid tools and supplies may be the best. Let’s now meet out top pick first aid kit from Swiss Safe!
Our Top Choice
The Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit comprises of one kit containing 120 medical-grade items, and a lightweight mini first aid kit with 32 pieces that can fit in a pocket or a handbag. If you want a smaller option, try out the travel-friendly Swiss Safe Basic First Aid Kit containing 100 tools in a compact, waterproof bag.

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit (120 Piece) & Bonus 32-Piece Mini First Aid Kit

No one knows when an emergency will knock and what it will be. But being prepared for such an occurrence sometimes makes all the difference. One way of being prepared is owning a versatile first aid kit that can be useful in any such situation. That’s where Swiss Safe comes in. A small US company that manufactures and supplies well-thought products for emergency preparedness and survival, like the 2-in-1, first aid kit, usable in any situation both by kids and adults.

We picked the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit for its versatility. Whether in homes, schools, hospitals, construction sites or in a car, this kit has the vital tools that you need to perform a first aid operation. In total, the kit has 152 pieces of equipment and supplies, in the 120-piece kit and a mini first aid kit with 32 bonus pieces. The mini-kit includes anti-septic alcohol pads, band-aids, gauze, sting relief pads, and a CPR kit, and it’s a great one for daily carrying.

The mini pack fits perfectly in a pocket, purse or mom’s handbag, so you can always have it when out and about, and also in the car, truck, boat, or bike. If you’re not satisfied with the kit, there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee given by the manufacturer. This is a great assurance of its quality and performance. For maximum benefit, you’re advised to replace the kit after 3 to 5 years, which is the lifespan of most of the supplies.

Some other features making the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit a great deal include:
  • Few other basic first aid kits can beat this one in terms of price, tools and supplies.
  • The quality of both bags is excellent. It’s strong and there is ample space to add other equipment.
  • Has bandages in various shapes and sizes, and an emergency mylar blanket.
  • Premium items including 6-inch trauma shears, sewing kit, and mini-compass.
  • Over 20 pieces of alcohol prep pads, medium finger bandages, mini finger bandages, cotton tips and cotton balls.
  • Includes an 18-page first aid guide and weighs less than one pound.
Best Value
If you’re looking for a boating, fishing or camping first aid kit, the Coleman Sportsman First Aid Kit is a smart choice for all these outdoor activities. With a waterproof case, this kit withstands any weather condition. If you want an all-purpose kit best for homes and outdoors, check out the Coleman 205-Piece First Aid Kit with EZ find system.

Coleman Sportsman 100-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit for Boating

Coleman doesn’t just want you to get outdoors; they also work to ensure that when you are out there, you are prepared for even the smallest emergency. Through its partnership with Wisconsin Pharmacal, they produce tins and first aid kits for various uses. With Wisconsin’s 30 years of experience developing outdoor safety products and Coleman’s 100-year experience of developing outdoor products, they understand what adventurers like you face when hiking, running or enjoying any other outdoor activity.

The Coleman Sportsman First Aid Kit is ideal for hunters, fishermen, and campers. The kit is packed with 100 pieces of the most useful tools for an emergency. Some of the tools you’ll find in this kit include 20 pieces of large and small bandages each, 8 butterfly bandages, 16 spot bandages and 5 knuckle bandages. Apart from bandages, there are antiseptic wipes, sting relief wipes, safety pins, antibiotic ointment, razor blade and gauze pads.

Other features of the Coleman Sportsman First Aid Kit include:
  • A waterproof and crush-proof plastic case to keep the stuff intact.
  • For easy identification, the case glows in the dark.
  • Extra room to add extra tools like scissors.
Stocked with 88 handy first aid tools, the Dixie EMS First Responder Kit has everything a first responder would need to perform basic first aid operations during an emergency. If you’d prefer a bigger bag with an oxygen tank to carry your first aid tools, check this Dixie EMS Ultimate Pro Trauma Oxygen Backpack with lots of pockets.

Dixie EMS Fully Stocked Trauma Bag for First Responders - Available in 3 Colors

For over 30 years, Dixie EMS has been providing hospitals, first responders, government agencies, and security agencies with a wide range of emergency medical supplies, tools and products. Apart from emergency kits, their other product lines include diagnostic equipment, EMS supplies, medical bags and kits, oxygen and resuscitation, and infection control.

The Dixie EMS First Responder Kit is designed to meet the demands of a first responder and make their work easier, as time is critical to a first responder. The kit has a spacious storage section, allowing you to add other items if need be. For easy storage and organization, there is a removable and adjustable Velcro divider. There is also a built-in pocket, where you can put bandages and other small supplies for easy identification and retrieval.

The kit has 88 first aid tools, including 30 adhesive bandages of varying sizes, 10 alcohol pads, ammonia inhalant impulses, bite sticks, blood pressure cuffs, seat belt cutter, forceps, povidone iodine pads, among others. For added visibility, the bag has reflective strips, while for tool safety, the bottom of the bag is waterproof.

Other features you’ll find in the Dixie EMS First Responder Kit include:
  • The bag has two exterior pockets with a see-through window.
  • The bottom panel of the bag is rubberized.
  • The bag can be arranged into up to ten padded compartments.
In this review, we’ve featured the red version of this kit. If you’d prefer a different color, blue and black versions are available.
If you’re looking for the most comprehensive first aid kit for cleaning, treating and protecting, the Be Smart Get Prepared All-purpose First Aid Kit for groups and workplaces is for you. If you want a small kit, check out the 100-piece Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit, ideal for 10 people with OSHA and ANSI approval.

Be Smart Get Prepared 326-Piece First Aid Kit - OSHA & ANSI Approved

While Be Smart Get Prepared (Total Resources International) is a brand name, it’s a challenge statement posed to all of us to be prepared for emergencies by investing in a high-quality first aid kit. Whether you’re looking for a home first aid kit to handle normal mishaps, a travel kit, or an emergency-preparedness first aid kit, Total Resources International has some of the best-rated and approved kits, like the OSHA ANSI Kit.

We decided to feature the Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit because we were looking for an approved and comprehensive first aid kit best for large groups, schools and business use. This kit stands out for its ANSI and OSHA approval for meeting the guidelines set for first aid kits for use by over 100 people.

The Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit comes with a total of 326 vital tools and medications. Some of the components include antiseptic towelettes, alcohol prep pads, antibiotic ointment, burn cream ointments, antacid tablets, aspirin tablets, non-aspirin tablets, among others.

Some of the other features of the Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit are:
  • The kit is travel-friendly and can be hung on the wall.
  • Approved for small business use and schools.
  • The box is organized into multiple compartments for organization and ease of use.
  • Impact-resistant, sturdy, rugged and high-density plastic box.
  • Tilting shelves and folds compactly.
The First Aid Only All Purpose First Aid Kit is packed with 299 physician-recommended tools and supplies, which is all you need to handle moderate emergencies at home, when driving, and in the outdoors. If you’re looking for a vehicle first aid kit, check the 85-Piece First Aid Only Vehicle Bulk First Aid Kit for fleet and commercial vehicles.

First Aid Only 299-Piece First Aid Kit

Possessing a first aid kit is never an assurance of safety, but a kit that can handle any mishap that comes your way can make all the difference. That’s where First Aid Only comes in. The brand has a wide range of industrial, sports, and consumer kits for emergency preparedness.

The First Aid Only All Purpose First Aid Kit stands out for its design. During an emergency, every second matters, and a kit that takes you minutes to open or to locate a tool is good for nothing. This kit eliminates all these frustrations, thanks to the clear-pocket design, which makes it easy to spot tools.

It is packed with 299 medically approved tools, including a wide range of adhesive fabric bandages, tweezers, trauma pad, sterile gauze pads, scissors, aspirin tablets, antibiotic ointment, and rescue blanket, among others. This kit has everything you need to treat swelling, pain, scrapes, and burns at home or the workplace.

Other features of the First Aid Only All Purpose First Aid Kit include:
  • Travel-friendly design, both in a car or a backpack.
  • Clear fabric case with clear pockets and zipper.
  • Contains medication and treatment, bandages, and dressing and tools.

How Do I Choose the Best First Aid Kit?

There’s nothing that explains the importance of a first aid kit better than lifesaving stories narrated by people who were saved by a person who had a first aid kit. Whether it’s a rugby fan who collapsed in a crowded field or that woman who saved a person involved in a car accident, all these stories are overwhelming. That explains why it’s so important to have a first aid kit and other emergency preparedness tools like a tactical flashlight, which can also be used as a weapon, and a car escape tool, in case you are ever trapped in a car.

When purchasing a first aid kit, we know it can be daunting, not just in choosing the brand, but also when identifying the best kit depending on where you’ll use it. The best place to start here is identifying your specific needs, then looking for a kit that will meet them. For instance, if you want a learning institution first aid kit, look for an approved comprehensive kit that meets the guidelines set for them. If you want an everyday kit, choose an easy-to-carry kit with the most basic tools and supplies, and that can fit in a backpack. If you are a first responder, go for a fully stocked trauma bag.

The biggest and the most satisfying benefit of owning a first aid kit is not actually your own use, but helping others. With a first aid kit and the requisite knowledge, you have all it takes to help a person in distress until an ambulance arrives. Sometimes cuts, blisters, burns, scrapes and insect bites can lead to serious health complications if there is no instant treatment, but with a first aid kit, you can attend to them before seeking further medication.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the different types of first aid kits and their differences. We also have reviews for the best first aid kits on the market.
For a high-quality first aid kit, expect to pay between about $20 and $100. On the upper end are kits costing up to $500, or even more. Most of these kits are ideal for governments and large organizations that offer rescue and emergency help during huge disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and accidents. There are also cheap first aid kits, but you should not trust them with your health and safety. We feel that their quality is not guaranteed and that’s why haven’t featured any in this review.

While there are several factors that affect the price of a first aid kit, the number and type of components seems to be the greatest determinant. For example, a kit packed with 300+ tools and medication costs more than a kit with 100 tools. Other factors include the quality of the tools, certification, and the brand.
First aid kits are available in different sizes and styles. This means there are kits designed for specific users, while others are multi-purpose. For example, the best fishing and boating first aid kit has a waterproof case. If you miss this feature, the kit won’t be useful in the long-run. The secret here is to identify your specific needs, then match them with a kit that has the right features.

Below are the important features to consider when buying a first aid kit:
  • Number and type of tools, and if it contains medication.
  • Approval and certification by the relevant authorities.
  • The type and material of the case or bag.
  • The size of the kit, both weight and measurements.
  • Easy identification features.
  • Brand and guarantee.
  • Quality of the tools and supplies.
With these features in mind, let’s now go deeper and see how these features affect the design and performance of a first aid kit.
Construction and Design
The type of a first aid kit determines the design and general construction. For instance, fishing and boating first aid kits are waterproof, and most of them have medications. Let’s look at the different types of first aid kits and their differences.

Home First Aid Kits:

These kits are designed for use at home and differ in size and type of components. The best one here should all have the necessary tools to treat cuts, burns, abrasions, stings, strains, splinters and sprains. There are also some that contain medication to alleviate some complaints like fever, cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion symptoms. Most of these kits have between 100 and 300 pieces.

All-purpose First Aid Kits:

These are the most popular and diverse first aid kits on the market. The best thing about this type is their versatility. You can use them anywhere in the office, car, or school, or when you are camping, sporting, hunting, etc. Their components vary depending on brand and price. You’ll find some for 50 people, with up to 250 pieces of equipment, and others for 10 people, containing up to 100 pieces. The must-have tools include bandages, cleaning and disinfecting products, medications, and equipment such as forceps and EMT shears.

The most popular first aid supplies include adhesive bandages, elastic bandages, sterile gauze, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, scissors, tweezers, analgesic, saline solution, gloves, cotton, hand sanitizer, oral thermometer, tape, instant heat pack and popsicle sticks. Cleaning and disinfecting tools include antiseptic wipes and alcohol swabs. Popular medications include ibuprofen tablets, aspirin tablets, antihistamine, bite wipes, and diamode tablets.

Outdoor First Aid Kits:

The main difference between this type of first aid kit and the others is the case or bag. Most outdoor kits have a waterproof casing, making them ideal for wet conditions. There is no limit to how many tools they can have. While some are basic, there are some comprehensive kits equivalent to a remote medical station. The content also depends on the specific needs. For instance, a hiking first aid kit should contain medication like antibiotics, altitude medications and pain management prescriptions. Outdoor kits can further be divided into boating, hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping or hunting kits.

Group First Aid Kits:

These kits cut across all the other types of kits. The main distinguishing feature is that they’re large in size and contain pretty much everything. Group first aid kits are ideal for schools, business premises, rescue organizations, government agencies and police departments.

First Responders First Aid Kits:

This is a special type of first aid kit, sometimes also referred to as trauma bag.. These kits have everything you’d need to keep a person alive until medical help arrives. Some tools you’ll find here include stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. Another popular type of first aid kit is sports first aid kits, with tools to handle orthopedic injuries, like compression wraps and cold packs. There are also military first aid kits, with tools like clotting agents, scalpels, suture materials and wound dressings. In conclusion, there are endless types of first aid kits, depending on the targeted users.
Performance and Ease of Use
While there are several factors that influence the performance of a first aid kit, including quality of the tools and supplies, the greatest of all is the user. That’s why we encourage you to learn basic first aid skills and CPR techniques online, or to enroll in a first aid class. It’s also encouraged to teach kids basic first aid skills at the appropriate age. For example, The American Red Cross has classes designed for children.

The performance of a kit also depends on the quality of the tools. That’s why it’s advisable to buy kits from reputable brands like Swiss Safe and First Aid Only among others. Low-quality kits come with low-quality supplies, and sometimes expired supplies. There are also kits with OSHA and ANSI approval, indicating they’ve met the guidelines set by the regulating authorities.

For ease of use, most kits have compartments allowing you to organize tools well for easy retrieval during an emergency. Other kits have see-through packs, making it easy to spot tools inside. Other features adding to ease of use are effortless opening and closing, and exterior pockets where you can put the most-used tools. Kits also have spacious bags and cases, allowing you to add more tools and supplies, depending on your requirements. For portability, cases and bags have straps for easy transportation and for hanging in a room. Other interesting features are glow-in-the-dark cases and reflective straps for easy identification.

Get the Best First Aid Kit of 2022!

Did you get the right one for you? The units we’ve featured are from reputable brands known for kits that offer the best combination of performance and durability. If none of our picks is the best for you (which we regret), the same brands have other first aid kits to choose from. Good luck and stay safe!

Our Top Choice
Swiss Safe 120-Piece First Aid Kit
Best Value
Coleman Sportsman First Aid Kit
Dixie EMS First Responder Kit
Be Smart Get Prepared All-Purpose First Aid Kit
First Aid Only First Aid Essentials Kit