Best Fishing Scale Reviews 2023

When you're out on a fishing expedition, one of the most important pieces of fishing tackle to have is a fishing scale, as you can immediately determine how big a fish specimen you've managed to catch! We've reviewed five of the best fishing scales from five top companies. Read on, and find the best model for your needs among the contraptions we've managed to gather!
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Our Top Choice
Rapala 15lb Touch Screen Tourney Scale
Rapala is the most prominent global business in the field of fishing and angling equipment.
Small water-resistant device. Eight-piece culling system. Three weight display options.Backlight for night fishing. Carrying pouch.
It doesn't store the date or location of the fishing venue in question.
15 lbs/6.8 kg
2 AA batteries
Touchscreen display
Best Value
Dr. Meter Digital Fishing Hook Scale
Dr. Meter is one of the most well-known companies dealing in measuring tools for personal use.
Easy-to-read display. Durable stainless steel hook. Built-in tape measure.
The hook, while otherwise awesome and sturdy, could have been a bit bigger.
110 lbs/50kg
2 AAA batteries
Blue backlit LCD
Built-in tape measure
Boga Grip 315 15lb Fishing Scale
Boga Grip, also known as Eastaboga, produces rugged mechanical measuring tools for sports fishing.
Designed to promote catch and release fishing. Comfortable handle. Sturdy stainless steel build.
Since this model is completely mechanical, you'll have to record the weight of the fish yourself.
15 lbs/6.8 kg
Stainless steel
Embossed scale on inner tubing
Good for catch-and-release
Weston Spring & Hook Scale
Weston is a top-tier retailer with an impressive roster of products. It produces all kinds of kitchen and outdoors accessories and tools.
Sturdy build. Made of anodized aluminum. Stainless steel hook. Very long-lasting. Non-slip grip.
You can only read the measurements in pounds, as kilos aren't designated for this model.
150 lbs/68 kg
Anodized aluminum
Embossed scale on outer layer
Stainless steel hook
Reel Sonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure
ReelSonar is a business that's been responsible for a bunch of high-quality angling products, and its sizeable customer base attests to its skill.
LCD screen. Stainless steel hook for secure fit. Removable fish lip grabber.
It isn't waterproof, so you need to be extra careful when using it.
Digital Scale
99 lbs/45 kg
2 AAA batteries
Digital LCD screen
Removable fish lip grabber

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What is the Best Fishing Scale?

Fishing scales are a category of tackle with a wide range of options, so choosing the right model can represent a proper challenge at times, especially if you're a rookie. If you'd like to enrich your fishing arsenal with one of these contraptions, check out our list of products and find the one that suits your needs the best!
Our Top Choice
The Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale is a modernized version of the old scales, with a sizeable digital display and the aforementioned touchscreen means of operating it. Want a more affordable scale? For roughly half the price, you can buy a sturdy Rapala 50lb Digital Scale instead!

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale 15lb - 8 Piece Culling System, Back Light, Watertight

In the world of fishing and angling, Rapala has made quite a reputation for itself thanks to its cutting-edge equipment that includes some of the most precise measuring instruments available on the market. Its recipe for success, according to the Rapala folks themselves, is pretty simple: make a product that's tough enough to endure the "attack" of a big fish and enables you to successfully drag your catch to the shore. So far, the results of Rapala's lure designs and super-durable lines have been measured in many a fat fish capture, so to speak, resulting in the brand's worldwide recognition!

How Rapala came to be is an interesting story in itself: A Finn fisherman figured that the best way to go about catching a big fish was to make a lure that mimicked the movements of a wounded smaller fish, so that's what he did. Lauri Rapala used some corks, and some leftover chocolate bar tinfoil, and produced his first ever big fish lure! With the new plucky trinket on his side, he would sometimes some 600 pounds of fish a day! His new fish lure started bringing in other fishers as well as fish, and the Rapala company took off.

The Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale is a modern-looking measuring contraption with a sizeable display and an easy-to-use bundle of buttons that you use to control it. It has a stainless steel hook, is water-resistant, and comes with a backlight in case you decide to go for a night fishing trip!

This scale also includes a large digital touch screen, an eight-piece culling system, tare weight, and three weight display options. This little device is waterproof and also comes with a wee black pouch you can put it in when you're not using it! A great effort from Rapala!
Best Value
The Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Digital Fishing Hook Scale is a small apparatus with sleek construction and buttons fashioned in the shape of a smiley face symbol. If you need a measuring device for your bag's and rucksacks, check out the Dr. Meter Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale.

Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Digital Fishing Hook Scale - Built-In Tape Measure, LCD Screen

As the cheeky name suggests, Dr. Meter is a company that's been producing all kinds of measuring contraptions for quite some time now. According to what customers have to say about its merit, this company is one of the best businesses for this purpose currently on the market. Among the plucky measuring tools sold on this platform, you can find wood moisture meters, soil meters, laser thermometers, and pH meters. All the aforementioned tools are digitized, so reading the numbers on their screens and getting to know the intricacies of your measuring task is a breeze with one of these tools on your side!

Dr. Meter's line includes fishing scales, and these also possess all the great tech the other items come with. You get a digital display and a bunch of other features that are there to ensure your measuring task goes smoothly, no matter how messy the situation with your catch gets! The designers at Dr. Meter are no strangers to cheeky and inventive solutions it seems, so you can expect a high-class fishing scales that also possess an attractive appearance!

The Dr. Meter PS01 Electronic Digital Fishing Hook Scale is certainly not an exception. It boasts a sleek build with a couple of quirks on top as well. Other than the digital display and compact size, this little fellow also comes with a built-in tape measure, which can come in handy if you want to record the length of the fish as well as its weight! Clever thinking from the Dr. Meter folks, no doubt!

This scale also includes an LCD digital display, auto shut-off function, and data lock function. It has a 110-pound capacity and is powered by three AAA batteries. With its interesting design and button configuration in the shape of the well-known and beloved smiley face, the Dr. Meter PS01 is one plucky little device, perfect for recording the results of your masterful fishing skills!
The Boga Grip 315 15lb Scale is a sturdy tool with a soft handle and tough stainless steel construction. If you need a more heavy-duty version of this device, get the Boga Grip 260 60lbs Scale instead!

Boga Grip 315 15lb Fishing Scale - Stainless Steel

Boga Grip (officially the Eastaboga Tackle Manufacturing Company, Inc.) is a simple business that has managed to expand its influence wherever there are some heavily frequented saltwater-based fishing grounds. Possibly the most interesting characteristic that sets their model apart from some of the other available options online and offline, is its ability to not only weigh the caught fish, but to help catch it as well. Its unique jaw-like design enables you to grip the fish and pull it out of the water with minimal effort!

With a design that differs significantly from modern-day fishing scales, the Boga Grip 315 15lb Scale is a simple mechanical device that can be used to both catch fish, and measure their weight! It was predominantly designed for sports fishing, so there's a trigger mounted on the handle to release your catch as soon as you've measured it and taken a trophy shot with your camera. A rugged contraption for a rugged sport!

Your fingers will be safe from bites and other nasty surprises that the caught specimen might have in store for you. Once a fish is latched safely onto one of these devices, it should not fall off, thanks to the sturdy design of the grappling piece. The Boga Grip 315 15lb Scale is made of stainless steel and has an engraved rod for a scale. It's made in the USA and comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
The Weston Spring & Hook Scale is a mechanical construction of considerable strength, capable of serving you for your whole life! If you'd like an electronic multipurpose scale instead, try the Weston Products Stainless Steel Digital Scale. It measures in both pounds and kilos.

Weston Spring & Hook Scale - Tested for Safety, Non-Slip Grip, Stainless Steel Spring

Along with all kind of tools and accessories for this and that, Weston delivers a retro-looking fishing scale with a 150-pound weight capacity. The Weston Scale & Hook is a simple contraption that features a sturdy metal construction capable of surviving the jerks and other unexpected escape attempts of even the pluckiest species of fish out there!

Since its build is so simple, ensuring that it all works like clockwork when you're out fishing is quite important indeed, so the hard-working folks at Weston have vigorous testing practices to make their products as safe and reliable as possible. The Weston Scale & Hook is no exception. This mean machine's been tested to up to 150 pounds of weight, so you can rest assured that it'll be perfectly capable of handling almost any finned beast you manage to catch in the course of your adventurous fishing expedition!

As is the case with the vast majority of the models made by some of the other manufacturers, this Weston fish-measuring apparatus also features anodized aluminum construction and a hook made of high-quality stainless steel, so the fish won't be able to break it and the salt water won't nibble on it over time. The non-slip grip means easier use. This scale is also wall-mountable for use on land.
The Reelsonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure is a device that features a simple design, and an easy-to-read LCD display. If you need pliers to remove hooks from your catches as well, the ReelSonar Fish Hook Remover Pliers do the trick just fine!

Reel Sonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure - LCD Screen, Stainless Steel Hook, Battery-Powered

At Reelsonar, the goal is simple: make top-tier fishing equipment that can help new young anglers get to know the great tradition connected to the ancient art of fishing! The Reelsonar folks are giving their best in an effort to produce innovative kinds of tackle. The company's most recent product list includes such fishing accessories as multi-tool pliers, fish finders, and digital scales, as well as a shirt or two saying 'We just find'em, You still gotta catch'em'! A pretty interesting roster, is it not?

ReelSonar offers support on its official web page, which can be of massive help if you're a rookie. Should you decide to buy any of its advanced digital contraptions, you can simply download the manual sheet from its site, and learn how to use it on your own.

The ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure is an easy-to-read digital fish scale that's great for anyone in need of a simple model they can move about using only one hand. It comes with a built-in tape measure, and it's got a sturdy stainless steel hook. You can measure your fish in grand style, while knowing that your scale hook won't rust away after awhile!

This fish-weighing solution from ReelSonar is easy to use, thanks to its backlit LCD screen and removable fish lip grabber. It's battery-powered, and the average battery life on this model is around 500 hours. Combined with its stainless-steel hook, this model can last you a long time, indeed!

How Do I Choose the Best Fishing Scale?

In the intricate, and often damp, world of fishing and angling, the sweetest moments are surely those in which you get to successfully extricate a plump fish from its natural habitat and then measure it for grand digits of sporting prowess and bragging rights! You can do this with a fishing scale! What follows are the factors that contribute to a solid fishing scale. Read on and formulate your own picture as to what yours will look like!

If you've already equipped your plucky self for the upcoming fishing trip with angling essentials such as fishing rods and braided fishing lines, a fish scale might be the logical step towards completing your respectable tackle arsenal. The choice between digital or analog is a good starting point. Analog, or mechanical, scales are notably simpler, and while some of the models might seem a tad old-fashioned, they certainly have their advantages. They're less expensive and they require no batteries. On the other hand, digital scales are more precise, and usually enable you to record the weight of your catch, which is a neat feature to have.

A somewhat overlooked property of fish scales to pay attention to is waterproofing, or lack thereof. Typically, digital fish scales are waterproof, but not necessarily. Many people end up assuming that their fish-measuring device can go into the water as they wade together with it (possibly while wearing a fishing wader) and then see it die before their very eyes! Of course, mechanical versions of this tool are exempt from this issue. For more information about the construction and the price of fish scales, read the info below!
Since fishing scales represent an accessory to the "mainland" tackle, they typically aren't too expensive, as compared to some of the higher quality rods and other parts of a fishing arsenal. Usually, these contraptions cost anywhere between 20 and 120 of your hard-earned bucks, depending on their construction and type. Mechanical versions of this tool are less expensive, while those equipped with LCD screens, batteries, and elaborate software are typically in the pricier part of the fishing scales cost scale. Features such as waterproof design (for digital ones), the upper weight limit they can measure, and the presence of any additional parts such as hooks and fish holders all raise the price somewhat. If you know exactly what you need, you can get yourself a pretty decent model for a reasonable price.
A precise fishing scale can be an excellent addition to your fishing tackle if you don't already have one. This way, you can measure your catch on the spot, and then perhaps proceed to release the maritime animal in question back into its natural habitat! Grand stuff, having a fishing scale!

The list of features to look for when you decide to get yourself a brand new fishing scale includes:
  • Build material
  • Hook material
  • Water resistance
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Built-in tape measure
  • Wall-mountable
  • Backlit screen
  • Warranty
If you don't really need a 100% accurate reading, and aren't really crazy about touchscreens and electrical green boards, a simple and sturdy old-fashioned mechanical fishing scale might do the trick just fine.
Construction and Design
Fishing scales come in two major groups. They’re either mechanical, or digital (possibly with some sort of touchscreen option). Mechanical ones often feature only three discernible parts: the case with an engraved scale, the spring mechanism inside, and a hook to hold the unfortunate fish! The digital models, on the other hand, are considerably more complex, and often come with advanced features such as touchscreens, or a watertight design. A stainless steel hook for holding the fish has pretty much become the standard in the recent years, so you can expect one of these on your fishing scale, no matter what type of model you’ve decided to get.
Performance and Ease of Use
The most important thing to remember is that not all digital fishing scales are watertight! Unless it's specified by the manufacturer, there's no saying how one of these gadgets will fare in water, so please don't push your luck if you're not sure. If you're positive that your model of choice is indeed waterproof, you can proceed to measure your catch with it as soon as you've taken the fish out of water! You can take a quick photo of the encounter, and then release it back into the water before its fish brain even understands what just happened! Fishing scales, and especially the older mechanical models, are notoriously tough, so you needn't really worry about wear and tear over time! Just make sure you don't lose them along the way.

Get the Best Fishing Scale of 2023!

To help you out with choosing the best model of fishing scale for your needs, we've assembled our top 5 list on this topic. We hope you liked it, and we wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase! Cheers!

Our Top Choice
Rapala 15lb Touch Screen Tourney Scale
Best Value
Dr. Meter Digital Fishing Hook Scale
Boga Grip 315 15lb Fishing Scale
Weston Spring & Hook Scale
Reel Sonar Digital Fish Scale Tape Measure