Best Flag Football Sets – Flag Football Games for Kids and Adults

Flag football is like American football, except that instead of tackling the opponents and dragging them to the ground, players simply try to take a flag that hangs from the belts of their rivals. Overall, the game is less "brutal" than regular football and gives an opportunity to many people of different ages to participate in the game.

For this review, we picked five excellent flag football sets from some of the best flag football brands on the market and analyzed each one of them. Check them out and see which set suits your needs the best! We also want to give a special shout out to Franklin Sports who has many kids and adult flag football sets. For those of you who want to wear your favorite team colors, you will definitely want to check out the Franklin Sports NFL Flag Football Sets!
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Waist Size
Our Top Choice
SKLZ 10 Player Flag Football Set
SKLZ is a renowned manufacturer of fitness gear and accessories for kids and adults. Its products include basketball hoops, agility ladders, flag football sets and much more.
Comes with all the accessories, including a carrying bag. Ideal for up to 10 players. Flags made of durable nylon. Good for kids and adults.
Carrying bag might be a bit too small, but that’s a minor drawback in our opinion.
10 players
Carrying bag, rules and more
26 to 38 inches
4 goal line cones
Made of fabric, hold 2 flags
Best Value
Nerf N-Sports 6 Player Flag Football Set
Nerf is a brand under the global leader, Hasbro. Their popularity grew over the last five years or so thanks to their extensive range of toy guns, blasters and bows.
Includes clip-on flags that require no set-up. Can be used by kids or adults. Includes a weather-resistant ball. Made with durable, high-quality materials. Flags are high-vis.
There’s only enough flags for 6 players with 2 flags each.
6 players
12 flags and 1 football
N/A - clip on flags
No belts needed
Play Platoon 14-Player Flag Football Set
Play Platoon is a one-stop shop for anything fun, active or sporty. Their products include giant parachutes, ring toss games, inflatable beer pong and flag football sets!
Large set big enough for 14 players. Includes 42 flags, 3 for each belt. Belt features D-ring closure. Fits kids and adults. Includes 12 high-vis cones.
There was one isolated case of the flags ripping.
14 players
Belts, flags, cones, carry bag
One size fits most
12 high-vis disc cones
Hold 3 flags
Stumptown Sportz 14 Player Flag Football Set
Stumptown Sportz makes fitness accessories for kids, including flag football sets, mini hoops and mini basketballs. Its products are designed mostly for kids up to 12 years.
Ideal for up to 14 players. Comes with 12 disc cones and a mesh carrying bag. Made of durable materials.
Flags available in only one color option (red and blue).
14 players
Mesh bag, 42 flags and more
Up to 48 inches
12 disc cones
Made of nylon, hold 3 flags
Trained 10 Man Flag Football Set
Trained is a family business that strives to craft useful and practical fitness gear for people of all ages. Its products include flag football sets, agility ladders, basketball hoops and more.
Belts and flags made of durable nylon. Comes with all the accessories, even a playbook. Ideal for kids and adults.
Some carrying bags had broken zippers, but they were replaced by the manufacturer.
10 players
Carry bag, playbook and more
Up to 50 inches
4 goal line cones
Made of nylon, hold 3 flags

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What Is the Best Flag Football Set for Adults and Kids? Read Our Flag Football Set Reviews!

Today's flag football sets are usually designed to be used by kids and adults alike. The kits also include numerous accessories which are particularly useful for novice players. Now that you know the basics, let's go ahead and take a look at our five recommendations.

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Our Top Choice
The10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set from SKLZ includes flags, cones, a carrying bag, and it is ideal for kids aged seven years or older. Want to make it even more obvious who is on each team? Get the SKLZ Sports Mesh Practice Jersey set. The sleeveless design and elastic waist fits most athletes.

SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set – Includes Flags, Carrying Bag and Cones, For Ages 7+


This is not the first time we are reviewing a product made by SKLZ, as this brand is highly appreciated and known for making fitness gear and accessories. Apart from high-quality flag football sets, SKLZ also makes mini basketball hoops, agility ladders, hurdles, baseball bats and many others. Basically, if you are looking for superior training gear at affordable prices, you should take a look at the products made by SKLZ.

For example, the 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set from SKLZ comes with 10 belts and 20 flags in blue and yellow. Up to 10 players can play using this set, which also contains 4 cones for establishing the goal lines. In the package you will also find the football rules (necessary if you are a beginner) and a carrying bag, which makes transporting the entire kit much easier.

The flags are attached to the belts using Velcro straps and there are 2 flags for each belt. These accessories are suitable for kids over seven years, as well as adults, whether you want to use them for practice sessions or for casual games with friends. The flags themselves are made of nylon and are highly durable, so don’t worry about ripping them apart while playing. Considering the affordable price and the multitude of accessories included in the package, we think this kit provides excellent value for money!

Best Value
The Nerf N-Sports Flag Football Set is a great football set for those who want a quick 3-on-3 game. Come rain or shine, nothing should prevent you from playing your favorite game and these weather-proof flags and football definitely won’t. If you want to grab an extra football, check out the Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football which can be used in the sun, rain, mud or snow and still be intact at the end of the game!

Nerf N-Sports Flag Football Game with12 Clip on Flags and Nerf Football - No Belts Required


Nerf is a brand under the Hasbro umbrella. Hasbro is a global leader in the toy and entertainment industry with tons of huge brands to their name such as My Little Pony, Monopoly, Transformers and Play-Doh. They really are the epitome of kids toys over the last couple of decades. Nerf is a brand that’s become very popular over the last five years due to their extensive range of toy guns, blasters and bows.

The Nerf N-Sports Flag Football Set is a little different to the usual Nerf products but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices any quality. This set is for a small, 3-on-3 game of flag football as it only includes a football and 12 clip-on flags. That’s enough for 2 per player and there’s no belts to worry about, the flags just clip on to whatever you’re wearing. Simple! All flags are made using safe and quality materials and the bright orange and green colors will be easy to see in any weather! Nerf ensures that come rain or shine you can play your beloved flag football game. The Weather Bllitz football can be used in any weather conditions too. So, no matter the weather, no matter whether there’s kids or adults, you’ll always be ready for a quick 3-on-3 game of flag football with this weather resistant set.

The Play Platoon 14-Player Flag Football Set includes everything you need for a cheerful game of flag football and thanks to the adjustable belts, kids and adults can enjoy this game equally! If you’re looking for more sporting equipment, perhaps to deck out your games room or yard, then check out the Play Platoon Mini Basketball Hoop which comes with 2 mini basketballs too.

Play Platoon 14 Player Deluxe Flag Football Game - Comes with 14 Belts, 42 Flags, 12 Cones & 1 Mesh Carrying Bag for Flag Football


Play Platoon is the one stop shop for all things fun! They’re committed to the enjoyment of their customers and that’s what they achieve with their extensive product range. In need of some giant, outdoor dice? Play Platoon has them! Want a giant, inflatable donut for the pool? They’ve got you sorted. Need a 12-foot multicolored parachute? You guessed it, they’ve got that too! That’s not all though: Play Platoon also has team sports equipment like basketball hoops and flag football sets to choose from.

The Play Platoon Deluxe Flag Football Set is bigger and better than ever. It contains a whopping 14 belts, 42 flags, 12 cones and they even throw in a carry bag for good measure. With that much equipment you can play with 10 or 14 players and when playing with all 14 players, you can have 3 flags for each belt. The 15-inch long, brightly colored flags are red and blue which makes it super easy to distinguish who is on which team.

This set includes 12 highly visible disc cones perfect for marking off the goal, sidelines and playing field. The cones, as well as all the other equipment, is manufactured with high-quality, durable materials to make sure they last as long as possible, even during rough and rowdy play. Play Platoon likes to be inclusive and therefore the belts in this set have a sturdy, adjustable D-ring closure meaning they’ll fit anyone from kids to adults! No-one is going to miss out on this fun.

The 14 Player Flag Football Set from Stumptown Sportz comes with 3 heavy-duty flags for each belt and a mesh carrying bag for easy transport. This kit is designed for up to 14 players, but if your teams are not that large, we recommend the Franklin Sports Flag Football Flags and Ball Set. It has everything you need for 10 players to get the game started

Stumptown Sportz 14 Player Flag Football Game Deluxe Set - Double Ring Closure, 14 Belts, 42 Flags, 12 Cones and 1 Mesh Bag


Just as the name implies, Stumptown Sportz focuses on fitness gear and sports accessories, particularly for kids. For example, you can go for mini hoops, which is a basketball game that can be used indoors, and of course, flag football sets. Although this company doesn’t boast an extensive line of products, the items it sells are highly appreciated by the general public, from what we found during our research.

This is also the case for the 14 Player Flag Football Set from Stumptown Sportz. This kit includes 68 pieces in total and is ideal for large teams of football players. In the package you will find 14 belts with 3 flags for each one, as well as 12 disc cones, which can be used to mark the goal lines and end zones. The manufacturer also includes a quality mesh bag, which is spacious enough to hold all these 68 accessories together.

We love the fact that the flags are made of heavy-duty materials, so they can resist numerous hours of play. Also, having 3 flags per belt means that it is relatively easier to grab and neutralize an opponent, making the game more fun and action-packed. The belts themselves are also expandable up to 48 inches, so they might even be suitable for adults, too.

The 10 Man Flag Football Set from Trained includes 46 pieces in the package, and the belts and flags are made of durable nylon, so they won't fall apart when someone tackles you. By the way, to avoid being tackled too often and generally improve your game, you might want to consider getting the Trained Agility Ladder Bundle which can help you enhance your agility and stamina. It comes with cones, carry case and drills ebook.

Trained 10 Man Flag Football Set for Kids and Adults – Comes with Carrying Bag, Flag Football Playbook and Accessories, Good for Kids and Adults


Trained is a large manufacturer of fitness equipment and accessories, selling thousands of products worldwide. Regardless of the type of sport you engage in (football, basketball, tennis, etc), Trained has the required training accessories to help you rev up your game, improve your fitness level and become a more valuable player.

Let's take a look at the 10 Man Flag Football Set from Trained, which is basically a complete set with 46 parts designed for up to 10 players. The belts are made of durable nylon and come with D-ring closures, holding up to 3 flags for each belt. In the package you will also find a carrying bag, a playbook, 4 disc cones and a yard marker to help you establish the playing field and mark end zones.

We are happy to mention that the Velcro flags can be easily attached to each belt and are made of durable nylon, so they can take a lot of wear and tear. The carrying bag provided will help you keep everything together when playing in parks or an open field, and the downloadable ebook will provide useful insights about the flag football game. By the way, keep in mind that the belts are excellent for both kids and adults, as they can fit a person with a waist size of approximately 50 inches.

Best Flag Football Game Guide - What to Look for in an Adult or Youth Flag Football Set

Football is a wonderful game with millions of fans worldwide and numerous exciting games played each year. It is a sport where athletic performance is paramount and, usually, the more muscular you are, the more valuable you can be to your team. However, what if you want to give your kid a chance to play football without having to be tackled and come back home with potential injuries or dirty clothes? In this case, you should try your hand at flag football, which is a simplified and safer version of the regular American football.

Obviously, you might still want to get football gloves, a football helmet and of course, a high-quality football to be able to play the game, but you will have more peace of mind knowing that stopping the opponent is done by grabbing and pulling the flags linked to their belts. This sport is increasingly popular these days, and it improves athletic performance and fitness level for both kids and adults.

There’s so many flag football sets on the market it can be tough to choose just one. There’s so many in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all on this review and had to leave some pretty great choices off. For an exclusively kid’s set, you can’t go wrong with the Adventure Animalz Kids Flag Football Set. It even comes with 6 replacement flags for when some get lost!

Some flag football sets even come with cones, carry cases and referee equipment . It’s really handy if you can get everything you need in one set. Football sets come in all different sizes too. They can range from 6 players up to 14 players, but one particularly great set (another product that simply didn’t make our review because of space limit) is the WYZworks 12 Player Blue & Red Flag Football Set. The bright red and blue flags make it really easy to distinguish between teams.

If you are interested in this game already, sit back, relax and enjoy reading this guide, as you will learn everything you need to know about flag football sets, how to buy a good one and what budget to prepare.

Video: A Guide To Flag Football Rules

Official American Flag Football League Rules. | Courtesy of The American Flag Football League

You may be happy to find out that your investment will be minimal when it comes to flag football sets, as these products can be bought for a price between about $20 and $35, depending on the number of accessories contained in the package. For example, a set that includes belts for up to 14 players will be priced a bit higher than one which contains just 10 belts. Similarly, a set that comes with accessories such as playbooks might cost a few bucks more, but you get more materials for your money and a playbook is highly useful, particularly for new players.

However, avoid settling for excessively cheap flag football sets, which are usually priced around 10 dollars or less. Such products have flimsy belts with poor-quality flags, and they might survive one or two games at most. Spend a little bit more and get a high-quality set from a prestigious manufacturer instead.


Now that you know how much these kits cost, let's go ahead and see what they are characterized by:

  • Number of Belts - The number of belts is equal to the number of players who can participate in the game. For example, most sets include at least 8 belts (4 players on each side), and they can go up to 14 belts.
  • Number of Flags - Some belts can hold 2 flags, others can hold 3. Therefore, the number of flags is usually a multiple of the number of belts the package contains.
  • Accessories Included - Most packages contain a playbook, a carrying bag and disc cones, so that you can mark the territory and goal lines.
  • Age Range - Some flag football kits are designed for kids aged seven or older, while other kits can be used both by adults and children, as the belts are completely adjustable.

Before shopping, it is a good idea to assess the average number of players who participate in your game on a regular basis. For example, if you are never more than 10 players, there's no point in purchasing a set designed for 14 players or more. Afterwards, decide upon the colors of the flags (some people have preferences) and find out if you want just the belts and the flags or a complete kit with accessories. If you want a piece of advice, we recommend going for the full set with accessories, as the disc cones and carrying bag will definitely come in handy in the long run.

Construction and Design

The most important component in a set is, of course, the belt. These are usually made of durable nylon and feature adjustable D-ring closures. The flags are attached to them using Velcro fasteners, so when players grab and pull, these flags detach from the belt in a safe way. Each belt can hold up to 3 flags, and the flags themselves are also made of durable nylon, to be able to take a lot of wear and tear.

When it comes to the disc cones in the package, these are usually made of plastic and are large and brightly colored. These can be used to mark end zones, goal lines and other important areas on the field. Some people also use the disc cones to execute agility drills, so that’s something you might want to try during your practice sessions.

The carrying bag provided in the package should feature a durable zipper and be made of plastic, fabric or nylon mesh. It is spacious enough to hold all the accessories inside and is useful for keeping everything together and transporting your set from place to place. If you also receive a playbook, this may be in electronic format, in which case you'll eventually have to download it to your computer and print various rules, instructions or exercises which will improve your game.

Video: Introduction to Flag Football for Kids

Basic Skills and Drills for Flag Football. | Courtesy of FlagHouse Activity Channel
Performance and Ease of Use

The best thing about most flag football sets is that they come with long belts which can stretch up to 52 inches in waist size. Therefore, adults can use them too when they want to play a game of flag football. Because they are made of nylon in most cases, the belts and flags can be thrown in the washing machine when they get dirty, so you don’t have to clean each flag by hand. With the passing of time, you might eventually have to re-stitch or glue some flags into place, but we are confident that if you purchase from a renowned manufacturer, the flag football sets you are getting will easily last several seasons.

Get the Best Flag Football Set of 2022!

You don’t have to be a 250-pound NFL linebacker with lots of muscle mass to enjoy the beautiful game of football; you can play it using flags and reap all its athletic and entertainment benefits! These are some of the best flag football sets available on the market at the moment of this writing, so don’t hesitate to pick your favorite and challenge your friends to a game of flag football.

Our Top Choice
SKLZ 10 Player Flag Football Set
Best Value
Nerf N-Sports 6 Player Flag Football Set
Play Platoon 14-Player Flag Football Set
Stumptown Sportz 14 Player Flag Football Set
Trained 10 Man Flag Football Set

Flag Football Set FAQs

What is flag football?
Flag football is a form of American football that involves de-flagging a ball carrier instead of tackling players from the opposite team. It is, therefore, a contactless sport that involves less tackling and contact between players. To learn more check out our review on flag football sets.
How to play flag football?
You can play flag football if you have five players on each side. The game takes 15 to 20 minutes for each have, even though some halves may last for 10 to 12 minutes. All other American football rules may apply, except those involving blocking, diving, tackling, fumbling, or screening. To defend the ball, a player may remove one or both of their flags. At the start of a game, a coin is tossed by the starting team before making for downs and crossing the midfield. Every touchdown consists of six points, and safety earning two points. When running, players have to keep their feet on the ground and can only avoid a tackle by spinning. All players (including quarterbacks) can pass and receive a ball. If you rush the passer, you must stand seven yards or more from the scrimmage line when another player snaps the ball.
When does flag football season start?
The flag football season starts between September 24th and 26th, with the regular season ending on November 7th. Playoffs for senior and junior divisions are held between November 12th and 14th.