Best Flat Iron Reviews 2017

Hair straightening tools come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are many different models and brands to choose from. Ultimately, what you pick as the best flat iron for your needs will be based upon your preferences, but we think these five are good flat irons that you should consider. They have been chosen after a thorough research on our behalf and they come in a mixture of price ranges.
Heat setting
Our Top Choice
FHI Heat’s Platform Styling Iron - FHI Brands
Loaded with great features to produce fantastic results and protect your hair from damage.
Professional, salon quality styling tool. Tourmaline Ceramic plates. Adjustable heat control
On the expensive side, but worth it. Watch out for fakes.
450 degrees f
Ceramic plates
Uses negative ions
Ideal for all hair types
Best Value
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
Professional quality at affordable price. Can be used to create styles other than straight. Great user reviews.
Tourmaline Ceramic with Negative Ion technology. Advanced infrared heat technology with quick heat up. Good for fine to course hair.
No automatic shut off (unless you get the digital model). Only 2 sizes – 1” & 2”.
240 to 450 degrees f
Ceramic plates
Advanced infrared heat
Digital LCD display
Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron
If you are looking for the fastest hair straightening tool, this is it! Professional salon quality construction and results.
Super fast “one pass” straightening. NanoIonic™ Complex emit negative ions to protect hair.
Expensive. No automatic shut off. Only 2 sizes.
400 degrees f
Ceramic plates
Bio ionic
Black with blue plates
10ft swivel cord
BaByliss Pro Flat Iron
Affordable flat iron for people who are either trying out something new, or on a budget.
Consistent results for all hair types. Available in 3 sizes. Adjustable temperature control. Porcelain Ceramic plates. Compact size.
Need to watch out for damaging hair on higher settings. Not as solid as construction as higher end models.
450 degrees f
Porcelain ceramic plates
Far-infrared heat
8 ft swivel cord
Remington Style Digital Heat Ceramic Flat Iron
Decent budget priced flat iron with overall positive customer reviews.
Ceramic static fighting plates. Adjustable heat settings. Digital LCD display. Automatic shut off.
Heat range is only 310 to 410 degrees. Only two sizes (1 & 1 ¾ inch).
410 degree f
Ceramic plates
Anti static Ions
Auto shut off

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How Do I Choose the Best Flat Iron?

There are a lot of factors that will impact your final decision of what the best hair straightening tool for is you. One of the first things you will need to know if you want a professional, salon quality flat iron or you are okay with something on the lower end. This choice will be influenced both by your budget and how often you plan on using it – if it’s just once in a while, going for a more affordable flat iron might make better financial sense.

We liked doing the research for this particular review and during our endeavor, we stumbled upon several cheap flat irons. However, we thought that they were of poor quality, so we avoided them. Instead, we strive to present you more details about 5 high-quality flat irons that offer good value for money and feature different price tags. Regardless of your budget, chances are that you will find a flat iron that matches your needs in our short list.

By the way, sometimes a curly hairstyle feels more appropriate and for that matter we have also crafted a review on high-quality curling irons for you to choose from. These tools are affordable, efficient and safe, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

Now let's get back to our flat irons and the important aspects you need to consider when shopping for such cosmetic products.
As with any buying decision, cost will play an important role when choosing a flat iron. Prices vary from the $20 range to over $200 for a professional quality flat iron – and every where in between. More expensive models are made from better materials, have more features and do tend to produce much better results. Some people who travel a lot buy a “cheap” budget flat iron to have as a second so that nothing happens to their really good one.
Today's flat irons can be quite sophisticated. They incorporate innovative technologies which make straightening your hair a safer and more efficient task. For example, you might find negative ion technology as well as infrared heating in modern flat irons. Alongside with that, some flat irons have super-quick heating times, digital LCD displays of the temperature and automatic shut off (usually after an hour). All these features will make a big difference in the long run and that is why it is paramount to keep an eye on them: you will be able to make a better decision and be satisfied with your product for years to come!
Construction and Design
Flat irons come in a variety of plate sizes – from as small as ½” to as big as 2 ½”. Both the length and texture of your hair will determine what sizes are better for you. The most “flexible” plate size is 1” because it usually works with any hair type and length. Women with shorter hair can use a ½” plate. In contrast, many women with super long hair use flat irons with 2 or 2 ½ inch plates because it’s more efficient – you can straighten more hair at a time.

Another construction factor is the material which the plates are made from. It is strongly recommend that you never get a flat iron that has “cheap” metal plates because this will damage and dry out your hair. The best quality hair straightening tools have either ceramic plates, tourmaline plates or titanium plates. Note: for the purpose of affordability, we didn’t review any titanium plat flat irons but most of the brands we reviewed, do make them.

The final design factor that should be considered is whether or not you can control the temperature. Most hair straightening tools reach temperatures between 300-410 degrees Fahrenheit, and some go even reach. If the flat iron you get doesn’t have a thermoregulator to adjust the temperature settings, you need to make sure that you get a flat iron that doesn’t go higher than what is best for your hair type (but is high enough to get the job done). For example, many beauty experts recommend that women with fine hair don’t go over 360 degrees but coarser hair needs higher heat.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the things to look for in a good quality flat iron is how quickly it heats up, and how well it maintains that temperature. You also want one that is comfortable to use – and that is designed to be stable when you put it down.

When reviewing the top flat irons, we looked at what kind of results they produce. If they don’t do the job of straightening your hair, they aren’t worth the money that you pay for them. It is important to get flat irons that are well designed and that glide over your hair nicely so that you don’t get kinks.

By the way, there are flat irons that have rounded edges which are great for achieving curls and waves – not just sleek, straight hair styles.

What is the Best Flat Iron?

In order to help you pick a tool for straightening your hair, we have narrowed down the field to a few of the best brands and models, with a mixture of prices from budget to high end. Let’s take a look at the flat irons that made it to our top five contenders list.
Our Top Choice
Available in four sizes, all of FHI Heat’s Platform Styling Irons are designed long lasting performance and professional salon quality results.
FHI Brands Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

FHI Flat Iron PF7001 – 1”

The FHI Heat’s Platform Styling Iron is one of the best straightening irons on the market today and it offers you exclusive proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology which delivers great results and protects your hair at the same time. FHI Brands is a renowned manufacturer that specializes in cosmetic products. Here are just a few of the features you can get with this flat iron.
  • Swivel cord with hang up hook and self-gripping closures.
  • Anti-Slip Grip Handle makes for comfortable, care-free styling
  • Dual voltage (110v and 220v) means it can be used worldwide.
  • Probably the only feature that we would say that these styling irons are missing is an automatic shut off – so remember to turn it off, or better yet, unplug it when you are done styling.
Construction and Design
FHI Heat’s hair straightening and styling tools are ergonomically designed so that they are easy and comfortable to use. There are three layers of scratch-resistant baked tourmaline ceramic in each of the plates. The plates are infused with Exclusive Proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology which produces a high level of ions to lock in moisture and protect your hair. Unlike “cheap flat irons” FHI’s professional quality styling tools have a low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) which reduces frizz and static.
The Platform Styling Irons are available in four different plate sizes so there is one for every hair length and type:
  • FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic 1/2" Flat Iron – Model PF7000
  • FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Flat Iron – Model PF7001
  • FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic 1 1/4" Iron – Model PF7002
  • FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic 1 3/4" Iron – Model PF7003
The ceramic heater uses Gentle Far Infrared Heat which provides both super quick head recovery and even heat recovery. There is an adjustable thermoregulator which allows users to choose temperatures anywhere from 140 degrees to 450 degrees. Even when you use the highest heat setting, you can be sure that your hair will be protected from damage because of the high quality plate materials.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the things that you will love about FHI Heat’s flat irons is that it uses moisture locking negative ion technology to protect your hair from damage. Not only does it seal in moisture, but it will reduce “frizziness,” reduce static and repel humidity.

Platform Styling Irons are not “one-trick ponies” – because the plates are beveled you can create multiple styles. Whether you want smooth sleek hair, gorgeous curls or glamorous wavy hair, you can do it with confidence and ease.

FHI Heat’s Platform Styling Iron, with their signature red ceramic plates, are best loved for their high quality, ability to maintain even heat distribution and the incredible looking styles that you can create with them. At the time of this review, 68% of the 194 people who wrote Amazon reviews gave the FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Flat Iron five stars, giving it an overall 4.1 out of 5 stars rating.

It is important to note that out of the negative reviews on Amazon, a large percentage was related to the seller, not the actual product. It appears that there are a lot of people selling “fakes” so it is extremely important that you make sure that you get a genuine FHI Brands Hair Styling Iron. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so in some ways this is a testament to the quality of the real deal hair styling tools made by FHI HEAT.
Best Value
Create salon quality hair styles, for any hair type, with HSI Professional Flat Irons. We reviewed the regular model, but they also have a professional quality digital flat iron.
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron, with Glove, Pouch and Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment

HSI Professional 1” Flat Iron

You can trust the HSI Professional Flat Iron to deliver excellent results each time you want to style your hair. This tool regulates heat and distributes it evenly, allowing you to achieve a near-perfect hairstyle!
The construction and design features of HSI’s professional quality hair straightening and styling tools are quite impressive already – making it possible to create salon level hair styles without damaging your hair.

They also have a few other nice perks in terms of features:
  • HIS style guide – instruction manual
  • 360 degree swivel cord so no twists or tangles
  • Worldwide dual voltage (110v and 220v)
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Comes with heat resistant glove and travel pouch
  • Includes free Argran Oil hair treatment
The model we reviewed doesn’t have automatic shut of, but if you purchase HSI’s digital model, it not only has an LCD display, but it will shut off automatically and has a sleep mode.
Construction and Design
HSI Professional is a brand that is known for delivering salon quality styling tools to consumers worldwide. The solid plates of HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Irons are made from 100% real tourmaline ceramic, which produce high levels of negative ions to protect your hair from damage and lock in moisture. Using the styling tool is comfortable and easy because of its ergonomic design.

While HSI doesn’t offer as many different plate sizes as other brands, the two it does offer great styling for hair types. The 1” plate is can be used to straighten, curl and flip fine to coarse hair. For longer hair, or hair that is unruly, HIS recommends the 1.25 inch plates.

HSI Professional Flat Irons use advanced infrared heat technology. They heat up quickly (in just 15 seconds), and distribute heat evenly. Users have the ability to control and adjust temperature anywhere from 240f to 410 degrees. Even at the highest setting, because of the professional construction and ceramic plates, you can trust that your hair won’t get damaged because of overheating.
Performance and Ease of Use
HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Irons can be used to create straight, shiny and sleek hair styles. Because they have floating plates with curved edges, you have the versatility to create other styles such as waves, flips and curls.

It is important to note that while HSI states that it’s flat irons are designed for all hair types, there are some people with coarser and thicker hair who report that they didn’t get the results that they wanted. This may be due to the fact that the highest temperature setting is 410 degrees (compared to the FHI that goes to 450 degrees). However, there are a large number of real user reviews who say that they have “difficult” hair and it worked great.

Women with fine hair, who have had problems with other styling tools, report that they love HSI Professional Flat Irons because they grip the hair nicely, sliding over it without it getting caught.

At the time of our review there were over 23,000 reviews on Amazon for the HSI Professional 1” Flat Iron. That number of buyers alone speaks volumes for this product, and so does the fact the average ratings are 4.4 out of 5 stars – with 72% of the reviewers giving it 5 stars! Obviously, this is a high-quality flat iron that has been well received by the public, so if you give it a try, you are doing the right thing!
OnePass® Straightening Irons are Bio Ionic’s fastest working flat irons. We reviewed the larger size, but they also make a high quality 1” inch straightening iron.
Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Flat Iron

Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5"

We were very impressed by the Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron and we wholeheartedly recommend it if you want to achieve gorgeous hairstyles without damaging your hair! The plates of this iron have silicone strips which not only speed up the straightening process, but also help to increase shine.

Besides its high quality construction and features designed to protect your hair, the strongest selling point of the OnePass line of styling tools is that it makes it possible for users to straighten there in half the time as compared to traditional flat irons.

Among the fantastic features that Bio Ionic OnePass Ceramic Flat Iron’s offers are:
  • Super long, 10 ft swivel cord;
  • Limited 5 year warrantee (most only 1 year);
  • Instant heat up (5 seconds) and heat recovery;
  • Plates are cushioned with Nano-Ionic™ Mineral Technology;
  • Silicone Speed Strips on plates;
  • Adjustable temperature control up to 400 degrees.
On the “negative” side, there is no automatic shut off. Also, unlike some other brands that offer dual voltage, you will have to choose either the 120V or the European 220V model.
Construction and Design
All of the products in the Bio Ionic® Professional Haircare System line are contain NanoIonic™ Complex, a blend of natural occurring minerals that emit negative ions. When combined with Far Infrared Technology, you get quick styling without damaging your hair. Your hair will not only look great, but the Bio Ionic® Nano-Ceramic Conditioning Irons will actually help to recondition, rehydrate and restore the moisture balance – leaving it healthy and beautiful.

The ceramic plates have silicone strips which help to hold your hair, allowing it to the flat iron to pass over it smoothly without catching. This provides faster straightening and increases the shine.

The BioCeramic Heaters heat up in just five seconds and maintain constant heat, with instant heat recovery as you use it. The temperature settings are adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Performance and Ease of Use
In 2013, Good Housekeeping conducted a thorough testing (both in the lab and with real consumers) on the Bio Ionic One Pass and it received an overall 4 out 5 stars. Out of all the different styling tools that the consumers tested in this research, they said this was the easiest to use. In the lab, the OnePass excelled on almost all the tests but there was a bit of a concern with some people reporting “frizzing” shortly after straightening.

Users had a lot of positive things to say about Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Irons, including:
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions;
  • Produced hair styles that looked shiny and felt smooth;
  • Heated up and straightened hair quickly;
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
The Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Flat Iron is designed primarily for creating smooth, sleek hair styles. However, because of its compact size, it can be used to create waves, add body and add some curls. The OnePass 1 inch flat iron is better for most women who to create different styles, especially if you have really long hair. Yet, at the same time, if you have incredibly long hair, you will LOVE how quickly you can straighten your hair with the larger OnePass 1.5 inch.

At the time of our review, the Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5 inch flat iron was reviewed by 447 people and had an incredible overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars – with 76% of users rating it a 5!

When looking at the critical reviews people either love or hate the silicon strips. Some people with coarse or thicker hair also reported that in reality, more than one pass was needed to achieve the desired results. Even so, remember that this is currently one of the most popular and technologically advanced flat irons on the market, so you will definitely be impressed by its features.
BaByliss Pro flat irons use Porcelain Ceramic™ technology to distribute even heat across the plates. BaByliss also offers higher end straightening tools that have ion emitting, pure titanium-plated plates.
BaBylissPro™ Porcelain Plate Ceramic™ Straightening Iron

BaByliss Pro BABP9557 1”

BaByliss Pro Straightening Irons is suitable for most hair types and it is very easy to use! It comes with adjustable temperature settings up to 450 degrees – for even the toughest hair.

This is a basic model that doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but it is perfect for people who love to style their hair from time to time without damaging it. The plates are made from commercial grade, negative ion emitting porcelain ceramic which provide enhanced protection for your hair.

The BaByliss Pro does have a nice 8 foot swivel cord to avoid those pesky tangles. It is compact and light, which makes it good for traveling – or sticking in your pocketbook for a quick style change after work on a Friday night!
Construction and Design
The plates in BaByliss Pro Flat Irons are made with Porcelain Ceramic™ technology. Just like ones made of tourmaline ceramic and titanium, porcelain ceramic emits negative ions to help lock in moisture and reduce damage – just not as much. But, if you are looking for a more affordable option for a flat iron, it’s a good choice (and much better than ones that are made from metal – or just have a thin coating of ceramic).

BaBylissPro™ Flat Irons are 4 inches long and available in three width sizes, so there is a model for every hair length and type.
  • BaBylissPro™ BABP9557 - Porcelain Ceramic™ 1" Straightening Iron
  • BaBylissPro™ BABP9559 - Porcelain Ceramic™ 1-1/2" Straightening Iron
  • BaBylissPro™ BABP9561 - Porcelain Ceramic™ 2" Straightening Iron
The ceramic heater generates far-infrared heat which is more efficient in terms of both quick heat up time and being gentler on your hair. Users can adjust the temperature with a rheostat temperature dial – up to 450°F.
Performance and Ease of Use
For a lower end (but not cheap!) flat iron, the BaByliss Pro Porcelain Flat Iron does a good job straightening a variety of hair types. Because it doesn’t have as many features with regards to protecting your hair and locking in moisture as professional, salon quality models, we strongly suggest using either argan oil, or the best thermal protecting product before styling.

The body of this flat iron is made from light weight plastic – which makes it light to hold, but some users report that they aren’t built to last for people who use them on a regular basis. Because of the design of the plates, it can be used to both straighten and add some waves and curls to your hair. Remember – this model goes up to 450 degrees so you need to use caution. Always start with lower temperatures and then if you need more, turn it up.

When we conducted our review, the BaByliss Pro 1” flat iron had over 1,000 Amazon reviews with a 4.3 overall rating. 70% of users gave it 5 stars, with another 15% rating it 4 stars. As we have seen with other well known brands of hair styling tools, some of the negative reviews were due to the fact that buyers ended up with a fake – so again, if you want the quality that BaByliss offers make sure you get a genuine product.

The other thing we need to take in to consideration when reading the critical reviews is that this is a lower end, affordably priced flat iron – and as such, it is not going to perform as wall as the professional salon quality styling tools. However, if you want an affordable, easy-to-operate flat iron for basic hairstyling, this tools might be suitable for your needs.
The Remington Style an affordable ceramic flat iron that uses anti-static technology to protect your hair. If you want to spend a little bit more, we recommend checking out Remington’s T|Studio™ PROtect™ Flat Iron with Vapor Infused Technology.
Remington Style Digital Anti Static 1” Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron

Remington S5500 Flat Iron - Purple

The Remington S5500 Flat Iron packs multiple useful features and it is backed up by numerous positive reviews from past customers. It has long ceramic plates which glide easily and efficiently over your hair.

The Remington Style Digital flat iron is only compatible for use with 120 volt outlets, so you won’t be taking it on any trips to Europe – but because of the price, it does make for a good “second” flat iron for traveling for women who don’t want to risk loosing their more expensive ones. There is a two year warranty from the manufacture.

For a low end, affordable flat iron, Remington does throw in some nice features, come of which we already discussed such as the digital LCD display, floating plates and adjustable heat settings. You also get:
  • Automatic shut off after 60 minutes;
  • A hinge lock to keep the iron closed when not in use;
  • Temperature lock to keep the setting where you want it;
  • Turbo boost to speed up heat time; and
  • 360 swivel cord to prevent tangles and twists.
Construction and Design
Like the BaByliss Pro, the Remington Style Digital Anti Static flat iron has professional-grade ceramic plates, but they are not infused with tourmaline. This means that while this hair straightening tool will emit negative ions to protect your hair from damage, it’s not going to do the same type of job that one of the more expensive, professional models will do.

Remington boasts that it has “anti-static technology” to reduce fly-aways and frizz – this isn’t any proprietary or unique technology, it’s simply referring to one of the benefits of having good quality ceramic plates rather than ones that are made of metal (other than titanium of course) or just have a coating.

Remington Ceramic Hair Straighteners are available in two plate sizes – the most common 1 inch which is good for most hair lengths and types (Remington S5500D) and the 1.75 inch which is great for longer hair and/or more coarse hair (Remington S5520).

The Remington Style flat irons come in a stylish purple (if that’s not your thing, Remington does have other ceramic flat irons in other such as the Remington Pretty Fierce collection which come in hot pink and a cool black and gold design, as well as your basic black). The difference between the Pretty Fierce and the Remington Style hair Straighteners is that the latter have a digital readout which tells you the temperature of the flat iron, as well as whether it is on and the heat settings are adjustable (the Pretty Fierce irons only have 2 heat settings). The temperature range for this flat iron is 310°F - 410°F, with 370°F being the default heat setting.
Performance and Ease of Use
The first thing we need to say regarding performance is that the Remington Style digital hair straightener doesn’t have a temperature setting as low as the other models that we recommend. This means that people with super fine hair need to be careful when using, but with a price tag of about $20, if you are new to using a flat iron and don’t want to invest a lot of one until you like creating this kind of style, it’s a good place to start. As for the top end of the heat range, 410 degrees is the norm for most flat irons, although the FHI Heat and BaByliss Pro do go up to 450 degrees (which is more than most women need, unless you have super coarse or unruly hair).

It takes 30 seconds for the Remington Style Digital flat iron to heat up, which is slower than many of the other models, but it’s also not as long as many other budget priced ones. The flat iron has floating plates which allow it them to glide smoothly over your hair. It can be used top create other hair styles, but it is primarily designed as a straightening tool.

Like the BaByliss Pro, when reading the user reviews for the Remington Style Digital Anti Static Ceramic Flat Iron, you need to keep in mind that you can’t expect the same results as with a top of the line salon quality styling tool – and this time we are talking about a flat iron that is half the price! Needless to say, one of the biggest “positives” that people report is the price.

At the time of this writing, there were almost 3,000 Amazon reviews for this hot purple Remington 1” inch purple flat iron, and has an overall average rating of 4.5 with 72% giving it 5 stars – not bad for a “cheap” flat iron!

Among the “constructive” critical reviews, some people reported that because of the rounded design of the flat iron, it doesn’t sit flat on the counter and tends to fall on its side. There were other women who were not happy with the fact that it doesn’t have lower end temperature settings or they didn’t like that when you turn it on, it always starts at the default setting rather than where you used it last. One really great thing to note is that we saw several responses from the manufacturer on Amazon, giving people instructions on whom to call for assistance. This means that the manufacturer really cares for its customers and their experience with these products.

Get the Best Flat Iron of 2017!

The final decision of choosing what type of hair straightening tool is best for you will be a matter of your personal style, preferences and how much you want to spend. After our review of the different flat irons available on the market, we think that these five brands are definitely worth considering.

Our Top Choice
FHI Heat’s Platform Styling Iron - FHI Brands
Best Value
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron
BaByliss Pro Flat Iron
Remington Style Digital Heat Ceramic Flat Iron