Best Flatware Sets – Quality Colored and Stainless-Steel Flatware Sets for Casual and Everyday Use

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, getting married, or refreshing your tableware, there are tons of flatware sets to choose from. We’ve scoured the available options and selected five of the best brands, choosing one set to feature from each. This review focuses on what we would call “everyday flatware”. However, just below the quick comparison chart we have links for reviews for fine dining flatware and kids’ and toddler flatware, as well as one for everyday dinnerware to complete the look.

As with most home décor items, choosing the perfect silverware set is a matter of style and personal preferences. For this reason, we focused on quality brands that have a wide range of quality options. Within each review you will find other suggestions and links, if our featured set is not for you. But because we know that making this type of selection is visual, we wanted to highlight a few other unique desings we came across. Hopefully between our reviews and showcased products, you will find exactly what you are looking for!

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Total Pieces
Service For
Our Top Choice
Oneida Flight Stainless Steel Casual Flatware Set
Oneida makes tableware that is attractive and thoughtfully designed. The Flight 45-piece flatware set features high-luster utensils perfect for casual dining.
Bright, lustrous finish. Includes hostess set. Limited lifetime warranty. Reasonably Priced. Available individually or in different set sizes
If buying to match Oneida Flight flatware that you already have, you may find that new pieces are not a perfect match with the old.
18/0 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Best Value
Ikea FÖRNUFT Stainless Steel Flatware Set
Ikea’s all about providing quality, durable home products at reasonable prices. The FÖRNUFT flatware set is no exception – you pretty much can’t beat it for the price.
Shiny. Decent weight. Simple design. Very affordable. A great starter set.
No hostess set.
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Lenox Butterfly Meadow® Flatware Set
Lenox is known for collectible-quality home accents, gifts, tableware, and more. The Butterfly Meadow® flatware set is a 5-piece place setting adorned with elegant butterflies.
Unique and attractive butterfly design on handles. Weighty, durable construction. Coordinating serving utensils available for separate purchase.
Some might find the butterfly design feminine. Pieces are quite heavy (this is an indication of quality, but some may be more comfortable using lighter utensils).
Everyday or special occassion
18/10 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Vietri Aladdin Collection Brilliant Color Flatware
The owners of Vietri are committed to showcasing Italian craftsmanship in tableware and home décor. The Aladdin place setting is a stunning choice for fine dining.
18/10 stainless steel construction with high-grade acrylic handles. Made by sixth-generation Italian metalworkers.
Pretty pricey, but it would make for a great wedding gift or family heirloom
Everyday or Special Occasions
18/10 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Cambridge Silversmiths Jubilee Flatware Set
Cambridge Silversmiths makes flatware to serve all needs and budgets. The Jubilee flatware set is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor casual dining.
Everyday flatware set for indoor and outdoor use. Dishwasher safe stainless steel and plastic construction. Available in white, red, blue, and black.
No hostess set
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe

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What Is the Best Stainless Flatware Brand? Read Our Flatware Set Reviews to Find Your Favorite!

Which flatware you choose depends a lot on your personality and tastes, but it also depends on your budget and how you plan to use your flatware. Read on to see our picks for the five best flatware brands, and have a look at the sets we’ve selected to feature from each. If you’re not crazy about our featured flatware sets, don’t worry. Our chosen brands offer flatware in a variety of patterns, materials, and prices.

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Our Top Choice
Oneida, one of the most popular flatware and dinnerware companies around, brings you the Flight 45-piece flatware set. Crafted of shiny 18/0 stainless steel, this dishwasher safe flatware set comes with a 5-piece hostess set. If the Flight pattern just isn’t your style, you may like one of Oneida’s other collections, like their Tuscany collection.

Oneida Flight Classic Stainless Flatware Set – Retro 1950's Look Designed for Casual Restaurants and Everyday Home Meals, Multiple Set Options


Oneida has been making fine and casual flatware for over 100 years. It’s likely that you’re already familiar with the Oneida name, as this is one of the best-known brands for flatware, dinnerware, drinkware, and more. Browse the kitchen and dining section at any local department store, and you’re likely to find a sizable selection of items from Oneida. There’s a good reason for this – the company consistently produces items that please customers with their durability, beauty, and value.

The Flight 45-piece flatware set features rounded, fluid lines and curved embellishments on the handles. The utensils are made from 18/0 stainless steel for ultimate luster, and they never need polishing. Along with 5-piece place settings for 8, you get a 5-piece hostess set including 2 serving spoons, 1 serving fork, 1 sugar spoon, and 1 butter knife.

You can also purchase Oneida Flight design flatware in larger or smaller sets, or choose pieces individually. 

If you prefer flatware for fine dining, or would like a set of silverware that can transition effortlessly from casual to formal, you may like one of these other flatware sets by Oneida:

  • Oneida Sambre
  • Oneida Vinca
  • Anchor Hocking Nadira
  • Anchor Hocking Willow

Oneida flatware is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Value
Ikea home goods aren’t just inexpensive – they’re also stylish and durable. The FÖRNUFT flatware set belies its price tag with its contemporary, minimalist design and solid construction. If FÖRNUFT isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s plenty more to choose from. For a more modern look, check out the IKEA Ostron Flatware Set with gray handles.

Ikea FÖRNUFT 20 Piece Flatware Set – Affordable Everyday Stainless Steel Flatware, Designed by Maria Vinka


If you’ve ever been in an Ikea, you’ve probably been wowed by the selection and quality of home items, and you’ve probably also been blown away by the low prices. If you haven’t been in an Ikea, and don’t own Ikea products, you might be skeptical about the quality. The truth is, you shouldn’t be! In general, Ikea’s products are really durable. They’re also stylish and thoughtfully designed.

The FÖRNUFT 20-piece flatware set is a great, shiny, solidly constructed set of forks, knives, and spoons at an unbelievable price. This is the perfect set for college students, young people furnishing their first apartment, couples just starting out – basically anyone who wants an inexpensive full set of everyday flatware.

If you’re looking for something just a little fancier, you might try one of these other flatware sets by Ikea:

  • ÄTBART 20 Piece Flatware Set
  • BEHAGFULL 20 Piece Flatware Set
  • DRAGON 60 Piece Flatware Set

Ikea products are some of the few items that tend to be more expensive on Amazon. However, if you consider shipping (especially if you have Amazon Prime), you might still be better off buying through Amazon. If you’ve got an Ikea near you, you can probably get the best price by buying in store.

For flatware that is beautiful to look at, feels good in the hand, and lasts for years, Lenox is an obvious choice. The Butterfly Meadow® 5-piece set is an expertly crafted place setting that will grace your table for years to come. If butterflies aren’t for you, Lenox has many equally nice flatware sets, including the Lenox Gorham Melon Bud frosted stainless steel design.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow® 5 Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set – Place Setting Service for 1


Hosts and hostesses everywhere know that Lenox is unbeatable for quality and beauty. This is a brand that makes tableware and other home items resembling mini art pieces. Additionally, you’ll find that many of their collections are very large and coordinate with a number of different pieces, so in addition to flatware, you can find serving spoons, dishes, and serve ware.

We decided to feature the Butterfly Meadow® set because it is unique, elegant, and durable. You and your guests will recognize the craftsmanship in the forks, spoons, and knives with each use. However, we realize that butterfly-adorned flatware might not be for everyone. If this set isn’t to your taste, you can still find beautiful Lenox flatware.

Here are just a few of your other options:

  • Scoop by Lenox
  • Eternal Frosted by Lenox
  • Francis by Reed & Barton

Whether you want casual flatware, fine stainless flatware, or genuine sterling silverware, Lenox has options for you.

The family founders of Vietri wanted to share their passion for Italian artisanship by bringing expertly designed and crafted goods to North America. The Aladdin flatware set is an exquisite choice for fine dining, boasting high-quality stainless steel and acrylic construction. Not really into colored flatware? Then try the Vietri Martellato place setting.

Viteri Aladdin Brilliant Stainless Flatware with Pearlized Handles - 5 Piece Set, Italian Imported Flatware Designed by Bugatti, Multiple Colors


Vietri’s mission is, “to inspire the celebration of life with family and friends through the beauty of handcrafted Italian designs for the table, home, and garden.” The company was started by two sisters and their mother after they were inspired by watching Italian artisans at work. For the last 30 years, Vietri has worked with family-run Italian factories to bring finely crafted tableware and home décor to the U.S.

The Aladdin flatware set showcases the incredible quality that Vietri is committed to offering its customers. The pearlized handles are hand-shaved from high-grade acrylic. The overall effect is one of ultimate elegance. We have pictured this set in light aqua blue but there are many other colors to chose from such as white, tortise shell, taupe, dark blue, ivory and grey.

If you’re not sure about the Aladdin set but are intrigued by Vietri’s fine Italian craftsmanship, you can have a look at some of their other flatware offerings, including:

  • Vietri Fuoco Place Setting
  • Vietri Vidal Place Setting
  • Vietri Verona Place Setting
  • Vietri Borgo Place Setting

Vietri Flatware is dishwasher safe, but take care to protect your investment. Avoid overly hot water and abrasive detergents.

Cambridge Silversmiths is a major supplier of flatware and cutlery to retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. This company produces a huge variety of flatware to suit every taste and budget. The Jubilee flatware set is solidly constructed to withstand daily use. If you want more colors, but not in such an obvious way, you should check out the Fiesta Celebration collection. Each piece features a tastefully done rainbow in the handle.

Cambridge Silversmiths Jubilee Stainless Steel Flatware with Plastic Colored Handles - 16-Piece Silverware Set, Dishwasher Safe


Cambridge Silversmiths offers more than 250 different flatware designs in a wide variety of styles and prices. The company distributes its products to many major retailers, and customers can also purchase from the Cambridge Silversmiths website and from Amazon.

The Jubilee flatware set is perfect for casual indoor or outdoor use. Constructed of stainless silver and sturdy plastic, the set is dishwasher safe, easy to care for, affordable, and good looking. In addition to white, Jubilee flatware is also available in blue, black and red.

If you are looking for flatware that’s a little less casual, you might like one of these all-stainless collections:

  • Cambridge Knot Mirror
  • Cambridge Marin Frost
  • Cambridge Conversation Satin
  • Fiesta Merengue Flatware Silverware Set

All Cambridge Silversmiths flatware comes with a limited 25-year warranty.

Best Flatware Buying Guide – What to Look for When Shopping for Everyday Stainless Flatware Sets

Buying tableware is truly a matter of personal taste. You can choose from everyday dinnerware, fine dining dinnerware, or premium fine dining flatware. But considering that flatware is one of those kitchen essentials you shouldn’t have to buy often, it is wise to settle for items that will last you for years on end with proper care, of course. Furthermore, it is a good idea to take into account the number of guests you will be serving, so that you don’t fall short at the dining table. And given that washing dishes can be a chore whether you’re cooking for two or for a large gathering, look for everyday flatware that is dishwasher safe. This will ensure that everything is ready to use the next morning, just in case you have some turkey and apple pie leftover from the previous night.


Video: How to Use and Hold Cutlery

How to Hold, Use and Position Flatware. | Courtesy of William Hanson

Flatware is one of those items that you can splurge on, but since we’re dealing with forks, spoons and knives that will most likely receive a high amount of traffic (especially if you’re a cooking connoisseur), buying gold-plated flatware or anything like it might not be a practical choice. Apart from the materials used in their construction, prices for flatware sets depend on the number of pieces included in the respective set. Most, if not all, cheap flatware sets will lack the durability and heat resistance that high-quality cutlery offer and will result in more money spent to replace them. If you’re wondering how much you should be paying for a great set of flatware for everyday use, prices start from roughly $15 for a set that suits a dinner for two and $80+ for one that is good for 4 or more diners.


Flatware is basically what stands between those succulent napkin-worthy meals and your fingers. However, finding the best ones that can be used daily does require some consideration.

But here are a few factors to consider when on the shopping trail for the best flatware set:

  • Material –Common types used in the construction are plastic and stainless steel. Here the latter is undoubtedly more durable.
  • Number of Pieces–Flatware generally comes in sets of 5 up to 45 plus pieces, and includes one of each type of cutlery: spoon, fork, knife and desert knife.
  • Dishwasher Safe –This determines whether the cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher without causing any damage.
  • Design –This is truly a matter of personal taste, but some everyday flatware feature exquisite designs, so they can be used for fine dining as well.
Construction and Design

When narrowing down your choices for the best everyday flatware, think about how and when you will be using the set. You can buy cutlery that is made of shiny and highly-durable stainless steel or you can purchase ones that feature classic patterns and intricate designs. If purchasing stainless steel, you will come across several numbers during your shopping journey. 18/10 is the most common one.

You might be asking what does this mean? To explain briefly, the first number refers to chromium or simply material that is resistant to rust and stains. The second number basically refers to the amount of nickel in the respective flatware, where a higher number represents more lustre and sheen. These options are designed specifically for everyday use and will last you a lifetime with proper care.

Video: How to Organize and Store Your Flatware Collection

Ways to Creatively Organize and Store Flatware Pieces. | Courtesy of Veri Keri
Performance and Ease of Use

When it comes to the number of pieces in a set, many individuals tend to opt for the highest number even though their service needs are minimal, and in the bargain fail to consider where they will be storing this extra cutlery. As an example, a 45 piece flatware set may be an ideal choice for a family of six or more but probably not a viable solution for a family of four. As a rule of thumb, you should opt for almost the same number of items as your dinnerware sets. However, a few extras always help just in case some are dropped mistakenly during meals, or if you’re trying out for the next egg and spoon championship.

Get the Best Flatware Set of 2023!

Now that you know all about flatware and have had a chance to check out our picks for the five best flatware brands, we hope you’ll be able to choose a flatware set that fits your tastes, needs, and budget. Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
Oneida Flight Stainless Steel Casual Flatware Set
Best Value
Ikea FÖRNUFT Stainless Steel Flatware Set
Lenox Butterfly Meadow® Flatware Set
Vietri Aladdin Collection Brilliant Color Flatware
Cambridge Silversmiths Jubilee Flatware Set

Flatware Set FAQs

How many flatware sets do I need?
It would help if you had enough flatware sets to serve between eight and twelve people. In that case, a typical flatware set has 45 pieces with five serving pieces and eight place settings. That means you should have at least two flatware sets to serve the maximum number of people. It is always good to ensure that you can accommodate an extra guest who drops in unannounced.
Tips on how to care for antique silver flatware sets?
To properly care for antique silver flatware sets, you should wash them using a soft towel. That move can help remove the debris, fingerprints, and oils. Once you have cleaned the flatware, you can rinse it in warm water and dry using a soft towel. Next, moisten a cotton ball with white vinegar and use it to remove light tarnish. Wipe dry using the soft towel.
What are silver flatware sets worth?
Silver flatware sets are sold depending on the weight. Every gram of silver flatware goes for $0.54 and $540.78 per kilogram. However, the prices would depend on where you buy. Check out our review for to find flatware set options for you.