Best Floating Cam Strap Reviews 2023

There was a time when shooting photos underwater was impossible, but now, technology has made it possible. Floating cam straps ease your underwater shoot by ensuring that your camera stays afloat through the process. Getting the best floating cam strap is not difficult if you pay attention to certain specifications and features. In our research, we took these specifications and features into account when selecting five top floating cam straps from top brands. These brands, however, have more floating cam straps than the ones we have showcased here.
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Our Top Choice
Nordic Flash Waterproof Cam Float
Nordic Flash produces high-quality camera accessories. It makes floating cam straps that ensure people won't lose their cameras while swimming, snorkeling or boat-cruising.
It comes with a looped strap with which the camera can be fastened to the wrist.
This product would be a lot better if the wrist loop could be tightened. This would be helpful for small-handed users.
2.1 x 5.1 x 6.5 inches; 0.1 lbs
0.4375 lbs
5 colors available
2-pack for added protection
Best Value
Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap
Joma produces photography equipment and camera extras. Its floating cam straps help people keep cameras safe during underwater activities.
It comes in attractive colors, making it easily visible at sea. It's light and floats easily.
Owing to its extreme light weight, more than one of this floating cam straps may be needed for heavier cameras. This can be tackled by intertwining the two.
0.0375 lbs
0.4375 lbs
Red and yellow
Twin pack
FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist Strap
FloatPro produces pieces that make a lasting impression. Its floating cam straps are stylish, safe in water, and fashioned to preserve GoPro cameras.
Its quick-release clip ensures that it attaches firmly to the wrist. The strap dries quickly and can be conveniently stowed.
The orange trimming is too small to spot in the waves or at rock bottom. Orange as the dominant color would be much better.
7 x 2.5 x 2 inches; 0.02 lbs
0.5 lbs
5 colors available
Dries quickly
Tethys Waterproof Camera Float Strap
Tethys cares about the well-being of its customers and produces pieces that support this. Its cam straps are multi-functional and affordable.
The body of this floating cam strap is infused with quick-drying foam. Its lanyard length is convenient for taking pictures underwater.
This floating cam strap is bulkier than most. This is not a red flag, though, as it is still functional.
8 x 3.5 x 1 inches; 0.0375 lbs
0.4375 lbs
3 colors available
Mudder Waterproof Camera Foam Floating Wrist Strap
Mudder creates lifestyle products for its customers’ daily use. Mudder floating cam straps are of reasonable prices and the finest quality.
It features comfy wrist straps that fit without dislodging. An attachment clip connects this strap to the camera, clicking to keep it secure.
The thin rope lanyard may wear or snap, especially if used for weighty cameras.
6.7 x 1 x 3.7 inches; 0.02 lbs
0.4375 lbs
Bright yellow
Slips easily onto your wrists

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What is the Best Floating Cam Strap?

We have done our best in this guide to give you information about floating cam straps, in order to aid you in making a decision. We trust that this aim has been achieved, and you now know what the best floating cam strap should be. Let us then go ahead and study the features and prices of the floating cam straps we have selected for you.
Our Top Choice
The Nordic Flash Waterproof Cam Float is lightweight. Its two floaters can be used separately or as a pair. It's made of durable, non-tear waterproof material. If you are looking for a chest mount adjustable cam strap, check out Nordic Flash’s Chest Mount Adjustable Body Strap.

Nordic Flash Waterproof Floating Cam Strap - Available in 5 colors

Nordic Flash's products help customers have unforgettable experiences in water. Its floating cam straps are rugged and ensure peace of mind for users, knowing that their devices are safe and secure. These straps make fantastic companions when swimming, boating and snorkeling.

The Nordic Flash Waterproof Cam Float is a premium, high-grade floating cam strap, with two floaters that can be used separately or together for increased protection. It weighs about 1.6 ounces, with 6.5 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches dimensions. Swimmers can securely take and keep holiday pictures with the help of this cam float and not have their cameras end up at the bottom of the sea.

The Nordic Flash Waterproof Cam Float has some other features, including:
  • A hand strap that allows it to be attached to the wrist to preserve cameras, binoculars and cellphones and prevent them from being swept away
  • Straps have clips attached for a much tighter grip
  • It is a universal piece that works well for any camera with a slot for a strap
  • Oblong shape helps to keep it snug on the arms
  • Snug padding to make sure wrists are not chafed
  • Fits most popular cameras and cellphone cases
  • Easy to spot with its bright marine-yellow material, and can be sighted even from a distance
  • Waterproof - will not be damaged by sea salt or the water itself
  • Each of the straps is built to float camera sizes of up to 2.75 ounces
This floating cam strap is backed by a one-year warranty.
Best Value
The Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap is made of double-layered compression foam, sheathed in soft neoprene. It comes with a thin strap and secure clip for attaching to cameras. If you desire an entirely different product such as a football shirt, check out Joma’s 2016-2017 Honduras Away Football Shirt.

Joma Underwater Digital Floating Cam Strap - Red and Yellow

Joma is a popular producer and distributor of photography equipment and camera accessories. Since it was founded, it has been in the business of selling its products all over the world. It has partner manufacturing companies and has tremendously increased its reach and sales. The company strives to provide quality-assured items and excellent services. Joma makes it a priority to deliver standard floating cam straps that assist in capturing the best photos at all times.

The Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap is made of double-layered compression foam, wrapped with soft neoprene material. This feature is responsible for its soft and enduring feel on the wrist. This floating cam strap helps to keep digital cameras safe while kayaking, snorkeling or surfing. It is of superb quality, incredibly durable, and can hold up in rough times under water. It weighs about 0.6 ounces and is great to travel with.

The Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap has some other qualities, including:
  • Can keep afloat cameras of up to 0.436 ounces
  • Works well on most cameras
  • Thin rope-like strap with a safe clip on which the camera is attached to the main loop
  • Set of two can be used for weightier cameras to improve buoyancy
  • Designed to float owing to its weight
  • Comes in an attractive red and yellow color that is easy to locate in water
  • Works well with waterproof binoculars
The Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap has a one-year warranty.
The FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist Strap is designed to fit all wrist sizes. It's made of high-grade fabric and won't fall off. If you want a head strap mount, look at FloatPro’s 2-in-1 Head Strap Mount and Detachable Floaty.

FloatPro GoPro & Waterproof Floating Cam Strap - Comes in 5 Colors

FloatPro is a small, fast-growing family business that was founded in 2014. The company caters to GoPro enthusiasts and is dedicated to creating superior quality products and solutions for water and outdoor sports. It provides items that are invaluable to travelers, adventurers, and those in the photography and filming industries. FloatPro handpicks its construction materials to create unique floating cam straps at truly affordable prices.

The FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist Strap is made to protect GoPro and waterproof cameras. It is a basic essential for water adventure and vacation trips. It's made of neoprene and has a soft, comfy band with well-stitched finishing. This floating cam strap can hold cameras of up to eight ounces and was specially created to fit all wrist sizes. It can be conveniently switched from one hand to the other.

Other features of the FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist strap are:
  • Straps that are easy to attach and fit securely, together with its strong, quick-release clip
  • Can be worn on the wrist, setting both hands free, or allowed to float by the side without holding the camera
  • Fashioned from the same high-grade material as wet suits
  • Dries easily and can be conveniently stored after each use
  • Good lanyard length, making it simple to take pictures
  • Tear-resistant; can withstand harsh waves and turbulent waters
  • Bright, attractive orange trim, to make it visible in water
The FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist Strap is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
The Tethys Waterproof Camera Float Strap is versatile and compatible with most camera types. It's made from reliable water-resistant material and sits well on the wrists. If you need a waterproof phone case, get the Tethys Universal Waterproof Case. It is a different and more economical product.

Tethys Waterproof Universal Floating Cam Strap - Comes in 3 Colors

Tethys is passionate about its customers, and this is a source of inspiration for the products it offers. It has a collection of choice items at affordable prices, and offers valuable customer service. The company manufactures floating cam straps that are convenient to use and suit a wide variety of cameras.

The Tethys Waterproof Camera Float Strap is a sturdy 0.6-ounce floating cam strap with dimensions of 8 x 3.5 x 1 inches. It is purely manufactured for people who want to go on a vacation trip or participate in deep-sea diving or other water sports. This floating cam strap is wonderful for people who need protection and who are on a budget. It's compatible with almost any camera brand.

Some other key features of the Tethys Waterproof Camera Float Strap are:
  • Made from durable, comfortable material that stays on the wrist
  • Bright yellow color that is quite easy to spot in water, even in the dark or from a long distance
  • Compact in size, so takes up minimal space
  • Lanyard length is great for taking pictures underwater
  • Crafted using the buoyance technology; floats waterproof cameras up to seven ounces and other high-visibility devices
  • Infused with quick-drying foam, so no wet material is taken home
  • Fast release clip that detaches it from the camera, in case there is need to use the camera alone
  • Quality stitching that does not wear out in places
  • Easy to put on and take off, thanks to its sleek, comfy design
The Mudder Waterproof Camera Foam Floating Wrist Strap is made of foam-filled neoprene that is both waterproof and quick-drying. If you need a lens cover, check out the Mudder Lens Cap Snap-On Center Pinch Lens Cover. It has a cord and cleaning cloth.

Mudder Foam Waterproof Wrist Floating Cam Strap - Available in 4 Colors

Mudder produces daily supplies and comfort lifestyle products. It is involved in making the best products for its customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. The floating cam straps produced by Mudder are reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

The Mudder Waterproof Camera Foam Floating Wrist Strap is able to keep afloat cameras weighing up to seven ounces. This floating cam strap itself weighs 0.3 ounces and has dimensions of 3.74 x 0.98 x 6.69 inches. It ensures security of the camera and is suitable for hiking along rocky cliffs or skiing down snowy slopes. It is a priceless item to have when embarking on swimming expeditions or scuba-diving.

This cam strap has other important features, such as:
  • Bright yellow color makes it easy to locate in pools, lakes or at the ocean bottom
  • Comfortable wrist straps for easy slipping and proves no restrictions when in water
  • Can be removed if camera needs to be used alone
  • Thin rope lanyard from which the camera is suspended
  • Made of soft, foam-filled neoprene that is waterproof and dries fast
  • Attachment clip that holds the lanyard to the camera when in use
  • Stitches are tough and do not come apart in water or out of it

How Do I Choose the Best Floating Cam Strap?

If you are a photographer and you shoot pictures underwater, you need a floating cam strap. A floating cam strap is made to be used with waterproof point-and-shoot cameras and other devices that are waterproof. These straps are usually brightly colored so that, in the event of a loss, they can be easily found and retrieved. The floatation padding makes it possible for your camera to dangle safely below.

The first function of the floating cam strap is keeping your waterproof digital camera or binoculars safe from loss and damage. Whether you are snorkeling, diving, surfing or kayaking, a floating cam strap serves as a life jacket for your cam. The first thing to consider when getting a floating cam strap is how comfortable the strap is. Since you will most likely be wearing this strap on your wrist for the duration of your sport or shoot, you need to feel comfortable in it. You can save yourself a lot of stress by getting a light strap to prevent your camera from sinking under water, with soft waterproof fabric that doesn’t hurt your wrist or soak up water.

As you continue in this guide, you will learn the interplay of features and price and why you shouldn’t settle for cheap floating cam straps, no matter how tempting they might be. Pay particular attention to the features we have listed, and be sure the floating cam strap you finally settle for has them. You’ll be doing yourself a lot of good.
As much as you may want to make the price of a product your top consideration factor, getting a quality product is more important. Quality products cost more, but that doesn’t mean that all expensive products are quality products.

The average floating cam strap price range is between $12 to $25. There are factors that influence the price of any product. In the case of floating cam straps, factors like brand and quality are major influencers. We did come across cheap floating cam straps in our research, but we didn’t include them in this review due to their low quality.
The features of a floating cam strap can guide you in determining the particular strap you need. We have listed some of the basic features of any good floating cam strap. Consider these qualities before making a choice:
  • Waterproofing
  • Adjustability
  • Padded wrist straps
  • Floating capacity
  • Material
  • Visibility
  • Warranty
Construction and Design
A floating cam strap's material determines its durability. Synthetic materials are the best option for these straps, and the material with the highest quality for floating cam straps is neoprene. It is also the most popular, as it is comfortable and dries pretty quickly. Nylon materials are also good, but they are not as popular or as strong as neoprene. Note that non-synthetic materials will not last for long with use under water. The material of the cam strap should not be heavy in any way, as this might affect its floating capacity. The average acceptable weight for floating cam straps is 1.6 ounces.

Floating cam straps should be waterproof and breathable. Water can do a lot of damage to items, so your floating cam strap material should not soak up water. This is why neoprene is the best strap material. Most floating cam straps come padded with soft foam that serves as a life jacket for your cam, and for comfort. This foam is covered by neoprene material, which prevents it from soaking up water when you are shooting.
Performance and Ease of Use
The adjustability of a floating cam strap is a feature that guarantees ease of use. Most floating cam straps have this feature. It allows the user to tighten or loosen the grip of the strap on the wrist. It also goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your cam when in use. It lessens the risk of the strap slipping off the wrist and getting lost in the water. You can also engage in other activities that do not involve your camera, like swimming, while the camera is still fastened to your wrist.

The main idea of the floating cam strap is to keep your waterproof camera or binoculars afloat while you are shooting or engaging in your favorite marine sport. The float capacity of a cam strap is the weight of the camera it can carry afloat underwater. Some floating cam straps can carry cameras and binoculars weighing as much as 240g.

Bright colors are non-negotiable for any floating cam strap. If the color of the floating cam strap is not bright enough, you run the risk of losing it underwater. Brightly colored floating cam straps can be easily spotted and retrieved if they get lost underwater or in the dark. Another feature that grants you security is the warranty. Most floating cam straps come with a warranty of at least one year. With this, you no longer have to worry too much about the maintenance of your cam strap.

Get the Best Floating Cam Strap of 2023!

When you are properly guided, finding a floating cam strap suitable for you will not be a hard task. We believe this review has given you sufficient information on the best floating cam straps, which should help you make an informed purchase. If you do not find what you are looking for among these ones, please check out other ones from these top brands we have selected.

Our Top Choice
Nordic Flash Waterproof Cam Float
Best Value
Joma Underwater Floating Cam Strap
FloatPro GoPro Floating Cam Wrist Strap
Tethys Waterproof Camera Float Strap
Mudder Waterproof Camera Foam Floating Wrist Strap