Best Floating Island Reviews 2023

When it comes to having fun in water, inflatable islands offer limitless options. However, getting the right floating island can be a daunting task given the many options available. Our review on the best floating islands is meant to make your search for a water lounge easy and hassle-free. We have focused on five top floating islands from leading brands on the market and presented them in a mix of sizes and prices. All these floating rafts have unique qualities that make them special.

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Our Top Choice
Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island
Sun Pleasure Co. Ltd. specializes in providing people with top-notch leisure products that are highly functional.
This floating island is built with heavy-duty scratch-resistant plastic. It is easy to operate.
Unfortunately, this floating raft tends to leak air at its seams.
Open top with 2 couches
6 People
Heavy Plastic
155" x 129" x 30"; 1,320 lbs.
90-Day Return Guarantee
Best Value
Bestway CoolerZ Floating Island
The Bestway brand has been on the market since 1994. It's contributed immensely in providing the market with quality water sport and leisure products.
This floating raft is made of strong plastic fabric. It features an attractive design that offers maximum comfort.
The downside of this water lounge is that it is not strong enough to be motor towed.
Large inflatable with canopy
6 People
153” x 108” x 29”; 1,190 lbs.
30-Day Return Guarantee
SportsStuff Fiesta Island
For more than 25 years, Kwik Tek Inc. has supplied the sports industry with quality equipment through its SportsStuff brand.
This water lounge comes with a durable heavy-duty PVC construction. It is easy to inflate and deflate.
Its bulky nature makes it hard to store.
Square with seating nooks
8 People
138” x 138” x 18”; 1,600 lbs.
1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Intex River Tube Raft
Intex strives to provide ergonomically designed products that are comfortable and fun to use.
This floating raft has 0.0156-inch-thick vinyl construction. It is attractive and stylishly designed.
It is not easy for one person to handle this water lounge. It is susceptible to punctures and scratches.
Hexagon with 4 seats & backrests
4 People
120" x 120" x 26"; 704 lbs.
30-Day Return Guarantee
Swimline Inflatable Pool Toy
Swimline has won accolades from consumers because of its highly dependable products that are specially built for hassle-free use.
This floating island is made of heavy-duty PVC. It is colorful and appealing to children.
It is susceptible to wear and tear under heavy use.
Square with 9 holes/seats
9 Kids
92” x 92” x 8”; 650 lbs.
90-Day Return Guarantee

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What is the Best Floating Island?

Since you now know how to select the best water lounge, let us take a look at the features of the selected five top floating islands from leading manufacturers. We hope that you will find them unique and relevant to your needs. Find out if one of our recommended floating islands is what you are looking for.
Our Top Choice
When inflated, the Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island measures 155 by 129 by 30 inches and supports up to 1,320 pounds. Looking for a floating island just for kids? Get the Sun Pleasure Giant 2 Person Yellow Duck floating island. It is designed to work well in the pool or lake.

Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island with 6-Person Capacity

Sun Pleasure is renowned for providing innovative pool lounges. The firm’s products are designed with the user in mind. This helps the company to provide age-appropriate products, to the delight of many consumers.

With the Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, you get to enjoy a wading pool as you lounge. It retails at $219.98 and can support both adults and children.

Below are features that make this floating island an excellent choice:
  • Comes with an anchor bag and a rope
  • Valves for quick and easy inflation
  • Six built-in cup holders
  • Two cooling systems
  • The lounges are contoured for comfortable use
  • Specially built boarding platform
Feel free to buy your children a floating island by Sun Pleasure.
Best Value
The Bestway CoolerZ Floating Island measures 153 by 108 by 29 inches when inflated and can support up to 1,190 pounds. Looking for a smaller and less costly option? We highly recommend the CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable Island. Its handles are made of heavy-duty material.

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

Bestway has successfully sustained innovation throughout its history to meet increasing consumer needs. The company is passionate about recycling to keep the environment clean and free from toxins. Its products range from above-ground pools to air beds and furniture.

The Bestway CoolerZ Floating Island comes with a removable shade for use when the sun is too hot. It retails at $189.00 and is sure to offer you unmatched comfort.

Below are features that attract many consumers to this product:
  • It comes with a cooler bag
  • Wide pillow-designed backrests
  • Six built-in cup holders
  • Its bottom features a mesh design to allow effective cooling
Treat yourself to quality air furniture by Bestway as you shop for a floating island.
When assembled, the SportsStuff Fiesta Island measures 138 by 138 by 18 inches and can hold up to 1,600 pounds. If you need a smaller water lounge with a canopy, we recommend the SportsStuff 54-1920A Cabana Islander. It comes with an anchor bag and has a platform to allow easy boarding.

SportsStuff Large Fiesta Island with 16 Quart Inflatable Cooler

Besides floating islands, the SportsStuff brand is renowned for high-quality sporting equipment such as snow sleds, inflatable boats and rafting kayaks and life vests. The brand prides itself on building highly dependable products that win the trust of consumers easily.

The SportsStuff Fiesta Island comes with a specially built valve that allows you to inflate or deflate it quickly. It costs $499.99 and is built to offer you unmatched convenience and comfort.

Here are the features that make this product stand out among many:
  • Boarding handles are specially molded for superior performance
  • Its back and arm rest come in a contoured design for added comfort
  • Eight cup holders
  • Comes with a 512-ounce floating cooler
  • Handles for easy carrying
If you enjoy snow sports, feel free to get yourself skiing equipment by SportsStuff.
When inflated, the Intex River Tube Raft measures 120 by 120 by 26 inches. It can comfortably carry up to 704 pounds. Looking for a floating raft with a shade? Get the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge. It comes with dual air chambers for added safety.

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft

Besides floating islands, Intex Recreation Corp. manufactures other consumer products such as toys, inflatable pools, and boats. Through continual innovation, the firm has successfully emerged as one of the most trusted brands on the market.

The Intex River Tube Raft has large backrests to offer you comfort. It also comes at an affordable price of $94.99, and its lounging area features a mesh construction to allow users to cool their feet.

The features listed below attract many users to this product:
  • Four cup holders
  • Sturdy grab handles
  • Comes with an onboarding rope ladder
  • Has a grab rope tied around it
If you have kids, you can treat them to Intex toys as you shop for a floating island.
The Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy measures 92 by 92 by 8 inches, and its maximum load capacity is 650 pounds. Are you looking for a tub-style water lounge? We recommend the Swimline 71” Suntan Tub. It is built to suit kids aged five years and above.

Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy

When it comes to having fun in the water, Swimline is the preferred brand for many consumers. It provides various toys that help kids have limitless fun in the water. Swimline's products include lawn and patio cleaning tools, pool holes, and inflating pumps.

The Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy is designed to allow kids to dive into the pool through the seat holes. They can also get out of the water through the holes as well. It comes at a very reasonable price of $38.99.

This toy comes with a 90-day return guarantee that allows for replacement if the floating island is faulty. Its 650-pound weight capacity can allow a few adults to join in the fun with the kids.

As you shop for a floating island, feel free to get any of the pool cleaning products by Swimline.

How Do I Choose the Best Floating Island?

Do you love having fun with your family or friends on water? The next time you’re heading to a lake, river, dam, or any other water body within your reach, you won’t regret bringing a floating island with you. Designed in the form of an inflatable pool, inflatable islands can be used by adults and/or children. The islands are made to meet the varying needs of different people.

After hours of endless fun at the beach, get on a floating island with your friends or loved ones and enjoy cold drinks while chatting yourselves away. While a tube, raft, inflatable animals, or other pool water accessories may serve the same purpose, a floating island is more impressive when in company as it can accommodate more than one person. Whether you enjoy active play in the water or you derive pleasure from basking in the sun, a good quality inflatable island can add life to a beach trip or pool party.

While enjoying fun games in water with your children, a floating island will come in handy when you need that inevitable rest. Get a good size to suit your family size and beach moments will never be the same again. The island eliminates boredom and fatigue from your beach moments. Advanced technology has revolutionized how these islands are made, facilitating the development of better and more functional designs.

Invest in one that’s complete with drink holders, a cooler, a table, speakers, and an MP3 player for memorable times at the beach. Whether you’re looking for inflatable or uninflatable floating islands, this guide can help you find one suitable for you and your family. Opt for a functional, durable, and affordable inflatable island.
Floating islands vary in price depending on type, design, capacity, materials, size, weight, and functionality, among other factors. For instance, an inflatable island with a large capacity costs more than one with a lower capacity. A good floating island can cost anything from as low as $50 all the way up to $200 depending on the factors mentioned above. High-end floating islands with various additional features such as bottle holders, tables, etc. can cost hundreds of dollars or even more.

Cheap floating islands are made from poor-quality materials hence they can compromise your life or fail to deliver on their functionality. Shopping patterns and brand type may also affect the prices of inflatable islands. Buy an island during the low season when demand is low to get a good price for a premium product.
Floating islands add value and comfort to beach or water activities. They come in handy when you need to rest or grab a cold drink while swimming. You need one that will meet your needs while factoring in the number of people you expect to use it at a time. You might also want to check out the various accessories and additional features your inflatable island of choice comes with. Make sure it’s made from a strong and durable material.

Here are some important features to consider when looking for a floating island:
  • A suitable type and design for you
  • The right capacity to accommodate the number of people to use it
  • Made from a strong and durable material
  • A desirable size and weight for portability and water use
  • A floating island that’s easy to use and store
With the right floating island, you can have endless fun on water and still get to rest without leaving your getaway beach destination.
Construction and Design
Are you going for a beach tour soon and need a floating island for a different but fun experience? Here are some factors worth considering when shopping for a floating island:

Type/Design – Floating islands come in various types and designs. The type you opt for highly depends on your needs and intended use. If you’re looking forward to enjoying the time you’ll spend on your floating island, look for one with cup holders, wading pools, shades, and coolers. Inflatable islands with seats and tables offer additional comfort. Make sure you understand the design of your island so you can handle it with care.

Capacity – Floating islands come in varying capacities to accommodate a certain number of people. Even though islands for three to eight people are the most common, you can find those with a capacity of one or two people to cater to specific needs. Opt for one with a larger capacity for prolonged use.

Materials – The materials commonly used to manufacture floating islands are vinyl PVC and foam. The former is more popular as it’s tough. The gauge or thickness depends on its use and also determines its durability. Consider lower gauges for floating islands you intend to use in pools, referred to as cool environments. Rivers, dams, lakes, and oceans are tougher environments only thicker vinyl PVC can withstand.

Whether fresh or hard, this material works in any water PH level. However, it’s advisable you get UV-resistant PVC to withstand sun rays. The latter is used in rare and special cases. Foam material is ideal if your floating island will be used in tougher environments as it can be used even when torn or punctured. However, foam isn’t deflatable so this can make storage difficult. Therefore, opt for a floating foam island only if you have enough storage space.

Size/Weight – The size of a floating island is directly proportional to its weight and the capacity it can withstand. There is no standardized comparison of size, weight, and capacity of a floating island. Check specifications on the package as size and weight vary depending on the design.

Ease of Use and Storage – Buy a floating island that’s easy to use and store. One that can be inflated and deflated when necessary is convenient if you have limited storage space. Inflating should be easy whether via electric or hand pump, for it to be considered efficient.
Performance and Ease of Use
Opt for a floating island from a known manufacturer. This would increase the probability of getting one that’s built to last long. The island should be easy to inflate and deflate; look for manufacturer’s instructions on how to use and care for your inflatable island. The island should come with a user-friendly manual with clear guidance on its use, cleaning, and maintenance.

A floating island with a puncture repair kit is definitely more user-friendly. Your ideal choice should have a manufacturer's warranty as well to secure your investment in case you experience manufacturer's defects within a certain period. You should also consider one with a money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund in case you’re not happy with the product you receive.

Get the Best Floating Island of 2023!

Before buying a water lounge, it is important to outline your needs clearly to make sure that you pick the right product for you. Begin your search by going through our list of five top floating islands from trusted brands on the market, and get one that suits your needs. In case you need something different, check out our other water inflatable floater reviews.

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Our Top Choice
Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island
Best Value
Bestway CoolerZ Floating Island
SportsStuff Fiesta Island
Intex River Tube Raft
Swimline Inflatable Pool Toy