Best Floor Fan – Quiet Plastic and Metal Floor Fans for Home, Garage, Shop, and Industrial Use

Staying in a room can be a nightmare when it’s hot. It’s even more difficult during the summer months, particularly if you don’t own an air conditioning unit or at least a fan. With the right fan you can be left comfortably unflustered in your room.

We did our research and came up with up with 5 great floor fans from 5 brands we consider top-class. Remember also that these featured brands have more floor fans than the ones displayed here. We also want to give a special shout out to the unique design of Dyson floor fans. The Dyson Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan circulates air through an annular aperture instead of blades.

Now before we get to the products we featured in this review, it’s important to know that there are many kinds of floor fans. For this article, we focused on round floor fans. We also have separate reviews for pedestal floor fans and tower floor fans. Except for the one from XPOWER, the quiet floor fans we featured are best designed for home use. But if you are looking for an industrial floor fan for larger, commercial spaces, we wanted to save you some time and showcased some of our favorites below.

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Blade Size
Our Top Choice
Honeywell TurboForce Room Table & Floor Fan
Honeywell is known to offer a broad range of products that provide unsurpassed satisfaction to its numerous customers across the globe.
This fan has a ninety degree tilt fan head which makes it easy to reach a lot of people. It’s also easy to maintain as its grille can be easily removed for cleaning.
A few complaints exist about the fan smelling a bit like plastic and chemicals.
15 Inches
Up to 32 Feet
15.9 x 9.2 x 15.7”; 5.7 pounds
3 Speed
Black, white
Best Value
Lasko High Velocity Metal Floor Fan
For more than 100 years, Lasko has been producing a variety of home comfort products that are used world-wide.
Being an all-metal fan, this floor fan is durable and it has a pivot action which directs air flow. It can also be wall mounted
This floor fan can be somewhat noisy.
3460 CFM
7 x 22 x 22”; 14.5 pounds
3 Speed
XPOWER Variable Speed Axial Air Mover
For more than 25 years, XPOWER has been creating rugged and durable products that are used in the industries and at home.
The motor of this fan is quiet and uses 1/4 HP. This fan is also made from ABS plastic (the same plastic helmets are made from), thus making it quite rugged.
Not designed for mounting from the ceiling.
1720 CFM
18.6 x 9.4 x 19.2”; 15.3 pounds
3 Speed
Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator
Vornado has been manufacturing and distributing top quality products around the world for more than thirty years.
This fan has four powerful speeds that are push button control. It’s also easy to clean and it’s known to save a lot of energy.
This floor fan is a bit noisy and hard to move.
100 ft.
11.8 x 13.5 x 15”; 10 pounds
4 speed
Black, white
Avalon Genesis Adjustable 360 Floor Fan
Avalon has been producing efficient and effective products for many years and maximum customer satisfaction is its number one priority.
This fan can be used as either as a table or floor fan. It has three fan speeds which are all powerful and it is durable. 360 tilt.
This fan is difficult to clean.
Info not provided
23 x 20.5 x 7”; 9.6 pounds
3 Speed

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What Is the Best Quiet Floor Fan? Read Our Floor Fan Reviews to Find the Right One for You!

As stated in our buying guide, getting a good floor fan is not dependent on just one factor but on several factors that are usually not mutually exclusive. We believe you’ve garnered the necessary information you need to choose a suitable floor fan from our buying guide. Let’s now look at the floor fans we’ve picked for you with their various features and prices.

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Our Top Choice
The Honeywell Air Circulator Fan is an efficient fan with three different powerful speeds. You can feel theair movement of the fan from up to 32 feet away! If you want a different style quiet floor fan, consider the Honeywell TurboForce Tower Fan. With this powerful fan, you can feel the cooling breeze up to 40 feet away.

Honeywell HT-908 TurboForce Room Air Circulator Fan — Quiet Floor Fan or Table Fan, Available in 2 Sizes and 2 Colors


Honeywell has been around for more than one hundred and twenty-five years. Its greatest belief is in the power of innovation, which this is why Honeywell’s always breaking boundaries with its new and improved products. Honeywell tests every product extensively before it’s put out for mass production as it also believes that customers deserve nothing but the best. If you want an extremely reliable and efficient floor fan, you are bound to find one at Honeywell.

The Honeywell Air Circulator Fan is an efficient fan that has an aerodynamic turbo design which enables it to have maximum air movement as well as a wide range. You can feel its strong breeze from up to 32 feet away! It’s thirty percent more quiet than conventional floor fans and it has three powerful speed settings, the controls for which are convenient and top mounted. This fan moreover has a ninety-degree tilt fan head so it can reach people in different directions. It’s also quite easy to maintain and clean as it has a removable grille. Another benefit is that it uses twenty percent less energy than the average fan. If you want a reliable, powerful, cost-efficient floor fan, the Honeywell Air Circulator Fan is probably what you’re looking for.

Here are some other floor fans by Honeywell:

  • Kaz HY-201 Honeywell Floor Fan - It’s efficient and has a wide range of air movement
  • Honeywell 3 Speed Cooling Air Circulator Heater Floor Fan – It’s efficient and available in many colors
Best Value
The Lasko High Velocity Fan is an all-metal fan with three speeds and patented fused safety plug. It can be used on walls and on the floor. You can get it in black, silver or white. Need an industrial floor fan? Consider the Lasko High Velocity Pro Pivoting Utility Fan for cooling, ventilating, exhausting, and drying at home, garage, job site or workshops.

Lasko 20" High Velocity Quick Mount Quiet Floor Fan - Easily Converts from a Floor Fan to a Wall Fan


Lasko is all about its customers and it has been producing top quality products for its customers for over a hundred years. It was founded by Mr. Henry Lasko in 1906 and over the years it has adapted to the ever-changing consumer needs. Lasko produces all the basic home comfort products and it stands behind all of them. It also has positive reviews from satisfied customers as a proof of the pure quality of its products. Its products are made to be highly effective and reliable. Lasko’s main aim is to use its products to make the world a much more comfortable place.

The Lasko High Velocity Fan is an effective fan that can either be used as a wall or floor fan. It’s easy to convert it from wall to floor use. It has three different speeds and even the lowest is powerful. It also has pivot action which directs the airflow of the fan. Its controls are mounted in the front so they can easily be reached. This fan is also durable as it’s entirely constructed with metal and features a patented fused safety plug.

Lasko has other floor fans which include:

  • Lasko 3637 Remote Control Air Flexor Floor - It has a removable grille so it can easily be maintained and its air movement extends to seventy feet
  • Lasko H20685 Floor Fan with QuickMount Wall-Mount and Remote Control - Can be used on the walls or on the floor
  • Lasko 3520 20-inch Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan - It has three high power speeds that are whisper quiet
  • Lasko Stanley 655650- 20-Inch High Velocity Floor - It has an easy carry handle for easy movements and rubber pads to protect it when it is on the floor
The XPOWER Axial Air Mover has a sealed motor and variable speed control. The sealed motor protects it from water damage and contaminants, making it more durable. If you prefer a floor fan with a high-end patented design, you could check out the XPOWER Mini Mighty Air Mover Utility Fan with Built-In Power Outlets, which is also super energy efficient.

XPOWER Variable Speed Professional Axial Air Mover Industrial Floor Fan with 3-Hour Timer and Dual Outlets for Daisy Chain


For many years, XPOWER has been manufacturing highly innovative inflatable blowers, pet grooming systems, air purification systems and a lot of other equipment for professional and amateur use. It’s made up of professional engineers who think of new ways every day to make its products durable and reliable. XPOWER’s goal is to overcome all next generation challenges in engineering. Its customers are its number one priority while its global partners are a close second. XPOWER plans to continue to serve with dignity, honesty and grace. It’s already a leading brand and its products are used worldwide, yet XPOWER plans to surpass this and to become number one.

The XPOWER Axial Air Mover is an efficient floor fan that features a speed sealed motor that has variable control. This motor protects it from contaminants and water damage. It also has a standing rack that allows three sixty-degree rotation. It has a powerful airflow of 1720CFM and a quiet motor of 1/4 HP. It’s energy efficient as it uses only 1.6 Amperes. This floor fan is also lightweight and constructed from ABS plastic. It has a three-hour timer that helps you choose to save energy and to set drying times. This fan can easily be stacked because of how it’s built, which is essential for saving space.

Here are some other floor fans by XPOWER:

  • XPOWER X-47ATR Variable Speed Sealed Motor - It has a 3600 CFM airflow capacity and uses only 2.5 amperes
  • XPOWER X-600A 1/3 HP 2400 3 Speed Air Mover with GFCI Outlets for Daisy Chain - It has three speeds and four angle drying positions
The Vornado Whole Room Circulator has four speeds, a multi directional airflow and moves air up to 100 feet. Its chrome glide bars ensure full control of the direction of the airflow. If you want a midsize variation with superior performance, and wouldn’t mind a more affordable older model, you could check out the Vornado 630 Air Circulator Quiet Floor Fan.

Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Floor Fan with 4 Speeds and 90-Degree Tilt - Available in 2 Colors


For more than fifty years, Vornado has been providing a broad range of efficient comfort products that meet the comfort needs of its large customer base. Its aim is to make comfort constant for everyone. At the moment, Vornado is being sold and distributed in twelve countries and it plans to expand even more. Vornado has a reputation for delivering highly innovative products and it believes forward-thinking is the way to produce the best products. The probability of a Vornado product letting you down is small.

The Vornado Whole Room Circulator is a highly effective circulator that has deep pitched blades. These blades help it to move air up to a hundred feet away. The air is completely circulated throughout the room with the help of the fan’s vortex technology. This fan also has chrome glide bars which guarantee full control of the direction of the airflow. It also has four powerful speed settings that can be activated with push button controls which are found at the top of the circulator. This fan is also easy to clean, whisper quiet and in the less than likely case that anything goes wrong, it’s backed by a five-year warranty.

Here are some other floor fans by Vornado:

  • Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator – It’s affordable and has two speed settings with airflow that is multi-directional
  • Vornado 733 Full-Size Whole Room Circulator - It has whisper quiet operation and multi-directional air flow
  • Vornado VFAN Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator – It’s chrome and it has three powerful speed settings. It also has a multi-directional pivot head
  • Vornado 723DC Energy Smart Air Circulator, Variable Speed Control - It has a brushless DC motor, its head tilt is able to adjust up to 110 degrees
  • Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Fan Air Circulator - It moves up to 100 feet because of it vortex technology, it also has three different powerful speed settings
The Avalon Adjustable Table Fan is an effective fan that can pivot a full 360 degrees. Its fan head is also adjustable and can be tilted to any angle. If you want a high velocity stand fan instead, we recommend you check out the Avalon 16 Inch Stand Fan.

Avalon Genesis Adjustable 360 Degree Tilt Metal Floor Fan - Also Works on Table, 3 Energy Efficient Fan Speeds


Avalon has manufactured top quality comfort units and electronics for many years now. Its products are uniquely designed to fit most people’s comfort needs and they’re fabricated with the best quality materials. Its team consists of professional designers and forward thinking engineers that are committed to continuous improvement of Avalon’s range of products. It strives to always produce high quality products so it can stay at the top. With an excellent and highly resourceful customer service, Avalon continues to endear itself to its already satisfied customers.

The Avalon Adjustable Table Fan is a top quality fan that can be used either on the table or on the floor. Basically, it conveniently rests on any flat surface. This fan has an adjustable fan head that can be tilted to any angle, to a full three hundred and sixty degrees. This provides maximum and widespread coverage. This floor fan is also durable as it’s made with a copper motor. It also has three fan speeds that are all powerful and efficient no matter the weather. This fan can be used anywhere as it is beautifully designed and can also be used by anybody as it’s easy to operate.

Here is one other fan by Avalon:

  • Avalon 36 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan, Black - It has a remote and timer. It also has three different speeds that are all quiet

Best Floor Fan Guide – What to Look for in a Quiet Floor Fan for Home Use or Industrial Metal Fan

The quest for comfort amidst natural conditions obviously fostered the emergence of fans. Most, if not all, floor fans are operated by the rotor mechanism. In other to enhance its functionality, different fan designs have evolved over the years.

Floor fans are perfect light cooling solutions to a hot room. They’re also excellent alternatives in regions where air conditioners may not be needed. In hotter regions, floor fans are great cooling systems that keep an area dry. They can also serve as backup in case of a problem with an existing cooling system. Getting to know how floor fans work will help you make the right choice of floor fan. Also, the size of room and fan, cooling capacity of floor fan, style/design, budget and personal preference will affect your choice of what kind of fan to buy.

Fans cool rooms by a straightforward mechanism: blades spin due to the rotation movement of an electrical motor and thereby create a wind effect. In contrast to air conditioners that create its cooling effect from a moisturized air, fans achieve its cooling effect from the turning of its blades, making you feel cool with a breeze. The way fans work is most effective because the air produced directly cool you rather than the entire room itself. When in a room filled with different people who may want different cooling rates, a floor fan is your best option.

Floor fans have several merits as compared to an air conditioner. Although complex, the cooling mechanism of air conditioners are more improved than floor fans due to more control over its cooling effects, but for portability and convenience, floor fans are better. Floor fans are light, they require little or no technical knowledge to install them, have fewer external components compared to most air conditioners and they can be moved easily from place to place

The cost of a floor fan is far less than air conditioners anywhere in the world. Purchasing a floor fan is quite economical compared to an air conditioner, especially when the added features of an AC is not necessarily needed. Most fans could be run 24/7 for an entire summer and you'd pay only about $30 or less for the electricity used. This effective cost of using a floor fan is also reflective in its energy consumption. The amount of energy consumed by a floor fan cooling the same room as an air conditioner is far less. If conserving cost on energy and still maintaining a fairly cool environment is what you’re looking for then you should go for a floor fan.

Increased carbon emission has been a significant challenge in curbing the depletion of the ozone layer and other climate change issues. If you want to be environmental friendly, a floor fan is an appliance you can call an ‘environmental-friendly appliance’. Floor fans don’t make use of refrigerants like air conditioners and refrigerators and they’re environmentally friendly compared to these. Floor fans allow you to cool your room without causing havoc indirectly to your environment by reducing your carbon emission rate. Floor fans that require assembly have easy-to-install footprint.

Floor fans are very easy to maintain, cleaning the blades and fan with mild soap solution will keep it clean and shinning. Also, there are no extra requirements apart from those found in the box when you purchased your fan to get it running and long lasting.

Video: How Much Electricity Does Your Fan Use

Find Out How Much Electricity a Floor Fan Uses. | Courtesy of RTHD

No matter how we see it, floor fans are the most affordable when compared with other cooling systems. When considering a floor fan to buy, bear in mind that ‘expensive’ is not a word that’d get you the best floor fans. Floor fans are fairly cost-effective both when buying and maintaining. At an average, the cost of a floor fan should range from $50 - $250.

Your choice of floor fan will certainly reflect its price tag, and with the help of this guide you should know when you’re paying for the right floor fan. You should also note that while we labored to get you the best floor fans for your perusal, we encountered many cheap floor fans which appeared to be great bargain. We ignored them for the singular reason that they’re flimsy and wouldn’t deliver value to you in the long run.


Making the choice of a suitable floor fan entails several factors that aren’t mutually exclusive. The choice you make on what kind of floor fan you may need can range from technical capabilities to environmental suitability.

  • Material
  • Noise level
  • Remote Control
  • Oscillating Fan Blade
  • Fan modes
  • Digital control
  • Programmable timer
  • Ionizers
  • Sturdy base
  • Misting capabilities
  • Adjustable Fan Angle/Height
Construction and Design

The components of floor fans are made from different materials. The motor/rotating unit is made from different kinds of metal. The most common materials used for other parts are wood, plastic and steel or a mixture of the three. Floor fans made from wood have the base and the rod made of wood while the oscillating mesh and blades are made of plastic. Also, floor fans made with metals have all or most of its components coated, while some have plastic blades.

Floor fans that have its base, stand, oscillating mesh and blades made from plastic are mostly light weight but pose a disadvantage. They can easily be destroyed in an event of a fire outbreak or even during transportation due to excessive pressure on them. They can break easily if not handled properly. On the other hand, floor fans that have its base, stand, oscillating mesh and blades made from metals are quite heavy but more durable compared to its plastic counterpart. Although like every other metal or metal-coated appliance, there’s always an issue of rusting of the metals or the metal coat. The best way to avoid a metal or a metal-coated floor fan from rusting is by keeping it dry and free from moisture.

The design of a floor fan varies by brand and make. Some floor fans don’t rotate while others do. If you’ll be using your floor fan in an office, the rotating floor fan is your best option. Non-rotating floor fans are usually used for industrial purposes where cooling effect of the fan is directed specifically to a point of concern. Also, a rotating floor fan can be adjusted to stop its rotation, which provides an advantage over a non-rotating floor fan. You will also come across industrial floor fans that are designed for heavy-duty cooling in busy set ups.

Video: Noisy Floor Fan Fix

How to Fix a Noisy Floor Fan. | Courtesy of theoverengineer
Performance and Ease of Use

Some floor fans might be too noisy and thereby interfering with your conversation. Fans with lesser airflows are less noisy while those with higher airflows are noisier. Usually, you’ll have to choose between these two. Depending on what you want (low noise level or higher airflow), first test the fan before purchasing, if possible.

With user-friendliness in mind, most floor fans come with remote controls. Getting up to change your fan settings every time can be such a drag. With the remote control, you can change these setting while still at your position. Added to that, with the digital control feature, you can accurately program your setting and the fan can easily recognize the current setting. This digital control allows for programmable timers with which you can set the fan to stop at a particular time. The fan can read these settings and take actions at the appropriate time.

Some floor fans have multiple fan modes, but the most common are the natural mode and the sleep mode. The natural mode switches the fan to producing cool nature-like breeze while the sleep mode reduces the speed of the fan thereby reducing the noise it makes. The sleep mode is most suitable for bedtimes. If you like sleeping with the fan on, especially on hot nights, this feature will come in handy. With the programmable timer settings, you can set it to switch from natural mode to sleep mode after a given time. For a cooler experience, most floor fans come with ionizers. These ionizers release negative ions into the air to make it fresh and reduce static electricity. Also for optimal cooling experience, floor fans with misting capabilities release water droplets which produce a cooler effect when evaporated.

The adjustable angle/height feature allows you tailor the direction of the air to a particular height or area. You might need to cool specific areas at different times. Floor fans with this feature make it quite convenient. In a situation where there are many persons in a room and the room temperature is high, all you need to do is to adjust the fan to the spot where it’s most-needed or to the ceiling for an indirect breeze. Fans with oscillating blades enhance this feature as they allow air to circulate around the entire room which makes for a consistent temperature in a room.

Get the Best Floor Fan of 2022!

After going through our review, getting a floor fan of your choice shouldn’t be a problem. We’re sure you’ll make the best choice, but in case you didn’t find a floor fan of your choice, feel free to consider other floor fans from the selected brands above.

Our Top Choice
Honeywell TurboForce Room Table & Floor Fan
Best Value
Lasko High Velocity Metal Floor Fan
XPOWER Variable Speed Axial Air Mover
Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator
Avalon Genesis Adjustable 360 Floor Fan

Floor Fan FAQs

How much electricity does a floor fan use?
A floor fan consumes 70 watts of electricity daily on average. That means the monthly consumption is 2,100 watts when operating around the clock. Annually, the floor fan would consume 25,200 watts of electricity on average. The actual consumption could be higher or lower, depending on the specific device you buy.
How to fix a noisy floor fan?
You can fix a floor fan in different ways, like oiling the fan motor, aligning fan blades, tightening loose knobs and screws, and cleaning it regularly. Also, keeping your floor fan on a level floor can quieten it by a great deal. Other strategies may include hacking the fan cage or replacing any damaged cushioning.
How to clean a floor fan?
For you to clean a floor fan, start by unplugging it. Remove the grill in front of the fan by unscrewing it. If you cannot see any screws, check for handy pop-up clips. Follow it up by removing the blade cap then the fan blade. You may have to check the user manual for instructions on how to do that. If the fan has a grill at the back, remove it by loosening the nut. Clean the front grill, back grill, and fan blades, removing debris and dust (using a rug). Rinse the parts in a warm water dishwashing solution. As for the mechanical parts, dip a cloth into the cleaning solution and wide them down. Wipe, rinse, and dry all surfaces to remove any remaining debris. When you finish, let the floor fan pieces dry before putting them back together ultimately.