Best Floor Jack Reviews 2023

If you own a garage or do some maintenance on your vehicle yourself, you surely know how useful a floor jack is. However, even when you know the exact type you need, it can still be a hassle selecting one from the many options available. You have come to the right place though. We have carried out detailed research on those options and come up with five indispensable products from some of the best floor jack brands. All you have to do now is read our review and select the one that suits you best. But be aware that the brands we featured have other variants of floor jacks you can check out for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Sunex 2 Ton Service Jack
Sunex develops and manufactures innovative tools for the handy man such as impact sockets, lifting equipment, hand tools, air tool and more while offering them at the best prices.
It has a long handle and requires no batteries. It is sturdy and operates smoothly.
At almost 100 pounds, it is cumbersome to move around.
Low profile
36 x 15.8 x 7.5 inches;103.6 lbs
2 tons
2-year replacement warranty
Best Value
Arcan 2 Ton Quick Rise Service Jack
Arcan develops, designs and produces innovative, user-friendly products that are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the automotive industry.
It comes nicely packaged and can be assembled easily. It requires little effort to pump and it rolls rather well.
It is quite heavy and lowers a bit too fast.
Low profile
26 x 6.3 x 13.2 inches;67.2 lbs
2 tons
1-year parts warranty
Milestone Tools Powerzone Garage Jack
Product innovation and superior customer service is what makes Milestone Tools a pace setter when it comes to the automotive industry.
It is lighter than an all-steel 3 ton jack and it’s not as expensive as an all-aluminum model.
It has a small rear wheel, so it doesn’t roll easily on gravel.
Heavy duty
28.4 x 13.9 x 7.4 inches;59.1 lbs
Aluminum and Steel
3 tons
1-year warranty
OTC Stinger Hydraulic Jack
In December 2012 OTC became a Bosch brand, and is now a leading global supplier of technology and services. The company offers technology that is “invented for life” worldwide.
It has a large handle and can lift any load (within its rated capacity) quite easily.
It has a small jack pad.
Heavy duty
29 x 15 x 9 inches;37 lbs
3 tons
2-year warranty
TorinSUV Service Jack
Torin has been around for over 30 years and is the largest manufacturer of hydraulic jacks in the world. Let their expertise and experience work for you.
It is easy to use and quite cost effective. The long neck can be removed easily for low clearance conditions.
It comes with low oil and the grease on the rear casters dries easily.
Heavy duty
26 x 11 x 8 inches;46.4 lbs
3 tons
1-year limited warranty

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What is the Best Floor Jack?

Every floor jack that has made our top five list is a great bargain irrespective of its price. But since you know what’s most important to you in features, take a look and see which of our selection meets your particular needs. That would be the best floor jack for you.
Our Top Choice
The Sunex Tools Lowrider Service Jacks is a high-strength floor jack that can lift “everything”. It boasts of Rapid Rise technology with dual pump pistons that reaches max height quickly in 6.5 pumps For a floor jack that has a 3 ton capacity, the 6603ASJ Aluminum Floor Jack by Sunex is available. It is lighter in weight and has wide track wheels for easy maneuverability.

Sunex 2 Ton Lowrider Service Jack with 2.75” Minimum Height

For over 35 years, Sunex has served the secondary market of the automotive industry as well as the industrial and commercial segments. Sunex products are trusted for their design and engineering, and Sunex has continued to equip customers with high quality tools at competitive prices. If there is one core promise Sunex is built on, it’s that all its tools are guaranteed to perform.

The Sunex Tools Lowrider Service Jacks 6602LP, with a two-ton jack capacity and a hydraulic jack mechanism, is a high-strength steel floor jack that can lift everything from low-riding sports cars to SUVs and pick-ups. Its low-profile design is consistent throughout the entire 18-inch chassis, allowing full reach beyond pinch welds. Other features of this floor jack include:
  • Minimum height at 2.75 inches, making it ultra-low and ideal for sports cars, exotic cars, and flat tires
  • Maximum height at 24 in. lifts high enough for pick-ups and SUVs
  • 18-inch throw is long and reaches all lift points under vehicle
  • Jacks are built with rollers on the front and swivel wheels on the rear for easy maneuverability
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
Best Value
The Arcan Professional Service Jack is a compact and handy 2T steel floor jack. It is capable of lifting “anything you want” quickly and with ease. Weighing 56 pounds, the Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack is a lighter alternative with reinforced lift arm for added strength, chassis torsion control and durability.

Arcan Quick Rise Steel Professional Service Jack with 2-Ton Capacity – Available with Low Profile or Extra Low Profile

Arcan offers high quality automotive aftermarket shop equipment utilizing “Made in the USA” craftsmanship. Unmatched, according to many reviews on the web, in both quality of construction and cost, Arcan readily provides a variety of professional tools and equipment such as tool caddies, jack stands, lifting equipment, etc., through well-known distributors.

The Arcan XL20 Low Profile Steel Service Jack is a sleek, low profile, durable and long lasting 2T steel service jack. Its low profile design (min. lift height of 3.5 inches) allows users to get under almost any vehicle and it comes at a significantly lower cost compared to other models in the market. Following are some of its other features:
  • A universal joint release mechanism that provides precise control
  • Meets ASME PALD 2009 standards
  • Dual pump pistons that allow for rapid rising
  • Max. lift height of 18.5 inches
  • Has a safety valve that prevents overloading
  • Includes 2-piece 45.3-inch handle with bumper pad
The Powerzone Aluminum and Steel Jack has a lightweight aluminum frame and is equipped with a heavy duty steel arm. It can lift up to 3 tons with ease. If you prefer a floor jack with a heavy duty steel frame, check out the Powerzone Steel Jack Stand (also with a jack capacity of 3 tons). It is a pair of heavy duty steel frame with a wide base to provide strength and stability under any load.

Milestone Tools Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

With extra focus on improving quality, Milestone Tools provides one of the most comprehensive offerings of automotive designs in the market. By anticipating the needs of its customers, it stays one foot ahead through creative solutions to unique customer challenges.

The Powerzone Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack lifts from 4 inches to 18.75 inches with ease. It has a lightweight aluminum frame to reduce product weight and increase mobility, and is equipped with a heavy duty steel lift arm for strength and durability. The quick lifting hydraulic system saves time and it comes with a safety valve to prevent overloading the system beyond its rated capacity.

It has the added advantage of a rubber padded saddle so that it does not damage the under carriage or slip. It also has a foam covered handle to protect the vehicle frame. The rear wheels swivel for easy movement and positioning over rough surfaces.
The OTC Stinger 3-Ton Jack Pack is a floor jack designed to be light and compact, consisting of a jack and stands. It comes with stands that conform to the ANSI PALD load rating standard. If a 3-ton capacity jack is too much for your needs, we recommend the 2-ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack. It is a great alternative if you want a floor jack that is made of aluminum and has a lower profile design for ground hugging cars.

OTC Stinger 3 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack

Integrated into the Automotive Service Solutions Business Unit of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Business Division, OTC provides aftermarket and repair shops worldwide with a complete range of diagnostic and repair shop equipment and a wide range of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. With solid roots in the automotive industry, the Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to fascinate and to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial.

The OTC Stinger 3-Ton Jack Pack provides a 3-ton service jack with a lifting range of 5-3/4 inches to 18-1/2 inches. It comes with a pair of 3-ton jack stands with a base of 8-1/4 x 7-1/2 inches and height range of 12 to 17-11/16 inches. The pair of jack stands boasts of a base that is formed and welded with steel for strength and its self-locking ratchet handle cannot be released under load. There’s more to this floor jack…
  • Flanged upper body edge that increases strength to resist twisting
  • Light, compact design makes the jack easy and convenient to use.
  • A built-in safety overload system prevents using the jack beyond its rated capacity
  • Rear swivel casters, for easy maneuvering and positioning
  • The stand has a durable baked enamel finish that resists corrosion
  • The stand boasts of 11 adjustable positions
  • Welded foot pads on the stand prevents sinking into soft ground or asphalt
The Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack is a floor jack with a 3-ton capacity, made of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability. The 3-ton Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Torin is another durable 3-ton floor jack. It has a 2-piece handle for easier transportation and storage.

Torin3 Ton SUV Service Jack

With more than 30 years’ experience, Torin has been involved in making the best jacks that are available today. With its special engineering skills, it manufactures quality products at great value. This brand also boasts of many positive reviews, making it a preferred choice among professionals.

The Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack is engineered specifically to meet your SUV needs and is equipped with an additional lengthy neck that saves time and makes it easier to raise cars. It has a 3-ton lifting capability and a boost range of 6 to 21 inches.

The SUV Service Jack has a large saddle surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported. It has a positive locking safety release handle for exceptional safety during use and an integrated overload protection valve which prevents the lifting of items that are more than its capacity. Most importantly, it meets ASME PALD standards.

How Do I Choose the Best Floor Jack?

There are some tools you don’t regularly use but are important to always have close by. A floor jack is one such tool. If you’ve ever had a flat tire on a lonely road, you can easily relate to this. If you didn’t have a jack in your car, we’re sure you don’t want to imagine how that story would end. Floor jacks are not only used for changing car tires. Since their main function is to help lift your vehicle, they are often used in garages for maintenance and repairs.

The best floor jacks are easy to use and do not require too much effort. Some of them have quick-lift design that lets you just crank a few times and you have the height you want, which is something you can’t achieve with a scissor jack. Floor jacks come in different types, and like other weight-bearing tools such as winches, they have maximum capacities. Do note though, that the capacity often indicated on floor jacks are maximum and not operational. So, if you want to lift a 3- ton vehicle for instance, it is better to use at least a 3.5-ton capacity jack than a 3-ton one. Read on to get a better understanding of how to choose the best floor jack for your particular needs.
The price of floor jacks is influenced by mainly the materials, size, and the extra capabilities added to the design. A big floor jack with a 3-ton capacity and a high lifting speed can cost close to $300, maybe even more. A smaller one, modestly designed but still capable of doing its job, can go for around $100. It’s always a good idea to be safe, and to steer clear of cheap floor jacks. You don’t want to work under a car supported by a cheap floor jack.
Cars are designed such that changing their tires is a DIY thing, which is why cars are bundled with floor jacks. There are different types of jacks for different purposes. To get the best floor jack for you, here are some of the features you might want to consider:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Design
Since you already know what you need the floor jack for, the explanation of these features below will surely make it easier for you to choose the best one for your needs.
Construction and Design
If you own a car or have experienced a flat tire, we’re sure you know how useful a floor jack can be. Floor jacks come in different types. The most common type is the scissor jack, which got its name from what its mechanics look like. They’re often the standard issue in cars. They are quite easy to use and versatile enough for most applications. Hydraulic jacks are more suitable for projects that require a sustained lift, such as changing the oil or maybe cleaning out your brakes. These types are fancier than the scissor types, so you mostly have to get them as standalones. There are the high-lift jacks; as the name implies, they lift way higher than the previous two we discussed.

As you must have already guessed, weight-bearing tools are made with strong materials. Most floor jacks are constructed of steel of different variants, iron, or aluminum. You might also find jacks that are constructed with a combination of these metals. Floor jacks come in different sizes and weights. The fact that they’re made of metal makes them fairly heavy. Your purpose for purchasing a floor jack will determine the size you need. If you just need a replacement for the one that came with your car, you can go for the scissor type, which is relatively small. But if you need it for a more heavy-duty purpose, you will have to opt for those variants that have wheels.
Performance and Ease of Use
As with every load-bearing tool, there’s a limit to how much weight it can sustain. This is another reason you should have a good idea of how you intend to use your jack, so you know what capacity to look for. Those floor jacks that have wheels often have a weight capacity of 3 tons, which is sufficient for most regular jobs. There are others with higher capacities though, but what’s important is to know the one that’s suitable for your needs.

Floor jacks do a good job serving their purposes, but not all are designed the same way. Part of the difference in their design is reflected in their types. Some have certain enhancements and safety features included in their designs. Some are designed with swivel casters so the jack itself is easily maneuvered. Some have dual-pump action so that the elevation is quicker. Some are enhanced for a more precise weight control. Some floor jacks can lift fast; they can achieve considerable heights with fewer strokes.

Vehicles have different height profiles, so a floor jack suitable for a truck might not work for a sports car. This is because the jack’s profile might not be low enough to fit under the sports car. So, low-profile jacks are more suitable for low-profile cars, while the high-profile ones are for vehicles that are well above the ground. The lifting range, which is the distance the jack can lift the vehicle, is also a factor to consider. So, if you will need to lift your vehicle to a considerable height, be sure to get a jack that can help you achieve that.

The information we have provided will help you decide on the best floor jack for your needs.

Get the Best Floor Jack of 2023!

Now that you’ve read through our reviews on various floor jacks from top brands, we hope our reviews have helped you make an informed decision on which brand of floor jack you should go for.

Our Top Choice
Sunex 2 Ton Service Jack
Best Value
Arcan 2 Ton Quick Rise Service Jack
Milestone Tools Powerzone Garage Jack
OTC Stinger Hydraulic Jack
TorinSUV Service Jack