Best Floor Lamp Reviews 2022

The right floor lamp can take a simple living space to a whole new level of elegance. It can also be a practical option for dimly-lit rooms. Floor lamps serve a variety of purposes right from embellishment to functionality. After extensive research, here we are bringing you some of the best floor lamp brands from the gleaming world of lighting. We have chosen reputable brands that bring you exceptional performance at a great value!
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Our Top Choice
Brightech Litespan LED 2nd Edition Reading Floor Light
Brightech specializes in affordable, contemporary indoor & outdoor lighting. Its Litespan LED Floor Lamp offers a wide range of brightness levels for reading or intricate art work.
Fully flexible gooseneck. Energy-efficient 12 watt LED. 3 color temperatures available. No heat production. Strong base to avoid toppling over
There could be some faint spectrum noise
48 inches
3 year warranty
Best Value
Ikea NOT Uplight Floor Lamp
Ikea is one of the most popular names in home improvement. The NOT Uplight is an affordable and convenient floor lamp that can easily fit any spot or corner.
Lightweight. Portable.
Cannot be dimmed.
LED (recommended, not included)
69 inches
Steel, ABS plastic, polypropylene
Clips to attach cord to the pole
Adesso Hudson Tall Lamp
Founded in 1994, Adesso has been credited with uniquely designed and user-friendly lighting options. Its Hudson Floor Lamp has an eye-catchy build and reliable performance.
Unconventional style. 3-way switch for varied lighting. Stable base. Smooth satin-steel finish.
May have a slight lean
Incandescent or CFL
61 inches
Wood, steel, poly/cotton
Part replacement warranty
Light Accents Metal Floor Double Lamp
Light Accents creates some of the most refined vintage-style lights and accessories. Its Metal Floor Lamp skillfully doubles up as a great reading lamp.
Easy assembly. Incandescent bulb-powered torchiere floor lamp. Adjustable reading light. No lean or bends.
Cannot be dimmed.
71.25 inches
Plastic, metal, brushed chrome
Side reading light
Boston Harbor Three Lights Floor Light
Boston Harbor produces unique and practical lamps and lights. Its Tree Floor Lamp offers ample brightness for large spaces and focused luminance for targeted areas.
Triple lights. Smooth satin nickel finish. Spotlights with 350 degree rotation and 45 degree pivot
No dimming option available
65 inches
Triple light switches

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What is the Best Floor Lamp?

The perfect floor lamp depends on the size of your room, the direction of lighting you need, the level of brightness you prefer, and some more considerations. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, what if you’ve already got your hands full with other home improvement decisions: deciding the bedroom color, choosing a great chandelier or giving those kitchen cabinets a complete makeover? What if your weeks are too hectic to go window shopping? Relax, we are here for you. Our team has researched further to create a handy list of five of the best brands for floor lamps out there. So, all you need to do now is pick the one that goes with your personal style, purpose, and pocket.
Our Top Choice
The Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp from Brightech is perfect for late-night workers, readers, and artists. It provides ample brightness without straining the eyes. This LED can last for up to 50,000 hours, so you never have to worry about replacements. Need a soothing contour light? Check out this stylish LED bright & beautiful floor lamp from Brightech.

Brightech Litespan Reading Floor Lamp with Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Light and Adjustable Neck

Brightech is well-renowned for creating sleek and innovative lighting electronics using cutting-edge technology. Its Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp can go from full-power, intense brilliance (6,000-Kelvin color temperature) to subtle brightness at the touch of a button. Need to embroider a delicate table cloth? Choose the high-intensity setting. Looking at quickly finishing off the last few pages of that novel? Press down the power button to glide into a warm white light. You can also pivot the lamp in any direction of your choice. As per our latest research, this beautiful and practical floor lamp is available at just $79.99.

Let’s take a look at some other interesting features offered by this multipurpose LED floor light-
  • Intelligent Litespan technology remembers the last used brightness level when you power up the lamp
  • The switch stays faintly lit in a soft amber shade making it easy to spot the lamp even when dark
  • Convenient to be placed next to office chairs, study desks or tables
  • Easy to assemble
  • LED light is firmly affixed to the lamp
This elegant floor lamp is as versatile as it gets. It is available in a variety of colors like Alphine white, Havana brown, Natural wood, and Titanium silver. Now you can pick the one that complements your shiny wooden floors, lush carpets, and sparkling marble tiles.
Best Value
The NOT Uplight from Ikea is a slender floor lamp that can use a bulb of your choice to efficiently illuminate any big or small living space. It can be easily placed it in your backyard or front porch too. Looking for unique designs? How about a quick look at this minimalistic uplight reading lamp from Ikea?

Ikea Modern Black & White NOT Floor Light 69-Inch Tall Uplight - Available as Bundle with Ikea Recommended LED Bulb

Ikea is a brand that needs no introduction. Whether you have just moved into a new apartment or you are planning to redo your abode, it’s one of the first places you think of. Keeping up with its reputation of creating functional and easy-to-use products, Ikea now brings you the NOT Uplight Floor Lamp. This is a smart and petite torchiere light to brighten up any spot inside your home or outside. It can use LED, incandescent, opal or absolutely any voltage bulb you need. The uplight build makes this lamp a great option for rooms with low ceilings. Thanks to its sleek design, you can use 2 of these floor lamps in a single room for intense brightness.

Additionally, the handy toggle on/off switch is easy to use and its 2-inch high and sturdy base minimizes the chances of tipping over. Worried about keeping it clean? Just dust it with a dry cloth and you are good to go.

By the way, you can also opt for this convenient uplight floor lamp bundled with an Ikea-recommended E26 LED light bulb.
The Hudson Floor Lamp from Adesso has a classy drum-shaped fabric shade perched elegantly over an elliptical wooden pole. Its smooth dark maple finish makes this lamp ideal for light-toned minimalist living spaces. Looking for a more urban style? Check out this walnut rubber wood floor lamp from Adesso.

Adesso Hudson Floor Light with Dark Maple Finish and Retro-Style Drum Shade

Adesso has the objective of providing not just useful but aesthetically pleasing home furnishing. Its Hudson Floor Lamp epitomizes class and utility in the same breath. One look at this luxurious floor light and you know it can make your perfect home look oh-so-suave.

Here are some features to tickle your fancy:
  • Choose from 3 different light settings using the easy to maneuver rotary switch.
  • It accepts up to 150 watts of bulb power for a soothing illumination.
  • This floor lamp can fit perfectly among your vintage mantle pieces, antiques and mid-century chandeliers.
  • You can even use the shade atop different lamp poles. Then again, why would you want to change perfection?
Our latest report says this class-apart Adesso Floor Lamp is priced at $146.65 – not a big price tag for the grandeur, we say!
The Light Accents Floor Lamp’s tall torchiere lamp reflects abundant light through your ceiling and the flexible side light can be turned to any direction making it great for late-night reads. If you want to utilize the space in your home then check out Light Accent’s unique lamp with built in shelves.

Light Accents Floor Lamp with Side Reading Light and Smooth Satin Steel Nickel Finish

Why do we prefer 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 products? It’s because such product ideas focus on consumer convenience. Your phone is also your music player, your email, your organizer, and so much more! What if you could have the same convenience with home furnishings? What if we said your floor lamp could also make for a great reading lamp? Sounds amusing, doesn’t it? That’s why, Light Accents – one of the leading names in stylish and convenient lighting accessories came up with its innovative Metal Floor Lamp.

Its towering pole branches into a flexible reading light that can be adjusted to focus exactly where your book is. This side light uses up to a 40 watt, type-A bulb for subtle yet bright luminance. This floor lamp has a plastic shade and a heavy base for enhanced safety. You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets tripping over it or hurting themselves. Our latest research states that this multipurpose floor lamp is priced at less than $150!

Let’s take a look at a quick overview of those features:
  • 2-in-1 floor and reading lamp
  • 150 watt main bulb
  • 40 watt side reading light bulb
  • Sleek Satin Nickel finish
  • Adjustable reading light on the side, so you can focus it on your book or paper
  • Small footprint; less than 12” x 12”, so it can easily slot into any corner of your home
  • Plastic lamp shade, with white-frosted appearance, stylish and practical as it won’t shatter if knocked over
  • Quick assembly time; ready to be the light in your life in minutes
The Tree Floor Lamp from Boston Harbor makes for a great-looking and efficient home accessory with a three-bulb, 65” towering built. If you think nickel would not go with your home décor, how about this fine black tree lamp from Boston Harbor?

Boston Harbor Tree Tall Light with Three Adjustable Spotlights

Boston Harbor specializes in efficient lights and unconventional designs. From intricate bird cage-like structures to vintage wall scones, this brand combines fine craftsmanship with technical expertise. Its triple-light tree lamp makes for perfect spotlights as well as a great floor lamp. Each light can be turned up or down depending on the area you wish to focus the brightness upon.

Let’s check out some of its other great features:
  • 3 lights in 1 super-sleek tall lamp
  • Use up to 60 watt A19 incandescent bulbs
  • Each light has its own on/off switch so, even without a dimmer lamp, you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood
  • Plastic shades; mean it’s unlikely to shatter if knocked over. (Great if you have monsters…oops…we mean kids!)
If you think all this would come with a big, mean price tag, think again…our research says this beautiful tree lamp is available at just $43.54!

Got a huge house or spacious apartment? We’ve got you covered. The Boston Harbor Tree Lamp also comes in 2 and 3 pack sets. All you need to worry about now is choosing the rooms to place these gorgeous floor lamps in!

How Do I Choose the Best Floor Lamp?

The best floor lamp is the one that truly brings happiness into your home. They can be a great addition to the overhead light of a ceiling fan, the soft illumination of table lamp, or warm glow of an electric fireplace. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with features and price ranges for every individual home.
When shopping for floor lamps, you will want to pay attention to the quality of the product, not necessarily the price. While you certainly can find a cheap floor lamp, this doesn’t mean it's a good deal. You may find spending a little more initially leads to a better return of value over time, whether it’s because of electric costs or just having a longer lasting product. As with most things in life you get what you pay for. If you want something that will last, and look great over time, spend a little more - you’ll thank yourself later!
There are several features of floor lamps that you may not consider initially. One such feature is the type of bulb that the lamp uses. If you are buying a fairly modern lamp, then chances are you will want to pick up an LED lamp. These last incredibly long, barely sip power, and are very bright. If you want a great lamp that looks good in any environment, you will want something with LEDs.

Another feature you may want to consider is flexibility. Some lamps don’t have any way to maneuver the light in a different position. This can be important for places like home offices, where you may want to direct the light to specifically your desk or illuminate the whole room. Conversely, some may prefer a non-flexible light. This gives less functionality, but may be more aesthetically pleasing to some.
Construction and Design
Quality matters! If you have ever bought cheap furniture, you know that it doesn’t last nearly as long as better constructed materials. When you purchase a lamp, you want it to ‘just work’. There shouldn’t be any issues in the quality of the materials of the lamp, otherwise you are dooming yourself to an annoying experience for potentially years.

When you are examining floor lamps, check to see if they truly are metal, or just cheap painted plastic. Check to see if the base is sturdy and secure, otherwise you will have issues with your lamp potentially falling. You will also want to check for imperfections and flaws after its arrived, and address them quickly with the manufacturer.
Performance and Ease of Use
For floor lamps, you will want something that is bright, and doesn’t make your eyes uncomfortable. Ideally you will get a light in your preferred color temperature (reddish or bluish). Some lamps will even have smart capabilities, so it will turn on/off at certain preferred times. You want something that will work each time, every time. WIth a quality floor lamp, you rarely even notice it — it’ll just blend right into your daily life!

Get the Best Floor Lamp of 2022!

So what are you waiting for? Get your perfect floor lamp and prepare yourself for some serious home envy from the neighbors! Keep in mind – if the products we have featured don’t suit your needs, these reputable brands have many other options.

Our Top Choice
Brightech Litespan LED 2nd Edition Reading Floor Light
Best Value
Ikea NOT Uplight Floor Lamp
Adesso Hudson Tall Lamp
Light Accents Metal Floor Double Lamp
Boston Harbor Three Lights Floor Light